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Wills of Essex County

The following wills can be found in Essex Wills (England), Vol. 1 1558-1565 and Vol. 2 1565-1571, abstracted and edited by F. G. Emmison, published in 1982 and 1983 by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. See also Prentices of Essex County.

STEPHEN PRENTIS of Great Canfield, 8 Mar. 1558/9. (934)
To the high altar of Great Canfield for tithes negligently forgotten 4d. To John my son my house called Byermans and a little 'garthynge' [garden] in Romford at 18; if he die before, to my two daughters Joan and 'Josyon' equally; if both die without heirs, to Stephen PRENTYS my brother's son. To Joan 40s. at marriage. To every one of my godchildren 4d. I will that Audrey my wife shall have the residue of my goods, whom I make my executrix. I constitute my supervisor my brother-in-law William GOODGINNE, and for his pains 20d. Witnesses: John WEST, William GLASCOCKE priest. Proved 27 Apr. 1559. From the Archdeaconry of Middlesex.

ROBERT PRENTYS, 31 Mar. 1560. (121)
To be buried in Great Horkesley churchyard. To Robert COKE my servant my cart, my tumbrel and the bed he lieth in, saving the sheets and my pallet boards and the sheets that I bought of KNOPE. To my brother Harry PRENTYSE my buck's leather doublet. The rest of my goods to Agnes my wife, whom I make my executrix. Witnesses: Robert BURGES, Harry POTTER, Robert COKE.

THOMAS PRENTYS of Harlow, 27 June 1560. (911)
To Katherine my wife my tenement that I dwell in, with the land belonging, for her life; after her decease, to Robert my son, he to give his brother John 40s.; if Robert die without heirs, to John, he to give to his brethren and sistern 40s. To John 6s.8d. To my daughter Joan 6s.8d. To my daughter Agnes 6s.8d., a pair of sheets, and 2 sheep. To Margery my daughter 6s.8d. and a pair of sheets. To Robert my grey nag. To Thomas my son 6s.8d. To Margaret and Elizabeth my daughters each 6s.8d. and a pair of sheets. To the poor folks 20d. The rest of my movables to Katherine my wife, whom I make my executrix, and my overseer Robert HYLL. Witnesses: George WAYLET, John MOYNE. Proved 31 July 1560. From the Archdeaconry of Middlesex.

JOHN PRENTYCE [PRENTICE in margin] of Stock, 11 Dec. 1562. (489)
To James my son 2 kine, Humphrey my son 2 kine, and a bed between them. To Richard my son 2 platters. To John my son my frize coat and a pewter dish with a platter. To Agnes PRENTYS my daughter a pewter dish and a platter. The residue of my goods to Elizabeth my wife, she paying my debts. If she marry, she shall deliver to James and Humphrey each 2 kine and a bed between them. I make James and Humphrey my executors and Thomas LYNSEYE my supervisor, and for his labour 20d. Witnesses: Simon PALLMARE, Thomas RALLYNE. Proved 11 Mar. 1562/3. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

WILLIAM PRENTICE of Romford husbandman, 8 Feb. 1563/4. (579)
To Joan my wife my house at Pottin Hurte in which William GAINSFORTHE doth dwell for her life; after her decease, to my son Thomas; if he die without issue, to Robert my son; if he die, to be equally divided amongst my daughters. If my wife do not keep the house in reparations both for the timber, tiling and daubing, my heir shall have it; if she marry again, the rest of my children shall enter on the rest of my goods and displace her. If she do not marry and be able, I will that she give to Thomas £6 13s.4d. at 21; if she be not able, my son shall content himself with the house that I have given him and not claim the money of his mother. To Joan my daughter £4 at marriage, to Robert and Elizabeth my daughter each 40s. within a month after my decease, and to Alice and Anne my daughters each 40s. at marriage. To my servant Harry TURKE 40s. , the great garled bullock and the red bullock. The rest of my goods to my wife, she to dispose those she leaveth behind her unspent among the rest of my children, also to see that my youngest children be brought up till lawful age, for which I ordain her my executrix. But if she marry or refuse to see my two youngest children brought up or otherwise deceitfully make away the goods from them, intending to marry, I will that Robert be my executor and enter on my goods, taking a true inventory therefore and do equally divide them among the rest of my children, taking the third part to himself, reserving to Thomas the house and land and money to him bequeathed. Witnesses: Richard ATKYS minister of Romford, Thomas TURKE, William HEATHE. I will that, when my body shall be brought to the earth, my wife shall bestow 20s. on a drinking amongst my neighbours and give 6s.8d. amongst 40 poor people. I will that Harry TURKE be overseer. Proved 1 Mar. 1563/4. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

