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7 Oct 2023 @ 20:41:36
John Prentice - The translation of droit et avant- is first be correct-then take action
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12 Aug 2023 @ 06:13:38
Prentice Stanley - I've looked at the Oklahoma Territorial Census for 1890, and Roland's wife is definitely listed as Adaline C. Prentice.
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5 Apr 2023 @ 17:22:04
Edwin Dierdorff - Please see SAR PRS records regarding Patriot James Prentice m Abigail Fuller. Patriot James Prentice m. Abigail Fuller Display Patriot - P-273343 - James PRENTICE/PRENTISS (sar.org) Patriot Elijah Fuller m. Mary Millington (Green Mountain Boy) Display Patriot - P-163877 - Elijah FULLER (sar.org)
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6 Feb 2023 @ 22:57:31
Leonard Bright - This is my great grandfather, he had 2 children with a woman named rose prior, one was kept by the mother, the other given up for adoption
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21 Nov 2022 @ 22:40:14
paul prentice - I think I am a descendant. I believe I am the Great Grandson of James Walter Prentice, b. 1893, Rickinghall, Suffolk.
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27 Aug 2022 @ 02:00:32
patricia batchellor prentice - re Benjamin Prentice No. 20. I have found Benjamin Prentice son of Bemjamin and Sarah, born 17th Sept. 1697 and bapt. 5th Oct. 1697 in Dagenham, Essex, England. Given by the location I feel sure he is the son of Benjamin Prentis and Sarah Havering. No. 19... and again given on the location of their marriage in London, I feel that Benjamin could actually be the son of Stonard Prentice, No. 18.... would be nice to hear your thoughts on this... regards Tricia Batchellor
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29 Jul 2022 @ 22:00:20
Victoria Stevens -
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29 Jul 2022 @ 21:24:46
Victoria Stevens -
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26 Jul 2022 @ 21:06:18
Victoria Stevens -
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26 Jul 2022 @ 20:59:59
Victoria Stevens - Pauline L. Prentice Kistler was my maternal grandmother. Mrs. Richard (Dianne Louise Kistler Stevens is my mother.) If anyone has any information on how to add closer relatives I'd appreciate it
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23 Feb 2022 @ 02:21:25
Maybelle Sweere - Within my DNA tree, I do not have Prentice in any other line of my tree. I did find a DNA related Cousin through Ancestry who connects via Trial Darling and William Prentice. So I believe Henrietta actually comes from Jonah Prentice and Abigail Cummings somewhere. Speculation. She's been a tough one to figure out.
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31 Mar 2021 @ 06:39:07
Maybelle Sweere - This is my 3rd great grandmother. I've been struggling to find any information on her. A thought is that she's somehow connected to Thaddeus Prentice and Keziah Southwick. I've been trying to do some digging but am struggling. I descend from her to Charles T Sickler, Harvey Sickler, LaVerne, to David (My father). if anyone has any information that may help me along my search, please let me know! ladysickler@gmail.com
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29 Jan 2021 @ 23:55:33
Scott Prentice - Started a WikiTree profile for Virginia and family. Please feel free to update as new info is uncovered!
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29 Jan 2021 @ 21:00:24
Scott Prentice - Updated link to Virginia Marion Dewar Major's obituary
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26 Jan 2021 @ 22:40:22
Carie Maroon - I discovered later in life that Gary Russell Blass is my father, which makes Mildred Eva Prentice my grandmother. I have been researching to learn more about my father and his family. I also cannot find where Mildred was married to Gary Blass's father.
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11 Jan 2021 @ 10:05:01
James Prentice - My grandfather interesting fact his parents thought he was going to be a girl and he was to be named Deanna something Prentice but apparently he was a boy and they never gave him a middle name. Also killed sixty elk in his lifetime 49 by rifle and 11 by bow and arrow. Also at about 12 years old his older brothers and dad fought in world war 2 which left him at home to take care of his mom and sisters.
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11 Jan 2021 @ 09:51:20
James Prentice - This is my grandmother I am her oldest sons oldest son his full name being James William Prentice born 3/27/1953 still alive as of Jan 10/2021. My full name is James Dean Prentice June 27 1986 My first wife Brittany Michele Johnson 3/22/89 have a daughter Sophia Deveraux Prentice 7/28/2009 My second wife Alexandria ursullita McDonald and I have a son James Parker Prentice 7/13/2014. I am going for round three with my fiancé Angeline Racheal Morales we are to be married 10/22/2021
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24 Sep 2020 @ 15:43:04
Jim Zielinski - Re: Jefferson Prentice, b. 1878, Blount Co., AL. Not in 1900 and later census. I posted comments on a report re him. Jefferson "Jeff" E. Prentice is Robert Prentice of 1930 Chattanooga Census. I created a Find-a-Grave memorial for him. His whole family is VERY CONFUSING.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/prentices_halton_buckingham_england.htm

24 Sep 2020 @ 15:40:50
Jim Zielinski - These are incorrect. They are children of James Albert Prentice, NOT SIBLINGS. The obit listed with him is someone else's. Norman Prentice, 1991 in Griffin, GA, per Jaames's obituary, above, Carrie Bell Prentice. She m. Mr. Coffey. 1991 in Fort Myers, FL, per James' obituary, above. NEW: I will transcribe James Albert Prentice's obit, so this can all be corrected.
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24 Sep 2020 @ 15:39:11
Jim Zielinski - I have requested links for all of Louis Virgil "Virgie" Prentice (a.k.a. Alford) and Beria's from the maintainers of their kids' memorials and created those that were heretofore nonexistent. Ditto for the siblings of Smoke Prentice and their folks. Charles E. Prentice, Sr. and Jr. - middle name is ESTON. Ditto for Rather "Smoke."
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/prentices_halton_buckingham_england.htm

22 Sep 2020 @ 11:04:33
Jim Zielinski - Hi, some updates from this ten-plus-year-old info: John Jefferson Prentice, born June 1852 in AL; died 25 March 1913 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL; buried Spruce Pine Cemetery - Spruce Pine, Franklin Co., AL. It's hard to be sure about the marriage date of Rhoda and John, since I recently found a death certificate for "another" son, Robert, who died in Chattanooga. A J.J. Prentice married another lady in Giles Co., TN and I wonder if this was a FIRST marriage and Robert was THEIR child. Rhoda shows up in Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., MS 1910 Census, along with family of son John T. (H.?). John is married to Lillian H. (unknown). Robert's DC has thus: Born, Tn; Sept 19; 56 years; Died, 29 May 1930; Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Buried, Greenwood Cemetery. Brother James died in Tuscaloosa, but DC doesn't list cemetery: Died, 17 September 1935. Birth date only estimated. UPDATE 2020: Robert Prentice IS Jefferson "Jeff" E. Prentice. I have a Find-a-Grave memorial for James ALBERT, his brother.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/john_prentice_al.htm

22 Sep 2020 @ 10:46:43
Jim Zielinski - It appears there is another Robert Prentice identified as the “predeceased” brother of James Lillard “J.L.” Prentice and Franklin D. Childs in J.L.’s obit. Is this correct? Or is it a mistake, effectively listing his dad twice, but once as his brother? ALSO no idea.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/george_prentice_ringgoldga.htm

22 Sep 2020 @ 10:46:21
Jim Zielinski - I have no idea why Sherman was given the name Jetton, but he retained it. He is actually married when he appears in the 1930 Census, but I have no idea when his mom remarried the Jetton and what happened there. In 1935, Clinton L., Bertie, and daughter Sadie May (2) are in the Zephyhills, Pasco Co., Florida State Census. Clinton Lee, Vera Mae, and Sherman Lee Prentice are all Jeff/Robert’s kids. No idea why dad Jeff changed his name to Robert; he was a salesman at one point and maybe the divorce figured into his name change. Also no idea whether the change was “legal.” In one marriage record, Vera Mae is listed as the daughter of Jeff Prentice, while in another, she is the daughter of Lucius Jetton. Go figure. All this, combined with Jeff’s first wife, Eliza, vis-à-vis his second wife, Lizzie, made things difficult to unravel and it was already insane.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/george_prentice_ringgoldga.htm

22 Sep 2020 @ 10:45:15
Jim Zielinski - No idea where Jeff or Clinton are in 1920. In 1930, Sherman Lee Prentice is found in Louisville, KY near his mom and stepfather, James Lucius Jetton. However, he is now listed as Sherman JETTON. In 1930, Vera Mae Prentice is in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN with: Robert Prentice, her “renamed” dad; his new wife, Lizzie N.; her sibling Clenton L.; his wife, Bertie M. Walden (incorrectly listed as Robert’s daughter; she and Clenton had married that year!); and Vera Mae’s half-brother, James Lillard Prentice, son of Jefferson “Jeff” E. Robert Prentice and “Lizzie” Knight. Jeff/Robert died in 1930. His DC and obit incorrectly list him as “PRENTISS”; furthermore, said obit indicates he only has one son. In his DC and the TN Death Registry, he is correctly identified as John and Rhoda’s son, as he was in the earlier censuses. The widowed Lizzie married to Robert “Bob” Taylor Childs; Franklin “Frank” D. Childs was thus half-brother to James Lillard “J.L.” Prentice.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/george_prentice_ringgoldga.htm

