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39 queries in 2001 ..
In some family papers I found a clipping from a Canton, IL paper of, I assume, 1915, regarding the 60th wedding anniversary of John P. Prentice and his wife, Martha A. Culton Prentice. According to the article, John P. was born in Oneida county, NY, 15 Dedcember 1832, and came to Illinois with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. James Prentice about 1836. James died about 1846. John P. "continued to reside in Galesburg until 1851, when he went to Knoxville [IL] where he spent two years learning the tinners trade," after which we moved to Canton [IL]. He and Martha were married in Knoxville (she was apparently a resident of Canton, however) on 14 May 1855. John P. served in the Civil War in Co. K, 103 Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, discharged in January, 1864. After the war he went to Galesburg until 1876, when he again moved to Canton. In 1873 he moved to Delaban, and then again to Canton in 1880. John P. had 6 children, 4 surviving in 1915: Elmer E. Prentice of Canton ,Ernest A. Prentice of Cincinnati, R. C. Prentice of St. Helen, MI, and Mrs. M. L. Beam of Canton. Present at a dinner party for the Prentices were Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Prentice and daughter Harriet, Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Beam and daughter Gladys, Earnest A. Prentice of Cincinnati, Mrs. Harriet Seavey of CAnton, a sister to Mrs. John P. Prentice, and Miss Alice Prentice of Galesburg, John P.'s sister. My problem is that although "my" Prentices also migrated from the Oneida, NY area to Galesburg, I can't connect with John P. I can't find him in the e-book version of the Valentine Prentice genealogy. I have a John Prentice who's the right generation, but he was the son of Junius Cireno Prentice, and even though he was born in Oneida Co., NY around 1832, I don't think he's the same guy. Any information would be appreciated. BTW, the article is cut off -- it ends with "Mr. Prentice has been an invalid for many years, owing to exposure during the" -- don't you hate that?

» George Glenn  [added: 2001-12-20]
I am searching for parents of Eleanor Prentice, b 1765-1770, in CT or MA, who md in VT or NY John O'Brien, b abt. 1765 in Ireland. He came first to Nova Scotia and to US by 1790. They had Sarah O'Brien, b 1796 in NY, who md in Portage CO, OH, Jan. 26, 1816, Charles Miller, b. Mar. 4, 1793 in Simsbury, CT, son of Moses Miller & Ruth Case. Charles & Sarah O'Brien Miller both died in McDonough CO, IL. Charles died Feb. 20, 1870, and Sarah after 1870.

» Maureen Moore Ellis  [added: 2001-12-06]
I have an old antique hand drill press that belonged to my grandfather Jay R. Prentice. These words are inscribed on the chuck: A.F. PRENTICE, Maker, Worcestor, Mass., pat pend Feb. 15, 1870. It is in very good working condition and would like to know more about the manufacturer. From all I could learn so far I think it is more of a coincidence than an ancestor but would like to know more. Can anyone help? Bruce Prentice 970-332-4191

» Bruce Prentice  [added: 2001-11-24]
Can anyone connect? Two brothers 1. James Prentice Bury St Edmunds 1791-1845 married Amy 2. John Prentice Norwich 1786-1859 married Elizabeth Smith 1816. Their children: James Smith Prentice marr Agnes Bullen in Norwich 1840 John Smith Prentice, Bury, abt 1816-1873 married Lydia Wiseman in Norwich 1838 Ann Smith Prentice abt 1825 Norwich married Thomas Keable in 1843, Gravesend, Kent Caroline Prentice abt 1827 Hoping to hear! regards, Hilary

» H Stanton  [added: 2001-11-23]
my grandfather alexander prentice left lanark scotland with his wife mary clark(e) to start a new life in melbourne australia about the same time two of his brothers left for florida usa? i'm trying to work out my great grandfathers name if anyone can help ,i would be greatly pleased best regards rob

» rob eason  [added: 2001-11-22]
I am trying to connect with a long lost cousin, Brenda Prentis. (I don't know her married name, she re-married since I last heard of her.) I have been told she found an old entry of mine, maybe here on this page, and tried to reach me but it was an older email address. I would LOVE to hear from her and hope she looks here again and finds me.