KATHERINE PRENTICE of Harlow widow, 22 Apr. 1569. (834)
To the poor people of Harlow 8d. To Margery my daughter 2 platters, a pewter salt, a bolster, a Pillow, 3 painted cloths,, a kettle, a skimmer, and 5s. To Margaret my daughter a pair of sheets, a tablecloth, and 2 pewter dishes. To Elizabeth my daughter my red pied cow at Michaelmas after my decease, 2 pewter dishes, a platter, my best red petticoat, a gown lined with worsted, and my brown hutch with all things in it. To Margery my red cow, on condition that she remit 6s.8d. which was her father's bequest. To Agnes my daughter a russet kirtle. To Thomas my son 13s.4d. To John and Agnes my son John's children 12d. each. To George my daughter Agnes's son 12d. To Thomas my daughter Joan's son 12d. The rest of my goods to Robert my son, whom I ordain my executor; I ordain Robert HILLES of Latton my overseer, and for his pains 2s. Witnesses: John MOYNE, George WAYLETT, Thomas HUBBARDE, Richard HARRYSON clerk [vicar of Harlow]. Proved 7 June 1569. From the Archdeaconry of Middlesex.

HENRY PRENTICE of White Colne, 12 Jan. 1569/70. (733)
To Joan my wife my tenements and lands free and copy in Earls Colne, Colne Engaine and White Colne for her life; after, her decease, those in Colne Engaine to Thomas PRENTICE the elder, on condition that he pay my sons Thomas the younger and Henry and my daughter Agnes PRENTICE each £3 6s.8d. To my son John PRENTICE the elder a score of lambs. To the poor people in White Colne, Earls Colne and Colne Engaine 20s. on Maundy Thursday equally. To Richard my son and Agnes MAN my daughter my tenement in Earls Colne; he to have the part from the entry to the east end, i.e. the hall, the chamber over the hall, and free going to the same by the stairs, the chamber behind the, hall, the shop, and half of the yard most meet for the same; and she to have the west end and the other half of the yard with free access to the well. To Richard and Agnes my land called Bunga equally to be parted, he to have the hitherest [nearest] part and she the other part. To my son John the younger my lands called Milne Broke free and copy and Lodge Croft, my horse, mares, plough and cart to help-his mother withal in her business, and 3,000 bricks being yet at Plastow Kiln [in Halstead?], all paid for saving 12d. The residue of my goods shall be parted amongst my children Richard, Henry, John the younger, Alice JENNER, Agnes MAN and Agnes PRENTICE the younger part and part like. I make my wife and Robert HUNTINGE executors. Witnesses: John PETFIELDE, Thomas SMITHE, William FYNCHE the elder, William CARTER, John POTTER of White Colne. Proved 10 May 1570. From the Archdeaconry of Colchester.

Wills that mention Prentices
MARGARET HUBBERD of Harlow, 26 Feb. 1557/8. (888)
To the high altar for my tithes forgotten 12d. To Robert my son 26s.8d. To Audrey my daughter a brass pot, 1 red cow, and all my bedding. To four of my godchildren [not named] 1 bullock to be sold and [the money] distributed among them. To the poverty of Harlow 6s.8d. To Thomas my son the rest of my goods. Witnesses: Thomas PRENTYS, John HYLL. Proved 28 Feb. 1558/9. From the Archdeaconry of Middlesex.

