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About the Records from the OCFA

Note that this information has not been updated since 1997 .. so it's likely a bit out of date. Will get to this soon!


          The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, Version Five contains more
     than ONE MILLION entries.  It combines and REPLACES ALL previous
     releases of the OCFA database.


                       Brant Branch, OGS
                       Bruce County Genealogical Society
                       Dufferin County Museum & Archives
                       Kawartha Branch, OGS
                       Kingston Branch, OGS
                       Lambton Branch, OGS
                       London-Middlesex Branch, OGS
                       Niagara Peninsula Branch, OGS
                       Norfolk Branch, OGS
                       Ottawa Branch, OGS
                       Perth Branch, OGS
                       Quinte Branch, OGS
                       Temiskaming Genealogy Group
                       Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group
                       Waterloo-Wellington Branch, OGS

                       INDIVIDUAL OCFA VOLUNTEERS

              Rosemary Ambrose                Ian McKenzie
              Anne Ashton                     David McKnight
              Thelma Barnes                   Barbara McMahon-Dainton
              Roger Boardman                  Tom Miller
              Darryl A. Bonk                  David Oxland
              Barbara K. A. Brown             Don Park
              Anna Joan Buxton                Charles Patterson
              Gordon Carter                   Pat Patterson
              Lyle Clements                   Tina Patterson
              Art Dainton                     Paul Pepper
              Ron Demaray                     Don Pettit
              Charles Dobie                   Eva Pettit
              Fred Drew                       Sherri Pettit
              David Fahner                    May Prang
              Cecelia Gellman                 Price & Keeler
              Bryan Gidley                    Lois Richardson
              George Goos                     Dennis Robertson
              Steve Gray                      Earl Robichaud
              Brian Hinz                      Lorne Shunk
              Robert Horslen                  Dianne Skinner
              Peter House                     Ken Smy
              Norma Huber                     Cynthia Sytnyk
              Leonard Jenks                   Barry Taylor
              Christine Kemp                  Darren Thomson
              Dave Koch                       Lynda Toneri
              Denis F. Lawless                Steve Trincanati
              Karen Linneberg                 Jessica Veinot
              Donna Longhurst                 Marianne Wilkat
              Dona Madill                     Wayne Willson
              Ron Marshall                    Marjorie Wilson
              Ken McEvoy                      Kathy Witheridge
              Jim McKane                      Stuart Wright

          The enthusiasm and energy displayed by all these individuals
     and organizations have helped make the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
     project very successful.  I thank you all.
                                                 -  Ron Demaray


          This database is intended as a "pointer" database.  It
     consists of the surnames, cemetery name and location of ONE
     MILLION interments in Ontario and one county in the province
     of Quebec. The file does not contain transcriptions or dates,
     but it does tell the reader which county, township and cemetery
     contains a given surname.

     Reference Number

          The REFERENCE field displays the contributing organization's
     cemetery transcript publication number that contains each surname
     field entry.  To assist the researcher, the postal address of the
     supporting organizations and other sources will be listed later in
     this readme file.

     Soundex Field

          One of the main features and benefits of this information
     base is the convenience of Soundex searches.  As most family
     historians soon discover, surname spellings have to be taken with
     a grain of salt and creative flexibility.  Electronic database
     searches on the Soundex code (rather than on a single spelling of
     a surname) may yield some surprising matches which would otherwise
     go undetected.

     Other Notes

          If a name (e.g. that of a parent or spouse) is mentioned on
     a stone, that name has been included as an entry in this database.
     Even though that person mentioned may be buried elsewhere, the
     name may be essential to making a family connection.

          If the initials of both parents are mentioned on a stone,
     the pair of initials are combined as one entry rather than as
     separate entries.

     Whither Next?

          As mentioned earlier, this information is intended only to
     get you pointed in the right direction.  This is offered as a
     convenience to all of us 'mail order researchers' who are thousands
     of miles from the 'old homestead' and its genealogical treasures.

          It should be noted that the response to OCFA has created
     considerable extra work for some of the participating organizations.
     Most, if not all, offer a "look-up" service for a nominal fee.  They
     ask that you include a self-addressed envelope and two international
     reply coupons with your requests.

