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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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31 queries in 2004 ..
Looking for Prentice tartan

» Joe Prentice  [added: 2004-12-19]
I have information on documents from 1750 for "The Prentices of Palgrave, Bungay and Stowmarket, England and Pennsylvania " but I do not seem to be able to get any of the contact links to work. If someone will contact me that would be interested in these items (Joe?) get in touch with me. Do not reply if it is after Dec 7 2004 as the items will be gone.

» Johni  [added: 2004-12-07]
I am the grandson of Robert Alexander Prentice of Pottawattomie County, IA. His father was Alexander Robert Prentice. His father was Alexender Renee Prentice, who came to Iowa from Glasgow about 1840. Alexander Renee had brothers who immegrated to Nova Scotia and Australia. Is there a Prentice tartan, or is the name in the cept of another clan??

» Wm. A. BeSore  [added: 2004-12-07]
Trying to post comments on your guestbook with no success. Came across site by accident when looking for Ratley Grange and up popped Midlands East 1881 Census and the first name I saw was Susannah Prentice (my husband's great great grandma) and her children.

» Margaret Ann Prentice (nee Lees)  [added: 2004-11-26]
In answer to Linda Prentice Gennaro"s query of April 04-I have an Erie Prentice in my line. He was a teacher,who died in Gladstone,Michigan and was transported to Garretsville,Ohio for Burial. He is related to Ebenezar T. Prentice and Samuel J. Prentice.

» John Prentice  [added: 2004-11-26]
I am trying to unearth some information about my mother's family. Her maiden name was Ruby Ivy Prentice born Sept 1920. Her fathers name was Henry and mother's name was Amelia. They lived in the Hmapstead area of London his job was a stationmaster

» Russell Unwin  [added: 2004-11-21]
I am loooking for the two daughters of Teresa and Jack Harrison Belfast. I know one of them is Tessie Mc Namee. Its urgent that i find them as I am in the process of doing a family tree and we have located everyone but them.

» Doireann kelly  [added: 2004-11-17]
I am trying to find information on my G-Great Grandfather who had the unusal first naame of ELA. The name has often been mis-spelled as the feminine ELLA. He married SUSAN DAVIS in 1830 in Clinton County Illinois. The marraige record shows him as ELLA PRENTIS. He next appears on the 1850 census for Madison County, Illinois. shown, along with him are his wife SUSAN and three sons. GEORGE, JOHN(my greatgrandfather) ASHER. The spelling on the census is ELA PRENTICE. I know he was born in 1793-97 in Massachusetts. I have not been able to locate the area in MA., where he was born nor have I been able to find out who his parents were. GEORGE and JOHN are both found on various records after 1850 but ASHER seems to have vanished after that date. There is no record, that I could find, of him continuing his life in any other place. I suspect he may have been killed in the civil war, but I have not, so far been able to find anything to sustanciate that. If anyone has any info, at all on these names, especially ELA and ASHER. (Asher was born about 1837)please contact me. Thank You Dona

» Dona Olsen  [added: 2004-10-26]
Trying to track down a Paul Prentice, probably born late 1950's. Living in the North Island, possible around Auckland of New Zealand during the early part of 1978. Any information would be appreciated.

» tash  [added: 2004-10-07]
I am the great great great great granddaughter of James Prentice(born 1805, in Ireland and married to Elizabeth Rutledge before 1832)and I would like to find out more information about his parents and earlier generations.

» Jamie Prentice  [added: 2004-10-05]
I just returned from Allen,Hillsdale County, MI and I brought back an old book I purchased (1871). It has in the front cover "Mrs B T Prentis 479 Cass Avenue Detroit, Michigan. I have gone through it and I believe her husband was Brown or Bowse Prentis, a lawyer in Detroit. I believe it is Brown because of a notation in this book of poetry plus various dried clovers and some flowers. Any one interested let me know. They are not related but I was greatly moved by the book. Margrette

» Margrette  [added: 2004-09-14]
I'm looking for the parents of Theodore Slyvester Prentice. I'm trying to do an ancestor genealogy thing for school. I was also wondering if there are sites like this for other last names. Thanx. Meg

» Megan Prentice  [added: 2004-09-12]
trying to trace scottish family descended rom Archibald and Jessie Pollockl Prentice. My father was James Pollock Prentice. born 1898 in Motherwell

» robyn prentice ivers  [added: 2004-09-09]
Just found this site by chance, how great. I live in Perth, Western Australia, but was born in Gillingham, Kent, England. I come from a long line of Edward William Prentis's (Rochester Kent), does anyone know this name? i know my Dad would be really pleased for any info.

