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Spring 1998

List of Articles in this Spring '98 Issue:
Almus Jefferson Prentiss
Ancestral Tapestry
Asher Prentiss, Bennington, VT
Binney Index
Christopher Prentice of FL
Deborah Prentice, Stafford, NY
E. Prentice, Troy, NY
Elisha Prentice, Stafford NY
Elizabeth Prentice, Stafford, NY
George Prentice, Bennington, VT
Isaac Prentice of VT
James Prentiss, Greene, MS
Joan Prentice, Witch
John Prentice of SC
John Prentice of Prentiss, MS
John Prentice, Willington,Eng.
Joseph Prentice, Toledo, OH
Maryette Prentice, Stafford, NY.
Medieval Prentices
Samuel Prentiss, NY
Middlebury, Wyoming Co., NY
Myrtie Prentice (1872-1893)
Norman Prentice, Troy, NY
Southwick Prentice
Toledo, OH Prentices
Unusual Prentice Names
Valentine Prentice Portrait
Vermont Families, 1791
William Prentice, Overtown, Scotland
Witches: Joan Prentice
1831 News Item
1889 Tombstone

Medieval Prentices in Jolly Olde England
Kin of ours?

(This is a reprint of an article in our Fall '95 Issue.)

Recently we have been corresponding with Ian Prentice of Great Glen, Leicester, England. Although he has not yet established a connection to our VALENTINE PRENTICE line, Ian has an extensive collection of PRENTICE material which he has been collecting for some years in the Essex County and surrounding areas.

We thought it would be of interest to our readers to hear about some of the adventures and exploits of the folks surnamed PRENTICE which he has discovered.

We shall pass over, for the time being, the more mundane records pertaining to ordinary commerce. Instead we will focus on those items which suggest that folks in those days were not always guided by the golden rule.

25 Oct 1319. Complaint by Robert de Foxton, King's Clerk. He relates that when he, being engaged on the King's service (the article does not identify the specific duty he was performing), was approaching the town of Bury St. Edmunds and wished to tarry in a house therein Richard, Abbot of St. Edmunds and others, including John Prentiz "mercer", called together by ringing the bells of the town plotting the death of the said Richard de Foxton. He escaped with difficulty. No disposition of the charges is mentioned in the article.

28 Feb 1320. Pardon to Thomas Prentiz "peleter" for the death of William Scott "taughiere" as it appears that Thomas killed William in self defense.

20 Aug 1330. Robert Prentys and others broke the pillory and tumbrel in the town and assaulted the mayor's bailiffs. (A tumbrel was a chair in which people were fastened to expose them to ridicule.) Sounds a bit like the jury's actions in the recent O. J. Simpson trial.

28 Jun 1334. Henry Bislop of Lincoln complained that a number of men, including John Prentys, carried away his goods at Bannebury and assaulted his bailiff.

8 Jun 1335. William Prentis and others, part of the King's army, broke the house of the Abbot of Ramsey in co. Huntingdon.

31 Jul 1338. A pardon at the request of H. Bishop of Lincoln to Geoffrey Prentiz for all homicides, felonies and trespasses against the peace of Edward II and the present King and of any consequent outlawries. Might that be the same H. Bishop who, on 28 Jun 1334 filed a complaint about theft and assault?

6 Jul 1342. Henry Pentys of Wigenhale, amongst others, broke into the chest of Alan Pikeys and syole 100 Pounds of money.

20 May 1343. Pardon to John Prentiz of York "fisher" for the death of John Pert of Berwick on Tweed in York; he killed him in self defense.

1344. Pardon for taking men in Suffolk prisoner and ransoming them for profit. Offenders included Richard Prentiz and others of Great Yarmouth.

16 Jun 1346. John Prentys indicted in Worcester for many trespasses. Fled the county and are vagabonds elsewhere. A warrant was drawn for his arrest.

10 Oct 1367. Commission for the arrest of Richard Prentys for forging the King's money, apparently from near Chelmsford, Essex Co.

30 May 1391. Court Rolls of Clare, co. Suffolk, p.14: Court 30 May 14 Rich. II (1391). The Lord granted to John Coggeshall and Walter Prentys one perpresture in Clare borough &c.

20 Apr 1398. p.15, m.14. Court with Leet. 20 April 21 Richard II (1398). John Coggeshall and his fellows pay 4/ fine for entry into the messuage &c. acquired of Walter Prentys in the Lord's fee in Chilton.

28 Jul 1550. From the Manor Court Rolls of Earls Colne, 1547-1553: p.198, Earl's Colne. Court there Monday after St. James Apostle, 4 Edward VI [28 July 1550]. Presentment that Henry Prentyse without this court, surrendered two customary cottages late of Richard Fybrig to the use of John Lyttell.

1553-1556 Earls Colne. View with Court there Tuesday in [Whit] week [year torn] Henry VIII [probably around 1544]. Fine 20s. To this court comes Richard Fylbrigg who held by the rod according to the custom of the manor, two cottages [formerly of] Shepperd[s] and afterwards of Richard Maykyn [and] the said Richard surrendered the same to the use of Henry Prentyce his heir and assigns who is present and is admitted [on condition that] if the said Henry Prentyce his heirs or assigns [pay to Richard] Filbrigg thirteen [shillings] in the parish church of Earls Colne [on a fixed day] this surrender shall or shall not [?] be void.

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