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Valentine Prentice Puzzlers

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Valentine Prentice Puzzlers
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 1998 and Revised 7 Oct 2008

Do you know any of the answers?

(This is a reprint of an article in our Fall '94 Issue.)

  1. Valentine Prentice: Why did he decide to come to America? Was his motivation religious or political?

    Roxbury church records tell us that in the time before his death in 1633, VALENTINE "went through much affliction by bodily infirmity." He was only 34 years of age when he died. What was that bodily infirmity? Was it genetic? The result of an accident? The product of an illness? Did he suffer from that bodily infirmity before coming to America?

  2. Marie Luke: What was the maiden name of his mother, identified in her 15 Jan 1585/6 Felsted marriage record as MARIE LUKE, "widdow"? And who are her parents?

    So far examination of Essex County records has failed (1) to uncover a record of a marriage of a MARIE or MARY to a man named LUKE, (2) to uncover the birth of a MARIE or MARY LUKE, and (3) find the death of a man named LUKE within a reasonable period prior to her subsequent marriage. Since spellings were flexible in those days, she might be the widow of THOMAS LUCKE of Much Waltham for whom estate Administration was granted on 7 Dec 1585.

    When and where did MARIE LUKE, and VALENTINE'S father, VALENTINE, die? Those are fruitful areas for investigation; none has been done yet.

  3. Alice Bredda:When and where did ALICE BREDDA die?

  4. Sarah Jones:Where did SARAH JONES, wife of VALENTINE'S grandson, JOHN, die? Who were her paternal grandparents?

  5. Joseph Prentice & Hannah Chesebrough:When and where did JOSEPH PRENTICE and his wife, HANNAH CHESEBROUGH, die? Where are they buried? What was his occupation?

    There being no death record in Preston, CT, when and where did NATHANIEL PRENTICE (1705-????) and his wife, HULDAH STALLION, die? It may have been Shaftsbury, VT but church and civil records for that period are virtually non-existent.

  6. Wife of James Prentice of Shaftsbury, VT: What is the first name of the wife of JAMES PRENTICE ((1755-1827) of Shaftsbury, VT. Binney's 1883 book calls her only MISS FULLER?

What happened to:

  1. Huldah Prentice: Huldah was the daughter of Nathaniel & Huldah Prentice. She probably married at Shaftsbury, VT about 1780 or so.

  2. Nancy Prentice: She married Joseph Knabenshue and lived in Baltimore, Fairfield Co., OH in 1855.

  3. NathanielPrentice: He married Martha Knabenshue, sister of Joseph, and lived in Baltimore, Fairfield Co., OH in 1847.

  4. Zipporah Prentice: Daughter of Nathaniel & Huldah, she probably married near Shaftsbury, VT about 1780.

If you have any information which can help us answer any of these puzzlers, please contact us at the Prentice Newsletter. The "Subject" line of your email must contain the full name of the PRENTICE you are writing about, otherwise there is a serious risk that your email will be deleted, unread, as spam by our email filter.

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