22 Sep 2020 @ 10:44:41
Jim Zielinski - Robert Prentice, who apparently appears in some Chattanooga directories as Robert L. Prentice, was the son of John Jefferson Prentice and Rhoda “Rhodie” Aycock of Alabama. He was, oddly enough, born Jefferson “Jeff” E. Prentice; he shows up as such in census records with his parents. Furthermore, in various records, the kids living with him (as Robert) in 1930 Chattanooga identify him in various records as Jefferson, J.E., and Jeff. Except for James Lillard Prentice, “Robert’s” son with his second wife, Nevra Elizabeth “Lizzie” Knight, their mother is his first known wife, Eliza Pearl Alexander. In 1910 New Decatur, Morgan Co., AL Census, Pearl Prentice is living with hubby Jeff E. Prentice (Jefferson), and kids “Clentern” (Clinton Lee Prentice) “Veria” Mae (Vera Mae Prentice) and Sherman (Sherman Lee Prentice), an infant. In the 1920 Town Creek, Lawrence Co., AL Census, Eliza Pearl, listed as the DIVORCED Pearl PRINTERS (b. 1886), is living with Vera Mae (12) and Sherman (10) PRINTERS.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/george_prentice_ringgoldga.htm

5 Sep 2020 @ 20:26:50
Ken Levine - On November 7, 1774, residents of York County threw a “tea party,” reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when they boarded the ship Virginia and dumped two half-chests of tea into the York River. The tea was sent by John Norton and Sons in England and was to be delivered to John Prentis & Company. Resolutions from the York and Gloucester County Committees and John Prentis's Apology were published in the VA Gazette November 24, 1774, page 2, and November 24, 1774, page 3. • Letter from John Norton, was published in Gazette May 6, 1775, page 2, and May 12, 1775, page 2–3.
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31 May 2020 @ 19:43:39
William Broad - Donald Bishop Prentice, president of Rose Polytechnic Institute (now Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) 1931-1948.
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31 May 2020 @ 05:47:15
Mike Fogarty - I'm blood related to a MARGARET PRENTICE (my GG Grandmom), b abt 1813 inN Ire. Married in Co Down by Rev JAMES COLLINS who history puts at Dromore 1st Presbyterian. March 31, 1844 she wed HUGH MURPHY ( my paternal GG Granddad). DOCs in US archives prove eligibility for a Civil War widow. Her Brooklyn, NY Church did the correspondence. KIDS: ANNIE MURPHY b. 1846 in Williamsburg (now BROOKLYN), Kings County, New York, USA John MURPHY b. 7 Dec 1848 in Brooklyn. MARGARET ( Maggie) b. in Brooklyn, in 1852. Family moved to Philadelphia, PA 1861. HUGH enlisted in the army & son JOHN joined 3 years later & was Sergeant by age 16. No luck tracing the two daughters. JOHNs large Family included a son "J Prentice Murphy", a major player in the Child Welfare movement after WW1 and is still mentioned in College text books though he died in 1936. The #1 Prentice through #6 on this Site, from Dromore, Co Down in the mid 1800s have got to be related to my MARGARET IMO. Any help appreciated! MIKE FOGARTY
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/dromore_prentices_down_ireland.htm

25 Feb 2020 @ 22:03:20
Kathryn Ogrodnik - This could be the same Reuben Prentice/Prentis from Somers, CT. He was a shoemaker and farmer. I have been researching this family hoping to find my Great-grandfather's family. I recently realized that there are no Connecticut census records on this family for these years. Reuben was born in 1767.
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.2/reuben_prentis.htm

16 Jan 2020 @ 21:09:44
Richard Prentice - Richard Wilber Prentice had 2 more wives and 3 more children 2nd wife Jeannie L Prentice 2 sons Richard William Prentice Douglass William Prentice daughter Tricia Ann Prentice wife number 3 Carol Prentice
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/william_prentice_scotland_westmorelandpa.htm

16 Jan 2020 @ 20:52:00
Tricia SCHELL - Amy Newrkorn is wrong William Prentice he died in between the years of 2001 and 2003. He lived in Boise Idaho with his wife Lynn and died in Boise Idaho. I am the daughter of Richard Wilbert Prentice born May 4,1942 he was divorce and married Jeannie Louise Ahlborn and had 3 children 2 sons Richard William Prentice b.c March 14, 1971 Douglass William Prentice b.c April 2, 1974 and Daughter Tricia Ann Prentice b.c September 15, 1975 Our Fathers middle name is not Wilber it is Wilbert Amy is from his first marriage and we are from his second marriage and he is currently Married to Carol Hackman Prentice.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/william_prentice_scotland_westmorelandpa.htm

29 Jul 2019 @ 02:17:36
John Elliott - There may be a possible connection to my family that may be worth exploring. Catharine Prentice is my Great Grandmother who married Archibald Elliott in Hungerford on Dec 8th 1836. Records from the Diocese of Ontario state on the marriage record Catharine is the daughter of Thomas Prentice of Parrish Enniskillen. John Prentice is listed as witness to the marriage and we think the brother to Catharine. Mary Prentice is sister who married Edward Adams in Hungerford. We also have census records that document John Prentice is a Wesleyan Methodist in at age 22 he was in Hungerford in 1834. We have a start of the family tree on Family Search.Org. Looking forward to any comments.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/james_prentice_huntingdon_ontario_canada.htm

25 Jul 2019 @ 04:27:44
Juan Torres - My name is Juan and I need to contact Richard Rose and Robyn Ivers as I believe we are relatives. My Great Grandmother was Jessie Pollock Prentice. Her son Samuel was my Grandfather. I have information that can help fill in the tree. My email is scottishpoet66@aol.com
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/james_and_archibald_prentice_carluke_scotland.htm

21 Jul 2019 @ 13:45:29
Jacqueline Prentice - The dates given for James Prentice and Ann Hiddleston don't add up as he would have only neen 12 when he married her?? I know he did marry Ann as I have a copy of the parish record, which is sparse to say the least, but has no ages on it. Has anyone gotten any further upwards as this James cannot have been born in 1819 but atleast 5 years earlier.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/thomas_prentice_lesmahagow_scotland.htm

19 Jun 2019 @ 09:37:02
Jacqueline Prentice - Hi I would like to make a correction to James Hewitson Prentice wedding date. It is in fact 1899, this puts their birthdates to 1866 not 1862. In addition his wedding certificate states he was a widower when he married Jessie. But I cannot find this first wedding any where. Regards Jackie Prentice
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/thomas_prentice_lesmahagow_scotland_2008consolidation.htm

25 Mar 2019 @ 18:45:49
Glenn McDonnell - Regarding: "2. Thomas Prentice was b. c. 1813 in Kimbolton". Thomas was the son of Thomas Prentice (born 1787 Oundle, died in the Workhouse in Shoreditch 1856) and Mary Ann Killingworth (born 1791 Warboys, Huntingdonshire). Thomas senior and Mary Ann married in Kimbolton 19 Jul 1812 and moved to London between 1813 and 1819 where he set up a Linen Warehouse at 7 Cross Key Square, Aldersgate. Thomas junior was their first child baptised at Kimbolton 8 Aug 1813. He married Francis Lane in Shoreditch, London in 24 Oct 1844. As far as I can tell, Eliza was their only child.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/prentices_kimbolton_huntingdonshire_england.htm

25 Mar 2019 @ 07:30:09
Glenn McDonnell - Regarding: "2. Thomas Prentice was b. c. 1813 in Kimbolton". Thomas was the son of Thomas Prentice (born 1787 Oundle, died in the Workhouse in Shoreditch 1856) and Mary Ann Killingworth (born 1791 Warboys, Huntingdonshire). Thomas senior and Mary Ann married in Kimbolton 19 Jul 1812 and moved to London between 1813 and 1819 where he set up a Linen Warehouse at 7 Cross Key Square, Aldersgate. Thomas junior was their first child baptised at Kimbolton 8 Aug 1813. He married Francis Lane in Shoreditch, London in 24 Oct 1844. As far as I can tell, Eliza was their only child.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/prentices_kimbolton_huntingdonshire_england.htm

24 Mar 2019 @ 11:14:37
Glenn McDonnell - Kindly note the following corrections to "5. Christopher Prentice". a). Christopher Prentice, b. 25 May 1662, Aldwinckle, Northumberland, England": Aldwinckle is in Northamptonshire, not Northumberland. b). "iv Martha Prentice, b. c. 1797-1800. She m. John Bland 17 May 1725": "c. 1797-1800" should read "c. 1697-1700".
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.3/thomas_prentice_oundle_northamptonshire_england.htm