THOMAS MERKE of Langenhoe, 16 Sept. 1559. (658)
To Agnes my wife all my household stuff, my nag, my dun colt, 18 good kine, 5 score wethers, and 40 ewes; the corn in my sollers, half of my corn in the barns, half of my corn that is sown for this one year next, with half of the straw and hay in the barn or [out] houses, and my pullen and hogs. I will that she shall bring up and keep my children well and honestly, and that Thomas my son be brought up and kept to the school to learn to write and read, in consideration whereof I also give her the occupation of my lands and tenements in Langenhoe called Gardyners otherwise Woodwardes or Crowchehouse [now Crouch House], a parcel of ground called Thedams or Poores, a parcel called Littelbures, and Fine Croft, until Thomas my son is 16, on condition that she keep all my houses in sufficient reparations and make no strip or waste during the years, also pay to my executors yearly 94 towards the performance of my Will; when Thomas is 16, to remain to him. If he die before, without issue, to remain to Margery my daughter. If both Thomas and Margery die before either is 21 without issue, to remain to my wife for her life, and after her decease to remain successively to John son of my brother William MEARKE and to the second son of William by whatever name he be called. To my wife my lease and term of years which I have in the parsonage of Langenhoe, also my cart, plough, harrows, harnesses and implements belonging. To Margery £50 at 18. To William MEARKE my brother 40s. a year for 4 years. To Edward son of my brother Richard £10 and Alice MEARKE my brother Richard's daughter £6. To Richard, John and Grace the sons and daughter of my brother William each 20s. at 18. To Hugh WEBBE my sister's son £5, and to Katherine SAMON my sister's daughter, £4. To the children of my uncle Richard WALLDEN, i.e. Thomas, Agnes and Alice WALDEN, each 6s.8d. To Nicholas KEBLE my brother-in-law 20s., and to Henry KEBLE my brother-in-law 3s.4d. To Anne RIDDISDALLE 6s.8d. To the wives of John BRACKELL and James RYELANDE my cousins each 3s.4d. To Richard NORTHFOLKE 6s.8d. To John son of Thomas BRETTE of Langenhoe 6s.8d. at 18. To my servants John SEMON 20s., Thomas BRAKKETT 13s.4d. at 16, and Anne 6s.8d. To Dorothy PRENTIS 13s.4d. at 16. To every one of my servants that dwell with me at the time of my decease except those named 3s.4d. To my godchildren each 12d. To every household in Langenhoe except Gestes Hames and Langenhoe Hall 20d. I give my lease of my farm called Butlers in Peldon, Layer-de-la-Haye and Abberton with the profits of the stock of the farm to my executors until Thomas is 18 for fulfilling my Will. The residue of my goods with the lease and stock to Thomas at 18. If he decease before, to remain to Margery my daughter. If she die before 20, to remain to the children of my brother William equally to be divided amongst them within 14 years after my decease. I ordain John THIMBLE and Thomas WESTEBROWNE of Abberton my executors, and for their pains £4 above their expenses. Once every year during the nonage of my said children, they shall make account of such profits as shall come to them and of charges and legacies paid before John KENTE the elder, John DORRELL of Fingringhoe and William SOUTHE of Abberton, whom I ordain to take pains and be my supervisors, and to them 20s. My executors shall have power to receive an annuity of £5 6s.8d. during 16 years yet to come of William BEREFFE of Colchester gentleman and to distribute the same according to their discretions. Witnesses: John GEORGE, William KETTELL, Ralph BAKER, William WOODE, John KENTE, William SOUTHE, Thomas BETTE, William SAMS writer hereof. From the Archdeaconry of Colchester.

