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DAR Patriot Index, PRENTICE

Daughter's of the American Revolution Patriot Index


    Amos, b.4-24-1748, d.7-19-1805, m. Anna Owen, Dr., CT
    Caleb, b.11-14-1746, d.2-7-1803, m. Pamela Mellen, Minute Man, MA
    Daniel, b.1-31-1740, d.aft.1779, m. Mary Billings, Civil Service, CT
    Daniel, b. 1-26-1758, d. 4-14-1851, m. Abigail Standley, Pvt., MA, [pensioned]
    Eleazer, b. 9-26-1735, d. 12-18-1805, m. Sarah Stanton, Capt., CT
    James, b. 8-5-1746, d. 5-20-1837, m. Mrs Sarah Draper Whitin, Lt., MA
    Jesse, b. 1-24-1743, d. 8-?-1811, m. Elizabeth Belcher, 2Lt., CT
    John, b. 12-14-1747, d. 11-22-1780, m. Esther Richards, Lt., CT
    John, b. 6-6-1754, d. 1-2-1833, m. Martha Clemons, Cpl., CT
    John, b. 5-13-1733, d. 6-21-1810, m. 1st. Mary Haskell, 2nd. Rebecca Haskell, Cpl., CT
    John, b. 8-27-1734, d. 6-6-181O, m. Dorothy Sexton, Pvt., CT
    John, b. 1735, d. 1801, m. Bridget Rogers, Pvt., CT
    John, b. 7-27-1753, d. 9-11-1818, m. Ann (Kendall) Cook, Pvt., MA
    John, b. 12-17-1760, d. 2-2-1840, m. Hannah Reddington, Pvt., MA, [pensioned]
    Jonathan, b. 5-28-1740, d. 1-18-1809, m. Mrs Jay Brewster, Sgt., MA
    Joseph, b. 2-13-1733/4, d. 1804, m. Margaret Comstock, Pvt., CT
    Joseph, b. 8-24-1727, d. 1791, m. Abigail Leonard, Pvt., MA
    Joseph, b. 1-24-1754, d. 6-18-1809, m. Margaret Bowdoin, Patriotic Service, Civil Service, VA
    Joshua, b. 9-9-1744, d. 6-22-1837, m. 1st. Mrs Grace Bubier Brimblecom, 2nd. Mrs Dolly Jean _______, Lt., MA, [pensioned]
    Manasseh, b. 7-22-1749, d. circa 1825, m. Asenath Burton, Pvt., CT
    Nathaniel, b. 3-14-1764, d. 1-23-1839, m. 1st. Lucy Campbell, 2nd. Margaret (Hedden) Boyer, Pvt., Pvtr., CT, [pensioned]
    Nathaniel, b. 10-25-1743, d. 6-?-1817, m. Abigail Logan, Pvt., MA
    Nathaniel Sartell, b. 12-8-1735, d. 1-24-1815, m. Martha Howard, Capt., Civil Service, Patriotic Service, NH
    Samuel, Sr., b. 10-4-1736, d. 7-?-1807, m. Phoebe Billings, LtCol., CT
    Samuel, Jr., b. 1759, d. 1818, m. Lucretia Holmes, Aide-De-Camp, Dr., CT
    Solomon, b. 5-14-1744, d. 1-24-1804, m. Rebecca Frost, Pvt., MA
    Stanton, b. 11-17-1750, d. 7-21-1826, m. Mary Fowler, Wagon Master, French Army, Seaman, MA
    Stephen, Sr., bapt. 12-29-1728, d. 2-13-1799, m. Ann Starr, Sgt., CT
    Stephen, b. 7-28-1752, d. aft. 1797, m. Hannah Babcock, Pvt., MA
    Thomas, b. 1-19-1760, d. 12-12-1841, m. Mary Spencer, Pvt., CT
    Thomas, b. 10-25-1719, d. 3-30-1783, m. 1st. Elizabeth Baldwin, 2nd. Prudence Denison, Civil Service, CT
    Thomas, b. 5-29-1755, d. 6-10-1838, m. Alice Parker, Pvt., MA
    Valentine, bapt. 3-16-1746, d. 9-4-1822, m. Sarah Bump, Sgt., MA, [pensioned]
    Wm., b. 9-12-1760, d. 1815, m. Mary Watson, Pvt., MA

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David Prentice
2016-07-24 13:10:13
I am a 3x great-grandson of Jesse Prentice, who fought in the Revolutionary War. Jesse came from Thomas the Trooper, Thomas 2nd, then Samuel Prentice Sr. and Jr. of the Stonington Branch. Jesse Prentice's name is misspelled by the DAR as Prentiss. His DAR ancestor number is A092680. You may be able to find information about your Revolutionary War ancestors at fold3.com. If you know their widow's name, look for pension applications. I found over 40 pages of depositions and affidavits regarding Jesse's service filed in 1840 by his widow Elizabeth Belcher Prentice. Jesse does not seem to have been particularly notable, except that the affidavits show that he fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the siege of New York, the Battle of Trenton (where Washington crossed the Delaware), and the Battle of Yorktown that ended the Revolutionary War.
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