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Joseph Prentice of South Africa

Joseph Prentice of South Africa
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2001 and Revised 29 Jan 2011

Update of 2 Oct 2001:   Joseph Prentice might be the #25ii, Joseph Prentice, who is a son of James Prentice of Dalziel, Scotland who is discussed in our Spring 2000 issue. Additional research, however, is needed to confirm such relationship.

We are helping Nina Jones in Johannesburg, South Africa, in her efforts to connect with her Prentice kin and roots. Her is what we have so far.

1. Joseph Prentice was probably b. c. 1890-1910.

He married Catherine Spiller. They lived in Seapoint, Cape Town, South Africa. Catherine had two sisters, but their names are not known. Joseph and Catherine had only 1 child, a son:

  1. James Prentice, b. before c. 1931. . . . . . . . [2]

2. James Prentice was b. before, c. 1931 when his parents divorced. He was likely b. in, or near, Seapoint, Cape Town, South Africa. He m. Johanna Hendrika Mabel Pohl and they were later divorced in 1946. They had been living in Pietersburg, South Africa and later moved to Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia in 1952. Johanna started out as a nursing sister and thereafter became an accountant.

The only clue we have as to James later whereabouts is a letter his daughter, Nina, received from in 1958 when he was then living in a small town called Moiketsi. He may have later moved from Moiketsi since subsequent efforts to contact him there were unsuccessful.

So far as Nina can ascertain, her father was doing some geological work when he wrote her in 1958. She says there were a few engineers and surveyors in his family. She also recalls mention of a Charles Prentice, but his relationship to her is unknown.

James and Johanna had:

  1. Nina Prentice, b 1940 in Pietersburg, South Africa, and later moved with her parents to Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, in 1952 where she lived until 1976. She m. Mr. Jones.

Who are James Prentice's Parents

Prentices in South Africa are relatively rare. In checking our database, we find at least 5 South African Prentices.

  • Thomas Alfred Prentice (1855-93) was born in England and emigrated to South Africa. He had 2 sons, but their names are not yet known.
  • Christopher George Prentice was b., 1899 and emigrated to South Africa. Nothing futher is known about him.
  • James, John and Alexander Prentice, descendant of James Prentice of Dalziel, Scotland, discussed in our Spring 2000 Prentice Newsletter. There was also a 4th brother, Joseph Prentice, who d. before 1925 who may, or may not, have emigrated to South Africa.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please contact us at the Prentice Newsletter and please include the title and date of this article.

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