JOHN DARBYE of Brentwood the elder, 22 Apr. 1560. ( 356)
To be buried in South Weald churchyard. To John my son my copyhold lands called Bromans in Brentwood after the decease of Joan my wife, on condition that he pay to Thomas and Richard my sons each £10 within 7 years after her decease. To Robert my son after her decease my messuage wherein LEONARD the tailor dwelleth, sometime old PRENTESSE, in Brentwood. To William my son a counter table, a little chest known as 'my chest', a brass pot, and 4 pieces of pewter, at 21; after my wife's death, my brewing vessels and malt mill. I will that William NUEMAN of Doddinghurst shall at his wife's next child pay to John DARBYE 6s.8d. in full recompense of 31s.8d., which he should have paid me at his next child for a mare which he had of me; if he refuse to pay, my wife shall take the advantage of the bargain. To Robert my son a bedstead, an old table and the form in the hall, I kettle and 4 pieces of pewter, after my wife's death; 2 pigs, a sow pig, and a barrow pig. To Thomas my son a joined bedsteadle, a table, half a dozen of pewter, a round table, a chest, and a brass pot, after my wife's death. To Richard my son a joined bedsteadle, a featherbed, half a dozen of pewter, a tablecloth, a brass pot, a chest, a table, and a cupboard, after my wife's death. To John my son 1 anvil for a smith, a great tool to make a nail for a church door being in the custody of William HYLLES, 2 great hammers in HARMAN's keeping, a vice in Richard's keeping, a nailing stock in the keeping of Richard GREENE, and a rockstaff in the custody of LECHE in Kelvedon [Kelvedon Hatch], with the rest of my smith's gear in my house. To Thomas PRYOUR my brother-in-law 5s. To Alice CLARK my maid 20d. and an old chest. The rest of my goods to my wife, whom I ordain my executrix, and my overseer William SAVAGE, and for his pains 6s.8d. Witnesses: John WHYTE senior, John LONDON, William DAMWOOD, William SAVAGE. Proved 3 Sept. 1561. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

ROBERT BLACKMORE of Rawreth, 1 April 1562. (174)
To my father Jeffery BLACKMORE £4. To 'either' [both] of my brethren [not married] £4 apiece at 19. To my three sisters £6 apiece at 19. My sister which is the goldsmith's wife shall have but 1 French crown to make her a ring. To Mary NEWMAN my wife's best red petticoat, a kercher, and a rail of the best. To Alice my maid a white petticoat and smock. To mother RANDES for her pains a smock. To my mother the best frock, and the residue of the woollen and linen shall be divided between her and my three sisters. To Joan my eldest sister my table and the form. To Ralph MARTINDALLE 1 bushel of wheat. To James LUTMAN my servant a lamb of this year. The residue of my goods shall be divided between my father, my brethren and my three sisters part and part like. I ordain my father and my brother Steven my executors and Philip PULLYN of Hockley my supervisor, and for his pains 2 bushels of my best wheat. Witnesses: Philip PULLEN, Edward STAMMER, Ralph MARTYNDALE, Anthony PRENTYS. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

