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Newsletter 97.1.2

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Joseph Prentice of Toledo, Lucas County, OH
(Revised: 28 August 1998)
Revised 26 Mar 2008: This article is now replaced by our Summer 2008 article about Joseph Prentice of Toledo, OH .

Is he the Joseph Prentice of Coventry, Chenango Co., NY?

We are helping Phyllis Raut and Patricia Prentice in their efforts to trace the roots of Joseph, William, Frederick and Augustus Prentice of Toledo, Ohio. The following combines their information with information obtained 10 & 25 Aug 1998 from Jim Riles.

Joseph Prentice, b. 6 May 1782, married Eleanor Nichols, b. 27 Jan 1784. The date and place of their marriage, and their places of birth were unknown. In 1817, Joseph and Eleanor boarded their small skiff with their sons William and and Augustus, a daughter, and a few household items and rowed his skiff from Buffalo, NY to Port Lawrence, near Toledo, OH, a distance of about 150 miles. In 1825 they settled on the east bank of the river where Joseph died 6 Mar 1845. Joseph apparently had a second marriage and Eleanor was probably his second wife. Eleanor died 16 Feb 1853. Children:

  1. William Prentice. No further information.

  2. Augustus Prentice, Phyllis' ancestor, born 1805 in NY, married Sophronia Horton and died in the cholera epidemic of 1852 in Wood County, OH.

  3. (daughter) Prentice, b. before 1825.

  4. Frederick Prentice, a son of Joseph by a second marriage, was b. 6 Dec 1832 at Port Lawrence, Lucas, OH. He married, first, Mary Ann (b. 10 Mar 1823 and d. 17 Jan 1844). He m., second, Sarah Ann (b. 25 Nov 1823 and d. 1 Jun 1853). All are buried at the Willow Cem., Oregon, Lucas, OH.

It is unclear which of Joseph's wives were the mothers of William, Augustus and his daughter, but Eleanor is apparently Frederick's mother.

Making a tentative assumption that Joseph was still in New York at the time of the 1810 census, we determined that the only Joseph Prentice shown in the 1810 NY census was the Joseph Prentice who appeared in the 1810 census for the town of Coventry, Chenango County, NY. It also showed that he had two sons, both under the age of 10 in 1810. Joseph does not appear in the 1820 NY census.

That information is sufficient to enable us to draw a tentative conclusion that Joseph Prentice of Toledo and Joseph Prentice of Coventry are the same person.

For a possible link to Abraham Prentice of Toledo See that article in our Newsletter.

Patricia Prentice relates that Joseph Prentice may have lived for a time in Pennsylvania before moving to Toledo. An examination of PA census records may disclose additional information.

We are currently exploring the possibility he is a son of Ozias Prentice, a Valentine Prentice descendant. That investigation will be the subject of a future article.

If you have any information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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