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Fall 2001

T h e   P r e n t i c e   N e w s l e t t e r

Articles for our Fall 2001 Issue are now being readied and proofed. We hope to have the issue out in mid-September. However, as a special preview, we are making available preliminary drafts of some of the following article(s): 

Feature Article: Prentice, Henry of Spalding, Norfolk, England

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Note: An * = Not yet available 

* Prentice, Henry Leslie Prentice of Australia
* Prentice, John Thomas of Eng. and Australia
* Prentice, Joseph Arthur of Lubeck, Australia
Wife For Sale         

* Prentice, James of Huntingdon, Ontario, Canada
* Prentice, Robert of Scotland & Canada

* Prentice, Edward of Wattisham, Suffolk, England         
Prentice, Henry of Spalding, Norfolk, England
* Prentice, John of Norwich, England         
* Prentice, John of Fringeford & Mixbury
* Prentyce, John of Hayling, Hampshire, England         
* Prentice, John of Upper Poppleton, Eng.         
* Prentice, John Thomas of Eng. and Australia
* Prentice, Richard of Cranwell, England
* Prentice, Stephen of Rushall, England
* Prentice, Thomas of Drayton By Banbury, England
* Prentices of Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
* Prentices of Battisford, Suffolk, England
* Prentices of Gt. Horwood, Beachampton & Swanbourne, England
* Prentices of Long Melford, Suffolk, England
* Prentices of Wing, Buckingham, Eng.

* Prentice, James of Co. Wicklow, Ireland

* Prentice, John of Scotland and NZ

* Lanarkshire Cemeteries in Scotland
* Prentice, Helen of Biggar, Scotland
* Prentice, James of Carmichael, Scotland
* Prentice, John of Scotland and NZ

* Prentice, John of Carluke, Scotland
* Prentice, John of Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland
* Prentices of Libberton, Scotland
* Prentice, Robert of Scotland
* Prentice, Robert of Lanark, Scotland
* Prentice, Robert of Largs, Ayrs, Scotland
* Prentice, Robert of Scotland & Canada
* Prentices of St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland
* Prentice, Thomas of Carmichael, Scotland
* Prentice, William of Carstairs, Scotland
* The Last Hanging: Shotts, Scotland

Prentice, Joseph of South Africa

* Cleveland, OH Area Obituaries
Prentice, Charles M. of Martin Co., MN
Prentice, Daniel of MA and MO
Prentice, Eldon Nathaniel of IL, IA & WI
Prentice, Emeline of Broome Co., NY
* Prentice, Hugh S. of Chagrin Falls, OH
Prentice, James of NY and MO
Prentice, John of AL and MO
Prentice, Loren of MA and ME
Prentice, Perez, 2001 Update
* Prentice, Robert Edward of PA
Prentice, Sabra of Hartford, CT
* Prentice, Thomas Wilson of OH
* Prentice, W. A. of Toledo, OH

* English Place Name Suffixes
* Genealogy Dictionary
* Story Tellers
Wife For Sale         

If you would like to contribute material for an article, or if you have any information about the ancestry or descendants of any of the folks mentioned in any of the articles, we would like to hear from you and please include the title and date of the article. . You may contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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