» Karen Prentis  [added: 2004-07-28]
Came across an old photo of "Mrs. Prentice Cooley of Lake Forest, IL" horseback riding. I am a Cooley descendant and grew up in Lake Forest, IL. Am curious, and cannot find a Prentice Cooley. Many thanks for any help! Gail

» Gail Gaston  [added: 2004-06-25]
I am looking for the Ancestors and Descendants of Cynthia Jane Prentice. I believe her parents were John & Rachel Prentice found on the 1850 Carroll County, TN census as Prentice John. Any information will be of help. 1. CYNTHIA JANE2 PRENTICE (JOHN1) was born June 10, 1839 in Carroll, TN, and died March 11, 1899 in Petaway, Robertson, TX. She married LEONARD WHITE December 16, 1859 in Denton County, TX, son of UNKNOWN WHITE and UNKNOWN. He was born November 22, 1829 in IL, and died November 03, 1886 in Petaway, Robertson, TX. Children of CYNTHIA PRENTICE and LEONARD WHITE are: i. SAPHRONIA PRENTICE3 WHITE, b. December 29, 1860, Denton Co., TX; d. January 01, 1950, Sayre, Beckham, OK; m. (1) HARVEY CICERO THOMPSON, January 18, 1877, Bremond, Robertson, TX; b. December 02, 1849, Raleigh, Smith, MS; d. May 16, 1888, Waylands, Stephens, TX; m. (2) JESSE MERCER BARBRE, November 14, 1893, Stephens County, TX; b. January 24, 1840, Bainbridge, Decatur, GA; d. May 25, 1916, Sayre, Beckham, OK. ii. ANDREW JOHNSON WHITE, b. February 05, 1865, Bremond, Robertson, TX; d. January 21, 1925, Emhouse, Navarro, TX; m. (1) ELIZABETH COOPER, January 14, 1896, Limestone, TX; b. 1869, Limestone, TX; m. (2) MARGARET ALICE HOPE, July 15, 1880, Bremond, Robertson, TX; b. January 28, 1866, Bremond, Robertson, TX; d. October 28, 1895. iii. ALBERT FULTON WHITE, b. June 05, 1867, TX; d. November 20, 1953, CA; m. GEORGIA MARY SWINGLER, June 20, 1888, Robertson, TX; b. 1871, Robertson, TX. iv. VIRGIL T. WHITE, b. September 13, 1869, TX; d. August 02, 1898, Detroit, Wayne, MI. v. CURTIS COLUMBUS WHITE, b. April 14, 1872, Robertson, TX; d. March 05, 1958, Prct. No. 4, Liberty, TX; m. OMMA SHALOTTA JOHNSON, August 03, 1893, Robertson, TX; b. Robertson, TX. vi. MARTHA MANECIA WHITE, b. May 20, 1875, Robertson, TX; d. July 29, 1936, Marlin, Falls, TX; m. HENRY J. JOHNSON, December 18, 1889, Robertson, TX; b. <, Robertson, Tx>. vii. MARY CAROLINE WHITE, b. May 20, 1875, Robertson, TX; d. December 18, 1943; m. (1) O. DARIUS HOPE, June 24, 1888, Robertson, TX; b. <, Robertson, Tx>; m. (2) HENRY WILLIAM WILLIAMS, December 18, 1889, Aquilla, Hill, TX; b. February 15, 1869, Aquilla, Hill, TX; d. April 24, 1953, Arlington, Tarrant, TX. viii. ADELIA SARAH WHITE, b. November 23, 1877, Robertson, TX; d. TX; m. WILLIAM TAYLOR WEST, December 06, 1893, Bremond, Robertson, TX; b. April 15, 1871, Freestone, TX; d. TX. ix. H. C. WHITE, b. November 23, 1877, Robertson, TX; d. December 14, 1879, Robertson, TX. x. CORDELIA WHITE, b. January 05, 1880, Robertson, TX; d. October 01, 1888, Robertson, TX. xi. A. LUTHER WHITE, b. June 13, 1882, Petaway, Robertson, TX; m. JOSIE MALONE, July 07, 1901, , TX; b. <Petaway, Robertson, TX>.

» Nancy Wilson  [added: 2004-06-13]
I'm doing a book report and I need background information on Charlotte Prentiss, as well as visuals. please help!

» Courtney  [added: 2004-06-06]
I am looking for relatives of my Grandfather. He passed away in 1997 in Auburn Ny. I know he had a sister named Sarah and his mother was Ruth. My Grandmother is Elizabeth Prentice. She still resides in Auburn. Her maiden name is Oliver. Any help would be wonderful!

