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Robert Prentice of VA and TN

Robert Prentice of Virginia and Dekalb Co., TN
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2003 and Revised 26 Jul 2015

NOTE: This article originally appeared in our Spring 1998 issue as Robert Prentice of VA and TN. This article replaces it and adds much new information which has been generously provided by Irma Sullins Prentice in her excellent 2004 book, "The Robert J. Prentice Family Notebook".

1. Robert Prentice was born in 1777 somewhere in Virginia (per Irma Prentice). As Ensign, he was a member of the Tennessee Militia from Sevier Co, TN on 10 Oct 1796. Robert married Ann before 1815. Ann died before 1825. Children:

  1. Margaret Prentice, b. 1815. . . . . . . . [2]
  2. (perhaps) Isaac Prentice, b. c. 1817. . . . . . . . [3]
  3. (probably) Jackson Prentice, born c. 1820. . . . . . . [4]

Irma Prentice's E-mail of 21 Oct 1998 cites an 1820 TN census showing, in the household of a Robert Prentice, 3 additional males and 1 a dditional female. It is not known if this is the same Robert Prentice, b. 1777, but for tracking purposes it is tentatively assumed they are the same person. Additional children would be:

  1. (male) Prentice, b. 1794-1802. Irma Prentice believes he may be William Prentice who was living near Robert in the 1830 census in Smith Co., TN.
  2. (male) Prentice, b. 1802-1804.
  3. (male) Prentice, b. 1804-1810.
  4. (female) Prentice, b. 1804-1810.

Robert then married, as his second wife, Sarah (surname unknown) in 1825 in Smithville, Dekalb Co., TN. They had two additional sons:

  1. John Prentice, born in 1826. He is unmarried, living with his parents, and listed as an "idiot" in the 1850 DeKalb Co., TN census.
  2. Robert Prentice, b. 1831. . . . . . . [5]

2. Margaret Prentice, born in 1815. She appears nearby in the 1840 census with her husband, Nicholas Parsley, born 1813. They moved from DeKalb Co., TN to Lawrence/Sharp Co., AR sometime after the 1850 TN census. Children:

  1. Monroe Parsley, b. 1839, who m. Nancy Jane Tomkins. They had a daughter, Margaret Parsley.
  2. Louise Parsley, b. 1841.
  3. Sylvanus Parsley, b. 1843, who m. Mary Jane Smith.
  4. Luther Parsley, b. 1844, who m. Martha A. (unknown). Children:
    1. Ada L. Parsley
    2. Alice Parsley
    3. Lee B. Parsley.
  5. Levi Parsley, b. 1847. who m. Mary L. (unknown) and had a son:
    1. David L. Parsley.
  6. George Parsley, b. 1850, who m. Nancy J. (unknown) and had:
    1. Tilden Parsley
    2. Julia A. Parsley.

3. (Perhaps) Isaac Prentice, born c. 1817. A farmer, he married, first, Phadey M., b. 1816, and married, second, Rhoda (surname unknown), born 1814. At some date between 1950 and 1960, Isaac and his family moved to Lawrence/Sharp Co., AR. Their children:

  1. James Prentice, b. 1844. . . . . . . . [6]
  2. Melissa Prentice, b. 1847.
  3. Alvin Prentice, b. 1849. . . . . . . . [7]
  4. Martita Prentice, b. 1851.

4. (Probably) Jackson Prentice. born c. 1820, who appears on the same page (253) with Robert in the 1840 Dekalb Co. census; Robert was age 53, and born about 1777. It seems reasonable to think that Robert may be Jackson's father. In the earlier 1830 Smith Co., TN census, Jackson was not listed because he was then a minor. However, listed there in that 1830 census was a Robert Prentice whose age matched the above Robert Prentice.

The 1860 DeKalb census shows Jackson, age 50 and born 1810, living alone, indicating perhaps his wife had died and his children had either married or died by such date. By letter 2 Feb 1998, Irma Prentice identifies his abode as a "poor house" and that he was having "insane fits." Jackson died sometime after 1860. After his death, Rachel married, as her second husband, Paschal Wright in TN in 1862. Interestingly, under "Remarks" in the census record was the word, "Idiotic." At that time and place it might have referred to mental deficiency, or it might have referred to a physical condition such as cerebral palsy.

The 1830 Smith Co. census also listed two men, both named William Prentice (ages 20-30 and born 1800-1810), one with a wife older than he. There were no Williams listed in the 1840 DeKalb Co. census.

Jackson married, as his first wife, Rachel Kelley (1821-1878). Children:

  1. William Burton Prentice, b. 22 Feb 1838. . . . . . . . [8]
  2. George W. Prentice, b. 11 Nov 1839. Not in 1870 census.
  3. Sarah Elizabeth Prentice, b. 2 Aug 1842.
  4. Rebecca "Jane" Prentice, born 29 Sep 1844. She m. Lewis/Levi R. Taylor on 12 Feb 1869. Children:
    1. Millie J. Taylor, b. c. 1869.
    2. Rachel Taylor, b. 1870.
    3. Josephine Taylor, b. 1872.
    4. Dibrel L. Taylor, b. c. 1873-4.
    5. R. H. Taylor, b. 1876.
    6. W. B. Taylor, b. 1878.
    7. Fannie Bell Taylor, b. feb. 1881
    8. Ida Taylor, b. 1885.
  5. John "Nicholas" Prentice, b. 20 Dec 1846.
  6. Millie "Caroline" Prentice, born 12 Jan 1849. . . . . . . [4.1]
  7. For another possible son, see James Prentice, Putnam Co., TN)

After Jackson Prentice died, Rachel later married Paschal Wright in Smith County, TN 14 Dec 1864.

4.1 Millie "Caroline" Prentice, born 12 Jan 1849. She m. Jasper Moody Tate in Galatia, IL, on 2 Sep 1869. By letter of 18 Jan 1998, Tracy Dover Huggins, a descendant, has provided an extensive listing of Millie's descendants. See also Irma Ptrentice's book on "The Robert J. Prentice Family, 2004, pg. 47. Millie and Jasper had 10 children surnamed Tate. We also found the following descendant listing at Ancestry.com :