21 Mar 2019 @ 17:24:38
Glenn McDonnell - Kindly note the following corrections to "7.5 Thomas Prentice, b. 1788 in Oundle, Northamptonshire …". Thomas is my 4th Great Grandfather, not my 4th Great Uncle. He was baptised in Oundle on 21 Nov 1797. He married Mary Ann Killingworth in Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, England (not Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England). They had 6 children: Thomas (1813-), Ann Maria(1819-1902), Eliza (1820-), John (1822-), Mary (1825-) and Susan (sometimes Susannah, 1830-).
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.3/thomas_prentice_oundle_northamptonshire_england.htm

21 Mar 2019 @ 00:50:41
Ken Levine - In reading the story on William Prentis, the only issues I have about the of marriage William Prentis to Mary Brooke. They were married before 1726 when John Brooke wrote his will leaving his house to daughter Mary Prentis. He had sold a small house on this property to William Prentis in 1724. John Brooke ran an ordinary in 1714 in this residence. William Prentis and Mary Brooke's daughter, Sarah married William Waters who lived only 2 doors down Duke of Gloucester Street. Williamsburg was not an independent town or city back than. It was split down the middle of Duke of Gloucester Street, the north side was York County and the south side was James City County. Mary Brooke probably was born in her father's house on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, York County. The Prentis Store is down Duke of Gloucester Street on the York County side. Research information on the Prentis House and Store can be found online under the digital library research tab of the Colonial Williamsburg Rockefeller Library.
» /people/america/william/index.php

19 Mar 2019 @ 07:25:55
Glenn McDonnell - Ancestor #11 John Prentice's father-in-law Richard Dix was also a surgeon as is recorded on his headstone in Smallburgh churchyard, Norfolk: Sacred // to the Memory of // RICHARD DIX // Surgeon // who departed this life // June 1 1828//Aged 62 The family were clearly proud of his profession as it is also memtioned on the headstones of his wife Elizabeth and several of his children: SACRED // To The Memory Of // ELIZABETH WIFE OF // RICHARD DIX // Surgeon // who departed this Life // September **th 1821 // aged ** years … In // affectionate remembrance of // Anne Charlotte Dix // fourth daughter of Richard Dix // Surgeon // ob. February xx [?] mdccclxiv [1864] // Ael. Lxv // the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. 1 John i.7. // Also Fanny her sister // … ber 1. In Memory of // MARIA DIX // DAUGHTER OF // RICHARD DIX // SURGEON // WHO DIED SEPTR 25TH 1892 // AGED 91 YEARS.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/prentices_northamptonshire_england.htm

10 Mar 2019 @ 10:14:18
Glenn McDonnell - Thanks to the recent ThruLines application at ancestry, I find I have DNA connections through the Oundle line to the Prentice families of Oundle and North Walsham, as well as to the Mawson family through Robert Radcliffe Mawson who married Helen Prentice at Trunch, Norfolk in 1890. I would be happy to share notes with anyone interested in these families either here at prentice.net or via my personal email address anonymac@yahoo.co.uk.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/prentices_northamptonshire_england.htm

19 Feb 2019 @ 03:25:36
Daniel Prentice - I am trying to find parents for Alexander Prentice, born in Canada in 1857. I believe his father may be from Nova Scotia originally. I would like to learn his mother's name and origin as well. Could someone please help. I believe my greatgrandfather Alexander may have native Canadian First Nations bloodline.
» /people/canada/bios/index.php

3 Feb 2019 @ 16:19:28
linda burek - Hi Alice Anna Prentice was my mom. She did a lot of research on her family and had difficulty finding information on her father Waldo Prentice. Thank you for this information. Linda Burek
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/waldo_ellis_prentice_greenfieldma.htm

23 Oct 2018 @ 15:33:01
Edward Clayton - I believe John Aldrich Prentice (son of Calvin and Anne Elizabeth (Aldrich) Prentic and Ellen Marie (Taft) Prentice (daughter of Willis Bates Taft and Emily Ann (Rose) Taft) had two natural children Lewis Franklin Prentice in 1868 and Annie Elizabeth Prentice in 1871 and adopted Waldo Ellis Prentice in about 1885. Waldo married Anna Mary (Stark) Prentice in 1911. They had three children: John Edward Prentice - 1913 Mary Ellen Prentice - 1919 Alice Anna Prentice - 1927
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/waldo_ellis_prentice_greenfieldma.htm

15 Oct 2018 @ 21:53:48
Joseph Prentiss - William M. Prentiss is LCDR William McKinley Prentiss, his son was Jr. And they had a 3rd daughter Mary.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2017/patricia_prentiss_norfolkva.htm

29 Jul 2018 @ 19:39:09
Glenn McDonnell - The link to the "Thomas Prentice of Oundle" page para 2 line 1 appears broken.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/prentices_northamptonshire_england.htm

29 Jul 2018 @ 13:57:32
Glenn McDonnell - Re: Thomas Prentice born 1787 son of Thomas Prentice and Dorothy Bland. I believe he is cited in a Poor Law Removal and Settlement Record of 14 Mar 1832 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England as follows: "Thomas Prentice of 11 Ivy Lane says that 12 years ago he took an entire house No. 7 Cross Key Square in the parish of Bishopsgate without Aldersgate without the City of London at £28 and he rented and receipted same 10 years and upwards and paid past [?] Rates and other taxes – no subsequent [?] settlement. Hath a wife named [Ann Maria crossed out] Mary Ann to whom he was married in Kimbolton Church, Hunts 19 July 1812 and by her hath 4 children lawful issue namely Eliza aged 11 yrs – John aged 9 yrs - Mary 6 and Susannah 1 yr and upwards." I believe there are two other children not mentioned in the above: son Thomas baptised Kimbolton 21 Nov 1787 and Ann Maria Prentice (my 3GGM) born 1819 in Holborn. He appears on the 1841 and 1851 (born Oundle) censuses in Shoreditch. He dies in Shoreditch Workhouse 2 May 1856.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/thomas_prentice_kingscliffe_england.htm

10 Jul 2018 @ 04:54:25
Ronald Prentice - Ronald Harry Prentice, son of Harry Walker Prentice and Marion (Derby) Prentice, was born on July 21, 1943. He married Barbara Ann Johnson on June 12, 1965. They still live in Eugene, Oregon in 2018. Their daughter, Sara Hattie Prentice, married Aaron Manela of Eugene on June 24, 2001 and currently live in Cleveland, Ohio, with their son, Gabriel Manela, born in August of 2006. William Prentice, Ronald and Bob's brother, was born on October 12, 1941 and died on October 10, 1953 following a long battle against cancer. Bob also died of cancer.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/william_j_prentice_ireland_vernonct.htm

10 Jul 2018 @ 04:46:13
Ronald Prentice - Robert G. Prentice, husband of Dolores Kimball of Shaftsbury, VT., brother of Ronald H. Prentice of Eugene, OR, died peacefully on June 4, 2018 at SouthWestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, VT., following a long illness. Born in Manchester, Connecticut on July 19, 1948, he was the son of the late Harry Walker and Marion (Derby) Prentice. Bob received his education in the Manchester schools and was a 1966 graduate of Manchester High School. Bob enlisted in the U. S. Army after graduating high school and was deployed to Vietnam. Following his discharge Bob went to college in Manchester, N.H. where he attended Manchester College. Bob married Dolores “Dolly” Kimball at the Pownal Methodist Church on May 21, 1988. They resided in Pownal until 1994, then moved to Shaftsbury, Vermont.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/william_j_prentice_ireland_vernonct.htm

8 May 2018 @ 10:42:38
Kathryn Ogrodnik - I am Sheldon Prentice's daughter. Charlotte, Sheldon & Evelyn should only be listed under Charles. They are Albert's grandchildren not children that is why there is no record of them in the earlier census. From the 1900 and 1910 census, I can see that both of Albert's parents were born in CT but I have been unable to locate any records.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2013/albert_r_prentice_enfield_hartfordcoct.htm

16 Apr 2018 @ 09:36:55
Jerry Prentice - Vicki Prentice was married to Jerry L Prentice on 11/21/1962. Jerry L. Prentice is the son on Frank R. Prentice. Vicki and Jerry were divorced in 1979.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2015/vicki_diane_van_dusen_prentice.htm

25 Jan 2018 @ 03:38:29
J. Young - It now appears to me that the son of Mary Prentice and John Clark above named David Ellis Clark who is shown as father of Massey Mercy Ann Clark is more likely her older brother instead . M M A Clark b. abt. 1812 m. Donald A. Grant b. abt. 1817 , because she was 5 years older than him she fudged her age every census.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/mary_prentice_st_andrews_ontario.htm

