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Charles Nelson Prentice, Noble Co., IN

Charles Nelson Prentice of Noble Co., IN
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 1999 and Revised 1 Jan 2007

Update of 1 Jan 2007: We have concluded that George Prentice is #108 in our John3 eBook and is the son of Nathaniel Prentice and his 2nd wife, Lucy Campbell for the reasons set out in our email of 31 Dec 2007 Doris Bornitz, a portion of which is set out below:

    ". . . Your email said that your cousin's photo had a number of photographs with all pictures are listed by name and how they were related to your grandfather, Charles Bowlby. You said that there are an Orpheus and Laura Prentice, brother and sister, who are listed as cousins to your grandfather, Charles.

    That provided a significant bit of new information. Using it, I pulled our our John-3 eBook and drew a chart showing relationships. Here is how it plots out:

    1. Nathaniel Prentice, #33, b. c. 1763, married 1st. Margaret Hedden and had a son, Nathaniel Prentice, #110, b. c. 1808.
    2. Nathaniel , #33, married 2nd, Lucy Campbell. They had a son, George C. Prentice, #108, b. c. 1793, who would be a 1/2 brother to Nathaniel, #110.
    3. Nathaniel, #110, m. Catherine Rice and had Orpheus and Laura.
    4. George, #108, m. Anna Dingman and had Margery Prentice who married Andrew Bowlby.
    5. Margery would be a 1/2 1st cousin to Orpheus and Laura with Andrew Bowlby being an in-law 1/2 1st cousin to Orpheus and Laura.
    6. Margery's son, Charles Bowlby, your grandfather, would actually be a 1/2 1st cousin once removed, to Orpheus and Laura. That relationship is not inconsistent with Charles Bowlby being called a cousin to Orpheus and Laura.

    In thinking about my own cousin, Ray, he has some children and I would normally refer to his children as my cousins without bothering to get into relationship technicalities.

    So, bottom line, my conclusion is that by the use of those photographs we have now established that your grandfather, Charles Bowlby, and you, are descended from Nathaniel Prentice and his 2nd wife, Lucy Campbell."

Original Article:

A. George Prentice, born NY at an unknown date, but perhaps c. 1815-1825 based on the the 1846 birth of his daughter, Margery, below. He probably have died in 1862 as that is when his children were appointed a guardian named Thomas Wilson (per Doris Bornitz, email, 11 Mar 2006).

An 1882 History of Noble County, IN says his brother, Nathaniel , moved to Noble County in 1837 "with his brothers." Nathaniel would have come with his parents, Nathaniel Prentice and Lucy Campbell. The family move to Noble County included George as U. S. Land Records show a Deeds dated 1 Aug 1844 and 1849 to George Prentice of Noble Co., IN. In addition, plot maps for Ligonier (Sparta Twp.) show that George owned land abutting that of his brother, Nathaniel.

He m. Anna Dingman on 11 Oct 1846 (per Doris Bornitz, email, 30 Dec 2006). Anna was b. 10 Mar 1822 (per Kim Baker, email, 13 Jun 2001 and referencing family Bible that belonged to Sarah "Lizzie" (Galloway) Prentice.) She d. c. 1834 (throat disease)[313]. Anna was the dau. of D. V. Dingman (per Doris Bornitz, email, 30 Dec 2006).

By E-mail of 1 Nov 1999, Dan Replogle advises that a Noble County Health Dept. record establishes that George and Anna are the parents of Charles Nelson Prentice (#1, below). Known children:

  1. Margery Ann Prentice, b. c. 1846. After her fathers apparent death about 1862, Margery was raised by two maiden aunts,names unknown (per Doris Bornitz, email, 11 Mar 2006). By email of 17 Mar 2006, Doris Bornitz has provided us with information about Margery and her descendants. That information can be found in Appendix A .
  2. Charles Nelson Prentice, b. Feb 1849 in Noble County, Indiana. . . . . . . . [1]

1. Charles Nelson Prentice, b. Feb 1849 in Noble County, IN (See Fn. 6). He d. 19 May 1924 in Washington Twp., Noble County, Indiana of Influenza. Charles first appears in the 1880 Noble County, IN census as "Charles Prentice" with his wife, Margaret, b. Dec 1853, IN. By E-mail of 21 Oct 1999, Dan Replogle reports that a descendant of Charles says that Charles' middle name is "Nelson."