1 Jasper Moody Tate b: 2 FEB 1844 d: 30 SEP 1934
  + Millie Caroline Prentiss b: 12 JAN 1849 d: 22 JAN 1939
    2 Bowman Tate b: WFT Est 1866-1892 d: WFT Est 1872-1972
    2 Rachel Parlee Tate b: 25 MAY 1870 d: 1942
      + John Edward Pemberton b: NOV 1867 d: 1940
        3 Amos A. Pemberton b: JUL 1890 d: WFT Est 1891-1980
        3 Edna Pemberton b: NOV 1891 d: WFT Est 1892-1985
        3 Bernie Allen Pemberton b: JUN 1893
        3 James Conrad Pemberton b: APR 1895
        3 Ephard Pemberton b: FEB 1897 d: WFT Est 1898-1987
        3 Nalie (Nola) Pemberton b: 13 JAN 1899
        3 Wiley Leeman Pemberton b: JAN 1902
        3 Dawsie Ellis Pemberton b: 20 OCT 1904
        3 John Oran Pemberton b: 12 JUN 1907
        3 Will Moody Pemberton b: 1909 d: 1960
    2 Tessie Tate b: 1872 d: WFT Est 1873-1966
    2 Adesia (Desa) Tate b: 6 JAN 1874 d: 1917
      + James Lonis Harris b: 1875 d: WFT Est 1902-1963
    2 Rilda Gertrude (Gertie) Tate b: 27 SEP 1875 d: 1960
      + John Frank Williams b: JUL 1871 d: 1954
        3 Annis G. Williams b: 3 JUL 1896 d: DEC 1984
          + William Oscar Clark b: 29 DEC 1890 d: JUL 1977
            4 Charles Franklin Clark
        3 Claudy Williams b: 27 SEP 1898
        3 Alsie B. Williams b: 1900 d: 1959
          + Madge Cantrell b: DEC 1904
            4 Wanda Williams
        3 Nellie Mae Williams b: 1904 d: 1991
          + Clyde Jones b: 5 JUL 1904 d: MAY 1982
        3 Noah L. Williams b: 1911
          + Anna Mae McClaren
    2 Andrew J. Tate b: 25 FEB 1878 d: 6 FEB 1973
      + Nora Belle Lewis b: 12 APR 1882 d: 19 FEB 1964
        3 Grover J. Tate b: 7 JAN 1906 d: 18 JAN 1978
          + Eva Barton b: 25 DEC 1905 d: 24 JAN 1981
            4 Nora Tate b: 1933 d: 1933
        3 Loomis E. Tate b: 13 OCT 1908 d: 1990
        3 Lewis Tate b: 13 MAY 1912 d: 1978
          + Louise Graff b: WFT Est 1904-1927 d: WFT Est 1953-1995
        3 Clois Arthur Tate b: 2 SEP 1920 d: WFT Est 1952-1995
          + Jean McCormick b: WFT Est 1908-1930 d: WFT Est 1951-1995
    2 Bertis B. (Bentie) Tate b: 4 MAR 1880 d: 1967
      + Etta Mae Gates b: WFT Est 1876-1896 d: WFT Est 1911-1980
    2 Wallis Tate b: 2 AUG 1882 d: WFT Est 1883-1972
    2 Alsie Tate b: 1884 d: WFT Est 1885-1978
    2 Ausband Tate b: 22 JAN 1884 d: WFT Est 1885-1974
    2 Hattie Tate b: 31 MAY 1886 d: 1967
      + Elmer Aaron b: WFT Est 1869-1889 d: WFT Est 1914-1975
    2 Drucilla Elizabeth Tate b: 27 DEC 1889 d: 1925
      + Orville Davis b: WFT Est 1872-1892 d: WFT Est 1917-1978
    2 Mary J. Tate b: 21 MAY 1892 d: WFT Est 1893-1986

5. Robert Prentice, born 1831 in Smithville, De Kalb Co., TN and d. 1890 in DeKalb Co., TN and is buried in the Christian Cem. in Silver Point, Putnam, TN. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War from 21 Oct 1863 to 13 Dec 1864. He was a member of Co. C, First TN Mounted Infantry under Com. Wade Jones from Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co., TN. Robert is buried in the Christian Cemetery in Silver Point, Putnam Co., TN. Robert m. 1st, in 1852 in DeKalb Co., Elizabeth, b. 1831, TN. Children:

  1. James Prentice, b. 1851 and 3 Aug 1933. . . . . . . [9]
  2. George W. Prentice, b. 1857. . . . . . . . [10]

Robert m. 2nd, in Dec 1887, Adelaid Wallace Smith, a widow, at Silver Point, TN. Adelaid is probably the Adelaid Prentiss, b. Feb. 1847, TN who appears in the 1900 and 1920 census living in the Putnam County home of of her son, James W. Smith.

6. James Prentice, b. 1844, who m. 1st Nora. Children (per 1880, Big Creek, Sharp Co., AR census:

  1. William Prentice, b. c. 1868, AR. Not in 1910, 1920 or 1930 census.
  2. Laura Prentice, b. c. 1875, AR.
  3. Georgia Prentice, b. c. 1878, AR.
  4. Isaac Prentice, b. c. 1879, AR. Not in 1910, 1920 or 1930 census.

James married, 2nd Lola/Lula Gormley, in June, 1882. She was b. c. 1868 and had two children by a prior marriage: Eliza and Robert L. Gormley. Lula was living alone in the 1920 Garland Co., AR census and with her son, James in the 1930 census. James was perhaps by 1920 then deceased. Children of James and Lola/Lula (per 1880 Sharp Co., AR, census and 1900 Black Rock, Lawrence Co., AR census:

  1. Charles A. Prentice, b. Jun 1886, AR. Not in 1910, 1920 or 1930 census.
  2. Martitis Prentice, b. Aug 1889, AR.
  3. James F. Prentice, b. Jul 1894, AR. He is probably the James F. Prentis who appaers in the 1930 census in Batesville, Independence Co., AR with his wife, Lucia(?), b. c. 1893, AR.
  4. Bertha M. Prentice, b. Oct 1895, AR. She m. Oscar Beakley in Garland Co., AR on 2 Apr 1916.
  5. Everette M. Prentice, b. Sep 1898, AR. Not in 1930 census.

7. Alvin C. Prentice, b. 1849.

He m. Sarah J.. Children (per 1880 and 1900 Strawberry, Sharp Co., AR census and 1920 Hoxie, Lawrence Co., AR census).

  1. Charles F.Prentice, b. Feb 1874, AR. He m. Elizabeth. Children (per 1900 Black Rock, Lawrence, AR census):
    1. Elmer M. Prentice, b. Mar 1897, AR. He appears in the 1930 census in Hoxie, Lawrence Co., AR with his wife, Maria, b. c. 1905, and children:
      1. Glenda Sue Prentice, b. c. 1927, AR.
      2. James/Jimmie Prentice, b. c. 1928, AR
    2. Margaret M. Prentice, b. c. 1902, AR.
    3. Myrtle Prentice, b. c. 1904, AR.
    4. Virgil L. Prentice, b. c. 1905, AR. Not in 1930 census.
    5. Manda M. Prentice, b. c. 1907, AR.
    6. Charles E. Prentice, b. c. 1914, AR. Not in 1930 census.
    7. Francis L. Prentice, b. c. 1917, AR. Not in 1930 census.
  2. James Monroe "Monroe" Prentice, b. c. 1877, AR. Not ion 1930 census.
  3. Mary A. Prentice, b. Jun 1879, Sharp Co., AR, and living in 1946 per John Casall, email, 18 Aug 2010. She m. Conrad M. Sullvan on 24 Dec 8989 in Sharp City, AR.. He was b. 1875, Sharp Co., AR, and d. 3 Mar 1946, perhaps West Plains, Howell Co., MO per John Casall, email, 18 Aug 2010. 1920 and 1930 census in West Plains, MO. Children per John Casall, email, 3 Aug 2010:
    1. (Little Murr) Sullivan, dau., b. 20 Dec 1900 and d. 26 Jun 1902 B Sullivan Cemetery, Sharp Co., AR.
    2. Gladys M. Sullivan,, 1903, Sharp Co., AR. 1930 census at home.
    3. Kathleen Sullivan, b. 1906, Sharp Co., AR. Not home in 1930 census.
    4. Imogene Sullivan, b. 1908, Sharp Co., AR. Called Mary E. Sullivan and at home in the 1930 census.
  4. Willie/William L. Prentice, b. Jan 1889, AR. He may be the William L. Prentice who appears in the 1930 census in Lawrence, Lawrence Co., AR, with his wife, Lela J., b. c. 1898, AL,and daughters:
    1. Grace Prentice, b. c. 1922, AL.
    2. Emma J. Prentice, b. c. 1926, AR.
    3. Jessie R. Prentice (dau), b. c. 1928, AR
  5. Hattie M. Prentice, b. Nov 1890, AR.
  6. Jessie Prentice, b. Mar 1897, AR. Not in 1930 census.