19 Nov 2017 @ 19:27:43
Scott Bergeson - There is a town called Prentice, Wisconsin, founded by Alexander Prentice. Some information about the town is here: http://vil.prentice.wi.gov/historywalk/ , and the second or third red dot on the map has a link to a picture of a historical plaque that mentions Alexander and the founding of the Jump River Lumber Company.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/louis_hugh_prentice_scotland_canada.htm

15 Nov 2017 @ 18:24:19
Maryfrance Mccauley - I'm looking for a phantom James Prentice form Ireland that came to Canada in 1855 (ish) he had three children Maryanne Dougal and Daniel with the Widow Jane Moore (muir) I want to find his Irish roots
» /people/index.php

15 Nov 2017 @ 18:22:13
Maryfrance Mccauley - Are there any List on any Prentice Irish Families
» /people/index.php

24 Oct 2017 @ 13:48:30
Jennifer Hanson - Gilbert Prentis is mentioned several times in a list of deed abstracts from Delaware Co. between 1804-1808. The list can be found at the attached link.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/gilbert_prentis_ctny.htm

30 Sep 2017 @ 15:53:35
Maggi Macaulay - My Great Great Great Grandfather was this George Prentice, and John was my Great Great Grandfather. I have photos of John and his wife Margaret Wilson
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/george_prentice_scotland_ny.htm

14 Sep 2017 @ 10:53:07
Maurice Bang - Searched my family records and found an "Extract of Entry of Birth" of another child of James and Janet Prentice: a son, Clerk, born 10 January 1855 at Glengowan, District of Larkhall, county of Lanark...
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/james_prentice_dalserf_scotland.htm

13 Sep 2017 @ 11:37:54
Maurice Bang - Just became aware of this website recently. I believe there may be a child of James Prentice and Janet Anderson omitted. My great-grandmother is Elizabeth Prentice, b. Feb.26,1847. She married David Wilson (my great-grandfather) in 1864 and immigrated to the USA. In the Wilson family bible there is a listing for the death of James Prentice, Jan. 9, 1870, and Janet Anderson, his wife, June 29, 1865. I assume James & Janet appear in the Wilson family bible because they were Elizabeth's parents. Since these death dates match your info, I believe Elizabeth is the last child of James & Janet Prentice, born in 1847. Would appreciate your thoughts. Please contact me via email at maurice.bang@frontier.com
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/james_prentice_dalserf_scotland.htm

6 Aug 2017 @ 17:34:21
Scott Prentice - Just added a ROSE & PRENTISS invoice to the Prentice Museum!
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/chauncey_prentiss_clevelandoh.htm

6 Jun 2017 @ 21:36:47
Heinrick Snyder - ROSE & PRENTISS (Benjamin Rose and Chauncey Prentiss), pork pack ers and dealers, 142 and 144 Ontario, 28 Central Pl. and stalls 31 and 32 Central Market from Robison, Savage & Co.'s Cleveland Directory for the Year Ending June 1876 pg 543
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/chauncey_prentiss_clevelandoh.htm

6 Jun 2017 @ 21:26:48
Heinrick Snyder - A History of Cleveland and Its Environs, The Heart of New Connecticut – Elroy McKendree Avery, Lewis Publishing Company, 1918, pg 13 In this book, available in google books, it mentions a business partnership "Rose & Prentiss."
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/chauncey_prentiss_clevelandoh.htm

6 Jun 2017 @ 21:08:02
Heinrick Snyder - Jennie Warren Prentiss founded the Laurel School in her parents parlor shortly after graduating from college. Somewhere, I have a copy of her college transcript.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/chauncey_prentiss_clevelandoh.htm

6 Jun 2017 @ 21:03:05
Heinrick Snyder - More to come.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/chauncey_prentiss_clevelandoh.htm

1 Jun 2017 @ 20:00:16
Sally Gonzalez - I am a descendant of Mary Ann Toland and George Gooch. "5" unnamed children are listed in yur report of that marriage. My grandmother Rebecca Gooch was born in 1851 in Iowa (1 yr. after the 1850 census). Her father George died in 1852. Mary Ann her mother remarried Clement Steve in 1853. Mary Ann and Clement Steve had 5 more children. Unfortunately the next census shows all of the children with the last name Steve, which is incorrect as there is no evidence Clement adopted the Gooch children. Possibly it was easier to just put ditto marks or the same last name for all of the children on the census forms. Rebecca Gooch was not on the 1870 census since she was married at 19) that year to John Bigley. Rebecca and John Bigley had 12 children. The couple are buried in Scottsdale (Phoenix) Arizona in a Bigley plot. An extensive genealogy report was completed in 2008 about them and most of their descendants. I have a great deal of information on most of their descendants. I love your pages. My grandson found
» /pnet/news/?/news/eyanson-family.htm

6 May 2017 @ 12:39:27
Edward Stevens - I am related to the Prentis family through my Grandmother Arabella Prentis daughter of Charles and Sarah Prentis (Hobart) who was the son of Samuel and Susan who was the son of Asa and Lucy Parke.
» /people/index.php

4 May 2017 @ 08:29:26
Lynn Evans - I believe he is the same person Wilbert R and Wilburt R
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/wilbur_robert_prentice_nyaz.htm

4 May 2017 @ 08:28:50
Lynn Evans - i. Daughter: Betty Lou Prentice m. George H Wilkinson Divorced ~1983 ii. Daughter: Kathleen Elizabeth Prentice m. Chuck Queen Kathy died ~2009 iii. Son: Wilbur R Prentice Jr. m. Nancy Cater Wilbur Died ~ 2007
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/wilbur_robert_prentice_nyaz.htm

27 Apr 2017 @ 16:04:24
steve Prentice - Further to above, I recently was informed that the reason for so many infant deaths in 1860-1870's was a massive Diptherea epidemic.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2015/william_edward_prentice_northamptonshire_england_australia.htm

27 Apr 2017 @ 16:00:20
steve Prentice - Hi there, I am a descendant of William Edward Prentice of Northamptonshire b1825. I have added below details In ((double brackets)) re my mother & brother & his 3 boys:- George Edward Prentice, b. 1911 and d. 1950. He m. Miss Patterson ((Agnes,Mary,b 1910, d 200?)) and had a son: 1. ((Robert,John-b 1937,d 2010)) Prentice. He m. ((Patricia)) Yoxon and had 2 sons: a. ((Stephen,Robert b, 1960- ME.)) Prentice.& ((Glenn,Michael b, 1963)). He married ((Corinna nee O'Keefe)) & had 3 sons:- ((Daniel,b 1992, Nathan, b1994, Aaron, b1997)). My father (Robert,John remarried, 1979 after he divorced my mother Patricia & had a daughter ((Belinda, b 1979)) with his new wife.I hope this helps fill in some gaps. Would be interested in info re William Edwards parents & contact from any other Australian descendants of his. Thanks, Stephen Robert Prentice.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2015/william_edward_prentice_northamptonshire_england_australia.htm

16 Mar 2017 @ 17:56:25
Stephanie Prentice - I'm the daughter of Larry Shaw Prentice. His father was Harley Shaw prentice who is Calvin and Clydias son
» /pnet/news/?/news/2009/larry_shaw_prentice_berryville_carrollcomo.htm

5 Feb 2017 @ 20:50:43
Lynne Johannes (nee Geering) - "Clarine" owned by JD Prentice, Ironmonger c 1878. Maitland NSW
» /places/australia/buildings/index.php

1 Dec 2016 @ 09:25:59
Christopher Redman - Not sure if Meg and Don Williams of Grahamstown are still seardhing for defendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Prentice, but I am their grandson and the son of Jamima Prentice (who changed her name to June). I have three sisters.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2009/thomas_prentice_glassford_lanarkshire_scotland.htm

24 Nov 2016 @ 17:14:47
Ronald Prentice - Daniel Prentis (William) lives in the coastal areas of Virginia, specifically Williamsburg City and Warwick County; whereas Daniel Prentice (Joseph) lives in the mountain inland areas of Augusta and Botetourt Counties. Thankfully the men spell the surname differently, one P R E N T I S, the other P R E N T I C E. There does not seem to be any close relationship between the families. If anyone has comment or further documentation for either Daniel I would appreciate being contacted. Thank you.
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.3/daniel_prentis_va.htm

23 Nov 2016 @ 16:01:21
WILLIAM PRENTICE - Back after a few years, see this genealogy line hasnt been changed as per my comment. Sooo..here we go. The Prentice Franz line is >>not<< part of the Prentice Wombell line. So 2 and 3 are a different lineage. This statement, relating to WEP 2 actually applied to my great or great great grandfather but its placement against (2) is another crossover fact, adding to confusion. My grandfather was always WE Prentice III and yes all his brothers were Masons, but then most men were. However their names are not on this sequence, and certainly the grandfathers brothers are not listed here. So, it seems we are STILL missing the son of Prentice-Wombell, and his son, but 1 4,5 and 6 are correct for the Pentice-Wombel Prentice-Bromley lineage. So folks, what we have here is two distinct lineage, and (2) and (3) have somehow been connected to (1) which is incorrect. Additionally I believe (2) and (3) may also be unrelated. What we need to know is the correct link from William the only Son of WM Prentice and Mary Wombell.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/william_edward_prentice_australia.htm

