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Judith Prentice of CT

Judith Prentice of Connecticut
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor `
Winter 1999 and Revised 4 Apr 2006

Update of 4 Apr 2006: By email of 3 Apr 2006, Rob Chandler reports that Judith Prentice is the dau. of Samuel Prentice and Anne Benjamin (sister of Jesse Benjamin) by virtue of the fact that Judith Prentice has been identified as a niece of Jesse Benjamin (see Footnote 1: ). Samuel Prentice is #37 in our John3 eBook.
Original Article

1. Judith Prentice was b. c. 1774 at an unknown location and d. c. 1849 at an unknown location.

Judith Prentice m. Jared Topping on 21 Feb 1796 (per IGI and Ancestry.com) at an unknown location. He was b. 25 Jun 1772 in Long Island, NY (per Ancestry.com).son of Daniel Topping and Keturah Howell. He is said to have died in Long Island, Queens Co., NY in 1858 (per Bob Chandler email, 12 Mar 2005).

In 1797, at the time of the birth of their eldest child, Elias, they were living in Layden, NY; in 1805 the town of Boonville was formed from Leyden which originally included Whitestown which originally included a part of Steuben; Steuben became Leyden in 1797 (per Rob Chandler, email, 17 Mar 2006).

Known children of Judith Prentice and Jered Topping per Ancestry.com :

  1. Elias Topping, b. c. 1797.
  2. Lucina Topping, b. 1799 and d. 1872. . . . . . . [2]
  3. William Topping, b. 1802 and d. 1892. . . . . . . [3]
  4. Albert Galetin Topping, b. 1 Nov 1804, Turin, NY, and d. 1 Jul 1844 in Plainfield, Livingston Co., MI. He m. Maria Walters who was b. c. 1805. Children per Ancrestry.com:
    1. Jane Topping.
    2. Elias Topping, b. c. 1825.
    3. Morris Topping, b. 29 Jan 1827, Turin, NY. Additional info. can be found at Ancestry.com.
  5. Jared Topping Jr., b. 24 Jul 1807. . . . . . . [4]
  6. Charles Dallas Topping, b. c. 1810.
  7. Alexander Topping, b. c. 1812.
  8. Marcella B. Topping, b. c. 1817.

2. Lucina Topping, b. 1799 in Leyden, Lewis or Dutchess Co., NY and d. c. 1872. She is bur. in the Lord Cemetery in Leyden, Lewis Co., NY

Lucina m. Abraham Albert Barnes. He was b. 3 Sep 1799 in Dutchess Co., NY and d. 19 Oct 1885 in Utica, Oneida C., NY. He was the son of Abraham Barnes and Reuemma Kennedy. Additional information about Abraham can be found at Ancestry.com .

The following information was posted by Mary Beth Wheeler about the Barnes family at Ancestry.com

    Abraham Albert Barnes was the eldest son of Abraham and Reuemma Barnes. According to son Albert Abraham in 1905, he was born in Dutchess Co, NY in 1799, so either his parents settled there for awhile upon leaving CT (the county is directly west/adjacent to the CT/NY border), or Abraham A. was born during the move to Lewis Co., NY.

    He and his first wife Lucina (likely from Leyden, Lewis Co.) had 6 children, the youngest of which was son Albert Abraham who was born in Utica, Oneida Co., NY in 1837. Abraham A. & wife are shown in the 1825 NY census in Turin, Lewis Co with one young son (Sylvester), owning 2 horses, 2 meat cattle, 9 sheep and 1 hog. He may have been living on the property of his father. He appears in the 1830 census in Utica, Oneida Co., so he and his family likely moved to Utica between 1825 & 1830.

    He seems to have regularly used his middle initial as an adult, showing up as Abraham A. in census and other records. Perhaps this was to distinguish himself from his father, Abraham.

    At the 1860 census, he appears in the 7th ward of Utica, age 60, his occupation was "keeper - city hospital." His wife Lucina, also aged 60, was shown as "matron - city hospital."

    The 1867-68 Utica City Directory shows an A.A. Barnes as "jailor, Mohawk St. Jail." [This directory also shows his son Albert A. and 4 other Barnes - Catherine W. Barnes, Cornelia A. Barnes, Samuel C. Barnes and Evan H. Barnes. We know that Cornelia A. Barnes was the wife/widow? of A.A.'s son Sylvester but know none of the others yet.]