JOHN CLARK of Chadwell, 30 June 1562. (417)
To be buried in Chadwell church. To Agnes my wife the lease of Shorsylles with the cattle and corn belonging. To Thomas BASSETT, my sister's son, 1 red wennel calf of this year and my great spit. To Elizabeth, my sister's daughter, 1 other red wennel calf of this year. To William BASSETT, my sister's son, 1 wennel bulkin of this year, a brown mare colt of 3 years, and a great brass pot. To every of my godchildren 4d. To every poor household in Chadwell 1 peck of rye. To Agnes PRENTYS 1 brown bullock of a year and the vantage, and a great cauldron that is at her mother's. To her mother 1 lamb, Alice PRENTYS and Thomas PRENTYSE each 1 lamb, Joan COPE 1 red bullock, Henry HARVYE 1 lamb, and Margaret GYBSON 1 sheep. To the poor men's box 2s. The residue of my goods to my wife, whom I ordain my executrix. I ordain my brother BASSETT supervisor, and for his pains 3s.4d. Witnesses: John HEARDE, John BASSETT, William Dale. Proved 1 Sept. 1562.
AMOND [ALLMAN in margin] TAYLLFORDE of High Ongar fletcher, 8 Dec. 1562. (481)
To be buried in the parish church or churchyard where I die. To the poor men's box of High Ongar 5s. and of Blackmore 5s. To Patrick PRENTYCE 5s. To John my son my freehold lands and tenements in High Ongar and Kelvedon [Kelvedon Hatch] at 21; and in the meantime I win that my father-in-law John SMYTHE and my mother-in-law his wife shall have the lands to see my son honestly kept and brought up in the fear of God and in some virtuous exercise until 18 whereby he may the better be able to get his living when he come of lawful age. They, shall receive the profits until he is 21 and then answer him for the profits from 18 to 21. If he fail before 21, Joan SMYTHE my mother shall have the lands for her life; after her decease, to my sister Thomas STAMER's wife. To her my tenement and copyhold land called Hardinges in High Ongar and my tenements and copyhold land called Syses in Blackmore for her life; after her decease, to remain to Thomas STAMER my godson, my sister's son. My godson shall pay out of the copyhold lands to Sarah STAMER, my sister's daughter, 40s. To John PHILLIPP £5 at 21; if he die before, one half to poor maidens' marriages and the other half to the highways. The residue of my goods to John SMYTHE and Joan my mother, whom I make my executors. I ordain William FYNCHE my overseer, and for his pains 3s.4d. Witnesses: John FYNCHE the elder, John FYNCHE the younger, John CARRE, William SMYTHE, 'Oken' SMYTHE, Humphrey TABER. Proved 10 Feb. 1562/3. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

RICHARD BEMUND of Shalford, 12 Feb. 1562/3. (984)
To the poor folks in 'Saling' [Great Saling?], i.e. widows BAKER and LYTLE, Robert POD, John EMSDEN, John DOWNAM, and PERY, half a bushel of dredge malt apiece, and to the poor folks of Shalford, i.e. to widows NASHE and CARDER each half a bushel of malt, John LYTLEBERYE a bushel of malt, and John CARDER and widow FYTCHE each a peck of malt. To Margaret my wife my best bed and all her wearing gear linen and woollen. To Mary GATTES my kinswoman a flockbed and a featherbed. To Joan GATTES 6s.8d. To my godchildren 12d. apiece. To Mary PRENTICE and Elizabeth PRENTICE 3s.4d. apiece. To Mary GATTES my cupboard in the hall. All these after my wife's decease. To Joan GATTES 1 pewter platter, a pewter dish, and a latten candlestick. To Robert LYNWOODE my lease of my house and land that I occupy, on condition that he shall keep my wife with sufficient meat, drink, cloth and other things necessary, for her life; and my corn and cattle so that it be appraised, and after her decease the corn and cattle to be equally divided between them or their children. The residue of my goods to be divided between my wife's children [not named]. I ordain my executor Robert LYNWOODE, and for his pains 5s.; he shall be bound in an obligation of £20 to William SORELL and Thomas CUTTE for the performance of my Will. Witnesses: William SORELL, Thomas CUTTE. Proved 23 Mar. 1562/3. From the Archdeaconry of Middlesex.

JOHN PAYNE of Langdon Hills, 31 May 1569. (276)
To Henry PAYNE my brother my best coat, best doublet, best hosen, and best hat, and a good bullock of 2 years old. To Robert PAYNE my brother my second coat next the best and likewise my doublet, pair of hose and hat, and a good bullock of 2 years. To William BEDWELL of Dunton my best frize coat and a pair of hosen next unto those to my brothers. To Elizabeth TAYLOR my sister's daughter 13s.4d. at 15. To Ellen SHELTON whom I have brought up £5 at 18. The residue of my goods to Agnes my wife, whom I ordain my executrix. I ordain for my supervisor and helper with my wife Mr. John DRYWOOD of Dunton, and for his labour 5s. Witnesses: John OCKLEY vicar of Great Burstead, Richard THRESHER of Childerditch, Richard PRENTYS of Langdon Hills. Proved 14 June 1569. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