22 Oct 2016 @ 17:56:15
Brett Prentice - Have not seen any documented evidence that William Prentice's father was William Prentice. Based on documents provided by National Archives Scotland, William Prentice was 14yo at the time of his trial in 1828. He is shown as 29yo when married in 1843. Some are stating death of his William? Prentice father was 1813, well before his birth. Although originally shown as birth c.1812 for William Prentice, this has been modified to 1814. I would not be listing his father as William Prentice until such proof has been provided, at this stage his father remains unknown although a lead is currently being followed for a soldier in the Royal Artillery that may not have died as stated in the trial documents. The court documents are clear that William's father died when William was 12 months old.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/william_prentice_woolwicheng_tasmania.htm

22 Sep 2016 @ 15:51:53
Lorraine Keith - The digital image of the original will is available on Ancestry.com. The name transcribed as Periz should be Peris. Lorraine Keith
» /people/america/records/wills/1790_ebenezer-prentice.php

15 Sep 2016 @ 19:03:10
Perry Streeter - With respect to Esther (Streeter) Wilson, daughter of Hawley and Nancy (Vanderlip) Wilson and wife of Richard2 Streeter (Thomas1), please consider updating the content and linking it to the following article: Streeter, Perry, “Streeter Immigrants of Greene and Steuben Counties: The Common Origins of Elizabeth (Streeter) Faulkner, Thomas Streeter, and William Streeter, at Dunnings Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex, England” The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 142:47-61, 117-130; A/C by author 145:313. The article is freely available to all as www.perrystreeter.com/streeter.pdf.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/hawley_prentice_wilson_knoxcooh.htm

13 Sep 2016 @ 16:34:14
Vanessa Campbell - I have several connection throughout this writing. My great great grandparents were Peter Campbell and Eliza Prentice. As well I am also related to Mary Prentice who was married to David Foster Schell, they are my Great Great Grandparents as well. If I can be of any assistance in filling in some of the further generations please let me know. As well my great great Grandfather Peter Campbell was the son of Peter Campbell and Sophia McCann, not McCarm.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2009/david_prentice_etobicoke_yorkco_ontario_canada.htm

24 Jul 2016 @ 13:10:13
David Prentice - I am a 3x great-grandson of Jesse Prentice, who fought in the Revolutionary War. Jesse came from Thomas the Trooper, Thomas 2nd, then Samuel Prentice Sr. and Jr. of the Stonington Branch. Jesse Prentice's name is misspelled by the DAR as Prentiss. His DAR ancestor number is A092680. You may be able to find information about your Revolutionary War ancestors at fold3.com. If you know their widow's name, look for pension applications. I found over 40 pages of depositions and affidavits regarding Jesse's service filed in 1840 by his widow Elizabeth Belcher Prentice. Jesse does not seem to have been particularly notable, except that the affidavits show that he fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the siege of New York, the Battle of Trenton (where Washington crossed the Delaware), and the Battle of Yorktown that ended the Revolutionary War.
» /people/america/records/dar.php

18 Jul 2016 @ 20:54:03
Robyn Cooper-Radke - Searching for any Prentice Family Researchers from Lanarshire Scotland. My g-g grandfather's sister, Ellen Cooper/Cowper married Thomas Prentice in Wishaw Lanarkshire/Cambusnethan in 1853. Anybody that can help can contact me at robyncradke@icloud.com
» /pnet/news/

18 Jun 2016 @ 17:54:45
Melanie Nail - That's my family you're enquiring about. I am Melanie Prentice Nail. melaniepnail1978@gmail.com
» /pnet/news/?/news/2015/james_t_prentice_nashvilletn.htm

3 Jun 2016 @ 16:33:46
Regina Prentice Williamson - William james Prentice married Elsie jane Sine. William was born in 1851 or 1854 in England. died in 1946 in richford New York. He is buried at Highland Cemetery. Elsie Jane was born in 1862 died 1911 in West Virginia
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/william_james_prentice_ia.htm

9 May 2016 @ 16:34:51
Debra Polen - I believe this might be Thomas David Prentice, born in Chamberlain, Brule, SD, to Virgil Charles Prentice and Evelyn Esther Campbell. The family moved to California sometime between 1945 and 1953 (approximately). I am researching DeLoss Wayne Prentice's genealogy and he has a brother named Thomas David who was born about this time. DeLoss also lived in Selma.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2009/thomas_d_prentice_selma_fresnococa.htm

16 Apr 2016 @ 16:33:49
Carol Wilkes - William Prentice b1797 in Armagh, Nth Ireland is my 3x greatgrandfather. I am very interested in the comments made by Daphne Weir his great granddaughter. I think I have found a William Prentice living in Drumbee in the Griffiths Valuations. In 2013 I went to Armagh and visited the church my 2x great grandmother , Margaret Prentice b 1831 was baptised in. In the churchyard we found a grave that I believe is the where William Prentice and Elizabeth Sands are buried. I will find the photo of the grave and a copy of the inscription to post more details. I am very interested in contacting Daphne Weir if that is at all possible. Carol Wilkes ( Sinel tree on Ancestry)
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/james_prentice_dormise_armagh_ireland_australia.htm

3 Apr 2016 @ 18:44:23
Roni Prentice - Now to appreciate this story, you HAVE to know that Jessie Prentice was known to be a man of his word & that he would NOT tell a lie! Sooo - Grandpa Jessie mounted the Pulpit & gave a very basic, "general" eulogy - saying that like this man, "eventually we are all called & we should all be mindful of that." BUT as tradition goes - you MUST say SOMETHING specifically GOOD about the deceased! (Evidently as per traditional "Ol' Southern Eulogy Rules" somewhere!) So Grandpa Jessie ended his eulogy saying that he believed the deceased surely was a Godly man. (Upon which there were many GASPS of SHOCKED DISBELIEF in the audience that such a thing was said of this terribly horrid man!) Grandpa Jessie calmly went on to say that, "He must have certainly been so, because the Scriptures say, 'A Godly man taketh care of his animals.' and this man at least did indeed do that." Then he quietly paused, & with a final statement he solemnly declared - "And I never heard him whistle off key."
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/john_prentice_al.htm

3 Apr 2016 @ 16:53:08
Roni Prentice - (Continued) He was said to be of a gentle nature, easy going, with a great sense of humor; and I imagine that was absolutely true, as my own Dad, his son, was exactly like that also. Dad's cousin, Louis Lang (known only as "Uncle Luke" to me as everyone in Dad's immediate family called him "Luke" or Lou") - Uncle Luke would tell me stories of Grandpa Jessie & Great Aunt Delia Lang & Great Grandpa "Chum" - as they were all sadly passed on & I never knew any of them. He told me when times were still bad even after the Great Depression, that "Uncle Jessie" would always feed him or anyone that came over, with whatever happened to be laid by - be it even just some canned vegetables, cornbread & milk; or when Uncle Jessie got a BIG repair - then he ate like a king on a bartered chicken! ×) ...I miss Uncle Luke... A story goes that once Grandpa Jessie was asked to say something nice at a funeral about a generally very disliked ol'grouchy guy... (Story Continued Above)
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/john_prentice_al.htm

3 Apr 2016 @ 16:05:15
Roni Prentice - Hi - I'm Roni Prentice, (Rhonda - youngest daughter of Paul Prentice & Clara Lee, aka "Polly"), & the granddaughter of Jessie Prentice. I'd like to give some clarification on Jessie. I have his I.D. from the 40's which is signed by him & states the following: He spelled his name "Jessie" with an "ie". He listed his DOB as 6/12/91. His height 5'10, his hair black, eyecolor light brown, weight 170 & his complexion light tan/"sun ruddy". I imagine that was correct, as Dad said he always kept a small "farmer's mkt garden" on at least a few acres of land & towards the end of his life when his heart was bothering him he still kept a smaller "kitchen garden" in the backyard. He was an all around fix it "repairman" & repaired any item he could wherever he went - taking Daddy with him, driving down the roads, with Trouble, their dog. He was a "circut preacher" & would travel his circut when the weather warmed up & he could get there on time for the particular Sunday he was scheduled. (Comment continued)
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/john_prentice_al.htm

24 Mar 2016 @ 11:15:01
Joseph Prentiss - William McKinley Prentiss Jr has an incorrect death date. Should be 1 Apr 1995
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.3/william_mckinley_prentiss_monroeny.htm