8. William Burton Prentice, b. 22 Feb 1838 and d. 24 Mar 1918. Buried Gordonsville Cemetery, Smith Co., TN. He was perhaps a farmer and served in the Confederate Army about 4 years. He m. 1st Martha L. McDonald. Children:

  1. Lucy Prentice, b. 1861, who m. George W. Fisher.
  2. William James Prentice, b. 1864 and d. 1954. . . . . . . [11]
  3. John Efron Prentice, b. 1866. . . . . . . [12]
  4. Robert L. Prentice (1868-1943) m. Lula Ellen Thomas. In 1910 and 1920 census in Gordonsville, Smith Co., TN with his wife, Lula, b. c. 1876, TN, and children: (More about them can be found in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pgs. 20 and 43.)
    1. Lillie Prentice, b. 18 Nov 1895 and d. 27 Jan 1935, TN. She m. Robert Dean. The appear in the 1920 census in Carthage, Smith Co., TN without children. Not in 1930 census.
    2. Willie Prentice, b. 5 Apr 1899 and d. 2 Jan 1982.. She m. Mr. Coffee.
    3. Nannie Forest Prentice. She m. Mr. Ford.
    4. Edna Prentice, b. 26 Jun 1919. She m. Mr. Kirlkin.
    5. Clarence Prentice, b. 18 Aug 1901 and d. 28 Mar 1978. Did not marry.
  5. Nettie Forrest Prentice, b. 8 Oct 1870 and d. 29 Mar 1941. She m. Sam Preston on 7 Aug 1889. He was b. 2 Feb 1863 and d. 22 Jan 1938. Children:
    1. Willie Preston. Died as an infant.
    2. Stacy Jane Preston. Did not marry.
    3. Fate Preston. He m. Edna Dimple "Bessie" Betty and had 2 children
    4. Robert Stanton Preston, b. 28 Nov 1897 and d. 18 Nov 1965. He m. Jessie Lou Parker 20 Jan 1914 and had 4 children.
  6. Martha F. Prentice, b. 1872 and d. 1950. She m. Lely Squires. That a daughter, Mattie Lou Squires. She m. Jack Peach. They had a son, Jack Peach.

William Burton Prentice (b. 22 Feb 1838) married, 2nd Martha Strickland, an indian from AR, in 1881-2 in Fayette Co., Braden, TN. William and Martha Strickland Prentice may have lived in Shreveport, LA, since that is where their four children raised their families. They are either buried there or in Homer, LA. He is buried in Gordsonsville Cem. in Smith Co., TN. Children:

  1. Thomas Flin Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1883 and d. 4 Apr 1951; m.Cadley Bryant. Not in 1930 census.
  2. Lula May Prentice, b. 14 Dec 1885 and d. 9 Jun 1950. She m. 1st Lloyd Fowler. She m. 2nd John L.Robinson. They have 2 sdons, Harold L. and Lawrence E. Robinson.
  3. Lonnie Bert Prentice, b. 4 Mar 1890 and d. 30 Mar 1971. He m. 1st Dee Patterson. He m. 2nd Lillie "Mary" Daley. Sons:
    1. Mark Prentice, b. c. 1910 and d. bef. 1985.
    2. W. B. Prntice, b. 1912 and d. bef. 1985. He m. Maxine Hunter in 1937.
  4. Bricen Cooper Prentice, b. 4 Jul 1893, TN and d. 28 Feb 1987. He m. Beatrice Caber Teel. In 1930 census in Police Jury Ward 2, Caddo Parish, LA, with his wife, B. T., b. c. 1894, TXand children:
    1. Margaret Inez Prentice, b. c. 1913, TX and d. 11 Dec 1988. At home in 1930.
    2. Bricen Cooper Prentice Jr., b. c. 1920, LA and d. 30 Nov 1997, He m. Lenna Mae Moyer. She had 2 children from a prior marriage: Frank James Fudge Jr. and John S. Fudge; both later changed their surnames to Prentice. They also adopted a son, John Paul whose name was later changed to Prentice.
    3. Billie Jean Prentice, b. c. 1927, LA and d. 25 Mar 1973 in Homer, LA. She m. Joseph Oscar Camp. They have 2 sons: Zane Colton Camp and Billy Joe Camp.

9. James "Jim" Prentice, b. 1851 and d. 3 Aug 1933; buried Odd Fellows Cem., Baxter, TN. He married, first, Martha Wallace of Bedford C., TN on 22 Sep 1870. She was the daughter of Josiah Wallace of Bedford Co., TN. Children:

  1. Frances Elizabeth "Bettie" Prentice, b. 1872 and d. before 1910. She m. 1st James T. Hamilton in 1887. She m. 2nd J. L. Hale on 25 Dec 1921. Children:
    1. James Harvie Hamilton,b. 1888.
    2. Emma "Emmie" A. Hamilton, b. 1892 and d. 1975, She m. Cleave Shores.
    3. Flossie A. Hamilton
    4. Eller Hamilton, b. c. 1911. She m. Obie Herren.
    5. Udell Hamilton, b. c. 1913.
    6. Travis Hamilton, b. c. 1924. He m. Miss Maddoux.
    7. Oliver Hamilton, b. 1895 and d. 1960. They had several children.
    8. Johnny "John" Hamilton, b. 1897 and d. 1953.
    9. William "Willie" hamilton, b. 1903. He m. Effie Phillips.
    10. Josie Hamilton, b. 1906 and d. 1921.
    11. Martha Avo Hamilton, b. 1907.. She m. 1st Charles Fisher. She m. 2nd Bradley L. Carr, husband of her Aunt Susie.
    12. Jessie Lee Hamilton, b. 1912 and d. 1931.
  2. Mary J. Prentice, b. 30 Oct 1875 in Putnam County and d. c. 1898.. She m. Byrd S. Puckett on 5 Oct 1893. They had a dau. Opal Puckett who m. Leon Dyer on 2 Jul 1914 in DeKalb Co. After Mary died, Byrd m. Jennie L. Carter on 5 Oct 1893. Byrd d. 23 Mar 1899.
  3. Josephine "Josie" Prentice, b. Sep 1879 in Putnam Co. and d. before 1902. She m. R. M. Kinnaird on 22 Dec 1894 and perhaps, later, Billy Love.
  4. John/Johnny Prentice, b. ???? in Putnam County and d. before 1908.
  5. Caroline Prentice, b. 25 Apr 1881 in Buffalo Valley, Putnam County, and d. 26 Feb 1930. She m. Luster Lee Ashburn on 18 Sep 1898. He was b. c. 1868 and d. 1920. They had 8 children: Ernest Cecil, Maude May, James Leo, Vern Dee, Don Carlos, Stanford Clyde, Roy B., and Martha Lula.
  6. Betty Prentice. Mentioned in an old family Bible.
  7. James "Monroe" Prentice, b. 14 Apr 1884. . . . . . . . [13]
  8. Martha Susan "Susie" Prentice, b. Mar 1888; She m. Bradley L. Carr in DeKalb Co. on 14 Sep 1910. They had 2 children: Vallie Carr who m. Dort Burton and Joe Carr who was b. 1913 and d. 17 Nov 1994.
  9. (infant) Prentice.
  10. Martin Bradley Prentice, b. Dec. 1889 and d. 1981. Moved to TX in 1917. He m. 1st Bryzena Garrison. Daughter:
    1. Lorelle Prentice, b. 23 Sep 1910, Silver Point, TN and d. 5 Dec 2000. She m. Elmer Baker and had 1 child, Norma Baker who m. 1st Mr. Smith and had James Harold Smith; she m. 2nd John D. Keaton and had Donald Lee Keaton, Josula Dean Keaton, Lori Janis Keaton and Jeffery Keaton. Elmer d. 18 Dec 1960 and Lorelle m. 2nd widower Bryan Summers.
    and 2nd Gladys Stutton of Smith County on 18 Feb 1917. Children:
    1. Ralph Prentice
    2. Floyd Wayne Prentice, b. 20 Mar 1928 in Hockley Co., TX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [9.1]
    3. Marilyn Prentice, b. 13 Jun 1930, Hockley Co., TX. She m. Wayne Allen and in 2006 lived in Abilene, TX.
    4. Irma Prentice. She m. Mr. Whorton of Prue, OK.
    5. Melvin Prentice of Buffalo Gap, TX. He m. Velma.
    6. Ross Prentice and his wife, Olabell, of Roswell, NM.
  11. Lonnie "Lon" Dowell Prentice, b. Sep 1894. He m. 1st Daisy Webb on 12 Apr 1913 in Putnam Co., TN. Not in 1930 census and not in SSDI. Children:
    1. Clarence Prentice, b. 1914, Putnam Co., TN. In 1920 census in Putnam Co., TN. Not in 1930 census. Not in SSDI.
    2. Vergil/Virgil Prentice, b. 3 Dec 1915 and d. 14 Jan 1916. Bur. in Webb Cemetery.
    Lonnie m. 2nd Martha aft. 1920.
  12. Erma M. "Ermy" Prentice, b. 1897 and d. 1917 of TB and buried in the Christian Cem. in Putnam Co. She is bur. in the Christian Cem. in Putnam County. She did not marry.

