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Newsletter: Spring 2001

Spring 2001 Issue

If you have any additional comments or information about the articles in this Issue, we would like to hear from you. You may contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com.

Prentice, Alex., Scot. & Australia
Prentice, Charles John, Eng. & Austr.
Prentice, George of Eng. & Austr.
Prentice, Harry, London & Austr.
Prentices of Eng. & Australia

Prentice, Daniel of NY and Ontario
Prentice, Frank S. of Canada and NY
Prentice, James, Can. & OH

Caddington, William Prentice of
Cardington Prentices of Bedford.,
Eaton Bray Prentices, England
Ilmington, Joseph Prentice of
Harwich and Lowestoft, Eng. & USA
Houghton Regis & Stanbridge
Leighton Buzzard Prentices
Leighton Buzzard: Joseph Prentice
Linslade, Tilsworth and Chalgrave
Lowestoft and Harwich, Eng. & USA
Luton Prentices of Bedford.
Nacton Prentices of Suffolk.
St. Botolph Without Aldgate, London,
St. Mary Magdalene, London
Prentice, Charles John, Eng. & Austr.
Prentice, Edward of Walsall, England
Prentice, George of Eng. & Austr.
Prentice, John of Needham, Suffolk
Prentice, Harry, London & Australia
Prentice, Henry of London
Prentice, James, Berwick/ Tweed, Eng. & TX
Prentice, John of Balranald, England
Prentice, John of Cardington, Bedford.
Prentice, Joseph of Ilmington,
Prentice, Joseph of Luton, Bedford.
Prentice, Joseph, Leighton Buzzard
Prentice, Joseph, S. Benfleet, Essex
Prentices, Bilton Ainsty and Austr.
Prentices of Braham and Australia
Prentices of Thorp Acres and Australia
Prentices of Walsall, etc. *Australia
Prentices of Leighton Buzzard, Bedford
Prentices of Maidstone & Cuxton, Kent

Prentice, Rachel of London, England
Robert Prentise, London, Eng.
Prentice, William of Balranald, England
Prentice, William of Caddington
Prentice, William, Engl & Ecuador
Prentice, William, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford.
Prentice, William of Nacton, England
Walsall, Edward Prentice of, England

Prentices of Dromore, Co. Down
Prentice, John, Ireland, ND & CA

Prentice, Alexander of Carluke
Prentice, Alexander of Scot. & Australia
Prentice, Henry of Lesmahagow
Prentice, Hugh of Scotland
Prentice, James of Linlithgow
Prentice, Janet of Stirling

Georgia Deaths
Prentice, Alvin C. of Warsaw, NY
Prentice, Caleb of Lynn, MA
Prentice, Charles F, MA & MD
Georgia Deaths
Prentice, Alvin C. of Warsaw, NY
Prentice, Caleb of Lynn, MA
Prentice, Charles F, MA & MD
Prentice, Charles M. Prentice, Bal., MD
Prentice, Charles Prentiss, Richmond, PA
Prentice, Charlotte, Monroe Co., MI
Prentice, Daniel of MN and IL
Prentice, Daniel, NY & Ontario
Prentice, Davids in SSDI
Prentice, Donald of Missoula, MT
Prentice, Edmund Eugene, Eng. & IN
Prentice, Edw. John, Kan. City, MO
Prentice, Ellen Rebecca of OK
Prentice, Florence of Tacoma, WA
Prentiss, Frank P., IL & Kan. C., MO
Prentice, Frank S. of Canada and NY
Prentice, Freds in SSDI

Prentice, George of VA and MI
Prentice, Harry, ME & MA
Prentice, Isaac of Vermont
Prentice, James, Can. & OH
Prentice, John, Ire., ND and CA
Prentice, John of Alabama
Prentice, John of Townsend, OH
Prentice, Julius J., Oklahoma City
Prentice, Lyle of Lee Co., IL
Prentice, M. E. of Madison, WI
Prentice, Margie M., Liberty, MO
Prentice, Marvin, Lowry City, MO
Prentice, Mary of CT & MI
Prentice, Mary of NC and AL
Prentice, Michael, Pittsburgh, PA
Prentice, Paul T., MN & Tacoma, WA
Prentice, Ralph of Liberty, MO
Prentiss, Samuel D., AL & MS
Prentiss, Samuel, Balt., MD
Prentice, Thomas, K.C., MO
Prentice, Thomas, MA & RI
Prentice, Walter L., Uniontown, PA
Prentice, Wilburm NY & AZ
Prentice, Wilton E., Wayne Co., MI
St. Louis Co., MO Marriages
Texas Marriages
Wilson, Hawley Prentice of Knox Co., OH

Prentice Perfume
Thoughts about our Prentice book
Thoughts while writing a Newsletter







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