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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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3 queries in 2023 ..
Grateful for any help in identifying more about George Prentice who with Agnes Logan had a daughter, Jean Prentice on 10th November 1824 in the Lanark, Scotland records. The couple also seem to have had a son, James (23 June 1826) and another daughter, Agnes (7 September 1827). Both were noted in the Lanark records. Jean Prentice married my great grandfather Thomas Graham Salmon in Blantyre Works on 26th April 1844. She died in 1864 by when her mother (Agnes) was dead and the sole additional information I have from the death certificate is that George Prentice was a master builder.

» Andrew Salmon  [added: 2023-05-03]
Kia Ora I am looking for the origins and father of my GG Grandmother Elisabeth Prentice. She was born about 1846 according to census info I have. In 1851 she is listed as born in Shotts, Larnarkshire and living in Bathgate aged 6, with her mother listed as Elizabeth Conaldson (wrongly listed should read Donaldson). In 1861 she is listed still with her mother who had remarried, but as the step daughter of Walter Haldane in Bathgate still. To date I have been unable to find a birth record for her using her mothers name, birthplace and fathers surname. And I have also not found any marriage records between Elizabeth Baird Donaldson and a Prentice. So I am just hoping that someone on here may have some ideas for going forward or information. Thanking you in advance Clare

» Clare Pengelly Smith  [added: 2023-01-27]
I wish to contact Mary McClure who contributed a Section on the Rooney Family via n email to prenticenet.com in December 2004. I am a great grandson of Catherine Rooney (McCartan) on my fathers side of the family, who she said in the article that she had no further information about Catherine and I can share some information with her concerning Catherine Rooney and her family. I have a photograph of Catherine, a photograph of the family home in Burrenreagh,I have the names of her children and a photograph of her headstone which is in Bryansford Cemetry between Burrenreagh and Newcastle. I would be grateful if prenticenet.com could forward this message to her. This is a copy of the Headings at the top of the article entitled 'The Rooney Family' . Prepared by: Linus Joseph Dewald Jr. E-mail: dewald@prenticenet.com Newsletter: www.prenticenet.com/home/news/ Date: 29 October 1997 and Revised 26 Nov 2015 Source: From a Roots3, Rooney Database I appreciate if you could contact Mary McClure and perhaps send her my email address.

» Patrick Rooney  [added: 2022-12-31]
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