James married, second, Amanda Brassell, b. 1851. Robert and his family were still living in DeKalb County where they appear in the 1850 census.

9.1 Floyd Wayne Prentice, b. 20 Mar 1928 in Hockley Co., TX, and d. 2 Jun 2006. His obituary in the Abilene Reporter-News of 9 Jun 2006 reads as follows:

    Floyd W. "Pete" Prentice

    ROBERT LEE — Floyd W. "Pete" Prentice, went to be with his Lord on Friday, June 2, 2006.

    Pete was born March 20, 1928 in Levelland, Texas to Bradley and Gladys Prentice. At a very young age he moved with his family to Ft. Sumner, New Mexico, where he lived until 1945. His family then moved to Buffalo Gap, Texas where he met and married Emmalee Marquis on July 15, 1950. He worked for Union Texas Petroleum, retiring after 38 years, he worked most of those years at the gas plant in Silver, Texas.

    After retiring he worked as a volunteer with the Baptist Church Builders of Texas, a group of Christians who by God’s leading, go together each summer and build one church building for a needy church somewhere in the United States. Working with Clifton Griffith and David Strunk was both a joy and a privilege.

    Pete helped to build churches in Wyoming, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Texas. Pete also worked with the Texas Baptist Men Camp Builders, working in Baptist Encampments all over Texas. He loved doing this also, it was very exciting loading our travel trailer and heading down the road to another job. Pete loved to be working for the Glory of God. He was a faithful member of Robert Lee Baptist Church, serving as a deacon for many years. He was a Mason, belonging to Hayrick Lodge # 696. Another joy of his life was camping with his Grandchildren.

    He is survived by his wife, Emmalee, of 56 years, daughters, Connie Prentice of Abilene, Susan Hanna and husband Gary of San Angelo, Son Richard Prentice and wife Bobbie of Drummond, Oklahoma and daughter Rhonda Marquis Jio and husband Henry of Wylie.

    Grandchildren, Justin Prentice of Drummond, Oklahoma, Ashley Marsh and husband Jeff of Enid, Oklahoma, Christopher Hanna and Chad Hanna of San Angelo. Great Grandson, Blaine Marsh of Enid Oklahoma.

    Brothers and sisters: Marilyn Allen and husband Wayne of Abilene, Irma Whorton of Prue, Oklahoma, brothers, Melvin and wife Velma of Buffalo Gap, Ross and wife Olabell of Roswell, New Mexico,

    Sisters-in-law: Vivian Prentice of Rolla, Missouri, Louise Prentice of Abilene, Mavis Hundley and husband Lawrence of Abilene and Carolyn Marquis of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and numerous nieces and nephews, coworkers, and friends.

    Funeral services will be held at 10:00 a.m., Monday, June 5, 2006 at the Robert Lee Baptist Church in Robert Lee with burial to follow in the Robert Lee Cemetery with the Reverend Roy Epperson officiating. Visitation will be Sunday with a family visitation from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Services are under the direction of Shaffer Funeral Home. Special Thanks to Dr. Rahman and Vista Care for the care of our Husband, Daddy, and PaPa. We will miss you, but we will be with you soon, tell everyone Hello. We love you! SHAFFER FUNERAL HOME / ROBERT LEE, TEXAS

He m. Emmalee Marquis on 15 Jun 1950, Buffalo Gap, TX. Children per Floyd's obituary, above:

  1. Connie Prentice of Abilene.
  2. Susan Prentice. She m. Gary Hanna of San Angelo, TX.
  3. Richard Prentice, He m. Bobbie and lived in Drummond, OK,
  4. Rhonda Marquis Prentice. She m. Henry Jio of Wylie, TX.

10. George W. Prentice, b. 1857. He may be the George Prentice (b. c. 1859) who appears in the 1880 DeKalb census with his wife, Sarah Ann (b. c. 1864) with their children:

  1. Malissa Prentice, b. c. 1877, TN.
  2. Emiline Prentice, b. c. 1878, TN.
  3. Orville Prentice, b. c. 1879, TN. Not in 1910, 1920 or 1930 census.

Also appearing in George's household is Mary Prentice, b. c. 1852.

For more about a possible second marriage, see "George Washington Prentice" at www.PrenticeNet.com.

11. William James Prentice, b. 1864, TN and d. 1954.

He m. Annie Maude "Maude" Winfree. She was b. c. 1877, TN, as were her parents. William and Maude appear in the 1910 census in Pct. 19, Smith Co., TN. Not in 1920 or 1930 census. Children (per 1910 census):

  1. William Braden Prentice, b. c. 1896, TN. In the 1930 census in Dist. 4, Davidson Co., TN with his wife, Lillian, 1897, TN and children:
    1. William Edward Prentice, b. c. 1919, TN. He m. Thelma Farmer Sons:
      1. William/Bill Prentice.
      2. Mark Prentice.
      3. Neil Prentice.

    2. Charles Ray Prentice, b. c. 1923, TN, and d. 14 Dec 1994. He m. Mary Betty Bentley (per Lisa Evans, email 7 Jul 2007). Daughters:
      1. Pamela Prentice. She m. Felix Hoots. Children: Peter and Emily Hoots.
      2. Valerie Lynn Prentice. She d. 3 May 2003 (per Lisa Evans, email 7 Jul 2007).