Charles m. Margaret Knepper on 24 Dec 1874 in Noble Co., IN. She was the daughter of Anthony Knepper and Catherine Sollerbarger, both born in PA. Margaret died 28 Oct 1906 in Salem, Washington Township Their children, as shown 1900 and 1920 Noble County census records, Health Dept. and probate records are:

  1. Susan Alzina Prentice, b. c. 1876, IN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[2]
  2. William Leslie "Leslie" Prentice, b. 14 Sep 1880, Noble Co. IN. . . . . . . [3]
  3. Aura Ethel Prentice, b. 2 Dec 1883, in Noble, Noble Co., IN . . . . . . . . . [4]
  4. Raymond A. Prentice, b. 4 Jun 1886, IN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [5]
  5. Violet Anna Prentice, b. Sep 1893, Turkey Creek Twp., Noble Co., IN. . [6]

2. Susan Alzina Prentice, b. c. 1876, IN. An email of 19 Sep 1999 from Hilda King provides additional information. Susan died 15 Jul 1947 at her home near Lake Wawasee, just west of Noble County, IN, and was buried in Indian Village Cemetery.

She married Charles F. Hyndman on 17 Jan 1899. He was b. 24 Mar 1870, Noble County, son of William and Amanda Hyndman. He d. c. 1948 from cancer at the age of 78 and, for the preceeding 30 years had lived on a farm south of Lake Wawasee. He was buried in Indian Village Cemetery. Children:

  1. Edelva Hyndman, b. c. 1900-1905.

3. William Leslie "Leslie" Prentice, b. 14 Sep 1880, Noble Co. IN. He is called "W. Leslie Prentice" on his headstone. A farmer, He appears in the 1920 Noble Co. census with his wife. He was living in 1947, age 67, near Cromwell, Noble Co., IN. William died in 1965

He m. Ethel L. Trine on 30 Apr 1904. Ethel was b. 22 or 23 Sep 1885 (fn. 7) in North Webster, Kosciusko Co., IN and d. 20 Mar 1955 of a heart attack. She was the daughter of William and Clementine (Laughlin) Trine.

William and Ethel are both buried at the Indian Village Cemeter. Children:

  1. Floyd L. Prentice, b. 22 Jan 1905, IN. His obituary, provided by Helen King's E-mail of 2 Oct 1999, together with the Social Security Death Index, relate that Floyd was born 22 Jan 1905 and died 3 Dec 1984 in Topeka, La Grange, IN, at the Heritage Manor Nursing Home in Ligonier. He is buried in Salem Cemetery, Wilmot (no longer a town, but the location is known to local residents). He was a farmer, formerly emplyed at South Shore Golf Course and moved to Topeka from Cromwell in 1979.

    His obituary mentions a niece, Doris Haggard of Topeka, and nephews Charles Kelly of Ligonier and Dean Prentice of Cromwell. (Fn. 1)

  2. Viola Margaret Prentice, b. c. 1907, IN, and d. 14 Feb 1942 (per obit. of her mother.) She had a son:
    1. Kenneth Dean Prentice, b. 18 May 1926, Noble Co., IN. His father's name is not listed in Noble Co. Birth Records.

  3. Alta Mae Prentice, b. 7 Jul 1916, Sparta Twp., Noble Co. IN. She m. Mr. Kelley and was mentioned as living in Kimmel in the 1965 Obituary of her father. She was buried in the Indian Village Cemetery. Son:
    1. Charles Kelley of Ligonier, mentioned in the 1965 obituary of his grandfather.
    2. Doris June Prentice, b. 29 Mar 1932, Sparta Twp., Noble Co., IN (See Fn. 5). She m. Auburn Haggard Jr. in Noble Co., IN (per Noble Co. IN Marriages 1830-95). Doris lived in Topeka, La Grange, IN., living in 1965.
    3. Dorothy Mae Prentice, b. 14 Jul 1942 in Indian Village, Noble, IN. Her birth record notes that her father is "said to be Jess Ostrander, 34." She died that same day and her Death Record identifies the cause of Death as "murder by strangulation."

4. Aura Ethel Prentice, b. 2 Dec 1883, in Noble Twp., Noble Co., IN and d. 13 Jan 1974 at the Columbia Nursing Home. Her obituary and headstone indicate she m. Charles E. Iden, b. 1881 and d. 1942. In 1947 she waslivig near Cromwell, Noble Co., IN. Both are buried in the Indian Village Cemetery. Daughter:

  1. Sylvia Iden, b. 4 Sep 1914 and d. 28 Jul 1972. She m. Merle A. Butler, b. 19 Feb 1914, d. 12 Apr 1988 and buried Sparta Cemetery. Children: (Fn. 2)
    1. Wilma Butler, b. 13 Dec 1936 and m. Harold R. Phend. They live at 1420W 400S, Albion, IN 4671, Tel. 219-636-2988.

