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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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30 queries in 2005 ..
I have a copy of the DAR patriot Index Centennial Edition Part 1 showing my descendat Lewis Dishon that I copied from my local History Libray. The problem I have now, is I have not been able to find him again on line anywhere.Him and his father Augustine, were in the Revolutionary War. Lewis was granted pension benefits for his application filed 11-26-1832, while in Orange Co. North Carolina. I have a copy of this if you can e-mail me , I can send it to you and maybe someone would be able to helpme. Thanks, Sarah Adams Hitson

» Sarah Hitson  [added: 2005-12-18]
Looking for Ronald Prentice who was first in his class in Lachine High School, Lachine, Quebec, year of 1947.

» Rae Legault  [added: 2005-12-12]
My great-grandfather was Dann Nathan Travis Prentice, born in 1851/52 in Illinois (I think). His father was born in New York and his mother in Kentucky but I don't know who they were. He was married to Clara Minnie Collins from Hancock, Illinois. He died in Linn County, Kansas in 1944 where much of his family lived. I am eager to learn his pedigree.

» Pamela Prentice  [added: 2005-11-30]
Descendents of Thomas Prentice arrived Australia with wie Ann on Minerva, January 1800 from Cork. Member of the New South Wales Corps. All contact appreciated

» Ronald Prentice  [added: 2005-11-22]
I haven't seen anything about the Prentice company. You should research it. It was a machine making company. We made the machines that punch out holes in wood. (Out of business now.)

» J. Prentice  [added: 2005-10-13]
My father has in his house a portrait of William Prentiss (born 1 DEC 1754) of Cambridge, Massachussetts. It was painted in London in 1790. His brother Henry Prentiss had a portrait painted at the same time. I was wondering if anyone knows what has become of the prtrait of Henry.

» Mary Prentiss  [added: 2005-08-25]
Please help me contact Lynda Toneri. I can assist her in finding Thomas Gostlin's line and the email adddress on the query is old. Thank you.

» Judith Hinton  [added: 2005-08-20]
Got any data on Cheever?

» james cheever prentice  [added: 2005-08-13]
I descend from Caroline Prentice. She was born, according to census records, in New York, around 1815, and moved to Ashtabula County, OH (possibly in or near Harpersfield), by 1820, according to one source. She married Lorin Chapman in Ashtabula Co. in 1835. Lorin and Caroline moved to Springfield in Livingston Parish, Louisiana by 1840, and lived out their lives there, raising a large family. Caroline died around 1862 in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. I've no idea who her parents are, nor any info on siblings. Any nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Jeff in Livingston Parish, LA

» Jeff T  [added: 2005-07-20]
I haqve a Prentiss Vise # 56 Bulldog can you give me any info on it thanks

» john lillard  [added: 2005-07-11]
Am looking for information on an ancestor. Her name was Amanda M. Prentice. The DOB I have is Apr 18, 1819 in Alabama. She married Daniel Morgan Clower May 4th, 1837 in Shelby County, Alabama. I show she died in 1893 in Delta County, Tx. Any information on her parents and family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

» Rod Clower  [added: 2005-07-02]
I have traced my PRENTIS line back to 1600 but I have a couple of "thin spots." I am needing further documentation on two men, both named PASCAL PRENTIS. One was born 16 Oct. 1806 in Milton, Chittenden County, VT. He married a woman named Jane ?, born ca 1814 in Vaughan Township, York County, Ontario. The other, his son, was born in 1834 in Vaughan Township, York County, Ontario. He married Jannet Macrae (born 1843, Black Isle, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland) 10 June 1861 at Cape Rich, St. Vincent Township, Grey County, Ontario. Pascal(b 1834) and Jannet had five daughters: Mary Jane, b. 1862, Elizabeth, b. 31 Aug 1863, Port Elgin, Bruce County, Ont Janet, b 1865/6, Bruce County, Ontario Georgina, b. 12 April 1867, Saugeen Twp, Bruce County Olive, b. 10 April 1871, Saugeen Twp, Bruce Co, Ont. PascalPRENTIS and Jannet MACRAE were divorced in Marquette, Michigan in 1874-5. Pascal was not present in Michigan at the time of the divorce. Does anyone know anything about his whereabouts after 1871? Any info about the deaths of either Pascal PRENTIS or Jane (?) PRENTIS. I am spelling their surname as PRENTIS because that is how Jannet Macrae Prentis signed her name at the time of the divorce. Susan Clark