  2. Ivy L. Prentice, b. c. 1897, TN. She m. William Hobart Frye and had Estelle, Ruth and William James Frye. By email of 21 Sep 2005, Irma S. Prentice provided the following information:

      "We lost a cousin William Frye. His death was possibly due to a brain anuerism. He was part of the Jackson Prentice Branch, the son of William Hobart and Ivy Prentice Frye, and grandson of William James Prentice. More information about him can be found on page 30 of our book and his picture is on page 170 (2nd picture... he is in the striped shirt). His sister Ruth Taylor passed away about two months ago with cancer. His oldest sister Estelle is still living but had to be hospitalized when she heard the news."

  3. Robert/Bob Hatton Prentice, (twin) b. c. 1899, TN. He m. 1st Bertha Williams. He m. 2nd Grace Smith. Children:
    1. Virginia Prentice. She m. Robert Wayne Bates. Children: Barbara Jean, Bill, and Paul Bates.
    2. Carl Douglas Prentice.. He m. Patricia Ann Medley. Sons:
      1. Carl Prentice Jr. . He m. Penney and have 2 children:
        1. Mathew Prentice.
        2. Emily Prentice.
      2. David Prentice. He m. Janet. Son:
        1. Justin Prentice.
  4. Hattie Bell Prentice, b. c. 1899, TN (twin). She m. George Lee Stewart. Children:
    1. Sammie Stewart. She m. James Moss and had Larry, Judy and Bobby.
    2. Ray Stewart. He m Betty Pollard and had Kenneth and Donna.
    3. Alma Stewart. She m Leon Kinkade and had Michael and Anita.
    4. Jeanette Stewrt. She m. Joe Marlin and had Cindy, Connie and Ted.
    5. Jimmie Lee Stewart.
    6. George Lee Stewart Jr. He m. Loretta Dorris Robbins. Catherine Gail Stewart McGowan's email of 11 Oct 2011 provides the following additional information: George was b. 15 Aug 1930m Brush Creek, TN, and d. 31 Jul 1991, Kidney disease. He was a chemist at the J. J. Seiffin Company in Detroit, MI. Children:
      1. Catherine Gail Stewart. She m. Mr. McGowan.
      2. Gary Stewart
    7. Clyde Stewart. He m. Pauline Self and had Diana, David., Linda, Paul, Karen, Cheryl and Ronald.
    8. Shirley Stewart. She m. Paul Stone and had Tommy and Marty.
    9. Joe Stewart. He m. Carolyn Turner and had Debbie and Steve.
  5. Sam (not Samuel) H. Prentice, b. c. 1905, TN. He appears in the 1930 census in Dist. 4, Davidson Co., TN, as Sam Prentice with his wife, Lorene Rowland, b. 1909, TN. L orene d. 1980 (per Lisa Evans, email, 7 Jul 2007). Daughter:
    1. Lisa Prentice, b. 1952. She m. George Evans and had 2 children, Anna Elisabeth and Jason Andrew.
    Sam m. 2nd Mary in Oct 1986.

12. John Efron Prentice, b. 1866 and d. 1934; he m. Lula Bell Harper. Children:

  1. Carrie Helen Prentice, b. 19 Mar 1893 and d. 30 Sep 1939. She m. Andrew Alexander Tanner. Children:
    1. John Tanner. He d. 1967. No children.
    2. Charles Lee Tanner. He m. 1st. Hazel Vaughn. Sons Charles Jr. and Gary. He m. 2nd Virginia. Sons Michael and Terry. He is bur. Spring Hill cem. beside son and first wife, Hazel Vaughn.
    3. Helen Tanner. She m. Ed Wilburn. No children.
    Carrie m. 2nd Odell Canter.
  2. Daisy Mae Prentice, b. 9 Aug 1895 and d. 22 Nov 1977. She m. Benton Newbell. Daughter: '
    1. Gertie Mae Newbell. Se m. "Bud."
    Daisy Mae m. 2nd Mr. Kittrell. Not in 1920 or 1930 census.
  3. Charles Lee Prentice, b. 22 May 1896 and d. 21 Dec 1986. Bur in Forest Lawn Clettsville. He m. Allie Ray and had:
    1. Cecil Denver Prentice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [13.1]
    2. Louise Prentice who had daughters Judith, Janice, Janelle, and Jennifer. Died before 1999 per obit. of her brother, Cecil, above.
  4. William Walter Prentice, b. 30 Oct 1899 and d. 15 Nov 1902.
  5. Elsie Lou Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1903 and d. 14 Jul 1993. She m. Mr. Midget. They had sons James, Alton, Frank, Carl
  6. Johnnie Young Prentice, b. 7 Jun 1907 and d. 9 Jan 1985. She m. Clyde Davis. They had a son, J. C. Davis.
  7. Vallie Hazel Prentice, b. 24 Nov 1911. She m. 1st Unknown. She m. 2nd Harry Kittrell on 14 Sep 1930. Children: Robert, Margaret, Marvin and Carol.
  8. Earl Nelson Prentice, b. 8 Feb 1915-17. . . . . . . . . [14]

                    13. James "Monroe" Prentice. James was born on 14 April 1884 at Buffalo Valley, TN and lived near Ramer, TN. James died in 1969. Buffalo Valley lies approximately 10 to 15 miles north of Smithville where Robert Prentice was living at the time of the 1840 and 1850 Dekalb County, TN census in which he appears. James d. 1969 (per Aubrey "Buzz" Prentice).

                    James was the son of James "Jim" Prentice and Martha Wallace, He married, as his first wife, Susan Frances Coleman. Susan was born March 1888 and died on 27 July 1952. Susan Frances Coleman was the daughter of Zachariah Taylor Coleman and Susan J. Stewart. Monroe and Susan moved to AR by covered wagon before 1904. Monroe left his family in the care of his parents many times over the years to go in search of work. He worked as a carpenter and as a storekeeper. He also worked in the cotton mills in Atlanta, GA and was a proprietor of a store in Baxter, TN and ran a Grist Mill in Silver Point, TN. In between jobs, he tried to farm but didn't seem to have much talent or love for that occupation.

                    Susan was injured in a car accident in Chattanooga, TN in the Spring of 1952 while visiting her brother, Henry Coleman, whom she had ;not seen in 30 years. She nevery fully recovered from the injuries she received in the accident and later died on 27 Jul 1952 in St., Louis, MO. She is buried there near her sons Paschal and James.


Children of James and Susan:

  1. Fred Prentice (1904-1977), Selmer, TN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . [15]
  2. Arby C. Prentice was born in 1906, Reverie, TN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [16]
  3. Mary "Eileen" Prentice (1907-1985), Hayti Mo. She m. Mr. Walker. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [17]
  4. Carmel Prentice, b. 1 Nov 1909 and d. 6 Jan 1934. She m. John Pappaphanasiou (Pappas) in St. Louis. He was b. 1895 and d. 1951. No children.1909-1934). She m. Mr. Pappas.
  5. Paschal "Pat" Lamar Prentice, b. 24 May 1911, Silver Point, TN and d. 2 Feb 1951, St. Louis. He m. Vesta Lee Hogue on 5 Jan 1932. She was b. 1912 and d. 1994, Fenton, MO. No children. After Pat's death, Vesta m. Israel Wadlow Shantz on 16 Sep 1954. He was b. 1908 and d. 1989. No children.
  6. James "Henry" Prentice (1915-1996), Fenton, Mo. He m. Ms. Davis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [18]
  7. Dulcie Modema Prentice, b. 11 Feb 1921 and d.a year and a half later on 25 Aug 1922. Bur. at Ingram Ridge Cem., Southeast MO.