» elizabeth lounsbury  [added: 2004-05-21]
prentice monroe freeman 1826 new york

» prentice freeman  [added: 2004-05-17]
Would like any info about Erie Prentice (grandfather) or Earl Judson Prentice (father). My father was born in Silver Springs, N.Y. and had lived in Buffalo at one time.

» Linda Prentice Gennaro  [added: 2004-04-28]
Levi Wells Prentice, Amer landscape&still-life painter. Seek leads re parents Samuel W and Rhoda S. Researching Wells surname in NY state,

» Lois M. Wells  [added: 2004-04-27]
My great grandmother was Agnes Prentice. I have been told that she was born in Biggar, Scotland. She married Robert Brown and lived her married life in Glasgow (or nearby). She had about 10 children, at least 6 that survived. Her children's names were Nan (Agnes), Janet, Isabel, Walter, Robert and George. As far as I know, only Walter and Robert had children. Walter was born in 1904. He was my grandfather. I am looking for any information about Agnes Prentice - siblings, parents, etc. If you have any information that looks like it may be a connection, please do not hesitate to contact me. Rraine

» Rraine  [added: 2004-04-09]
Researching Janet Prentice married to Thomas Sleith. Both from Lanarkshire Scotland. If these names sound familiar please e-mail me at jbendermt1@aol.com Thanks Janet

» janet bender  [added: 2004-04-08]
Does anyone have information on the father of Marvin Prentice born on Mar.27 1889 I think in Indiana but am not positive.Marvin's mother was Alta Stark, Alta and Marvins's father were divorced when Marvin,was very young and Alta,married George Kern.Marvin,died in 1962 indiana Maevin,was married to Alma Ewell, in 1914. I have for some time been seeking information on Marvin's father.Can anyone help? Many Thanks

» Joyce Kern Slutz  [added: 2004-03-03]
i typed in the name yatchmanoff and this is one of the sites that came up. i am looking for info on the yatchmanff name. i have tried but not much info on ancestors.my husbands name is john =his father's walter and his mother's maiden was anne snigeroff both of alaska.john has an uncle casey yatchmanoff somewhere but he has changed his last name.<unknown> walter and annie have both passed on in the past few years. liz, walter's sister is still living and is doing fine. if anyone has any info it would be helpful.

» cheryl yatchmanoff  [added: 2004-03-01]
I am looking for my great grandparents - my father's grandparents on the Prentice side. My grandfather's name was Elton Zachariah Prentice and he was born in San Francisco in either 1894 or 1895. He had two sisters, one of which was Ora. His parents were from the state of New York but that is all I know. He was not raised with them. Because of this, it is difficult to get info. If anyone has any lineage information, please let me know. Much Thanks, Matt

» Matt Prentice  [added: 2004-02-16]
I'm searching for information on the family of my grandmother, Marcella Lucille Prentice. She was born on April 10th, 1919, somewhere in Minnesota. I know very little about her life, except that she moved at one point to Spokane, Washington, and married John Pacello. This is my first time researching my genealogy, and any information anyone could provide would be helpful. Thank you.

» Lindsey  [added: 2004-02-04]
Thank you for all the information you have accumulated, It has proven most helpfull. I was curious about Captain Thomas Prentice's daughter Mary or possibly Hannah. One of the two married Joseph Stanton, you suggest probably Mary but I can find no source for this information. Why do you think it was Mary that married him? Secondly, I found a Stanton site that believes that Thomas kept one of the daughters of King Phillip as a house servant until she reached marurity and this is the woman that married Joseph. Seems doubtful but I would be interested to hear if the Prentice family has any reason to believe this.

» Cary Munger  [added: 2004-01-20]
Wonderful web page.I,m looking for the relatives of Fred Irvine.He moved to woodstock N.B.married Annie Freeman. They had one daughter Inez Gertrude(DeWitt)He died arround 1917 or 1918 I think my mother was 2 yrs old.She died in 1956,she took me to Matapedia,and I would love to meet some of my cousins. Thanks in advance.

» Sheila( DeWitt)Gillie  [added: 2004-01-07]
I would like to reach Bill Prentice who is the source of the following information that was in a Prentice newsletter: "Margaret Prentice, chr. 30 Dec 1785, Lesmahagow. She m. William King on 15 Nov 1811 at Lesmahagow. William King was a miller from Stonebyres (per Bill Prentice, email, 5 May 2003)." I am descended from William King and would like to know where the information came from that he was a miller, and whether there is anything more to be known. Please contact me at gracie@chartermi.net. Thank you very much!

» Ruth Crouch  [added: 2004-01-04]

» quincina marie williams  [added: 2004-01-03]
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