» Maureen Crothall nee Prentis  [added: 2001-11-19]
I am seeking a Native American link, I believe it was the mother of Walter Edmund Prentiss b. Sherman Texas nov1877. the mother lived in Idaho on a farm in the depression years because Walt took his family there to live for a short time. I have a picture of her at that time. this is all I know.

» Patte Prentiss  [added: 2001-11-18]
Searching for information on Robert PRENTISS, married Christena REAM, July 14, 1846, VanBuren County, IA. He was born in Ohio, and I believe he may be the father of John W. PRENTISS, born May 1854, in IA. Any information on the above appreciated.

» Janice Hoehle  [added: 2001-11-17]
I am trying to gather information about E.H. latham born in the 1880s. He had an older sister named Bertha. Berthat married Ed Prentice. They had 2 daughters named Martha and "Billy". Does anyone have a Bertha Latham Prentice or an Ed Prentice born @ 1880, possibly in Ohio, in their family tree? Thank you, Linda

» Linda Latham Beaty  [added: 2001-11-09]
My father's name is Cecil Prentice son of Denny Prentice born in the island of Nevis. I am trying to get information about Denny Prentice who last resided in Bermuda. I understand he had two children in Bermuda. If you know of him or of any Prentice in Bermuda please contact me.

» Juliette Brade  [added: 2001-10-29]
My name is Alan Chell and I attended St Olaves & St Saviours Grammar School, in Tooley Street, near Tower Bridge, in London from 1959-1964. I am trying to trace my friend John Prentice who attended this school at that time, and invite him to my 55th birthday on 24th November. I have lived overseas in South Africa for many years and we last met in London on a visit many years ago. If you are this person, or perhaps you know this person, I would appreciate it if you could phone me on 01622 744796, or mobile 0776 7818894.

» Alan Chell  [added: 2001-10-26]
I am looking for information on Prentices in SD. Lucy Laura Prentice was born abt 1883, I think in SD. She married John Bacon in Grand Forks bef 1905. They had 2 children, Lillian and Charles Percy. She died before 1918 and her children were adopted by the Hackett family in 1918. That's all I know about her. The Grand Forks City Directory for 1909 lists a George Prentice, but I have no idea how they might be related.

» Dolores Hemphill  [added: 2001-10-18]
My family is searching for facts about the family of Lucy A. Prentice, born in No. Stonington,CT and married at Norwich,CT in 1854 to George H. Webb formerly of Canada. They apparently moved to Canada before 1859, as my grandfather, Francis M. Webb, was born in Canada that year. Her dates don't match any families that we could find in the records.

» Sr. Betty Rogers  [added: 2001-09-14]
G E O R G E and M A R Y P R E N T I C E Mulmur Twshp. Dufferin Co. Ontario. From my research to date, it appears that James and Mary (Rutledge) Prentice and James and Agnes (Scott) Finley had adjoining farms in Huntingdon Twsp., Hastings Co. Ontario. Records indicate that James Finley Jr. married his neighbour, Mary Ann Prentice in 1854. I have collected a fair amount of data on their decendants. We also believe that Mary Ann may have had a brother, George, who married James Jr.'s sister, Mary. George and Mary eventually relocated to Mulmur Twsp. in Dufferin Co. The only information I have on this family is of George's internment at the Honeywell cemetery from the OCFA records. Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

» Ken Bronson  [added: 2001-09-08]
Never having been East, I'm taking off next week to visit ancestral sites in New England & PA. I'm descended from Valentine Prentice. I have a note that there are Prentis graves in Antioch Cemetary in New London. Are there any more in MA or CT?

