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John Thomas Prentice of Long Sault, Ontario, Canada

John Thomas Prentice of Long Sault, Ontario, Canada
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2009 and Revised 29 Jun 2009

1. John Thomas Prentice was born at an unknown place and date, perhaps c. 1755-1765 and perhaps Ontario, Canada. Correspondence with Peter Longshore on 20 and 21 Apr 2009 provides the following information:

He was a citizen combatant for the British in the attack made be Benedict Arnold against Montreal and may have been in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York, The Royal Yorkers. There is a mention of him being on the British side at the Plains of Abraham. He was a sixth Lt, and not liked by his fellow officers.

By email of 22 Apr 2009, Peter Longshore provides the following additional information about John's military service:

  • He was a volunteer at Quebec 1775.
  • Ranked as Ensign in AI.
  • Ranked as Lt. in McDonalds Co.3rd ? Oct 13-1777.
  • Ranked as Lt. of Grenediers 1782.
  • In serious difficulties with fellow officers of 1st Batt'n June 1783.
  • Reference to settler's of Douglastown, New Brunswick.under "Loyalists of Chaleur Bay," members of the garrison 1785, are John and Samuel Prentice.
  • Moved to Ontario, across from Long Sault Island.

John must have moved to Williamsburg at the same time as Peter Longshore's kin, Elias Secord.

Peter Longshore's email of 29 Jun 2009 provides some additional information:

    I have further found that my Daniel Prentice

    is from the Mohawk Valley, here in New York . He has land bought from Sir William Johnson, his son Sir John Johnson, hired mercenaries from (Scotland); however Sir William was in the French and Indian war and was very familiar with the Scottish troops of that war and there is a possibility that Lt. John might be the father of Daniel (emphasis added).

    Both men served in the Kings Royal Regiment--Johnson Greens, and Lt. John, having more experience, became an officer, and the son Daniel becoming a private in the same regiment. All these men lived near each other near Cornwallk, Ontario, Canada.

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