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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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29 queries in 2003 ..
We are looking for information on the family of James Prentiss, who was born in Massachusetts and was living in Baltimore in 1850. He was a teacher. In particular, we are interested in his sons Clifton K. and William S., who served in the Union and Confederate armies, respectively, during the Civil War. Another brother, James H., was a physician and may also have been in the Union army.

» Jennifer Bolt, Pamplin Historical Park  [added: 2003-12-28]
Looking for information on the Ira Prentice family of Broome County, NY, 1850-1900.

» Dan Stifflear  [added: 2003-12-27]
Looking for any information on descendants of William McKinley Prentiss, Sr. who had brother named Walter, Frank and Jack. He was raised in the Bethesda MD area. Thanks!

» Joe Prentiss  [added: 2003-11-14]
My Husband Grandfather was James Prentice born in Kings Norton Birmingham around 1870 he was married twice his second wife was called Gertrude Turville, he worked as a iron bedstead maker. His father was called John and his Mother Jane and he came from quite a large family all born around the kings norton area

» C Guest  [added: 2003-11-03]
I am a descendant of the James 2, Robert and James 3 Prentice(sexton's and gravediggers of manse graveyard) in Motherwell.James the third and Helen Wood moved to New Zealand, to Shag Point, Palmerston, Otago.They had 11 children. I would love to here from anyone with more information on theses Prentice's past and present. in the past and present.

» Diane Pescud  [added: 2003-10-23]
I'm looking for any information on Henry Prentice (birthplace unknown - somewhere in England) who married Beatrice Grill (born in Swansea, Wales). They emigrated to Canada early 1900's - I don't know where they got married - overseas or in Canada. I am their grandaughter so I know about their descendants !!!, but I would like to know about their ancestors. Any information would be very, very welcome. Thank you.

» Marilyn Prentice  [added: 2003-10-14]
I'm looking for my cousin Timothy Johnson, grandson of JOHN C. PRENTICE and FAYE McNICHOLS He's posted here a few times but both e-mail addresses are no longer good. Please e-mail me. Claudia

» Claudia Potter  [added: 2003-10-10]
My Father was Granville Irving Prentiss b. hartford c. > 1934 d. 1981 hartford. His father was Ansel Prentiss b.1899 d.1969. I don't know anything about Ansel other then he was born a > cassidy and adopted by a prentiss. Could you find his adoptive father's > name and birth record?

» Matt Prentiss  [added: 2003-10-01]
Am looking for any information on a Dorothea Neilson nee Prentice marrying a John Hunter after ther death of her first husband James Neilson. Also we believe she may have emigrated to Australia but do not know the year or the year of her death

» Sheryl Oliver  [added: 2003-07-18]
Some Ellis Island entries - I don't have any other info on the families! Arriving at Ellis Island on April 1, 1912, from Glasgow Scotland: George Prentice, age 49, gardener Ellen, age 48, wife George, age 22 Ina, age 15 Robert, age 7 all from Hazelbank, Scotland. Going to live with George's brother Thomas in Hamilton, Ontario Arriving 26th May 1923 from Glasgow Georgina Prentice, age 35, single, nurse, born Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland brother James Prentice lived at 26 Miller Street, Hamilton. Her final destination was New York, she had 30 pounds in her possession, and was going to the home of her friend, Thomas Graham, 225 West 80th Street, New York. Moving to the US permanently. She was in good physical condition, 5'2", fair complexion, auburn hair. Arriving 11 March 1911 James Prentice, age 26, miner, from Burnbank, Hamilton, Scotland. Wife living in Hamilton. Had 84 pounds; going to home of friend Matthew McKinlay, Elk Gardens, W. VA. 5'7", fair, grey eyes. Born Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire. Arriving 4 June 1921 Annie Prentice, married, age 30, housewife, mother Annie Paterson lived at Meadowbank, Dalserf. Family going to Newhall, W VA. Accompanied by children MAggie (10), and Clementina (2). Going to stay with husband David Prentice in Newhall, VA. Annie was 4'11", fair with auburn hair and grey eyes. Travelling with Annie, Margaret Prentice, 36, housewife, mother Mrs Mary Miller, 6 Brown Street, Newmains. Also going to Newhall, W. VA. Accompanied by children Annie (17, tailoress), Euphemia (15, tailoress), James (9), Jean (11 months) Going to stay with husband, Thomas PRentice in Newhall W VA. She was 5'3", sallow complexion, grey eyes, black haired. Travelling with above - Clementina Prentice, 67, widow, son Andrew Prentice, Ashgill, Larkhall. Also going to Newhall, W. VA. Accompanied by daughter, Euphemia Sinclair, 30, housewife. Accompanied by children Mary (10, James (8), Maggie (5),Clementina (1), Clementina's son was William Prentice who also was already in Newhall W. VA. The husband of Euphemia Sinclair was James Sinclair who also was already in Newhall. Some of the above people had already been to Newhall, and come were even born there.

» Christine Hadden  [added: 2003-07-16]
I am looking for the birthplace, parents, or any other information about Chloe Prentice who was married to Seth Drake in Warwick, Franklin, Mass on 12 Sept 1784.

» Jeff Davis  [added: 2003-07-04]
i am looking for any information regarding my gr gr grandmother Dorothea Prentice born 1833 in Lesmahagow, she married a James Neilson in 1863, i have since learnt that she remarried to a John Hunter date after 1878. Also if she emigrated from Scotland also when Dorothea died and where.

