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Newsletter: Winter 1999


If you have any information about the folks mentioned in these articles, please send it to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of thearticle in the Subject line of the email.

George Prentice of Scotland & Nova Scotia
Henry Printis of Bedford Co., Quebec
Michael Prentice of Hastings, Ontario

Prentice, Henry of Stewkley, England
Prentice, Henry, The Planter, And His Roots: Part II
Prentice, Isaac of Waldringfield, England
Prentice, James of Paglesham, England
John Prentice of Southampton, England

Adam Prentice of Java
Cambusnethan 1861 Census
Charles Edgar Prentice of Scotland & IA
George Prentice of Forth, Scotland
George Prentice of Scotland & Nova Scotia
James Peter Prentice of Scotland & IL
John Prentice of Scotland & IA
John Prentice of Scotland & Australia
John Prentice of Scotland & OH
Thomas Prentice of Lanark, Scotland
Thomas Prentice of Scotland and WV

Prentice, Adam of Ireland

Prentice, Abraham C. of Noble Co., Indiana
Prentice, Alpheus of MA, MO and IL
Prentice, Arthur of MA & CA
Prentice, Azariah of Bruce, MI
Prentice, Ben of Pittsfield, MA
Prentice: Bennington, VT Cem. Inscrip.
Prentis, Betsey of Williamsburg, VA


Prentice, Charles of Summit, OH
Prentice, Charles C., Peru, IN
Prentice, Charles D. of NY & MO
Prentice, Charles Edgar of Scotland & IA
Prentice, Charles F. of OH & MN
Prentice, Charles Nelson of Noble Co., IN
Prentice, Daniel of Carey, OH
Prentice, Daniel of Ripley Co., IN
Prentice, Durkee of VT and MN
Prentice, Edward of VT, MN and SD
Prentice, Elisha of Berkshire, MA
Prentice, Frederick of OH & MI
Prentice, Frederick of Pittsfield, MA
Prentice, Frederick, Hancock Co., IL
Prentice, Frederick R., Hancock Co., IL
Prentice, George of Pittsfield, MA
Prentice, George of NY & MI
Prentice, George Denison: Shore Waves
Prentice: Hancock Co., IL
Prentice, Henry K. of Hampden, MA
Prentice, Horace A. of Pittsfield, MA
Prentice: Illinois Marriages
Prentice, J. J. of Columbus, OH
Prentice, James of PA & MI
Prentice, James A. of MA & OH
Prentice, James Peter Scotland & IL
Prentice, John of Circleville, OH
Prentice, John, Hancock Co., IL
Prentice, John of Scotland & OH
Prentice, John of Sparta, Noble Co., IN
Prentice, Jonathan of Wood, WV
Prentice, Joseph of DE
Prentice, Joseph of IA
Prentice, Judith of CT
Prentice, Lawton of Cass, IA

Prentice, Luke, Hancock Co., IL
Prentice: Mailing Lists
Prentice, Marvin Arthur of Corunna, IN
Prentice: Milton, VT Prentices
Prentice, Moses of KY & WV 77
Prentice, Nathan, Hancock Co., IL
Prentice, Nathaniel F. of NY & IL
Prentice: Noble County, IN
Printis, Peleg of Daviess County, IN
Prentice, Philo S. of NY & IL
Prentice, R. H. of Noble Co., IN
Prentice, Reuben of Ogle, IL
Prentice, Robert L. of Pottowattomie, IA
Prentice, Russell E. of Noble Co., IN
Prentice, Samuel of Canada and MN
Prentiss, Solomon of Nelson, OH
Prentice, Solomon M. of NY & IL
Prentice, Stanton of Wood, WV
Prentice, Valentine of Virginia
Prentice, W. L., Hancock Co., IL
Prentice, Walter of Pittsfield, MA
Prentice, William of Kalkaska, MI
Prentice, Worthington of Columbus, OH

Adam Prentice of Java
Bennington, VT Cemetery Inscriptions
Cleveland, OH Prentisses
Hancock Co., IL Prentices
Illinois Marriages
Mailing Lists: Prentice
Milton, VT Prentices
Noble County, Indiana, Prentices
Prentice: Mailing Lists
Shore Waves

Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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