James m. 2nd Maggie May "Maggie" Delaney on 2 Nov 1932. No children. They lived in Silver Point, TN.

13.1 Cecil Denver Prentice, b. 11 May 1923, TN, and d. 12 Apr 1999. His obituary is provided by John Casall's email of 6 Jul 2010 and reads as follows:

    CECIL DENVER PRENTICE: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
    Albuquerque Journal (NM) - April 14, 1999

    CECIL DENVER PRENTICE May 11, 1923 - April 12, 1999 Cecil Denver Prentice, a Tennessee native and longtime resident of Goodletsville, TN, Cincinnati, OH, Waterloo, NY and Rio Rancho, NM, left this world peacefully from the Presbyterian Hospice Center.

    He went home to be with his Lord and Savior where he will join his parents, Allie Ray and Charlie Prentice; his sister, Louise Anderson; and his granddaughter, Cynthia Lee.

    He is survived by his loving wife, Gladys, of 55 years; and sons, Larry and Cathy of Houston, TX, Donald and Ruth Ann of Rio Rancho, NM; and grandchildren, Christina, Craig and Melissa. He is survived by his brother-in-law, Ed Anderson; and nieces in California and Tennessee. He also leaves his e-mail and "Free Friday" network of friends who helped make the journey a little easier.

    He faithfully served the Lord in his earthly ministry as a Deacon, Head Usher, and a special ministry to the ill and shut-ins through the Radio Room in his churches. Visitation will be on Thursday, April 15, 1999 at 1:00 p.m. followed by a celebration of his life memorial service at 2:00 p.m. at Mesa Baptist Temple Church, 1411 Golf Course Rd., with Pastor Carr officiating. Burial will follow in Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials in his name may be made to your Church, Presbyterian Hospice of Albuquerque, or your local Cancer Society.

He m Gladys, living in 2002. They had 2 or more children, including:

  1. Larry D. Prentice, b. c. 1947 and d. 6 May 2002, Houston, TX. His obituary reads as follows:

      Houston Chronicle (TX) - May 9, 2002
      LARRY D. PRENTICE, age 55, stepped into glory May 6, 2002 where he re-joined his daughter, Cynthia Lee and his father, Denver Prentice. He is survived by his wife, Cathy; daughter, Christina; son, Craig; mother, Gladys; brother, Donald and wife Ruth Ann and their daughter, Melissa; uncle, Ed Anderson; father-in-law, Rev. Carlton Carpenter and his wife, Elvere; brothers-in-law, Daniel Carpenter and wife Dottie, Timothy Carpenter and wife Kay, Mark Carpenter and wife Emily; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

      A Memorial Celebration of Life Service will be held 2:00 P.M., Friday, May 10, 2002 in the Chapel of First Baptist Church, 7401 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024 with Rev. Larry Lilley officiating. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Morningstar Class Memorial Fund, c/o Houston's First Baptist Church.

    Larry m. Cathy Carpenter, dau. of Rev. Carlton and Elvere Carpenter. Children:

    1. Cynthia Lee Prentice. Deceased b. 2002.
    2. Christina Prentice.
    3. Craig Prentice.

  2. Donald Prentice, b. c. 1945-1950 and living in 2002. He m. Ruth Ann Mackellar. In 1999 they lived in Rio Rancho, NM, per obit. of his father. Theyhad 1 or more children, including per his brother's obituary:
    1. Melissa Prentice.

14. Earl Nelson Prentice, b. 8 Feb 1915-17 and d. 31 Jul. 1979. He m. Rosie Earline Smith. Children:

  1. Mable Earline Prentice (DOB 9-14-1933). She m. m. Douglas O'Neil Sloan. In 2010 they lived in Greenbrier, TN, per Irma Prentice, email, 7 May 2010. He d. in May 2010. Children:
    1. Douglas O'Neil Sloan, Jr., b. 2 Dec 1951.
    2. Victor Wayne Sloan, b. 19 Mar 1954. He m. Nancy Pyland
    3. Timothy Carson Sloan, b. 16 Nov 1957. He m. Soonok Chung. Children: Hannah and Caleb.
    4. MaDonna Yvette Sloan, b. 30 Oct. 1962. She m. Phil Vance. Daughters: Whitney and Stephanie.
  2. Barbara Jeanette Prentice, b. c. Feb 1939. She m. Ted Hall. Son: Michael Hall.
  3. Joe Nelson Prentice, b. 8 Mar 1941. He m. 1st. Nancy Adams and had Cindy and Tammy. He m. 2nd Shirley Thgompson. He m. 3rd. Marie Cobb and in 2004 lives in Canton, TX.
  4. Marsha Lynn Prentice, b. 13 Dec 1948. She m. Tommy Crosslin. Twins: Jason and Tiffany.

15. Fred Prentis, b. 1904 and d. 11 Jan 1978, Selmer, TN. He is bur. in White Sulphur Springs Cem., Counce, TN. By email of 8 Jul 2007, Irma Prentice advises that Fred does not have a middle name even though the his does does and was given the tag, "Jr."

He m. 1st Nola Nora Curtis. She was b. 1909 and d. 1985 in Little Rock, AR and bur. in Sardis, TN. :

  1. Aljean "Jean" Prentice, b. 22 Jan 1926. . . . . . . . [19]
  2. Fred Ray Prentice Jr., b. 9 Feb 1934. . . . . . . . . . [20]

Fred m. 2nd Sally Cecile Hunter in 1934. Children:

  1. Beverly Prentis, b. 24 Mar 1935. She m. Robert "Bobby" Watkins.on 20 Feb 1959. Daughter:
    1. Particia Gwen Watkins who m. Jim Jackson on 5 Oct 1979 in Florence, AL. Jim was b. c. 1959 and d. 30 Apr 2005 at home at the age of 46 (per Irma Prentice, email, 30 Apr 2005)They have 2 children:
      1. Hunter Sinclair Jackson, b. 13 Feb 1991, Florence, AL and
      2. Kelly Elizabeth Jackson, b. 17 Mar 1994, Florence, AL.

  2. James Paschal Prentis, b. 11 Dec 1937. He m. 1st Nancy and had 2 sons. He m. 2nd Emma Counce of Counce, TN in the Fall of 1959. They have 2 daughters:
    1. Lisa Gaye Prentice and
    2. Paula Prentiss who m. Mike Williams and has a daughter:
      1. Haley Williams

  3. Arby Joe Prentis, b. 9 Jan 1939, Cookeville, TN. He m. Jerrie Parnell and they have a daughter:
    1. Stephanie Prentis who is an attorney in Savannah, TN.

  4. Catherine Prentis, b. 9 Oct 1949. She m. 1st unknown. She m. 2nd Steve Jones on 2 Jan 1986 and they have a son
    1. Jameson "Jamie" Jones, b. 13 Jun 1986, Nashville, TN.

16. Arby C. Prentice was born 24 Mar 1906, Reverie, TN, and d. 1988. He married Edith Laverne Craig in early 1920's. She she was b. 18 Feb 1910 (per 1930 census) BS died 15 Jun 1988, at age 78. In 1930 census in Dist. 14, Tipton Co., TN. They had six children.