5. Raymond A. Prentice, b. 4 Jun 1886, IN and d. in 1952. He lived southeast of Cromwell and died at his home following an extended illness and is buried in Sparta Cemetery in Kimmell.

Raymond m. Sarah "Lizzie" Elizabeth Galloway on 20 Mar 1909. She was b. 19 Mar 1891 in Sparta township and d. June 1975 at the Alfran Nursing Home, Columbia City after a six year illness. She was the daughter of John Galloway and Liza Brown. Sarah is buried in Sparta Cemetery. Sarah's obituary mentioned that she was survived by 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Children of Raymond and Sarah:

  1. Velma Nadene Prentice, b. 22 Aug 1909 in Washington Twp., Noble, IN and died 3 days later on 25 Aug 1909 (per Noble Co. Death Record).

  2. Zelma Mae Prentice, b. 9 Jun 1913 in Washington Twp., Noble Co., IN and d. 24 Dec 1994 in N. Collier Hospital in Naples, FL. She is buried at Salem Cemetery, Washington Twp., Noble, IN.

    She m. Harold E. Poscharscky on 27 Jun 1937 in Sparta Township. He was b. 24 Jan 1915 and living in 2001 (per Kim Baker, above). They lived in Cromwell. She preceeded her husband in death. Both are buried in the Sparta Cemetery (per Hilda King email, 8 Oct 1999). Children:

    1. Elaine Poscharscky who m. Mr. Caskey and lived in Middlefield, Ohio. Children:
      1. Jeffrey Caskey
      2. Mark Anthony Caskey. He has a dau., Corrin
      3. Susanna "Susie" Poscharscky. She has a son, Gary.
    2. Janet Poscharscky who m. Mr. Hellwig and lived in Tampa, Florida. Daughter.
      1. Tonya Hellwig.

    Her obituary says she had six grandchildren.

  3. Gladys Irene Prentice, b. 20 Mar 1916, Washington Twp., IN. She m. Burlyn Conkling and lived in Cromwell. Daughters:
    1. Sharon Kay Conkling, b 21 July 1939. She m. Alan Laurence Beers 14 Mar 1957. Children:
      1. Clifford Laurence Beers
      2. Ricky Alan Beers
      3. Kimberly Kay Beers. She m. Mr. Baker.
      4. Ryan Douglas Beers
    2. Carolyn Ann Conkling, b. 1945. She m. Richard Allen Adair. Childen:
      1. Micheal Ray Adair.
      2. Michelle Renae Adair.
      3. Matthew Gray Adair.

  4. Iris Eileen Prentice, twin to Ivan, below, was b. 28 Jan 1928 in Washington Twp, Noble Co., IN. She m. Dean Hunter and lived at Rt. 1, Huntington.

  5. Ivan R. Prentice, twin to Iris, b. 28 Jan 1928 and d. 8 Apr 1992. He is buried at Sparta, Kimmell, Noble, IN. He m. Maxine L. Cook. She d. 11 Mar 1931 is also buried at Sparta. (Fn. 4) Son:
    1. Bryan E. Prentice, b. 16 Nov 1959. He m. Mindy S. Stewart on 19 Jul 1986, Noble Co., IN. Son:
      1. (male) Prentice, student.
    2. Kevin R. Prentice, b. 1 Jan 1957. He m. Jael R. Miller on 14 Mar 1981, Noble Co., IN.

6. Violet Anna Prentice, b. Sep 1893, Turkey Creek Twp., Noble Co., IN and d. there Apr 1952.

She m., on 12 Oct 1911, Arthur C. Kolberg, b. 25 Jul 1887 and d. 1975 at Goshen General Hospital. In 1947 they lived near Cromwell, Noble Co., IN. He was a farmer and worked as a sexton in area cemetaries. Both are buried in the Indian Village Cemetery.

After Violet died, Arthur married in 1954, as his second wife, Mrs. Flossie (Stults) Sparrow who had a son, Charless Sparrow of Kendallville. Flossie born in Noble county on Sept. 1, 1891, the daughter of George Stults and Sarah Knapp. She married James Sparrow in 1913 who died in 1949. Flossie was buried in Sparta Cemetery, Kimmell.

