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Scotland Burials

Scotland Burials: Lanarkshire
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2000 and Revised: 15 Mar 2000

The following information has generously been provided by Jim Leonard who has collected information on the many PRENTICE monumental inscriptions on headstones in Dalziel and Cambusnethan Parishes, Lanarkshire Scotland. To that, we have added Scotland census information.

Manse Burial Ground, Motherwell. Parish of Dalziel

No. 7. Hugh Prentice died 12th June 1891 aged 81 years (b. c. 1810), wife Janet Smellie died 16th June 1886 aged 69 years (b. c. 1817). Son James died 12th August 1860 .. years. (stone worn )No. 25.

    Comment: Glasgow Birth records indicate Hugh is probably the Hugh Prentice who was b. 22 Mar 1810, son of Archibald Prentice of Cambusnethan.

No. 25. 1850 John Prentice died 28th March 1890 aged 67 years (b. c. 1823), wife Agnes Courtney died 31st January 1894 aged 72 years.

    Comment: No birth or christening record found for period from 1820-25.

No. 38. David Prentice died 29th June 1919 aged 69 years (b. c. 1850), wife Mary Ann Duguid died 3rd January 1894 aged 44 years. Son William Henry Duguid died 27th November 1884 aged 3 years, son William Duguid died 2nd January 1888 aged 18 years, son David died June 1912 aged 21 years.

    Comment: He is probably the David Prentice shown as b. 18 Aug 1850, son of John Prentice and Agnes Courtnay of Dalziel.

No. 61. James Prentice died 3rd November 1874 aged 78 years (b. c. 1796), sexton of Dalziel Parish 40 years. Husband of Jean Torrance. Son Robert died 1900 aged 74 years. (Stone is broken)

    Comment: By email of 14 Mar 2000, Christine Hadden advises that James is the son of John Prentice and Grizel Harvie. He is #11 in our Spring 2000 article on James Prentice of Dalziel at James Prentice of Dalziel .
No. 78. 1861. William Horn died 18th April 1899 aged 76 years (b. c. 1823), wife Agnes Prentice died 12th August 1901 aged 79 years (b. c. 1822). Son Archibald died 4th October 1859 aged 8 years, daughter Agnes died 9th October 1859 aged 4 years, son William died 9th October 1859 aged 2 years, daughter Elizabeth, b. 23 Jan 1866 in Kilcooly, Tipperary, Ireland and died 18 September 1869 aged 3 yrs. and 8 months.
    Comment: Agnes is not shown in Births or Christenings from Glasgow Records, but Marriage Records shows Agness Prentice m. William Horn on 16 May 1847 at Dalziel. The information about Elizabeth came from Christine Hadden's E-mail of 14 Mar 2000.

    By E-mail of 14 Mar 2000, Christine Hadden advises that Agnes Prentice is probably the daughter of Archibald Prentice (son of John Prentice and Grizel Harvie) and Catherine Mackay. She is of the right age and buried next to the other family graves.

No. 88. Thomas Prentice died 19th April 1893 aged 73 years (b. c. 1820), wife Jean Lohor died 2nd February 1905 aged 88 years. Grandson Thomas Prentice died 29th June 1877 aged 9 years.
    Comment: Thomas is not shown in Births, Christenings or Marriages from Glasgow Records. However, Christine Hadden's E-mail of 14 Mar 2000 advises he is a son of Archibald Prentice and Catherine Mackay. Thomas was b. 2 Apr 1820.

    She says also that the grandson, Thomas Prentice, was the son of Archibald Prentice and Mary Ann McIldowie and was b. 11 Feb 1868 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire.

    She also advises that Archibald and Mary Ann appear in the 1871 census in New Monkland and had at least two other children:

    • Maryann Prentice, b. 2 Jul 1870 in New Monkland, Lanarkshire.
    • James McIldowie Prentice, b. 16 May 1873, Govan.
No. 89. Archibald Prentice died 6th December 1860 aged 71 years (b. c. 1789), wife Catherine McKay died March 1867 aged 78 years.
    Comment: Christine Hadden's Email of 14 Mar 2000 advises that Archibald Prentice, chr. 15 Mar 1789 son of John Prentice and Grisel Hervy of Dalziel.
91. Erected by John Prentice and Grizel Harvie in memory of their daughter who died 16th April 1794 aged 3 years.No. 92.
    Comment: He is probably the John Prentice who married Griselle Harvie on 5 Feb 1784 at Lesmahagow.
92. John Prentice died January 1897 aged 79 years (b. c. 1820). Isabella ……..nway, Mother in law .. ( rest of stone worn )No. 100. 1856.
    Comment: Not in Glasgow Birth or Christening records. However, Christine Hadden's E-mail of 14 Mar 2000 advises:
    • John is probably the son of Archibald Prentice and Catherine Mackay.
    • John's wife is Isabella Shearer who d. 4 Nov 1908(?)
    • Isabella's mother was probably Isabella Cornwall.
100. James Patterson died March 1878 aged 55 years (b. c. 1823), wife Isabella Prentice died 30th July 1896 aged 74 years (b. c. 1822). Son James died 31st July 1852 aged 2 years.
    Comment: Not in Glasgow Birth or Christening records, but they do show Isabella Prentice m. James Patterson on 22 Feb 1846 at Dalziel. See the Spring 2000 article about James Prentice of Dalziel, Scotland.
Additional Stone. Erected by John Suttie and Jeannie Prentice in memory of their children, James and William who died in infancy also William Cassels their grandson died 1899, age 8 (or maybe 3) months.
    Comment: Jeannie Prentice is the daughter of Robert Prentice and Helen Wood (per Christine Hadden's E-mail of 14 Mar 200 )
    Cambusnethan Churchyard
    Kirk Road/Greenhead Road, Wishaw.

No. 14. 1841. James Cunningham died 23rd March 1839 aged 46 years, wife Elizabeth Prentice died 10th April 1877 aged 77 years (b. c. 1800). Alexander and William Prentice … …….( rest of stone worn )

    Comment: Not shown in Glasgow Birth, Christening or Marriage records.
No. 22. Jeremey Nisbet, daughter Mary. Small stone in front – In Memory of Thomas Prentice, Overtoun.
    Comment: Insufficient information to trace.
No. 87. Margaret Rodger died 7th November 1849 aged 30 years, wife of Thomas Ritchie. James Ritchie died 17th January 1852 aged 7 years, John Ritchie died 6th August 1852 aged 24 years, Agnes Ritchie died 23rd October 1852 aged 1 year, Mary Ritchie died 11th April 1866 aged 7 months, Robert Ritchie died 13th March 1867 aged 5 years. Christina Prentice died 8th October 1867 aged 68 years (b. c. 1799).
    Comment: Insufficient information to trace.
No. 105. 1843. Erected by John Prentice and Janet Reid in memory of their 2 sons, 1 died 7th February 1834, the other January 1837.
    Comment: Insufficient information to trace.
No. 226. Alexander Prentice died 5th November 1877 aged 64 years (b. c. 1813), wife Janet Shaw died 18(9)5 aged 85 years. Son William died 9th November 1847 aged 18 months. (stone worn)
    Comment: He is probably Alexander Prentice, b. 11 JUL 1813, son of Alexander Prentice and Cicilia Haddow of Cambusnethan.
No. 287. Euphemia Prentice died 24 November 1858 aged 68 years (b. c. 1790), husband David Masterson died 1st October 1837 aged 44 years. Brother John Cooper died 9th February 1841 aged 34 years.
    Comment: She is probably the Euphemia Prentice b. 29 Jun 1788, dau. of John Prentice and Euphemia Scott of Carluke. Christine Hadden's E-mail also advises she had another husband, John Clark, married 6 Jan 1839, Dalserf.
No. 323. William Stark died 13th July 1835. Wife Margaret Prentice died 5th June 1797 aged 31 years (b. c. 1766). 2nd wife Margaret ..... ( very worn )
    Comment: She may either of two persons:
    • Margaret Prentice, chr. 10 Aug 1765, dau. of Thomas Prentice and Catherine Smellie of Carluke, or
    • Margaret Prentice, chr. 16 Jun 1765, dau. of James Prentice and Jean Smellie of Cambusnethan.
No. 340. Jane Prentice died 13th April 1876 aged 37 years (b. c. 1839), husband Robert Wallace Lockie died September 1912 aged 82 years.
    Comment: Not in Glasgow birth, christening or marriage records.
No. 377. James Prentice died 30th May 1849 aged 49 years (b. c. 1800), wife Christina Torrance died 5th July 1885 aged 81 years. Daughter Isabella died 6th January 1901 aged 68 years (b. c. 1833), son William died 18th September 1910 (b. c. 1824) aged 76 years (wife Grace Lightbody died 10th March 1913 aged 80 years, son Peter Currie died 11th November 1939 aged 60 years (b. c. 1879). )
    Comment: James was a common name and might be one of 3-4 persons of that name born in that time frame. Marriage not shown in Glasgow marriage records.
No. 386. John Prentice died 25th November 1881 aged 71 years (b. c. 1810), wife Ann Stevenson died 9th October 1886 aged 77 years. Son Thomas died 1st May 1914 aged 75 years, ( wife Caroline Torrance died 16th November 1891 aged 49 years, their eldest son John, died at Freemantle 11th July 1912 aged 50 years.)
    Comment: There were about 4 Johns christened in that time frame who might be this John. Marriage not shown in Glasgow marriage records.
No. 388. 1848. Erected by John Prentice and Ann Stevenson and is their intended burial place.
    Comment: See above.
No. 389. James Prentice died 3rd December 1873 aged 59 years (b. c. 1814), wife Grace Black died 11th January 1898 aged 78 years. Daughter Jane died 20th December 1844 aged 2 years, daughter Elizabeth died 8th August 1852 aged 3 years, grand-daughter Grace Gilchrist died 26th March 1883 aged 15 years, son Thomas died 10th March 1887 aged 47 years, daughter Jane Dent died 27th March 1903 aged 57 years and is interred at Brooklyn USA, son Robert died 23rd May 1918 aged 70 years, daughter Elizabeth died 21st November 1939 aged 86 years.
    Comment: James may be either of two persons:
    • James Prentice, chr. 8 Aug 1813, son of William Prentice and Janet Merilees of Hamilton.
    • James Prentice, chr. 21 Mar 1813, son of James Prentice and Margaret Dunlop of Lesmahagow. This latter James seems more likely.

