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2021 Jan 15 - David Wright, Chippenham, England, UK

Thank you for your excellent one-name study. I am researching the family of my 3rd cousin Lucinda Prentice nee Gray. She died 2011 in Penn Hill, PA born 1920 Gillford, Northern Ireland. If anyone knows more about Lucinda or her family, I would be very pleased to hear your information. I would be able to share what I know of her Irish ancestors. Thank you David

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2020 Sep 23 - Pat Knechtel, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for information about my grandfather, Malcom Prentice who was married to William Prentice.

2020 Apr 13 - John Fraser, Leesburg Florida

My name is John Fraser and I’m retired and living in Florida. In the 50’s and early 60’s we lived in Oxford. My mother use to take me to Dr Prentice who I remember as a great dentist a very compassionate man. Blessings to his family.

2019 Dec 12 - Etta Prentice, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Good Afternoon, My grandparents were James and Myrtle Prentice (Matthie) Their son my father was born Vernon Oswald Prentice july 28 1917 . they also had a daughter Lorraine. Sorry but do not know her date of birth only met her 1 time at my fathers funeral. Never met my grandparents either. My oldest sister would know more about this. She knew my grandmother until she was 11 or 12. I just found out when my grandmother died It was October 24th 1960 . What happened to my grandfather I do not know when he died also..My father had 5 children Elizabeth, Ernest, Edmond , Eva and Etta. We are all still alive including our mother Josephine Georgina Chalifoux -Prentice. Our Father died 31 years ago . We know nothing of our Prentice family...Our father never spoke about his family ..nor his sister hence whom I've met only once.

2019 Mar 21 - Ken Levine, WIlliamsburg VA

My wife is a William Prentis descendant. In reading the story on William Prentis, the only issues I have about the of marriage William Prentis to Mary Brooke. They were married before 1726 when John Brooke wrote his will leaving his house to daughter Mary Prentis. He had sold a small house on this property to William Prentis in 1724. John Brooke ran an ordinary in 1714 in this residence. William Prentis and Mary Brooke's daughter, Sarah married William Waters who lived only 2 doors down Duke of Gloucester Street. Williamsburg was not an independent town or city back than. It was split down the middle of Duke of Gloucester Street, the north side was York County and the south side was James City County. Mary Brooke probably was born in her father's house on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, York County. The Prentis Store is down Duke of Gloucester Street on the York County side. York County land probate and other court records survived the Civil War because the clerk buried them instead of sending them to Richmond for protection as required. Unfortunately the James City County records were sent to Richmond and were accidently destroyed in a fire set by the departing government of the Confederacy. In the last few years, Colonial Williamsburg has been conducting archeological research on the lot next to the store and has located the foundation of the original store owned by Archibald Blair where William Prentis had started his work. Research information on the Prentis House and Store can be found online under the digital library research tab of the Colonial Williamsburg Rockefeller Library.

2018 Mar 10 - Ray Mullins, New Mexico

Tried to send message to the newsletter but it doesn't accept my name and email (maybe have to be a member?). Anyway, you'll find more on the actress, Beatrice Prentice (including her parents), at my blog: fordandprentice.wordpress.com/ -Ray Lost2History.Wordpress.Com

2018 Feb 13 - Elysia Vizcarra, Adelanto

My Mema is Mildred the daughter of Edith L. Prentice (Craig) born 1910. Mildred Prentice is my mom, Gina Sanders mother. I'm Elysia Sanders Vizcarra. This is an awesome site!

2017 Nov 10 - Kylie Sturgeon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi, I am a descendant of John Prentice, The Laird of Stane. I am heading to Scotland in Jan 2018 to try to see some landmarks of my ancestors. Can anyone confirm that The Laird of Stane's property is now the Thornmuir ruins near Carluke, Lanarkshire? Also, I have seen some information that John Prentice son Archibald (born in 1655) was a covenanter. I have also seen a page where Archibald, in Staine "fails to report conventicles". His wife Jean was "examined about the Enterkin attack". There is also mention of John Prentice which says "his heirs fail to take test". Does anyone know the story to this? Why wasn't the title of "Laird" handed down to son? Appreciate any help on this. Regards Kylie

2017 Oct 03 - Cynthia Prentice, Edinburgh, , Scotland

Hello again, I already signed in in 2013 as I was really just getting interested in Genealogy at the time as I was retiring and had more time on my hands. I see that the Scottish Prentices of Carluke and the surrounding areas are rather thin on the ground although there are still many of us in the Central belt of Scotland. But I am stuck at John Prentice, The Laird of Stane born in 1620 and died in 1685. He was gifted the land at Stane (Stone) by Lockhart for saving his life in Battle and appears to be the first of the Prentices to be found in the area at that time. All other Prentices appear to come from the south of England, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and many of those such as Valentine Prentice emigrated to the Americas in the first ships leaving for the new world. But back to John Prentice....... does anybody have any record of who his parents could be please? I know he was born in 1620 in Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire but can not find a record of his parents...... On the other hand in other lines of my family, not the Prentices unfortunately, I am a direct descendant of William the Conqueror and Robert The Bruce....... so there must be some good genes in the family!! Thank you and look forward to reading you all - if I can help in Scotland then I will do whatever I can!! Cynthia

2017 Aug 26 - jane russell, bristol

Alfred and Thirza Moore had 7 children, not mentioned Ethel May Moore, Chappie and Sunny

2017 Aug 03 - Kathleen Prentice Reynolds, Rochester, NY, United States

I signed up with Ancestry a couple months ago & thought I'd surf a little to see if I could find info on PRENTICE. Coulda knocked me over with a feather when I found a whole site for our family! Think you may be seeing a lot of me. 😊 Btw, what's with all these financial ads jammin' up your guestbook? Must be very hard to run a board - you have my admiration & sympathies. I hope I can be of service.

2016 Dec 23 - Harry Sutcliffe, Birmingham, UK

Hi there, My great-great grandmother was a Prentice from Dromore in County Down. Is there any information I can help you with/you can help me with? please get in touch. Harry.

2016 Oct 03 - Heather Beebe, Utica, NY

Hello! I am the great grand daughter to Lillian Prentiss born March 26, 1897 in Flushing! What a neat page to find! Is there anyone still running it?

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