» Susan M. Clark  [added: 2005-06-21]
I am looking for information on a Prentiss and ran across your site. I would like to know the Prentiss that a logging town was named after and the bay it sat on. It was in the upper penninsula of Michigan (west of Drummond Island on the shores of Lake Huron and now 7 miles east of Cedarville). There was a Prentiss M Brown, statesman from St Ignance, but he was born about the time the town was booming, which was a little more than a hundred years ago. If any of you have information I would greatly appreciate it.

» beth  [added: 2005-05-27]
Can anyone tell me more about Lathrop W. & Rhoda (Manchester) Prentice of Rhode Island? He was born in Ct on 20 Nov 1822; and died in Seekonk, MA on 16 Mar 1894. They were married in Providence, RI on 24 Apr 1850. They had 8 children: Lena, Mary, Fannie, Ella, Eva, Annie, Rhoda, and William.

» Donna  [added: 2005-05-24]
I am researching the family of RICHARD PRENTICE b. 1740-1760 and his family. He was a Loyalist in the American Revolution from Saratoga Springs, New York. He settled in Ontario Canada, then called Upper Canada in the 1790's. First in Charlottenburgh then to the Nepean / Hull area in the 1815 time frame. (Nepean, Ontario is directly across the river from Hull, Quebec) At some point he moved to Quebec City as I have him passing away there before 1848. His Children were: DANIEL PRENTICE b. 1972-7 in Charlottenburgh who then moved and raised a family in Nepean near Ottawa. He married Ann Colbert of Ireland and raised 9 children. He died in 1866 and we have pictures of his original headstone. DEBORAH MARY PRENTICE bc.1799 she married David Moore of Hull in 1815 in Nepean and had 12 children. She died in 1849 in Hull. SARAH PRENTICE b. 1801. She married Job Moore of Hull, the brother of her sisters husband, also in 1815 in Nepean. They had 8 children and lived in Hull Quebec. Her death was about 1831 in Hull. LYDIA or ALIDIA PRENTICE b. 1805 married George Routliffe of Hull (who was born in Devonshire England). They had 15 children and settled in Hull Quebec. She passed 15 Sep 1877 in Aylmer Quebec near Hull. Richard had at least 2 brothers who also were Loyalists and served in the American Revolution: DANIEL PRENTICE from Tryon County New York who settled in Charlottenburgh Ontario. He Married Mary Hamilton and raised at least 5 children and JOHN PRENTICE who married Catherine McMillan and settled alos in Charlottenburgh. They had at least 4 children. If anyone has information or is also researching these families, please contact me at Lajohni@aol.com

» Johni Levene  [added: 2005-05-09]
I'm lost and just now getting started with this . And don't have much family on my Fathers side to help.I am looking for info or a marrage record on a Herman T. Prentice with a woman named Berverly Jean but don't know her last name . They had four children Marry e. Prentice,my father Robert Earnest Prentice(1951),Tom Henry Prentice(1949),Mitzy laraine Prentice. Any one kin to us. We are in Texas now

» Tonya Renae Prentice  [added: 2005-04-06]
My great-aunt BESSIE PRENTICE (b.1892 in Glasgow)married DUGALD PATON CAVES in 1920 (also in Glasgow).They emigrated to USA-don't know where, but he died in 1966 in Massachusetts. Can anyone help me to find out more about this branch of my family?

» Pat McKenzie  [added: 2005-04-02]
In response to John Prentice ( Nov. 26'o4 ), the Erie Prentice you mentioned is not the one I was interested in, but I also have a Samuel Prentice in my lineage and I'm wondering if it's the same one??? He was born Aug. 3, 1650.