» George Glenn  [added: 2001-09-06]
Looking for zachariah Prentice ~1800 in NY Father to Ransom, Christopher, Betsey, Olive and Zachariah 1822 living in Bloomfiled NY, Genisee CO in Comfolidde cir Thanks

» Zachariah Prentice  [added: 2001-09-02]
I am the elder son of James Anderson Prentice born Camberwell May 20 1884, - father James Prentice described as a joiner on birth certificate, - mother Charlotte, nee Anderson. James Anderson Prentice was the last of a large family, one elder brother George lived sometime in Paris. I understand that James Prentice, my grandfather, lived before moving to Camberwell in Northern Scotland. His mother was either a Macpherson Macgregor, while Charlotte Anderson's mother was either a Macgregor or a Macpherson! Any info re ancestors welcome.

» James Prentice  [added: 2001-08-18]
Sarah PRENTICE-Need information on Sarah PRENTICE and her ancestors. Sarah PRENTICE m. John HYDE on May 15, 1707. They probably lived in or near Cambridge, Ma. They had a dau.(my line) named Relief HYDE. They had another dau. named Sarah and a son named Jonathon. I now have a new e-mail address. Terry Casto

» Terry Casto  [added: 2001-08-14]
I'm looking for the parents of Alexander Prentice, born in Carluke 1798, died Carluke Feb.23, 1887. an elder in the Original Secession church.

» Helen Prentice  [added: 2001-08-03]
I have some information on amriah Garrett and Isabelle Prentice. They are my great grandparents. I Will send it if anyone send me an e-mail address.

» Gwen J. Roper  [added: 2001-07-31]
I am a decendent of Robert Prentice (b.1815 d. 1867). His son Robert Prentice married Janet Cherry, their son Robert Prentice married Jessie Munro, their son (my father) Everett Robert Prentice married Christina Brekkee. I am married to Mary Baldock, and have two sons Ross and Ian, and a daughter Carla. We have a good record since the original Robert Prentice came to Canada, but where in Scotland did he come from?

» Barry E. Prentice  [added: 2001-06-11]
I am looking for information on my grandfather's family. His name is William George Prentice and was born in Frankfort, NY on February 22, 1933. His mothers name was Gladys Ostander and I believe his father's name was Lloyd.

» Jennifer Prentice  [added: 2001-05-21]
Any New England Prentice reunions planned this summer? Back on August 17 '97 or '98 there was one in the New London Conn. area -- Hope to plan a reunion myself once I figure out the missing links in my family tree! Valentine, John, John, Joseph,????, Manasseh, Hezekiah?, Louis, Robert, Robert.

» Susan Prentice  [added: 2001-05-18]
Looking for Jarvis B. Prentice, Civil War vet from Illinois Reg't, lived in Galesburg or was from around there. I have his CW discharge papers, and am sure he's family, but I can't place him. A contemporary of Homer Prentice (1836-1921) -- his brother? Homer was the son of Junius Cicero Prentice (1803-1846)and Abagail Skinner, and was my great-grandfather. Did Junius Cicero and Abagail have any other children? I have no record of any, which seems odd to me.

» George Glenn  [added: 2001-05-18]
I am researching a Thomas Prentice (sergeant in the 102 reg (NSW Corp) who came to Australia on the Minerva 1799. Any info is greatly appreciated! [added 27apr97] Shirley Prentice: Shirley, this e-mail address does not work. I believe I am descended from a Colonel Prentice of the NSW Corps who arrived in Australia in 1798 with daughter Sarah (and son) and then left for England and returned after retirement in about 1820. Please e-mail me - perhaps we are talking about the same person, but with wires slightly crossed.

» David Musgrave  [added: 2001-04-23]
I am trying to get information on my grandfather Arthur C. Prentice (married to Clara L. Syring), born around 1886 we think in Illinois. His dad was John Newton Prentice (married to Mary Janette Olson/Solheim). Johns dad was Ephram Prentice (Married to Susan Bisbee). Please let me know if you have any information. Arthur died in Beadle Co. South Dakota.