No. 431. George Prentice died 10th November 1864 aged 61 years (b. c. 1803), wife Catherine Renwick died 5th March 1880 aged 64 years. Daughter Catherine died 5th October 1852 aged 4 months, daughter Mary died 7th April 1853 aged 15 years, son Adam died 3rd November 1858 aged 5 years, son James died 9th July 188( ) aged 44 years. John Prentice died 15th November 1914 aged 80 years, (wife Margaret Neilson died 30th March 1925 aged 90 years, their daughter Jane died 8th March 1867 aged 2 years, daughter Jane died 25th January 1871 aged 3 years, daughter Jessie died 7th February 1876 aged 3 years, son George died 10th October 1904 aged 41 years.)

    Comment: He is probably the George Prentice who was chr. 6 Jun 1804, son of William Prentice and Grizal Alexander of Carstairs.

No. 439. James Prentice died 30th September 1831 aged 46 years (b. c. 1785), husband of Barbara Crawford.

    Comment: Not in Glasgow birth, christening or marriage records.

No. 493. 1860. Erected by Alexander Young and Marion Prentice.

    Comment: Insufficient information to trace.
No. 519. John Prentice died 29th July 1885 aged 63 years (b. c. 1822), wife Elizabeth Frame died 31st October 1855 aged 33 years.
    Comment: John was a common name. Not in Glasgow marriage records.

No. 533. Obelisk stone. Archibald Prentice died 22nd December 1882 aged 77 years (b. c. 1805), wife Janet Clarkson died 23rd February 1890 aged 81 years. Daughter Jane died 1st May 1858 aged 3 years, son Thomas, merchant, Overtown, died 17th May 1912 aged 80 years, ( wife Elizabeth Hamilton died 22nd June 1874 aged 42 years.

    Comment: He may be the Archibald Prentice who was chr. 18 Mar 1805, son of Archibald Prentice and Jean McNaught of Carluke.

Muir Street Relief Congregation Church, Hamilton
Extracted from records of baptism 1776 - 1810
held at Public Library, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

No. 205. THOMAS PRENTICE, lawful son of John Prentice, Motherwell, and Girsell Hervie. Born 26th March 1785 and baptised 3rd April 1785 by Rev Mr Ramsey.

    Comment: John and Girsell are probably the persons who m. 5 Feb 1784 in Lesmahagow. Their son, Thomas, died as an infant.

No. 270. ROBERT PRENTICE. Lawful son of John Prentice and Grizil Harvey. Born 13th February 1787 and baptised at Hamilton 18th February 1787 by Rev. Herriot.

    Comment: See above; John and Grizil are probably the persons who m. 5 Feb 1784 in Lesmahagow. Their son, Robert, died as an infant.

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