18 Mar 2016 @ 14:19:09
Heather Knight - Looking for any relations of George Henry Prentice born 31 Jan 1911 in Fulham London who had parents called William Prentice born 7 Sep 1886 & Harriet. George Henry Prentice married Louisa Maud Blackwell born 13 Apr 1908 at St Michael Church Wood Green on 25 Dec 1934. Louisa Maud Blackwell's father was called Henry John Blackwell born 12 May 1885. Thank you in advance for your replies
» /pnet/researchers.php

1 Mar 2016 @ 21:03:18
Emily Prentice - My father William Henry Prentice Never owned the hotels the city club and The stork it was his older brother Arthur . i am Emily Lousia Prentice born Balranald 20/9/1921. Arthur married with 3 children lived in Vincent Street Malvern Victoria until his death Would someone please correct the histort Thanking You Emily
» /pnet/researchers.php

27 Feb 2016 @ 21:36:13
David Prentice - Re Henry the Planter: According to the familysearch.org site (run by LDS), his first wife Elizabeth's last name was White. Her Family Search ID on their site is L4TQ-157. His second wife was Joane Savage, who married a Gibson then was widowed before she married Henry. Her Family Search ID is L74J-WS3.
» /people/america/henry/index.php

15 Feb 2016 @ 10:40:20
Robert Prentice - . "George Prentice b. 15 Jan 1871 in Mid Greenwell, Carnwath and d. Feb 1948, Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). At home in 1881 Carnwath census. He was a missionary doctor in Nyasaland, emigrating to Africa at the age of 57 on 12 Aug 1927. He m. Agnes Tudhope Scott on 10 May 1901, Blantyre, Malaw. " There are some discrepancies here, If my great grandfather, George only emigrated in1927, how could he have married agnes in 1901 in Malawi. I believe he first went to Africa in the late 1890s. If you google george prentice hastings banda(the first black president of Malawi), you will find that he christened Banda in 1908. I have other info to prve that he was in Africa before 1927.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2015/thomas_prentice_lesmahagow_scotland_2008consolidation.htm

15 Feb 2016 @ 07:53:12
Robert Prentice - Hello I am a direct descendant of no27 James prentice and Christina elder My great Grandfather was Dr. George Prentice their last child, born in 1871 I have conflicting information about him and I think I can help clear up some discrepancies here. The URL provided offers some info about him
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/thomas_prentice_lesmahagow_scotland_2008consolidation.htm

28 Nov 2015 @ 10:59:22
Bryan Prentice - My name is Bryan Prentice. I'm the son of James Prentice, who was the son of Olaf Prentice, who was the only son, to my knowledge, of Amos A. Prentice, listed above as the eighth child of Calvin and Rose. Amos is buried in Turon, KS, as is his son Olaf. Olaf's son James, who is my father, is still living in Kansas. Thank you for the great work on this site.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/calvin_andrew_prentice_ctmoar.htm

10 Nov 2015 @ 23:17:38
Joe Dewald - Please contact Joe Dewald at Dewald@Prenticenet.com
» /pnet/news/?/news/2015/alexander_o_prentice_plain_starkcooh.htm

19 Sep 2015 @ 17:40:53
Regina Prentice Williamson - Looking for any information on Ethel Prentice, wife of Ezekiel Prentice, Logansport, Indiana.
» /pnet/news/

18 Sep 2015 @ 20:08:06
susan sullivan - Esther Prentice Dear is buried in Mt. Adnah Cemetery in Fulton new york
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/horace_prentice_canada_oswegony.htm

17 Sep 2015 @ 12:15:45
susan sullivan - found- Charles O. Fancher and son(Catherine's former husband) in Illinois Cemetery-Fairmount Williow Memorial Park
» /people/index.php

6 Jun 2015 @ 01:03:17
Mary Anne Jones - Prentices of the Colnes, Exter County England 25.1 v. Maj Robert Paul Prentice died 3 -6-1999 in Bedford England. Survived by his wife Janet Prentice ( Close), daughter Mary-Anne Jones( Prentice) South Africa, son Nigel Prentice Milton Keynes UK, Mary-Anne has two sons Simon and Mark and Nigel Prentice has two daughters Louisa and Annabel. Janet Prentice lives in Bedford England currently.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/prentices_colnes_england.htm

20 May 2015 @ 20:03:08
Terence Prentice - According to my results I descend from John Stoddart, now this takes me to my grandfather James Prentice who married Margaret Ross Campbell and their children were; Isabella Prentice born 15 May 1890 Bathgate Scotland, she died 26 January 1975 in Kaponga New Zealand. She met William Marr son of Mathew McKechnie and Mary Marr. He was born 14 August 1891 in Mauchline Scotland. He diedon 07 August 1980 in Kaponga New Zealand. Other members of Isabella's family are James Prentice. He married Sheila Sturmey, John Prentice he married Peggy? Andrew Prentice was born in 1899. he died in 1920, Helen (Nellie) Prentice was born in 1897. She married William Burton, Margaret Prentice was born 1894. I have other information going back to John Stoddart and Helen Marion Lind.
» /pnet/researchers.php

1 May 2015 @ 15:20:09
William Prentice Smith, Jr. - I notice that you have my grandmother at a child of William Prentice under Prentice in Scotland/misc Prentice. My grandmother Margaret Prentice b. 27 Jul 1892 in Latrobe, PA. m. Soloman Lewis Smith in 1910 Wilkinsburg, PA. Alexander: b. Apr 1898 d. Oct 1963 John: b. 14 Aug 1903 Loyalhanna, PA d. 15 jun 1963 Latrobe PA m. Josephine McHenry Kate: b. 04 Feb 1890 Latrobe, PA d. 10 Feb 1980 Temple City, CA m. William Patrick McGrane William: b. 21 Feb 1894 d. 18 Jun 1958 m. Mary E.D. Wall. Hope this helps with your research project William Prentice Smith, Jr.
» /people/scotland/families.php

23 Mar 2015 @ 11:11:07
LISTER BRENDA W.D. - My name is Brenda W. D. Lister, and I too am interested in finding out when and who the first Prentice's were that arrived in the Island of Nevis. Please send any information to my email junegemb@icloud.com
» /places/other_countries/index.php

8 Feb 2015 @ 22:54:53
Sandie Cotman - You are so awesome. I am Sandie C Hobson. Got a divorce so back to my maiden name of Cotman. My email address is sandiehobson@yahoo.com or kittrell1@gmail.com .. Had forgotten all about this and just took a chance with my search. Please email me.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/squire_prentiss_tyler_charlescityva.htm

15 Jan 2015 @ 08:24:12
Loretta Prentice - The Robert Prentice mentioned is my husband, Malcolm, grandfather. The eldest son, George Prentice and Jean Tait (who only died aged 98 a few weeks ago) had three children: Diana, Mary and my husband, Malcolm. Ronald Prentice who is correctly said to have married Sonia Bowring, died in 1984. Sonia is still alive. They have three children, Robert, Caroline and Christopher. Ronal and Sonia did NOT have a son called Norman, so that information is incorrect. Robert Prentice married a Parisian called Renee Bloch. I can provide more information on the family if needed.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/robert_prentice_brazil.htm

20 Nov 2014 @ 12:51:14
Mark David - 23. John Tabor Prentice Born 1 Aug 1798 ( Prittlewell, Essex) Baptised 16 Apr 1799 ( Bocking, Essex ) md Mary Ann Bennett 4 Mar 1828 ( Montreal, Quebec ) md Abigail Grimes 21 Jul 1835 ( Berkshire, Vermont ) Died 15 Oct 1888 ( Sutton, Brome, Quebec ) Probate 5 Apr 1893 Engalnd
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/prentices_colnes_england.htm

4 Nov 2014 @ 09:36:56
Mark David - Mildred Eva Prentice according to the Vermont Vital Records her parents were Justin Belmont Prentice & Charlotte May Friend . She was born 26 Mar 1904 in Montpelier, Vermont. Going by the Obit published for her daughter Virginia Marion Major (Dewar) published 7 Dec 2007 in the Rutland Herald she had a half Brother Gary Russell Blass (1941 - 2012). I haven't found Mildred's marriage to Blass yet.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2009/mildred_eva_prentice_northfield_washingtoncovt.htm

1 Sep 2014 @ 05:16:21
Johni Levene - Hi Bruce, I have done research on Daniel Prentice. What do you have and maybe I can fill in some of the blanks for you. I am working on a possibly affiliated Richard Prentice, and worked on Daniel as I think there may be a link between the two somewhere.
» /people/canada/bios/index.php

16 Aug 2014 @ 08:41:55
Bruce Weaver - I am searching for details about Daniel Prentice and wife Mary Hamilton, daughter Nancy Anne. Nancy Anne married Nicholas Barnhart and I have proven his UEL ancestry with connections to Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. Would like more details about Daniel and Mary and their ancestors.
» /people/canada/bios/index.php

21 Jul 2014 @ 06:32:05
Christina Buccheri - Hi, this is Christina Buccheri. Granddaughter to Alexander and Devina Prentice. Daughter of Sharon Prentice. Would love to connect with family in the UK.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/alexander_prentice_liverpool_england_canada_us.htm