» Sheryl Oliver  [added: 2003-06-28]
A first-timer ! Am looking for information about Harvey Monroe Prentice, married to Jenney Elizabeth Hillyer. They had a son George Gordon DOB 1865 ...his son is Hilly Prentice. Would be greatful for any help ! Also, just recently saw a logging co. by the name of Prentice.........sent inquirey to co.....any one know any thing more !!THANKS SO MUCH !

» Maureen  [added: 2003-06-14]
Looking for relatives of Andrew Aitken Prentice (Post office chief) who marr. Rose Ferguson, Stirling Scotland. Brother David died approx.1952. Children: Ruby (b.1932, Andrew(b.1934), David (lives in Canada), Aitken, Jean (marr Danny Grimes), Jeanette.

» Rosemarie Prentice  [added: 2003-05-22]
I note a Georgina Lindsay on you site, I wondered whether she was related in any way to William Lindsay born very late 1920s or early 1930s, and adopted by a Coatbridge family but retaining his own family name 'Lindsay'. I believe he became a "soil chemist" and worked for awhile in Sierra Leone, West Africa and in Abu Dubai. Adoption laws being as complicated as they are, one wonders if he kept his family name, which Lindsay family is he from, and why was he adopted. My reasons for this research, are to establish whether he is alive or no? And to establish his family line which is related to mine. Any help would be much appreciated. I can be reached by email, or directly on UK (0113) 2621771

» Paul Auber  [added: 2003-05-22]
Wondering if there is any information on a Darren Prentice, living in Spanaway, Washington, USA Thanks much

» Grant Boettcher  [added: 2003-05-12]
I wonder if you could tell me anything at all about Emma R. Prentice b about 1868 who married a COUNTERMAN? I am a Counterman researcher and have not encoutered Emma R. Prentice Counterman up until now. What was his first name and did they have any children? Thank you very much.

» Marge Counterman  [added: 2003-04-22]
I am looking for information on Lula M. (may be Norma) Prentice born in Texas lived in San Diego (DOB 1884?), married to Alban Clyde Tripp,and had a daughter Anna Jane Tripp. Had a brother named George Prentice, whom had four children one named Dorothy Prentice (married Roosevelt). Thanks.

» Lori Brockmeyer  [added: 2003-04-17]
I am the grandson of James Prentice, born about 1840 in Hadleigh Essex, married Charlotte Anderson of Canterbury, about 1865. He claimed Scottish connections, but I can find none. I understood that my maternal greatgrandparents were a Macpherson and a Macgregor, and that my father, also James Prentice, born 1884 at Camberwell, had some connection with Knockando (or Knockandhu). Any information please?

» james prentice  [added: 2003-04-09]
I am searching for information with regard to my Grandmother's Mother Elizabeth Prentice(Glasgow) This Lady was also know as "Liza" she Married George Miller (Engine -fitter) Early years were at 8 Balmore Street,Possilpark/ My Grandmother's Brothers Worked at the Saracen Foundry My Grandmother,(youngest child)was Janet Miller Born 16th January 1900 Died 5th March 2003. Any information would be Greatefully Received.

» Linda Brackenbury  [added: 2003-04-05]
I am looking for anyone with geneology of Nathanial Prentice Sartell? Thanks

» shirley (sk) sartell  [added: 2003-03-26]
While wandering around the net today, I found a query looking for my grandfather, Earl E. Prentice. I am willing to provide what information I have, and would like to know how i can find out more about his geneology! Thanks!

» Gail Arnold Lang  [added: 2003-03-18]
am great grand daughter to Lloyd Isaac Prentice 1881-1966 and Lois M Rose Prentics 1878-1974 both from Breton Alberta just started my research and looking for help thanks

» Janet Brooks  [added: 2003-03-12]
I am the granddaughter of James Prentice, born March 9, 1890in Coldingham, Scotland. He married Helen Brown and their children were John, James, Gilbert, Margaret, Bella and Elizabeth. John, James, Gilbert and Margaret moved to Canada in the 1920's. Would like to hear from any living family members still in Scotland.

» Marjorie Prentice Berryman  [added: 2003-03-07]
I am currently searching for information on James Prentice and Elizabeth Rutledge who came to Canada from Ireland around 1825 and settled near Tweed, Ontario

» Teresa(Prentice)Neale  [added: 2003-02-21]
IM looking for my granddad is name is reginald sydney prentice

» Donna prentice  [added: 2003-02-08]
I am looking for any information of a Robert James Prentice.Born Oct 12, 1889 Toronto, Canada. Died in San Francisco Dec 17, 1953? Married Ara Dayton (Sheri), had had three children. All born in San Franciso. Robert, Eugene and Mary. Was just told he was born in Toronto Canada, nothin verfied, expect marriage and children. Thank you

» Beverlee Paradise  [added: 2003-01-23]
HI, I'm a descendant of George Prentice and Mary Finley Prentice from Fermanagh Cty N. Ireland, Tweed, ON CANADA, Honeywood ON Canada, and I am looking for any information on any relations or connections. Thanks!

» T Neale  [added: 2003-01-12]
I am looking for decendents of Ernest Prentice who Married Jessie and lived in Weekly, Northamptonshire England. He had one son Russell Keith, and three daughters Pat, Linda and Shiela. It is believed that his brother(s) may have left England in the 20th century to live in Eastern Canada.

» Russell Prentice  [added: 2003-01-09]
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