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Geographic Locations

If you know anything about these places, or know of others .. please let us know!

Much of this information is from the USGS Geographic Names Information System. You can locate anything in the U.S. from this site! Visit geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/.

The links below, take you to the USGS site and will provide maps of these locations.

Prentice - a town in Price Co., WI. Population was 571 in 1990. See also, Prentice, Town of, Prentice, Village of, Prentice 2WP234 Dam, Prentice Airport, Prentice Cemetery, Prentice Flowage 59 (a reservoir).

Prentice - a place in Venango Co., PA.

Prentice - a town in Morgan Co. IL (just west of Springfield). See also, Prentice School.

Prentice (historical) - a place in Wood Co., OH.

Prentice Brook - in New London Co., CT.
Prentice Creek, near Preston, Connecticut. Across the road from the Griswold Church in Preston, Ct., is a small cemetery, where Samuel Prentice (b. 1680) s. of Thomas is buried. A couple of miles down the road, through thickly grown trees, is a small brook, which is named Prentice Creek. The creek is shown on the local Stonington County map. I believe this creek ran through the property that was once owned by Nathaniel Prentice (son of Joseph).

Prentice Canyon - a valley in Elko Co., NV. See also, Prentice Hill.

Prentice Cooper State Forest - in Hamilton Co., TN.

Prentice-Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area - a park in Marion Co., TN.

Prentice Corner - a place in Worcester Co., MA. Was named in 1978.

Prentice Creek - a stream in Northumberland Co., VA.

Prentice Creek - a stream in Columbia Co., WI.

"Fort Prentice" - Tahama Jail, Tahama, OK
Built in the 1800s and named for its first inmate, Frank Prentice.

Prentice Hill - a summit in Cheshire Co., NH.

Prentice Hill - at "Flob End," now Belmont, formerly part of West Cambridge. (See p.41 of Binney '83)

Prentice Lake - a reservoir in Bryan Co., OK. See also, Prentice Lake Dam.

Prentice Mountain - in New London Co., CT.

Prentice Mountain, E. Parmalee - a summit in Williamstown, MA. Was named in 1978 (??).

Prentice Oil And Gas Field - an oilfield in Yoakum Co., TX.

Prentice Park - in Orange Co., CA.
Prentice Park in Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA was a gift to the city from my father's mother's brother, Edward Prentice. As I recall, it was developed in the 1940s, or maybe early 1950's. It abutted a large mansion and large orange grove which he owned on E. First Street. The mansion and orange grove are now gone, replaced by, I think, the Saddleback Inn and other developments. --Joe Dewald

Prentice Park - in Lucas Co., OH.

Prentice Park - in Ashland Co., WI.

Prentice Pond - a lake in Morrison Co., MN.

Prentice Post Office (historical) - in Marengo Co., AL.

Prentice Post Office (historical) - in Yell Co., AR.

Prentice Presbyterian Church - in Marion Co., IN (East Indianapolis).

Prentice Ranch - a place in Cherry Co., NE.

Prentice School - in Cherry Co., NE.

Prentice Ski Trail - a trail in Meagher Co., MT.

Prentice's Wharf - in Boston, MA. (See p.107 of Binney '83)

Prentis Branch - stream in Floyd Co., GA

Prentis Draw - a valley in Harney Co., OR. See also, Prentis Lake.

Prentis Ditch - a canal in Mercer Co., IL.

Prentis Mine - in Fremont Co., CO.

Prentis Park - a park in Clay Co., SD.

Prentis School - in Wyandotte Co. KS.

Prentiss - a town in Jefferson Davis Co., MS. Population was 1,487 in 1990. See also, Prentiss Baptist Church, Prentiss Cemetery, Prentiss Cemetery, Prentiss Christian School, Prentiss Church, Prentiss Church, Prentiss City Hall, Prentiss Country Club, Prentiss Elementary School, Prentiss High School, Prentiss Institute, Prentiss Lagoon Dam, Prentiss Lagoon Dam, Prentiss Sewage Lagoon Dam.

Prentiss (historical) - a place in Bolivar Co., MS. See also, Prentiss Bar (I assume that this is a sand bar .. unless the USGS has started tracking drinking establishments!), Prentiss Landing.

Prentiss - a place in Macon Co., NC. See also, Prentiss Church.

Prentiss - a place in Callaway Co., MO.

Prentiss - a town in Ohio Co., KY.

