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Samuel Prentice of Millville, MA

Samuel Prentice of Millville, MA
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2000 and Revised 20 Apr 2004

Samuel Prentice appears on pg. 463 of our PRENTICE book. He was called "of Mendon, MA", was b. c. 1767 and d. 13 Dec 1856. He married Merriam/Mirriam/Marion Southwick 14 Sep 1790, Worcester, MA; she was b. 1772; married Sept. 14, 1790. She died 23 Feb 1845. Both are buried at the Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Millville, Worcester, MA.

Samuel went from Rehoboth or vicinity to Millville (Blackstone), MA and was a mason by trade. He bought a farm in Millville which he improved until his death. (Auth: Binney and 12 Jul 1999 E-mail from Alison Franks.)

    Note: In a footnote on page 342 in Binney's 1883 edition, he reports the following: Census return, 13 Feb 1846, Blackstone, MA. Samuel Prentice, at the bottom of the last page, may be a descendant of:
    	1.	Robert Prentice of Roxbury through Lt. James Prentice, #18, pg. 239, above 
    		(pg. 260 of the 1883 edition).  James m. widow Sarah (Draper) Whiting, 
    		24 Dec 1770 and James' first known son, Calvin, was b. 17 Jan 1772
    	2	Calvin Prentice, #24, pg. 244, a son of Lt. James Prentice, above.  
    		However that cannot be since Calvin was born 17 Jan 1772 and is almost 
    		the same age as Samuel.
    	3.	William Prentice, b. c. 1730, and Trial Darling, #13a on pg. 236 Cont., 
    		and Mirriam.  Unless there is a prior unknown marriage, William's first
    		 known child was born in 1785, long after Samuel would have been born.
    Tentative Conclusion: Samuel seems more likely to be the son of Jonah/Jonas Prentice who married Abigail Cummings; that Samuel was b. c. 1767, we have no further information about him, but his brother, Thaddeus, married Keziah, a sister to Merriam.
Children of Samuel and Merriam:
  1. George Prentice, b. 19 Jan 1791; d. 12 Feb 1868. Mason, m. Fanny Mowry of Mendon, MA on 25 Aug 1816 and resided on the old homestead, and at his father's death he purchased the remainder. George d. 12 Feb 1868. Children:
    • Mowry Prentice, b. 26 Nov 1817; went to that part of Douglas, later E. Douglas, MA in 1842. He m. Laura Knapp 25 Jan 1844. Agriculturist. She appears in the 1900 Worcester Co., MA census with their daughter: Augusta B. Prentice, b. Jun 1846, MA and unmarried in 1900.
    • Moses Prentice, b. 23 Jan 1820; d. 21 Oct 1822.

  2. Samuel Prentice. Seafaring man and m. a lady from New York. Died before 1883.

  3. Willard Prentice. Followed the sea; shipped from Boston to the West Indies. Neither he nor the vessel was ever heard from again.

  4. Nabby Prentice. He m. ___ Sheldon; had several children but their names are not known.

  5. Joseph S. Prentice, b. c 1808 & d. 24 Apr 1859, was a mason; m. Sally Hull, b. 1815 & d. 1890, and moved from Millville, MA to Wickford, RI. Joseph Prentice was a mason; Binney's 1883 edition said they had several children, names not known. They are quite likely the Joseph S. Prentice (b. c. 1811, MA), Mason, and Sarah S. who both appear in the 1850, and she in the 1860 North Kingston, Washington, RI census with their children:
    • Edward H. Prentice, b. 1841, NY & d. 1860, RI.
    • George L Prentice, b. c. 1843-4, NY. The 1860 census shows him to be a Jeweler and living at home. Additional information about George can be found in the linked article.
    • Joseph Prentice, b. c. 1850, RI. Joseph is not shown living at home in the 1860 census
    • Sarah F. Prentice, b. c. 1851, RI and living at home in 1860.
    • Mary A. Prentice, b. 1852 & d. 28 Dec 1904, RI; living at home in 1860.

  6. Hannah Prentice m. Mr. Chesley and went to Uxbridge, MA. Had a son, Joseph Prentice who m. Lizzie Patt; lived at Millville as station agent on the NY and New England RR for several years before his death. Children: Carrie Patt and May Patt.

  7. William Prentice. Married and no children.

  8. Pamela Prentice, m. Amasa Bowen. Had son, Lewis Bowen.

  9. Perley or Perley N. Prentice, b. 1812, a mason; d. 13 Feb 1846 in Blackstone; m. Emily Blue and had two children:
    • Georgiana Blue Prentice, b. 14 Apr 1841; m. Willis Jefferson of Douglas. Children:
      • Perley H. Jefferson, b. 31 Mar 1863.
      • Emily M. Jefferson, b. 5 Sep 1866; d. 1874.
      • Samuel L. Jefferson, b. 11 Jun 1870
      • Carrie M. Jefferson, b. 24 Apr 1873.
      • Henry Jefferson, b. 1 Jan 1877.
    • Samuel Prentice, m. Hattie Brown. Children:
      • Nellie Blue.
      • Henry Blue.

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