» Linda Prentice Gennaro  [added: 2005-04-01]
Seeking further info on Jane or Jean Prentice married to William Watson on April 28,1789 in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

» Sheila Massi  [added: 2005-03-27]
My interest is John PRENTICE b c1818 Lanark, Glasgow. Married Martha HAMILTON 1945 SHOTTS, Lanarkshire. They then had 8 children. Showing on 1861 census living in Bridgeton. By 1881 census John had passed away. Does anyone have anything on this family line at all? Amanda

» Amanda  [added: 2005-03-10]
Am trying to get in touch with the Henning Webb Prentice family - descended from Frances Brown Morrison, Rev. Samuel Brown, John Rice McNutt. Am working on Brown family papers and have information to share.

» Lonnie Dobbs  [added: 2005-02-25]
I am the grandaughter of John Stewart Graham Prentice born November 1905 and died 1980. Not sure where exactly where he was born but settled and raised his family in Portsmouth, Eng. I believe his family originated from Scotland. I know of 2 sisters he had. He was in WW1 and after the war was a newspaper editor. He married Gwendolyn Dorie who was an only child (her father was George Dorie). Her mother was Jessie Revans. If anyone knows of any other info, please contact.

» Jess Prentice  [added: 2005-02-21]
We are looking for information reguarding a "D Hendry Prentice" Jefferson Ohio aroud 1850's

» James and Susie Prentice  [added: 2005-02-15]
My Great-Grandfather was William Prentice born 1899. His father was also William Pentice d.o.b unknown. They were from Gallowgate, Glasgow originally and then Hardgate, Duntocher. Any information much appreciated.

» amanda  [added: 2005-02-14]
I am trying to track the following families from Chicago Charles Harris (brother Al, Harry and Bernie) Block (Marvin Block) Heller (Ethel, Rose, Sally Meyer)

» Charles Harris  [added: 2005-02-03]
Very interesting site. Was wondering of any close connections with Benjamin Calvin Prentiss. Trying to trace us back across the 'pond'.

» Randy Prentiss  [added: 2005-02-02]
I live in Oxnard, California. About 15 years ago, I got old photos and post cards from a storage locker. One photo is of a Prentice, but I can tell what the first name is. It also says "son of Mathan Prentice". This is writing in cursive. The man in the phot looks to be around75-85 years old, drseed in a suit (sometime in the 1800's and has a pocket watch dangling from his vest. He has grey hair and a very large nose.

» Angela Romanello  [added: 2005-01-28]
Hi. I am looking for information please and relatives. Some branches at the top of my family tree seem a bit hazy at the moment so if I give you info from the middle and down perhaps you can help. My Great Great Grandad was THOMAS THEOPHILUS PRENTICE. My Great Grandad was CHRISTOPHER POULTON PRENTCE. I know that he was a pork butcher in Bildeston, as my Dad remembers going there. My Grandad was CHARLES WILLIAM FREDERICK PRENTICE who married MURIEL GRACE ALDOUS (GRACE). Anyone out there related to me? I would like help with the top of the tree as I said and would like to hear from other descendents, especially Great Uncles etc. Thank you, Amanda. P.S I am in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England.

» Amanda Prentice  [added: 2005-01-17]
Any info on Robert Nad James Prentice sextons of Dalzell graveyard in motherwell.

» Prentice  [added: 2005-01-15]
I email you a few years back with information I have on Henry Prentiss of Aquackanonk, NJ (Wallington 1700's). I don't know in my orginal email if I mention their was a Prentiss family cemetary but the location was unknown. I have since found the location and the photos of the broken grave markers. I happened to find this research when I visited the Bergen County Historical Commission and was informed that Wallington had a cemetary. I said I knew that but I didn't know where it was located. She was surprised I didn't know, so she bought out a loose leaf folder and there was the pictures and story And location of the grave yard. The broken markers where found by the owner of the property and still has them. I can send a copy of the 5 page folder if anyone wishes. Please email me back. I am more than happy to help.

» Rich Pelcher  [added: 2005-01-14]
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