» Trivian Martin  [added: 2001-04-20]
I am looking for Robert Kelly, Jr and his father Robert Kelly. These families may be linked to the Prentices. I have names for Robert Kelly Prentice and William Kelly Prentice. Do any of you follow the Kelly side of the family? Sincerely, Marybeth Shea

» Marybeth Shea  [added: 2001-04-16]
I am looking for info. on Alexander Prentice who lived in Guatemala, in Central America. I am wondering if anyone would know, why was a Scottish man be living in Guatemala around 1915...Alexander Prentice fathered a daughter, my grandmother and although he never married her mother, he remained in Guatemala and married another lady. I don't know anything about his business in Guatemala or his ancestors. Specifically, I would like to know is date/place of birth and death. Any information on his parents or family tree would be greatly appreciated.

» Evelyn Ang  [added: 2001-03-26]
Prentice family residing in South Africa. Earliest is Alfred Kays Prentice & Mary Agnes Prentice in SA. If anyone can add or have any queries, please contact me.

» Ashleigh Prentice  [added: 2001-03-08]
I am looking for the birthdate of Richard Prentice Ettinger co-founder of Prentice-Hall publishing.

» Hank Greenwald  [added: 2001-03-06]
Looking for info on the Prentice family from Marshall, ALA. I know that they married into the Pesnells, William Franklin Prentice married Dora Pesnell about 1890 something, and was wondering which side of the Prentice family he came from. Any thing would help. Thanks

» Chris George  [added: 2001-02-28]
Anyone remember an Albert Prentice, born 1/14/05, possibly in Miss? Nickname "Babe". Rumored to have at least one brother. Married Clara Chun from Tupelo, Miss. Migrated to California around 1958. One child, Charles Prentice. Albert's mother may have been an American Indian, possibly from Oklahoma. No other information available. T

» Pamela Lee (Prentice)  [added: 2001-02-27]
Educational and birth background of George Prentice, originally of Virginia, then Wisconsin, doing lumber barging business from Canada over Great Lakes, and drowned in the great storm of '88, I believe. Loaned $10,000 to young Weyerhauser to go west. Had 3 sons, one also drowned. Other two: John and Daniel Prentice. John fought in WW I, had a saloonin Webo, Mont. where he died. Dan was a territorial cowboy foreman, then paymaster in coalmine in Wilton, N.D. where he is buried. Dan had 7 children, and I am a eldest grandchild.

» Marlys Prentice  [added: 2001-02-18]
Benjamin Prentis married Leonora Millar on 3/14/1832 in Price Georges Co., Maryland. They do not appear in the local records after this date. Any information appreciated.

» Susan Wetzl  [added: 2001-02-10]
Hi, my name is William and i wonder if this has something to do whit my acenstors, well I am living in miami right now, but I am from ecuador(south america), my grandpa was born there but his father named William came form England if anybody knows something about a william Prentice that went to the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador it will be helpful to find where I came from, my family in ecuador is the only family with the Prentice last name in Ecuador!

» William Prentice  [added: 2001-02-01]
I am seeking connection and further information on STEPHEN PRENTICE, a mariner of the Harwich area in Essex, England. IGI records have his name as "Stephen Prenkie" prior to 1822. His son EDMUND JAMES PRENTICE (my great-great grandfather) was a master mariner whose home was in Harwich, Essex. He married MARY ANN AMELIA FRANCIS in Harwich on 30 Jan. 1846. Any information would be appreciated.

» Margaret Prentice Hecker  [added: 2001-01-21]

» CATHERINE CRAVEN  [added: 2001-01-16]
I would appreciate any information on WALTER PRENTICE. Who would have been born late 1800's Thank You Karin

» Karin  [added: 2001-01-16]
MARY (MARRION) PRENTICE: I am seeking further info. on Mary Prentice born c1770,and poss. in Rox. Scot. Her parents could have have had the names of Robert/Jean,as per naming pattern of the children. Mary Prentice married William Waldie June 6 1792 in HAwick,Roxburgh,Scotland. All contacts appreciated....thanks in advance.

» A. Jensen  [added: 2001-01-10]
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