27 Jun 2014 @ 06:01:20
J. Young - The Daniel Prentice UEL KRRNY and father of the Mary Prentice married John Clark and Elizabeth Prentice married John Cain ; may be found on Sir John Johnson Kingsborough Patent Rent Roll. He is listed as Danl Prentis --- Farms Opposite Fort Johnson . He is also listed on McNiff's Map 1786 of Early Settlers Glengarry Ont. where he is Donl. Prentiss [received part of Lot 22 on South Branch Road] . Later name morphs to Daniel Prentice . He may also be found on various King's Royal Regiment of New York Muster Rolls or KRRNY. Be creative with the spelling as others were also . May also be found on various Victualing Lists for period from 1784 - 1786 , for Charlottenburg Glengarry , with number and sex of dependents also noted there .
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/mary_prentice_st_andrews_ontario.htm

14 Jun 2014 @ 06:43:17
Pamela Glenwright - My grandmother was Lula Flydie, daughter of Ellen Isabel Prentice who was the daughter of Hiram Prentice. I believe Hiram was a grandson of Simeon Prentice of New London, Ct and Lodi, NY and possibly the son of Nathan Prentice. I am seeking more info on Nathan who I believe died in NY.
» /pnet/news/

21 Apr 2014 @ 12:17:05
Susanne Albers - My grandmother was Margaret Belle Landon Laubner Herbert, daughter of Francis Belle Clayton Landon, granddaughter of Margaret Elizabeth Prentice Clayton. I have a family book titled "Posterity &amp; Ancestry of Our Clayton-Prentice Families. I am interested in learning more about the Eyanson-Prentice connection. You may contact me at alberssm@yahoo.com
» /pnet/news/

18 Apr 2014 @ 06:04:59
Toni Carson - Alexandra North's[sic] Mead's children are Toni Alexandra Carson, J M Carson and D A Carson. Henry North's Daughter 4 is the author, Phillipa.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/alexander_prentice_coylton_scotland_and_australia.htm

7 Apr 2014 @ 07:07:38
Benjamin Prentiss - Hello... Could you please tell me if these are the names of people who are buried there? For example, Sylvanus B Prentiss is my great-great-great grandfather - I would love to make the trip back from Morocco to visit his grave if he is there for sure. Thanks much in advance.
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.3/ceder_grove_cemetery.htm

17 Mar 2014 @ 12:58:40
Marlin Miller - I am not related to the Prentice family but I am a volunteer for FindAGrave. I received a grave request for Olive Prentice with no other information. Although the weather is too wintery to photograph the grave I was able to find obituaries of Olive as well as for her daughter, Elizabeth. I would be glad to share them if you will contact me. Elizabeth, contrary to what is posted was married in 1847 to Elijah Ward who died in the Civil War as a UNION VOLUNTEER. In 1867 she married A. Higgins 1824-1897. Contact me at marmil74@sbcglobal.net for further information.
» /pnet/news/?/news/97.3/elijah_b_prentis.htm

13 Mar 2014 @ 07:52:15
J. Young - I believe that the Mary and Elizabeth Prentice mentioned on this page , are the daughters of Daniel Prentice KRRNY and wife Mary Hamilton who resettled to Glengarry after the Rev War . Elizabeth's husband John Cain was also UEL , and Mary's huband John Clark was son of Sargeant James Clark KRRNY also of Glengarry . J. Young
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/mary_prentice_st_andrews_ontario.htm

4 Feb 2014 @ 18:51:48
Nancy Mess - Paragraph iii. --> The mentioned Charles G. (Grant) Prentice is indeed the one who married Jely Jane McCoy, parents: Archibald McCoy and Laura Neff. The comments are incorrect regarding Reuben "Thompson" Prentice, and his sister Hattie in PA. Harriett Heath, daughter of Daniel and Salome Prentice of Oakland, Susquehanna Co., PA couldn't have been his sister. Daniel and Salome had 2 known children: Harriett and Sarah Jane. The youngest, Sarah Jane, was my great-grandmother.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/reuben_t_prentice_ogleil.htm

13 Jan 2014 @ 05:15:42
Cynthia Prentice - I would be interested to try to join up any Prentice relations from Midlothian/West Lothian areas of Calder/Linlithgow parishes with Isaac Prentice, my great-great-grandfather., from West Lothian or at the time Linlithgow Parish. Nearly all the Prentices out of Scotland appear to have come from the areas of Mid/West Lothain (west of Edinburgh) down to Lanarkshire. Cynthia Prentice
» /pnet/researchers.php

9 Oct 2013 @ 22:20:19
sarah prentice - How did Henry Prentice come from England to Massachusetts?
» /people/america/henry/nehgs_569_24.php

2 Jun 2013 @ 07:24:32
James Pelham - Who are Frank H. R. Prentiss' Parents from above ? - Answer Frank's parents were Charles Henry Eugene Prentiss (1819-1876)and Lucy Ann Mushaway (1825-1912). Lucy's obituary can be found here http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=c4g-AAAAIBAJ&sjid=SVoMAAAAIBAJ&pg=4036%2C804183 Frank married Carrie Goodwin Bates (1855-1914) in 1884 in Plymouth, Ma. Carrie's parents were Hira Bates and Emily F. Goodwin. Carrie and Frank's children were Leslie H., b. 1890, Charles G. born 1885 and Pearl Daphne born in 1888. All born in Boston. Pearl married James Leo Pelham. Their children were Viola and Ernest W. Viola married Leslie Young - no children. Ernest married Mary Burke, they had 5 children.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/frank_h_r_prentiss_nhma.htm

19 May 2013 @ 09:42:28
Adria Weatherbee - I have found this to be totally confusing... According to records James H. married a Mary C. Copeland in 1875 with birth dates of 1854 and 1857, James H. in the 1880 census born 1837 and mary C. b act. 1839. If they were married in 1875 then the birth of Edward in 1870 is not right. I also have a marriage of James H. Prentice to Lucy Boswell in Jefferson OH in 1863, which makes sense, 2 children Jennie and John b. 1865 and 1870. James H. is the son of John and Ameransa. But is there another. James H. dies in 1891 and Mary C. Prentice is found in Saginaw as a widow living with other son, George Copeland and wife Sammi. Argh!
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/james_h_prentice_saginawmi.htm

22 Feb 2013 @ 13:58:37
Peter Hatcher - I am the Grandson of no 4 William Alfred James Prentice and Margaret Rosina Ambrose. their family should read as follows. i Una Prentice b Oct 1939 d 21 Jul 2008 who had a daughter Carron Oddyb 6/1/1966. ii Eileen Margaret Prentice b 16/12/1943 Married Thomas Hatcher b 9/7/1930 m 12/12/1964 son Peter Thomas Hatcher b4/12/1965 I have two sons Daniel Philip Hatcher 2/5/1990 and Mathew Lee Hatcher b27/10/1993. iii William George Prentice b 12/5/1947 who has 1 son Robert James Prentice b Aug 1968 and Suzanne Prentice b 7/1/1970. Hope that fills in some gaps. My mother knows a lot more of the family history regarding the parents of my Grandfather. I also know that my great grandfather was a chimney sweep in Wincanton but I know nothing of the earlier generations and would love to know more, email me at buddysfender@gmail.com
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/james_prentice_yeovil_somerset_england.htm

12 Dec 2012 @ 15:51:34
Janet Mitchell - I am a descendant of Margaret Prentice, daughter of James Prentice and Janet Schaw, born in Carluke, Scotland, 14 Mar 1811, and Thomas Bow, whom she married approximately 1837. I am planning a trip to Scotland to do further research and would appreciate any information regarding research sites.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/john_prentice_carluke_scotland.htm

24 Nov 2012 @ 20:17:27
Sherry Harrison - My grandfather is Delmo Hoyce Prentice, who married my mother's mom, Marie Stanley Prentice. My mothers name is Delliaw Joyce Prentice. I would love additional information on my grandfathers parents, Willie W. Prentice & Persis Attaway Prentice and Willie's parents George D. prentice and Emma Jane Oliphint Prentice. Email me @ survivorx5@att.net
» /pnet/news/

29 Oct 2012 @ 09:04:17
Judith Poyner - I am the granddaughter of William John London who was the son of Walter and Elizabeth London from Offton, Suffolk
» /pnet/links.php

9 Aug 2012 @ 17:36:25
Sandra Gray - I am the greatgrandaughter of: William John Prentice and Mary Jane Walker, grandaughter of: John Alfred Prentice and Ada Lena Candlish , daughter of Marcus Bohrer Krest and Edith May Prentice. May contact at skgray46@gmail.com
» /pnet/news/