  1. Doris Pauline Prentice, b. 18 Feb 1930. She m. 1st Russell Mallett in CA and had 2 daughters, Deborah and Annette Mallett. Doris m. 2nd Jess Mendenhall who d. Mar 2001. Doris m. 3rd William "Bil?" Proctor in Aug 2003 and in 2011 they live in West Plains, MO.
  2. Bobby Glenn Prentice, b. 10 May 1932 and d. 19 Feb 1970; bur. in Union City, TN. He m. Joan "Claudene" Hudson in Hayti, MO. Children:
    1. Glynna Jo Prentice, b. 29 May 1954.
    2. Kerry Lynn Prentice, b. 8 May 1955. She m. James R. "Jim" Alexander on 18 May 1985. No children.
    3. Glenn Wayne Prentice, b. 29 Aug 1956.

  3. Mildred Carmine (Sanders) Prentice, b. 16 Oct 1934. She m. Bill Sanders. He d. 20 Sep 2005, was cremated, and bur. in a National Vet. Cem. in CA (per Irma S. Prentice, email, 21 Sep 2005). in 2011 she lived in California City, CA. They have 7 children: Rebecca, Stephen, Bill Jr., Lori, Gina, Teri and Jacqueline Sanders. More about them can be found in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pgs. 108 et seq.

  4. Jimmie Earl Prentice, b. 13 Oct 1936, Rolla, MO. He m. Mary Fay Meyer from Caruthrsville, MO on 9 Jun 1960 at Greely, CO. They have a daughter:
    1. Kelly Prentice, b. 28 Jul 1968. She m. Anthony Michael Rosetti on 10 Mar 1988. They live in Redlands, CA. Their children are Anthony Michael Rossetti Jr, b. 1989; Shelby Anneliese Rossetti, b. 1992; and Maisie Elisabeth Rossetti, b. 2003.

  5. Arby C. "Buzz" Prentice, Jr., b. 16 Nov 1939, Pascola, MO, and d. 12 Apr 2011, 71 West Plains, per Irma Prentice, email 14 Apr 2011. Visitation was on Apr 19th and funeral on Apr 20th, at the Robertson-Drago Funeral Home, 211 West Main Street in West Plains, MO. Burial at Hal Memorial Park Cemetery on Highway 63, North between West Plains and Pomona. Before his retirement, he was an insurance adjuster.

    He m 1st HeatherAnn Honan. She was b. 3 Jan 1943, dau. of Walter A. S. and Florence Honan. Daughters:

    1. Kimberlie Dawn "Kim" Prentice (adopted), b. 1 Jan 1963. She m. 1st Jim Tucker. They have 2 children: Michael Walter Honan Tucker and Brittanie Elizabeth Tucker. She m.2nd Ben Erck and in 2011 they lived in Walton Beach, FL.
    2. Katherine Elizabeth "Kathy" Prentice, b. 13 Aug 1969. he m. Mr. Filguero and in 2011 lived in 29 Palms, CA.

  6. Patsy "Pat" Nelle (Warren, Page) Prentice, b. 26 Aug 1941 , and d. bef. 2011. She m. Michael Warren. Children:
    1. Susan Warren, b. 26 Apr 1960.
    2. Kenneth Warren, b. 28 Devc 1961.
    3. Robert C. Warren, b. 25 Dec 1963.

He m. 2nd Joan Opp on 2 Sep 2007, Willow Springs, MO, living in 2011.

17. Mary "Eileen" Prentice, b. 17 Oct 1907 in Silver Point, TN and d. 20 Sep 1985, Hayti MO. She m. E. C. Walker on 2 Jul 1925 in Nimmons, AR. He was b. 27 Sep 1903 in AR and was the son of James Houston Walker and Mary Melvina Stevenson of DyerCo9.,TN. Children:

  1. Mary Modema Walker, b. 21 Jun 1926 in Rector, Clay Co., AR. She m. Richard Lane "Red" Renfro on 4 May 1946. He was b. 28 May 1922 in TX. Their children were Steven, Larry and James Gregory Renfro. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pg. 116 et seq.
  2. Lora Mae Walker, b. 12 Mar 1928 in Pascola, Pemiscot Co., MO. She m. Avery Clayton Gardner on 21 Mar 1947 in Piggott, AR. He was b. 30 Mar 1923. Their children were: Avery Clayton III, Michael Wayne, Randy Keith, David Lane, and Timothy Craig Gardner. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pg. 120 et seq.
  3. Betty Sue Walker, b. 1 Sep 1930 in Dyersburg, Dyer Co., TN and d. 30 Aug 1999. She m. George Robert Swan on 2 Oct 1946. He was b. c. 1929 and d. 17 Apr 1966, son of Henry and Parl Webb Swan. Children:
    1. Vickie Lynn Swan, b. 17 Sep 1948, Concord. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 129 et seq.
    2. George "Ricky" Swan, b. 2 Aug 1952, Hayti, MO. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 132 et seq.
    Betty m. 2nd Bill Harden on 1 Jan 1974. He was the son of Charles Harden and Georgia Pierce. More on Betty and her family in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pg. 125 et seq.
  4. Carmel "Jo" Walker was b. 15 Aug 1937, Hayti, Pemiscot Co., MO. She m. Tom Diamond on 4 Feb 1956 at the Courthosue in East St.Louis, IL. Cheir children are Kirk Alan, Richard Keith, and Cynthia Lynn Diamond. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 133 et seq.
  5. Carolyn Walker, b. 16 May 1943, Columbiana, Shelby Co., AL. She m. 2st Gary Smith. Their children were Mary Elizabeth, Charles/Charlie and Scott Smith. Carolyn m. 2nd Wendel Riffie and they live in Springfield, MO. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 136 et seq..
  6. Ronald Wayne Walker, b. 6 Jul 1045, Hayti, Pemiscot Co., MO. He m. Mary Ann Gasaway on 28 Oct 1967. She was b. 24 Aug 1948. Their children are: Amy, Ronald Wayne and Laura Walker. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 138 et seq.

18. James "Henry" Prentice, b. 17 Jun 1915 and d. 6 Feb 1996, St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO; bur. Sunset Mem. Park, St. Louis.

He m. Edna Frances Davis on 8 Mar 1942 at the 2nd Presb. Church in St. Louis, MO. She was b. 12 Nov 1919 in East Prairie, MO. More about them can be found in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pgs. 144 et seq. Her obituary reads as follows:

    Edna F. Prentice, November 12, 1919 - July 24, 2015, Des Peres, Missouri

    Prentice, Edna F. (nee Davis) Asleep in Jesus on Friday July 24, 2015. Wife of the late James Henry Prentice. Dear mother of Linda (Mike) Merrick & Donna (Mike Hoban) Prentice. Loving grandmother of Matthew (Tammy) & Nathan (Catherine) Merrick, Alex (Beth) & Nicole Hoban; great grandmother of Samuel & Eve Merrick. Loving aunt and friend to many.

    Edna was a member of The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens. Services: Funeral service Wednesday 10am at ZIEGENHEIN & SONS (South County), 4830 Lemay Ferry Rd. (63129). Interment Sunset Memorial Park. VISITATION TUESDAY 4 to 8pm. In lieu of flowers, donations to Samaritan's Purse.