Children of Violet and Arthur include:

  1. (perhaps) Edona E. Kolberg, b. 1914 and d. 1933, age about 19 and probably unmarried.
  2. Mary Lois Kolberg. b. 18 Jul 1916 who m. Mr. Elmer Byrd. They lived in Mishawaka and Syracuse. (Fn. 3)
  3. Edelva Kolberg who m. Fred B. Butt, b. 1 Jun 1917, Noble Co. and son of Layton Butt and Ada Lock. In 1948 they lived near Cromwell, Noble Co., IN. Fred d. c. 25 Dec 1994 and is buried in the Mock Addition Cemetery in North Webster. He worked for Western Rubber in Goshen and was a self-employed radio technician. He was retired from the Electronics Center in North Webster. Children (per obit in Hilda King E-mail of 3 Oct 1999):
    1. Toni Butt who m. Roger Lemon of Kimmell.
    2. Burton Butt of Syracuse.

    At the time of Fred's death, his obituary says he was surviviced by six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

  4. Decina Kolberg who m. Mr. Dale Butt and lived in Syracuse.
  5. Violetta Kolbert who m. Kletice(?) Stone/Stoner and lived in Cromwell.
  6. Margaret Kolberg, b. 29 Jan 1927 who m. Michael A. Poyser and lived in Cromwell. Daughter:
    1. Darlene S. Poyser, b. 11 Feb 1955 who m. James A. Brazel. They live at 10269 W 100N Cromwell, IN 46732, Tel. 219-856-2642.
  7. Arthur Burton Kolberg of Syracuse. He was born 4 Nov 1941 and married Eileen LeCount. Daughter:
    1. Becky K. Kolberg, b. 28 Dec 1950 and m. Steven J. Mangan. Their phone number is 219-799-4952.


Much of the Indian Village Cemetery information was supplied by email on 23 Sep 1999 by Hilda King whose ancestor is a sibling of Charles F. Hyndman who m. Susan A. Prentice, above.

Kathryn Ojerio suggested, before Charles' middle name (Nelson) was discovered, that Charles is a great-grandson of Nathaniel Prentice and Lucy Campbell who arrived in Noble about 1835. She says that most of his children stayed in the area, marrried and had children there, and at least one changed the spelling of his name to Prentiss. She cites the History of Noble and Whitley Counties.

If that is correct, then Charles is most likely the son of Nathaniel's son, Nelson Prentice, because of Charles' middle name, "Nelson." He is probably not a son of Nathaniels son, Nathaniel, who did not marry until 1851, nor is he likely a son of Nathaniel's son, Charles, since the youngest of Charles' 8 known children was born some 16 years before Charles Nelson Prentice.

Although Kim Baker's understanding is that George's parents were Nathaniel Prentice(b. CT) & Margaret Hedden (b.14 Feb 1776), such identification should be taken with caution since Kim Baker says that she does not recall where she received her information.

George Prentice might be the George Prentice, b. c. 1793, probably in NY, and the son of Nathaniel Prentice and his 1st wife, Lucy Campbell. George's 2nd wife was Margaret Hedden. The 1793 George is a half-brother to Nelson Prentice, after whom Charles Nelson Prentice may have been named, or perhaps Nelson and Charles have a common ancestor after whom both were named. On the other hand, if Abraham C. Prentiss of Noble County is George's son, they cannot have the same mother since Charles was born in 1849 and Abraham's Civil War Pension File indicates that Abraham's mother died about 1834.

Also shown in the 1880 Noble County census is Russel E. Prentice of Kendallville whose relationship to Charles, if any, is not known.

    Fn. 1: An obituary provided Hilda King on 30 Sep 1999, identifies Dean Prentice's wife as Shirley A. Plank, b. 14 May 1828, Sturgis, MI, dau.of Sherman and Dorothy Plank

    Dean Prentice may have had another wife. Hilda King's E-mail of 3 Oct 1998 contains an obituary for Delores Treese who died 8 Apr 1994 and is buried at Indian Village, Noble Co., IN. She was b. 19 May 1938 in Shipshewana to Benjamin and Libbie(Keim) Treece. She married Dean Prentice on April 1,1975. The obituary says that her survivors are her husband, one daughter, Debra Allen of Ligoneer, one son, Rodney Steward of Cromwell; two sisters, Pat Millard of Cromwell and Linnie Gonser of LaGrange, one brother, John Treece of Cromwell, and seven grandchildren.