    Like his brother Alanson Herbert, Abraham lived a long life, having died at age 86 in Utica, NY. His death notice from "ROMAN CITIZEN" newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 23, 1885 reads as follows: BARNES - In Utica, New York, October 19, 1885, ABRAM A. BARNES, aged 86 years, 1 month and 15 days. (RCOct23/1885)

      BARNES, Abram A. :(extract of Petition) Surrogate’s Court, Utica, Oneida County, NY The petition of Alice M. Barnes of the City of Utica in the County of Oneida, represents: that your petitioner is the widow of Abram A. Barnes, late of the City of Utica in said County of Oneida, deceased, that the said Abram A. Barnes died at the city of Utica in said County of Oneida, on or about the 19th day of October 1885, last past, intestate, leaving no will and testament, to the knowledge and belief of your petitioner; and at, and immediately preceding his death, he was an inhabitant and resident of the said County of Oneida; and that all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased do not, according to the best knowledge of your petitioner, exceed the sum of Three Hundred dollars. That said deceased le[f]t him surviving the following named persons, viz: Helen B. Green a daughter residing at Waterford, Pa Albert A. Barnes a son residing in the City of NY Mrs. Cornelia M. Ralph a grandchild residing at Utica, NY Warren S. Barnes a grandchild residing at Philadelphia Pa -all of full age- who are the only heirs at law and next of kin of said deceased, and the respective places of residence of said persons are as above stated. …..Dated the 15th day of Sept. A.D. 1886. Alice M.Barnes …James A. Thomas Notary Public Oneida Co NY.

      KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That we Isaac Estes and Charles N. Gaffney both of Utica NY and Alice M. Barnes of Utica NY are held and firmly bound, unto the people of the State of New York, in the sum of Six Hundred Dollars………Sealed with our seals and dated the 24th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight-six. The condition of this Obligation is such, that if the above bounden Alice M. Barnes Administratrix of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of Abram A. Barnes deceased, shall faithfully discharge the trust reposed in her as such, and obey all lawful decrees and orders of the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Oneida touching the administration of the estate committed to her then this obligation to void, otherwise to be of force. Sealed and delivered in presence of Alice M. Barnes, Isaac Estes, Charles N. Gaffney …… C.W. Macklen(sp?) Notary Public Oneida Co. NY Isaac Estes and Charles N. Gaffney …… deposes and says that he resides in Utica in the County aforesaid, that he is a freeholder and householder of said County, and is worth the sum of $600 over and above his just debts, liabilities and responsibilities, and property exempt from execution. …..24th day of September 1886. [executed 29 Sep 1886, filed 1 Oct 1886 5783]

      Provided by Lois Morrill: [loisbrlmrl@erols.com]

Children (per Ancestry.com and DAR, Vol. 28, pg. 269):

  1. Sylvester Wallace Barnes, b. 1825, NY. He m. Cornelia Augusta Chevalier. An Ancestor Chart for her can be found at Ancestry.com . Information about Sylvester's descendants can be found at Ancestry.com .
  2. Cornelia Marion Barnes. She m. George Frederic Ralph. Children:
    1. Cornelia Chevalier Ralph, b. in Utica, Oneida Co., NY. She m. Myron Fisher Simmons.
  3. Helen L. Barnes, b. 1832 and d. 1899. She m. Rozelle M. Greene, b. 1822 and d. 1879. Daughter:
    1. Isabella Greene. She m. Paul W. McKay.
  4. Albert Abraham Barnes b: Dec 6, 1837

3. William Topping, b. 1802 and d. 1892. He m. Sallie Weaver who was b. 1803 and d. 1882. Children:

  1. Harriet Emily Topping, b. 1826 and d. 1909, She m. G. Walter Hitchcock who was b. 1824 and d. 1888. Daughter:
    1. Cleodora Hitchcock who m. George Pulaski Grinnell.

William Topping m. 2nd Sarah Walters. Son:

  1. Edwin G. Topping. He m. Rozella M. Chapman and had a daughter:
    1. May Topping, who m. Mr. Potter.

4. Jared Topping Jr., b. 24 Jul 1807 (per census and IGI).

He m. Fidelia Salmon who was b. c. 1810 NY (per census: 1830 Brantingham, Lewis Co., NY). About 1835 them moved to OH. They appear in the 1840 census in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., OH with his father and brother, William, In the 1850 and 1860 census, he appears in Fairfield, Huron Co., OH, as a Farmer with his wife, Fidelia. They later appear inthe 1880 census in Canyon City, Fremont Co., CO where he was 72, a farmer, and she was then 69 and a Farmer. Both may have d. in CO. Children (per email of 4 Sep 2):

  1. Aurelia Topping, b. c. 1824, NY, m. Elisha Lewis, b. c. 1822 (per census). 1850 census in Parma, Cuyahoga Co., OH. 1860 census in Kankalee, IL, farmer; 38 yrs whole family as Farmer name was James E. Lewis with correct family and ages. 1880 census in Chicago, Cook Co., IL at 60 yrs. Elisha is believed to have died in Chicago c. 1890. In the 1910 census in Canyon, Freemont Co., CO, is Aurelia with her daughter, Mary Ellen Lewis who m. Robert Coulburgh. Little information is known about Elisha's origin, brother's or sisters. Elisha Lewis may have been born either in Ohio or New York:
    1. Henry F. Lewis, b. 28 Sep 1845, OH. . . . . . . . . [5]
    2. Alice Lewis, b. c 1851 and probably died young c. 1863.
    3. Mary Ellen Lewis, b. c 1857. She m. Robert Coolbaugh c. 1910 in Canyon City, Freemont Co., CO. He was b. vc. 1853.

