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George Prentice of Forth, Scotland

George Prentice of Forth, Scotland
Winter 1999 and Revised 29 May 2001

Update of 29 May 2001:   This article has been replaced and superseded by our Summer 2000 article on Thomas Prentice of Lesmahagow, Scotland .

Original Article: We are helping Davy Hutchinson in his efforts to trace the roots of George Prentice and Agnes Todd of Forth, Scotland. The town of Forth lies about 35-40 miles southwest of Edinburgh. Their family, and descendants, are as follows:

1. George Prentice, b. 12 July 1834. We do not have his place of birth, but it probably lies within a few miles of Forth where his wife died in 1859. He married Agnes Todd on 1 Jul 1859. She was b. c. 1838 and d. 9 May 1894 in Forth. Children:

  1. Rev. James Prentice b: 28 May 1860 d: 3 May 1890
  2. Christine Prentice b: 18 February 1862 d: Bef. 1866
  3. George Prentice b: 8 May 1864 d: Bef. 1871
  4. Christina Prentice b: 3 January 1866
  5. Isabella Prentice b: 1 December 1868 d: 6 June 1935 in Quothquan which lies about 15 miles SSE of Forth and about 40 miles or so SW of Edinburgh.
  6. George Prentice b: 21 August 1871 d: 6 January 1950 in Biggar which lies about 5 miles east of Quothquan. He m. Margaret Robb b: Abt. 1875 d: 15 February 1921. Children:
    1. Robert Robb Prentice d: 27 March 1998 in Biggar. He m. Barrie Semple. Children:
      • Robert Prentice
      • Barbara Prentice
    2. Margaret Isobel Prentice b: Abt. 1905
    3. George Prentice b: Abt. 1908
    4. ames Prentice b: Abt. 1915
  7. John Prentice b: 13 November 1873
  8. Agnes Prentice b: 2 June 1876 d: 3 February 1974 in Biggar. She married David Aitken. He was b: Abt. 1868 d: 18 May 1950 in Biggar. Children: 3 Mungo Aitken b: Abt. 1917 d: 1 April 1975 in Biggar. He m. Elizabeth Paterson b: Abt. 1916 d: 28 August 1972 in Biggar.
  9. Adam Alexander Prentice b: Abt. 1880 in Carnwath d: 15 November 1954 in Biggar. He m. Helen Moffat b: Abt. 1879 d: 13 September 1947 in Eastertoun.

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