    Fn. 2: Ralph E. Iden m. Bandora W. Kolbert. It is not known if he is related to Aura and Charles. They had a daughter, Catherine Iden, b. 18 Mar 1930 who m. Charles Geiger and lives at 2336N 800N Cromwell, IN 46732, Te. 219-635-2257.

    Another unknown relationship is that of Joyce Kolberg, 1350 Eastgate Dr., Kendallville, IN 46755, Tel. 219-347-3685. Another unknown relationship is that of Ellen Kolberg, 921 N. Van Buren, Auburn, IN 46706, Tel. 219-925-4973.

    Fn. 3: Of unknown relationship are (1) Eric Byrd and Tracey, 949 W. Perry Rd., Ligonier, IN 46767, Tel. 219-894-3511, and (2) Hazel Byrd.

    Fn. 4: Information about Ivan's descendants from Danial Replogle's email of 20 Oct 1999.

    Fn. 5: By E-mail of 10 Nov 1999, Daniel Replogle advises that Doris'birth record at the Noble County Health Department identifies her father as Douglas Stark.

    Fn. 6: TThe 1880 census and Noble Co. Dept. of Health Death Record says he was born in Noble County. The 1920 census says he was born in Ohio but would seem to be the less reliable source.

    Fn. 7: The birth record of her 1st child, Floyd, on 22 Jan 1905 says she was then 19 years old.

    Fn. 8: Margaret's Death Record says she died in Kendallville.

    Appendix A: Descendants of Margery Ann Prentice.

    1. Margery Ann Prentice was born 2 Sept, 1846 in Indiana and d. 28 Sep 1936 at the age of 90 years. She was the dau. of George C. Prentice/Prentiss, b. in NY, and Anna Dingman, b. OH.

    Margery m. Andrew Burget Bowlby on 13 Oct 1866 in Noble Co., IN. He was b. 22 Jun 1846, son of Joseph Bowlby and Elizabeth Teeple Bowlby. Andrew died 12 Jul 1874. They had 3 children:

    1. Chloa Alice Bowlby b: 29 July, 1867 in Noble Co., IN, and d. 1909, Indianapolis. Bur. in Salem Cem., Washington twp. Noble Co., IN. She m. Clement M. Line on 7 May 1885 in Noble Col IN. was b. c. 1864/65. Clement also bur. in Salem Cemetery. Children:
      1. Orval Ellison Line, b. 1886. He m. Jesse M. Little, 4 Dec 1909. Children:
        1. Arlo M. Line, b. 22 Oct 1910 and d. 1969.
        2. Cleo M. Line, b. 1912 and d. 4 Mar 2003. She m. Kenneth Hehe.
      2. William Carl Line, b. 1888 and d. 1958. He m. Elma Okle Morris. Children:
        1. Orvie C. Line, b. 1909 and d. 1935
        2. Loice Line, b. 1911 and d. 1930
        3. Gerald William Line, b. 1916 and d. 2004
        4. Clement LaVerne Line, b. 1919 and d. 2004
        (3) Joseph Mearle Line, b: 26 October 1890...d: 1973. married 1st Carrie Stump(d:1954) on 16 April 1911....one child, Louise Line, b: 1915...d:1987. Married 2nd Katheryn Chappell on 25 July 1955. Joseph died 1973 in Syracuse, Koscuisko, Indiana.
      3. Joseph Mearle Line, b. 26 Oct 1890 and d. Feb 1973 per SSDI, age 83.. He m. 1st Carrie Stump on 16 Apr, 1911 in Koscuisko county Ind. Joseph registered for WWI draft but must not have served as in 1930 census listed not a veteran. Daughter:
        1. Louise Line, b. 1915 and d. 1987.

        Joseph m. 2nd Kathryn Chappell on 25 July 1955. His last address was 46567 Syracuse, Koscuisko Co., IN.