          PLEASE include a word about OCFA in your correspondence when
     requesting additional information or ordering cemetery transcriptions
     from the organizations listed below.  This feedback is instrumental
     in my campaign to enlist the support of new organizations for future
     versions of the OCFA project.

     Your next logical steps include:

       a. The acquisition of the actual cemetery transcriptions;

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "BRCGS-", write to...

                   Bruce County Genealogical Society
                   P.O. Box 1083
                   Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada.
                   N0H 2C0

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "BT-", write to...

                   Brant County Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 23030
                   c/o Eaton Market Square
                   Brantford, Ontario, Canada
                   N3T 6K4

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "DU-", write to...

                   Dufferin County Museum & Archives
                   P.O. Box 120
                   Rosemont, Ontario, Canada
                   L0N 1R0
                   705-435-1881  or  519-941-7787

   For REFERENCE FIELD number "ER-252/406", write to...

                   Earl Robichaud
                   P.O. Box 157
                   Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada
                   L0K 2A0

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "KG-", write to...

                   Kingston Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 1394
                   Kingston, Ontario, Canada
                   K7L 5C6

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "KW-", write to...

                   Kawartha Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 162
                   Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
                   K9J 6Y8

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "LB-", write to...

                   Lambton County Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 2857
                   Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
                   N7T 7W1

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "MC-", write to...

                   Metchosin Central
                   P.O. Box 48058,
                   3575 Douglas St,
                   Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
                   V8Z 7H5

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "MX-", write to...

                   London-Middlesex County Branch, OGS
                   Grosvenor Lodge, 1017 Western Road
                   London, Ontario, Canada
                   N6G 1G5
        (Please note: the large Mount Pleasant cemetery, MX-144-CS,
        located in the city of London is available only on fiche.)

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "NA-", write to...

                   Niagara Peninsula Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 2224, Station B.
                   St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
                   L2M 6P6

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "NR-", write to...

                   Norfolk County Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 145
                   Delhi, Ontario, Canada.
                   N4B 2W9

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "PH-", write to...

                   Perth County Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 9
                   Stratford, Ontario, Canada
                   N5A 6S8

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "Q-H" or "Q-P", write to...

                   Quinte Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 35
                   Ameliasburgh, Ontario, Canada
                   K0K 1A0

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "OT-", write to...

                   Ottawa Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 8346
                   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
                   K1G 3H8

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers containing entry "PRICE & K.", write to...

                   R. & G. Price & R. Keeler
                   182-3310 Southgate Road
                   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
                   K1V 8X4

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers containing "RAYBURN-", write to...

                   Alan Rayburn Research Associates
                   5 Solva Drive
                   Nepean, Ontario, Canada
                   K2H 5R4

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "TMK-", write to...

                   Temiskaming Genealogy Group
                   P.O. Box 1568
                   New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada.
                   P0J 1P0

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "UOVGG-", write to...

                   Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group
                   P.O. Box 972
                   Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
                   K8A 7M5

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "WW-", write to...

                   Waterloo-Wellington Branch, OGS
                   P.O. Box 43030, RPO Eastwood Square
                   Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
                   N2H 6S9

   For REFERENCE FIELD numbers beginning with "LDS-", visit your
        local Latter-Day Saints Family History Centre to order
        the appropriate microfiche listed in the reference field.

   For all other REFERENCE FIELD numbers, write to...

                   Ontario Genealogical Society
                   40 Orchard View Blvd.,
                   Suite 102,
                   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                   M4R 1B9

   If the CEMLIST "PUB" FIELD entry lists "Ont Register" as the source
   publication, write to...
                   Thomas B. Wilson
                   Hunterdon House
                   38 Swan Street
                   Lambertville, New Jersey.

       b. a search of census records for a particular township
          (available on interlibrary loan or from the resources of
          the LDS Family History Centres); and

       c. the acquisition of township maps to pinpoint the cemetery
          locations and (if you get lucky) the property location
          itself (maps are available from the Ontario Ministry of
          Transport and Communication, or from county atlases
          available in most libraries).

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