9 Aug 2012 @ 17:32:06
Sandra Gray - William John Prentice born: 1857 married Mary Jane Walker born: 1858 Their children: William John Prentice Jr., Lilly, Isabel, Margaret, Samual James, John Alfred, Jessie, Joseph Alexander, Winfred.
» /pnet/news/

28 Jun 2012 @ 00:48:32
William Prentice - Ahhh..this is a mess, sorry, but the Wm Prentice at 1. is the forebear of Wm Prentice at .4. The Wm Pentice at 2. who married Sarah Anne Roff and the latter offspring at 3. are unrelated to my line. Please revise this to avoid further confusion, thank you. Al is correct if you add 1. to 4. 5. and 6. I believe the Prentice /Roff side may have gone on to be the large firm of 'Prentice Builders' in Melbourne. My grandfather was a cloth merchant, he had about 5 brothers, and none were builders/carpenters, but rather opticians, chemists and traders. Yes the were all Masons in Windsor/Prahran. My grandfathers father may well have been a carpenter though, just to confuse things. Regards W.E. (Peter) Prentice Coolangatta, Australia
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/william_edward_prentice_australia.htm

18 Jun 2012 @ 02:17:45
Tammy prentice - Hi Joe, I can tell you that the information you have below for some of the Prentice's is incorrect. i. Frank Theophilus Prentice was born in April 27 1855 in Darling Downs, Drayton, New South Wales (bdm Qld 1855/BBP1191 ), Christened 13 May 1855 and died March 6 1878 in Gayndah, QLD, Australia (bdm Qld 1878/C183) ii. Georgiana Prentice was born 5th September 1857 iii. Sarah Ann Prentice died 29th March 1919 iv. John Prentice was born Jan 26 1861 in Warwick, Queensland and died May 28th 1950 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.(Ref 1950/B27203). The John Prentice as mentioned at No iv. is my Great Great Grandfather. It is true about them having access to both Qld and NSW certificates. Also Australia is spelt Australia not Australiaa as you have spelt in the second line of your paper. Hope this helps Tammy Prentice
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/john_prentice_warwick_queensland_australia.htm

11 May 2012 @ 10:23:46
Sylvena Prentice - Hi my name is Sylvena Prentice from the car ribbean and will like to know where the Prentice family in St. Kitts really came from
» /places/england/cemeteries/index.php

10 May 2012 @ 15:03:44
Jacqueline Prentice - Hallo everyone, My name is Jacqueline Prentice, I would like to know how the Prentice family got to the Caribbean. My family has been there for over one hundred years. Pls email me any information you may have. Email: JCourtar01@hotmail.com
» /places/other_countries/index.php

28 Feb 2012 @ 13:24:20
Robert Dalgleish - v James Prentice b 1873 married Christina Duncan,family Barbara marr ,Thomas Bannantyne o.b.e ,MRCVS ,for many years a vet in St Andrews house,dau Christine marr Douglas Seaton.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/james_prentice_cambusnethan_lanark_scotland.htm

9 Feb 2012 @ 13:45:18
Robert Dalgleish - This is my great grandfather.He was a presbyterian minister in jamaica for many years,he was married to isabella brownlee dick ,in 1894 in carluke scotland.My grandfather william prentice was born in jamaica 30/1/1904.could someone help with the church he was actually buried in.I have a picture of the gravestone.he is listed in the 1900 clergy list for jamaica.He was from Belstane farm in carluke Scotland.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2009/thomas_black_prentice_kingston_jamaica.htm

6 Feb 2012 @ 02:09:06
julie mcdonald - I believe Thomas Prentice 1777, son of John Prentice and Euphemia Scott to be the same man who married Margaret McPherson in Gorbals 1815. Confirmation is difficult, however, Thomas's second daughter was named Euphemia Scott Prentice. Other siblings of Thomas's were living in Gorbals, Glasgow at the same time. I believe Thomas 1815, born to Thomas 1777, was my GG Grandfather. Daughter of Thomas 1815 was Annie Prentice, whose photograph I have already sent.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/john_prentice_euphemia_scott_carluke_lanark_scotland.htm

22 Jan 2012 @ 04:31:44
Karen Madoc - Although I have not yet located Thomas Prentice's family I have found records for his wife Mary Scott. Both seem to have come from New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland or at least that is where they married 31/5/1845 and the records (Latter Day Saints) say they were then living. The Church of Scotland records state her parents as being Thomas Scott and Mary Lawson.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/john_prentice_scotland_nz.htm

1 Jan 2012 @ 19:30:45
Craig Dougherty - I would like as my very first entry to pass on that "John Douglas "Jack" Prentice born 1930, son of James Wilson Prentice and Georgia Vivien Nye passed away just after Midnight today on 1 Jan 2012. He was a very special man. His son is Larry Prentice and can be found on FB. Sincerely, Craig J. Dougherty alias IrishKungFu1
» /pnet/comments.php

29 Nov 2011 @ 03:47:25
Maria Stewart - I am researching this line as well, have parents for Robert (c1860) James Prentice m Margaret Kelly- father of James is William Prentice. I have no DOB or places and hit a brick wall, any help??
» /pnet/news/?/news/2007/robert_prentice_adelaide_australia.htm

11 Oct 2011 @ 22:06:24
Joe Dewald - We have revised the article to incorporate Johnette Whitaker's comments of 25 Sep 2011. Joe Dewald, Editor, Prentice Newsletter.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/henry_j_geldertprentiss.htm

11 Oct 2011 @ 21:57:57
Joe Dewald - We are working to resolve Sylvia Atkins' comments of 8 Oct 2011. Joe Dewald, Editor, Prentice Newsletter.
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/charles_prentice_marylebone_london_england.htm

11 Oct 2011 @ 21:54:18
Joe Dewald - We have revised the article to include Sylvia Atkins comments of 8 Oct 2011. Joe Dewald, Editor, Prentice Newsletter.
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/richard_prentice_londonengland.htm

8 Oct 2011 @ 23:31:33
Sylvia Atkins - I've research this family and it appears that Charles Robert Prentice is not the Chelsea, Charles Prentice. There are two with the same name, both were shoemakers and both has connections with Westminster. If they are the same person he would have been about 14 when he married Elizabeth and would have been a bigamist when he married Sarah Brown in January 1820. Sylvia Atkins nsatkins@xtra.co.nz
» /pnet/news/?/news/2001/charles_prentice_marylebone_london_england.htm

8 Oct 2011 @ 23:22:15
Sylvia Atkins - Robert Prentice no.3 buried 16 Aug 1837 & Mary his wife 10 Sep 1832, both in Chelsea, Midsex, England. I might have found Charles Prentice (Chr. 6 Jan 1799), no 4 above 2nd marriage. Charles Prentice (Wid) & Frances Jones (Wid), 21 Oct 1833, St Mary's Lambeth, Surrey, England. There's a marriage for Frances Ames & John Jones, 19 Jul 1829, St Mary's Lambeth & a burial for John Jones 13 Jan 1833 (age 33) St Mary's Lambeth. Children from Charles Prentice's first marriage were William Daniel Prentice, b 1821 Chelsea - Born 10 Mar 1821, chr 9 Sep 1821, Chelsea Sarah Prentice, b. ??, Queenhithe. She m Benjamin Harrison - Chr 11 Jun 1824, buried 22 Dec 1824 both in Chelsea. So can't have marriage Benjamin. George Charles Prentice born 1 Aug 1828 & Mary Ann Prentice born 7 Apr 1832 both in Chelsea. Hannah Prentice, b 1813 and d early - Can't find any records, would have been born 7yrs before they married. Eliza Prentice, m. John Harrison. - Can't find any records for her. Regards Sylvia Atkins nsatkins@xtra.co.nz
» /pnet/news/?/news/99/richard_prentice_londonengland.htm

25 Sep 2011 @ 12:47:00
Johnette Whitaker - Preston Prentiss married Fannie I Shea Gildert Dec 8, 1907 in Troy, Maine. She was 38 and he was 57 years old. Marriage certificate on Ancestry.com
» /pnet/news/?/news/2003/henry_j_geldertprentiss.htm

21 Sep 2011 @ 15:48:11
Johni Levene - Your still the best looking Prentice out there Joe. Congrats on the new web site, it looks great! Johni
» /pnet/news/

26 Jun 2011 @ 20:22:29
Scott Prentice - Great stuff Joe!
» /pnet/news/

26 Jun 2011 @ 20:15:36
Scott Prentice - Great article about the Prentice Titanic survivor!
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/harry_f_prentice_clumber_nottinghamshire_england.htm

2 Jan 2011 @ 16:44:02
Rowland Oliver Prentice - Francis Prentice was born 7 April 1872 at Prestbury, Gloustershire, England, second son of George Seward Prentice & Eliza Prentice.Anthony Graham Prentice d. 24 Dec 2010. He was the Tony Prentice that married Una Bick as per the link.They had a son Roger
» /pnet/news/?/news/2005/francis_prentice_queensland_australia.htm

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