Children of James and Edna:

  1. Linda Larie Prentice, b. 30 Nov 1948, Morrilton, AR. She m. Stephen Michael "Mike" Merrick on 17 Jun 1 1967 at the 1st Bap. Ch. in Fenton, Mo. He was b. 5 Aug 1947, Cairo, IL, and was the son of Bertha D. Merrick. More on them in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 148 et seq. Bertha D. Merrick's Obituary reads as follows:

      Bertha D. Merrick died on October 26, 2009 at the age of 90 from heart failure. She was born on September 1, 1919 in Arkansas and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Angotti. Bertha resided in Ellisville, Mo. She was the dear wife of the late Truman L. Merrick and the beloved mother of David L. Merrick of Chesterfield, MO and Stephen M. Merrick of Ellisville, Mo. She was the cherished grandmother of Christine Merrick, Scott Merrick, Matthew Merrick and Nathan Merrick and great grandmother of David , Mindy, Kayla, Josh, Samuel and Eve. She will be missed by daughters-in-law, spouses of grandchildren, nieces and nephews, cousins and friends.

      Bertha was a faithful member of the First Baptist Church of Ellisville. She and her husband Truman resided in Charleston, MO in the 1970’s and were members of the First Baptist Church of Charleston, where they worked as a team caring for the children in the nursery. Bertha enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation and loved to work in the garden. She was known for her green thumb and grew vegetables and flowers and took pride in caring for her yard.

      Services: Visitation will be at McMikle Funeral Home, 201 S. Center Street, Charleston, MO 63834 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. on October 29, 2009. Charles Murray, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Ellisville, MO will conduct the memorial service at 1:00 pm. Interment will be at IOOF cemetery in Charleston, MO. In lieu of flowers, donations to First Baptist Church of Ellisville, 137 Clarkson Road,Ellisville, MO 63011 in the name of Bertha Merrick would be appreciated.

    Children of Linda and Stephen:

    1. Matthew Samuel Merrick. He m. Tammy.
    2. Nathan James Merrick. He m. Catherine.

  2. Donna Marie Prentice, b. 29 Feb 1955, St. Louis, MO. She m. Michael Lee Hoban on 19 Jan 1980 at Webster Gardens Luth. Church, St. Louis, MO. Mike was b. 9 Nov 1954 in St. Louis, MO. More about them can be found in the Robert J. Prentice Family book on pgs. 150 et seq. Their children are:
    1. Alex Prentice Hoban. He m. Beth.
    2. Nicole Prentice Hoban.

19. Aljean "Jean" Prentis, b. 22 Jan 1926, Dog Skin, near Braggadocia, MO, and d. 1992. By email of 8 Jul 2007, Irma Prentice advises that Jean has reverted the spelling of her surname to the "Prentice" spelling used by his grandfather, James "Monroe" Prentice, #13 above.

She m. 1st Alvin "Bud" Luettig.

  1. Barbara Jean Luettig, b. 1947, St. Louis, MO. She m. Richard Earl "Rick" Pashia who was b. 1948. Their children were
    1. Danny Pashia, b. 28 Mar 1971. He m. Tracy Elizabeth Martin on 112 Oct 1997. They have a dau., Grace Elizabeth Pashia.
    2. Renee Pashia, b. 1973 and m. Jason Barngrover,
    3. Monica Pashia, b. 1977, St. Louis, MO area. She had Samantha, Jordan and Kaitly Hannah who d. in infancy on 19 Nov 2003.
    Barbara m. 2nd Jim Ehrenreich in 2003 and they live in Imperial, MO.

After Alvin's death, Jean m. 2nd Jasper Accardi. He had 3 children from a prior marriage. Jean d. 15 Jan 1992 and Jasper d. the preceding year, 1991.

20. Fred Ray Prentis Jr. b. 9 Feb 1934 near Portageville, MO. By email of 8 Jul 2007, Irma Prentice advises that Fred has reverted the spelling of his surname to the "Prentice" spelling used by his grandfather, James "Monroe" Prentice, #13 above.

He m. 1st Birdie Atkins in 1962 in Florence, AL. More on Fred in the Robert J. Prentice Family book, pg. 89-91. Children:

  1. Pamela Suzette Prentice, b. 9 Oct 1962, Trumann, AR. She m. Donn Walls in 1986 in Marysville,OH. Children:
    1. Whitney Donnelle Wallsm b, 9 Mar 1987, Marysville, OH.
    2. Samuel David Walls, b. 18 Mar 1990, Marysville,OH.
    3. Jillian Melody Walls, b. 23 Oct 1995, Marysville, OH.
  2. Melanie Ann Prentice, b. 10 Nov 1964, Marrero, LA. She m. Brian Reed in 1983 , Chuckery, OH. Children:
    1. Lindsay Leigh Reed, b. 10 Aug 1983, Columbus, OH. She m. Mr. Phoenix. Daughter:
      1. Elise Anne Phoenix, b. 2 Jul 2009 per Irma Prentice, email, 3 Jul 2009.
    2. Koriann Kye Reed, b. 13 Apr 1988, Marysville, OH.

Fred m. 2nd Sandra Schneider c. 1882-4 in Marysville, OH. Fred m. 3rd Irma Sullins Davenport on 26 Nov 1988 in Little Rock, AR. Irma has 3 children from a prior marriage: Vicki Daveport, Patti Davenport and Roger Davenport Jr., all married.

Who are Robert Prentice's Parents?

Theory 1

By email of 27 Feb 2003, Irma Prentice suggested the probabillty that Robert Prentice came in to TN through the Cumberland Gaplocated where the borders of TN, KY and VA. Carved by wind and water, Cumberland Gap forms a major break in the formidable Appalachian Mountain chain. It was widely traveled during settlement of the interior of this nation. From 1775 to 1810, the Gap's heyday, between 200,000 and 300,000 men, women, and children crossed the Gap into the unknown land of Kentucky.

Irma indicates that The "Index to Old Kentucky Surveys & Grants shows a William Prentis having received a grant of 16,000 acres (Grant #1188) in Lincoln County, KY with the Kentucky River being the watercourse on 23 Jan 1796.

Irma suggests he might be Robert Prentice's father; it would have put Robert in the right part of the country to have been in the TN Militia in 1796.

Theory 2

Robert Prentice, 238/15i in our PRENTICE book, might be the Robert Prentice of VA and TN on the basis that Robert's brother, Nathaniel, /238#15ii and 241/21, lived in KY and that both served in the Rev. War. That is a possibility.

Theory 3

William Prentice, #235/10viii in our PRENTICE book, was b. 9 Mar 1744 and "settled in KY." He is an interesting possibility to be the William Prentice who obtained the 1797 land grant in KY. His age is such that he also might be your Robert's father. We checked our database but had no additional information whether William married and where he thereafter lived.

Investigative Leads

Some courses of action occur to us:

    1. It seems that it is now necessary to focus on the land grant and to obtain not only the grant document, but all also all applications and correspondence relating to it. Hopefully those documents will shed some light on William's identify, and that may suggest other avenues to pursue.

    2. One should also communicate with the reference librarian in the town/county in which the grant was situated; the librarian may have a published history which will shed some light on William.

    3. One should endeavor to obtain the military service records of both Nathaniel and his brother, Robert.

    4. One should also check DAR and SAR records for Nathaniel and Robert.

    5. As to the William who "settled in KY," one should check the 1790, 1800 and 1810 census for any Robert Prentice listing. That will then provide specific locations in KY to begin a search for his family.

Correspondence:   If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

Caution: If you don't use the above email link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

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