5. Henry F. Lewis, b. 28 Sep 1845, OH and d. 7 Feb 1905, Rawlins, Carson Co., WY.

He m. Susanna Oldham on 20 Sep 1867 in Kankakee Co., IL (per Ancestry.com). She was b. 22 Feb 1850 in Millhouser, Decatur Co., IN, and d. 28 Jan 1929. Ancestor charts for her can be found at Ancestry.com . Children (per Ancestry.com):

  1. Alice Lewis b: 20 Aug 1868 in Springdale, NE. She m. Frank Kull.
  2. Fred Lewis b: 26 Aug 1870 in Springdale, NE. He m. Fannie Fair.
  3. Harry Lewis b: 18 Nov 1875 in Springdale, NE. He m. Maude Anderson.
  4. Guy Lewis b: 11 Feb 1878 in Springdale, NE. He m. Addie Travis.
  5. Edward Lewis b: 22 Jun 1880 in Springdale, NE, and d. 2 Jan 1889.
  6. John Lewis b: 19 Jul 1882 in Springdale, NE, and d. 28 Oct 1948.
  7. Robert Chester Lewis b: 20 Jul 1884 in Springdale, NE. He m. Lucy Travis.
  8. Charles Lewis b: 8 Mar 1890 in Springdale, NE
  9. Arthur Pearl Lewis, b. 7 Nov 1895 in Ord., NE. . . . . . . [6]

6. Arthur Pearl Lewis, b. 7 Nov 1895 in Ord., NE, and d. 29 Sep 1974 in Los Angeles, CA. Bur. Sautelle Nat. Cem., Los angeles. He was a Bus Driver.

Arthur m. Getrude Johanna Anderson on 19 Mar 1921 in Ord, NE. They had 6 children (per Ancestry.com):

  1. (son) Lewis. He m. Miss Riberio. and had:
    1. Living son Lewis
    2. Living LEWIS
  2. (dau.) Lewis. She m. Mr. Mosmiller and had:
    1. Living son Mosmiller.
    2. Living son Mosmiller.
  3. (dau.) Lewis. She m. Mr. Rohmer.
  4. Naomi Lewis who m. Robert Chandler Sr. and had:
    1. Robert Chandler Jr.
    2. (Dau.) Chandler. She m. Mr. Ralph and had 4 children.
  5. (dau.) Lewis. She m. Mr. Slaughter.
    1. Living son Slaughter.
  6. (dau.) Lewis. She m. 1st Mr. Bilotti and had a child. She m. 2nd Mr. Barr and had 2 children. She m. 3rd Mr. Azevedo and had 2 children.

Who are Judith Prentice's Parents?

We do not know where Judith Prentice was married, but we do know that her first known child, Lucina Topping was b. 1799 in Leyden, Lewis Co., NY. From that we might infer that Judith' parents were living in, or near, Lewis Co., NY at the time of Judith's marriage on 21 Feb 1796. Interestingly, Leyden lies about 25 miles south of Lowville and abuts the Lewis-Oneida county line.

A search of our records indicates that Nathaniel Prentice and a number of the families had moved to Lowville, Lewis Co., NY about 1798 from Westfield, MA. However, Nathaniel is not known to have a daughter named Judith.

However, Nathaniel had a brother, Samuel Prentice who m. Anne Benjamin in 1771. Anne was the daughter of Abiel Benjamin and Judath/Judith Ford. We do not yet show that they had a daughter named Judith, but we do not yet know the names of all of their children. The name, Judith, was not a common Prentice name in that period, so there would seem to be a good chance that they did have a daughter named Judith who would be named for her mother's mother.

The name Benjamin is also of interest because one DAR entry had identified Judith as Judith (Benjamin) Prentice. Ordinarily one might think that "Benjamin" may refer to a prior marriage, but it just might be that "Benjamin" was intended to identify her mother's maiden surname.

Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

Footnote 1: Rob Chandler's email of 3 April 2006 reads, in part, as follows:

    Jesse Benjamin was living in Canajoharie in 1790 census where Samuel Prentice was located. This helps establish Jesse Benjamin connection to Samuel Prentice.

    Lewis County Historian, Lisa becker located comment in the CRAWFORD Files on TOPPING family [that] 'Jared TOPPING. . . married Judith PRENTICE [niece of Jesse BENJAMIN]'

    Jesse Benjamin had a sister named Anne Benjamin. Anne m. Samuel Prentice. ThereforeSamuel Prentice and Anne Benjamin would be Judith Prentice's.

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