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1861 Cambusnethan Census

1861 Census of Cambusnethan, Scotland

Winter 1999 and Revised: 11 Oct 1999

We received the following 1861 Census information of Cambusnethan, Scotland which was posted on RootsWeb Web Archives for LANARK-L Mailing List by Kathleen T. Choi on 16 Jul 1999.

John PRENTICE, age 22, house carpenter, born Carluke, lodger with Nelson MURRAY

Janet PRENTICE, 15, b. Dalziel, servant to James BINNIE, Sydenham Cottage, Newmains

Mary PRENTICE, 3, b. Cambusnethan, granddaughter of Thomas HAMILTON, Royal George on Edinburgh-Ayr Rd.

Alexander PRENTICE, 69, b. Cambusnethan, flesher, boarding with Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 179 Cambusnethan Rd.

Janet PRENTICE, 18, unmarried, b. Cambusnethan, dairy maid, living alone in Wishaw

John PRENTICE, 50, b. Cambusnethan, farmer, Thornbush Farm, possibly Wishaw
Ann, 52, b. Ayr, Kelochs?
John, 15, b. Cambusnethan
Marion, 12, b. Cambusnethan, scholar
James, 12, b. Cambusnethan, scholar
Margaret, 10, b. Cambusnethan, scholar
John, 7, b. Carluke, scholar
Walter, 7, b. Carluke, scholar
Archibald, 4, b. Carluke

Alexander PRENTICE, 46, b. Wishaw, weigher, Caledonian Rd.
Janet, 47, b. Shotts
Cielier?, 15, b. Wishaw, scholar
Jessie MCDONALD, granddaughter, 5, b. Wishaw, scholar
Margaret MCDONALD, granddaughter, 3, b. Wishaw

Archibald PRENTICE, 54, b. Carluke, joiner, 23 Glasson Rd., Wishaw
Zepherina, 35, b. Wishaw
Zepherina A., 9, b. Carluke, scholar

Thomas PRENTICE, 30, joiner, b. Carnwath, res. 5 Steel St., Wishaw
Helen C., 28, b. Avondale
Catherine, 6, scholar, b. Carnwath
Jane Smith, 2, b. Old Monkland
Helen Frame, 8 months, b. Wishaw

George PRENTICE, 48, engine keeper, b. Old Monkland, res. 169 Caledonian Rd., Wishaw?
Catherine, 46, b. Paisley, Renfrewshire
John, 26, b. Glasgow
Isabel, 19, b. Old Monkland

Archibald PRENTICE, 54, laborer, b. Cambusnethan, res. Wishaw
Janet, 50, b. Cambusnethan
Archibald, 13, scholar, b. Cambusnethan

James PRENTICE, 46, pointerman, b. Holmbush?, res. Garrison Hill?
Grace, 42, b. Wishaw
Margaret, 22, sewer, b. Overton
Jane, 16, sewer, b. Wishaw
Robert, 15, joiner, b. Wishaw
Elizabeth, 8, scholar, b. Garrison Hill?

William PRENTICE, 26, clothier, b. Carluke, res. Wishaw
Bethia, 31, b. Avondale
James, 5, scholar, b. Avondale
Robert, 3, b. Wishaw
William, 1, b. Wishaw
James, 17, b. Dalziel
George, 12, scholar, b. Cambusnethan
Robert, 11, scholar, b. Cambusnethan
David, 3, b. Cambusnethan
William YOUNG, grandson, 1, b. Cambusnethan

William PRENTICE, 24, engine keeper, b. Old Monkland, res. Caledonian Rd., Wishaw?
Janet, 22, b. Dalziel
George, 6 months, b. Cambusnethan

Thomas PRENTICE, 40, coal pit laborer, b. Dalziel, res. 128 Main St.
Jessie, 41, b. Dalserf
Alexander, 15, coal miner, b. Dalserf
John, 10, scholar, b. Dalziel
Jane, 8, scholar, b. Dalziel

Isabel PRENTICE, 55, widow, b. Wishaw, res. 140 Main St.
James Hunter, 16, son, coal miner, b. Wishaw

James PRENTICE, 29, agricultural laborer, b. Wishaw, res. 72 Stewart St.
Barbara b., 27, b. Dalserf
Janet, 4, b. Wishaw
Margaret, 2, b. Wishaw
Elizabeth, 2 weeks, b. Wishaw

David PRENTICE, 32, ploughman, b. Lanark, res. Old Kirk cottage
Marion, 24, b. Lanark
Robert, 4, b. Cambusnethan
John F., 2, b. Cambusnethan
homas, 1 month, b. Cambusnethan

John PRENTICE, 38, farmer, b. Cambusnethan, res. Rosebank
Christine, 27, b. Carluke
John, 10, scholar, b. Hamilton
janet, 7, scholar, b. Glasgow
Agnes, 2, b. Cambusnethan
Alexander, 4 months, b. Cambusnethan

Agnes PRENTICE, 2, b. Cambusnethan, granddaughter of James LOUDON, res.
Lucinda Bank Orchard

Andrew PRENTICE, 63, farmer, b. Shotts, res. Dunham Bank Orchard
Janet, 61, b. Dalserf
Robert, 23, joiner, b. Cambusnethan

[I think the following belong here. My notes are muddled.]
John, 7, scholar, b. Carluke
Walter, 7, scholar, b. Carluke
Archibald, 4, b. Carluke

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