    2. Charles Sheldon Bowlby b: 7 May, 1869 in Noble county Ind. Married Nona Inez Carter Weeks(b: 14 March, 1888) on 30 May 1910 in South Dakota. Nona had one son from previous marriage(Charles Leroy Weeks) They moved from Indiana to SD. First to Sioux Falls then to the northwestern prairies at Avance,SD where he homesteaded. Margery moved with them. Their children:

      1. Edna Mae Bowlby b:23 May 1909 in Sioux Falls, SD.died in 1970 in Sturgis SD. Married Clifford H. Fay 1929-Divorced- no children–2nd marriage to Harold Roy Ellett, Children: Delores Ellett Ditch and Lynda Ellett Coker .
      2. Orpheus Adolphus Bowlby b: 1 Dec,1911, at home near Avance, Meade county SD. Never married. WWII in Phillipines. Died 1954 in Sturgis, SD
      3. Margery A. Bowlby b: 29 March,1913 at home near Avance, SD Meade county SD. Married Walter Ingalls 8 Dec 1930. Children: Faye Ingalls Fees- Marlin Ingalls- Howard Ingalls and Ann Ingals Mahaffey.
      4. Chloa Catherine Bowlby b: 3 Jan 1914 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD. Married Harvey Edgar Hansen 10 Nov. 1934 in Bison, SD. Chloa died 16 Oct,1974 and Harvey Sr. Died 15 April 1974. Both are buried in Woodlawn cemetery in St. Maries, ID. Children : Doris Joan Hansen Bornitz- Harvey Edgar Hansen Jr.-James Oscar Hansen. (Chloa is my mother)
      5. Clara Lucille Bowlby b:2 Sept, 1916 at home near Avance, SD married Chester Vig 28 Aug. 1934 children: Walter Vig- Keith Vig and Wanda Vig Goodwin.
      6. Nona Chestereen Bowlby b:28 March, 1917 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD. Married Harvey Vig on 28, Aug 1934. Children: Dale Vig- Doris Vig Baillie- David Vig and Kathy Vig Butterfield.
      7. oseph Andrew Bowlby b: 28Sept,1918 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD. Never married. Died 4 Dec, 1998
      8. Bertha M. Bowlby b: 22 June, 1920 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD. Married Elmer Judd (b:16 Aug 1918) on 21 Dec 1937. Died 26 May 2002 in Vancouver, WA. Children: Harold Judd- Joanne Judd Clarke- Maynard Judd- Donald Judd- Gary Judd and Mark Judd.
      9. George M. Bowlby b: 20 Feb,1922 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD . Served in WWII in the Phillipines. Married Patricia Peterson 1, March, 1946. Children: Terry Bowlby– Mike Bowlby– and Mary Ellen Bowlby ???
      10. Mary Lucetta Bowlby b: 25 May,1924 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD. Married Elmer Arneson Children: Duane Arneson and Elma Arneson ???
      11. Carl A. Bowlby b: 17 April 1926 at home near Avance, Meade county, SD. Married Dorothy Ginter. Children : Richard Bowlby– Wanda Bowlby ??and Carla Bowlby ???.
      12. Doris Elizabeth Bowlby b: 1929 in Faith, SD. Died 15 March 1934 in Faith, SD. Buried in Faith Cemetery
      13. Mark Sheldon Bowlby b: 6 March, 1933–died 14 March 1934 in Faith, SD. Buried in Faith Cemetery.
      14. There was a baby girl (Margaret Ann) born and died same day in 12 May, 1908

      Margery Prentice Bowlby died on 1936 in Faith, Meade county, SD. Burial in Faith Cemetery.

      CharlesSheldon Bowlby died in Sturgis, SD in 1962

      Nona Carter Bowlby died May 1954 in Sturgis, SD

      (Grandpa never learned to drive a car)

      2. Elizabeth Catherine Bowlby, b. 30 July 1872/73 in Noble County, IN. Her obituary reads as follows:

      Mrs James T. (Elizabeth C.) Schneck died Tuesday in her home at 633 Maple Row, after a prolonged illness. She was born in Ohio, but has lived in Elkhart since 1902. She was married to Mr. Schneck on May 6, 1905. She was a member of St. Paul's Methodist church.

      Survivors with her husband are two daughters, Mrs. Edna M. Phillips, at home and Mrs. Raymond Walter, South Bend: a brother, Sheldon Bowlby, in South Dakota and two grandchildren.

      Friends may call after 7 o'clock at the White Funeral Home, where services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday. The Rev. Willard J. Doyle, pastor of Simpson Methodist church will be in charge. Burial will be in Rice Cemetery.

      Elizabeth m. 1st William M. Long 19 Jun, 1889 in Noble Co., IN. They had no children, but adopted a little girl and named her Betty.

      Elizabeth m. 2nd James T. Schneck on 6 May 1905. Children per obituary:

      1. Mrs. Edna M. Phillips
      2. Mrs. Raymond Walter, South Bend:

      Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

      Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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