Prentiss - a place in Penobscot Co., ME. Wikipedia. Prentiss is both an extinct town, and extinct plantation; now it is an unorganized territory (township) in Penobscot County, Maine. The town was created from Township 7 R3 North of Bingham's Penobscot Purchase in 1858. Prentiss annexed land from Drew Plantation in 1869. The Prentiss Town incorporation was surrendered and its status was changed to unorganized territroy in 1939.[1] However, Prentiss Plantation was organized in 1950 from the unorganized territory. The plantation status was repealed in 1990, and since then Prentiss has been unorganized territory (more...)

Prentiss - a place in Putnam Co., OH.

Prentiss - a place in Beckham Co., OK.

Prentiss - a town in Appling Co., GA. See also, Prentiss School (historical).

Prentiss Bay - in Mackinac Co., MI.

Prentiss Bayou - a stream in Pointe Coupee Co., LA.

Prentiss Brook - a stream in Piscataquis Co., ME.

Prentiss Cemetery - in Otsego Co., NY.

Prentiss County - in Mississippi. Population was 23,278 in 1990. See also, Prentiss County Courthouse, Prentiss County Home (historical), Prentiss County Memorial Gardens, Prentiss County Vocational School.
Named for Seargent Smith Prentiss (1808-1850), a native of Portland, Maine, moved to Natchez in 1827 and practiced law there, and later moved to Vicksburg. S. S. Prentiss, was Mississippi's "silver-tongued orator," a leader of the Whig party, and one of the most briliant lawyers in the history of the State.
Links: Prentiss County, Mississippi, A Brief History of Prentiss County

Prentiss Cove - a bay in Lincoln Co., ME.

Prentiss Creek - a stream in DuPage Co., IL.

Prentiss Creek - a stream in Mackinac Co., MI.

Prentiss Ford (historical) - a place in Barry Co., MO. See also, Prentiss Ford (historical).

Prentiss Hill - a summit in Worcester Co., MA.

Prentiss Hollow - a valley in Jefferson Co., MO.

Prentiss' Island - now called Port Royal Island, SC. Once owned by Jeffrey Otis Prentiss (1794-1818). (See p.175 of Binney '83)

Prentiss Island - in Lincoln Co., ME.

Prentiss-Jefferson Davis County Airport - an airport in Jefferson Davis Co., MS.

Prentiss Lookout Tower - a tower in Prentiss Co. MS.

Prentiss Mine - in Humboldt Co., NV.

Prentiss Mound - a summit in Sunflower Co., MS.

Prentiss Park - a park in Summit Co., OH.

Prentiss Park - a place in Portsmouth, VA. See also, Prentiss Park Presbyterian Church, Prentiss Park Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Prentiss Plantation - a site in Penobscot Co., ME.

Prentiss Pond - a lake in Dorest, Bennington Co., VT. See also, Prentiss Brook.
Named after (or by?) Rev. George Lewis Prentiss (1816-?) and Elizabeth Payson Prentiss (1818-1878). He was the brother of Seargent Smith Prentiss, of Prentiss County, Missippi, above. She was the author of many popular writings, such as "Little Suzy's Six Birthdays" and "Stepping Heavenward."

Prentiss Pond - a lake in Piscataquis Co., ME.

Prentiss Pond a lake in Somerset Co., ME.

Prentiss Post Office (historical) - in Marion Co., AL.

Prentiss Road - at Shultztown cemetery, Ohio Co., KY.

Prentiss School - in Jones Co., MS. See also, Prentiss School (historical).

Prentiss Township - in Somerset Co. ME.

Prentiss Woods - in Bangor ME. Named in honor of Henry E. Prentiss, who served as mayor of Bangor in 1870. Born in Paris, Maine, in 1809, Prentiss was one of nine children. He served in the Army, practiced law in Orono and owned a lumber business. By the time he became mayor, his family represented the elite society of Bangor and lived in the McGaw House, at the corner of Kenduskeag Avenue and Division Street, according to "Bangor in Focus." Prentiss died of a heart attack in July of 1873, leaving the estate to his wife and four children. He was buried atop Cemetery Hill at Mount Hope Cemetery, with an elm tree planted behind the family monument. Bangor Land Trust, 1-minute hike: Prentiss Woods in Bangor.

Prentisvale - a town in McKean Co., PA.
William Arthur Prentiss (b.1837) was town clerk, schoolmaster, and justice of the peace at Prentissvale. (see p.160 of Binney '83)

Prenter - a place in Boone Co., WV. See also, Prenter Post Office.

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