ROSE MALIN of West Mersea, 31 Oct. 1566. (603)
To my daughter Rose MALINE my house with the appurtenances called Durvals, Gossling Acre, Pitt Field and Pond Field, provided that, whereas Rose hath been given by her father Thomas MALYNE L10, if she will have the £10 she shall not have the house; also I will that, if she die without issue, Durvalls shall remain to my children, i.e. William SMITH alias SOWTHOW and Margaret SMITH, part and part like. I will that John SOWTHOW shall have the custody and bringing up of Rose till she is 21, he to have Durvalls. [etc.] for his labour till then whether she live or die, also that of my son Thomas MALINE till he is 22, and for his labour my interest and profits in Sevals and New market to see him well brought up for the time of my years. To William my son a cupboard, a boulting tun, a great salting trough, a great kneading trough, a pair of querns, a lead, and all that hangs in the hall, none to be removed till he come to enjoy them. To Rose a copper kettle. To Margery my daughter a white bullock, 20s. that Richard TEBBE oweth me, 6s.8d. that SPRINGE of Brightlingsea oweth me, and 7s. that old John FOOXE oweth me, with a featherbed tick. I will that John SOWTHOW shall pay Margaret £10 out of the £20 I lent him or else he shall have but-half of Busshes if he can enjoy it; the other £10 I give to him. The rest of my household stuff, corn and cheese excepted, to Alice SOWTHOW and Margaret SMITH my daughters part and part like. The rest of my goods to John and William, whom I make my executors. I make William FOOXE my supervisor. I surrender my house into the hands of the lord to the use of my Will in the presence of William FOOXE bailiff. Witnesses: William HENTON, Robert FOOXE, John PRENTISSE. Proved 17 Dec. 1566. From the Archdeaconry of Colchester.

JOHN FOOXE of West Mersea, 10 Oct. 1567. (565)
To my brother William my house and ground in East Mersea, both copy and free, on condition that he shall pay my debts and legacies. To William COOKE my brother-in-law £6 13s.4d. To Anne, Joan, young John and old John, the children of my brother John FOOXE £6 13s.4d. equally divided between them at 21. To John STONE my brother-in-law £6 13s.4d., on condition that he shall pay to my goddaughter Katherine STONE 40s. at 21. To him and my brother-in-law William COOKE all my sheep part and part like to be divided between them. To William COOKE my bow and arrows. To James JONSON my half boat with all things belonging. To the poor in West Mersea £3 lacking 2s.8d. in the hands of Edward SMITH. To Margaret STONNARD, servant my brother's house, 6s.8d. The rest of my goods to my brother William FOXE, whom I make my executor. I make William HENTON supervisor, and for his pains 10s. I surrender my house and ground in East Mersea into the hands of the lord [of the manor] to the use of my Will in the presence of John PRENTISE the elder and Richard SOOTHE tenants and John LAMBE bailiff. I surrender my land in Norland in the hands of the lord in the presence of Edmund SMITH and William SMITH tenants and Richard DIRELL bailiff. Witnesses: William HENTON, John LAMBE. Proved 7 Nov. 1567. From the Archdeaconry of Colchester.

CECILY MIDLETON of Earls Colne, 17 Oct. 1568. (742)
To John MIDDLETON a flockbed, 1 pewter dish, 1 little kettle, and the black gown that was his father's. To Alice PARTRIDGE 1 cow for the 20s. that her grandfather did will her. To Simon COULE a sheep. To Margery KINGE a pewter platter and half my best 'curing'. To Cecily MIDDLETON and Ceoily CAUS[T?]EN each a lamb. The residue of my goods to Joan PARTRICHE my daughter and Alice PARTRICHE her daughter to be equally divided between them, to be my executrices. Witnesses: Thomas MAN, Richard PRENTICE, John PETFIELD vicar there. Proved 24 Oct. 1570. From the Archdeaconry of Colchester.

ALICE LYNCOLL of Bulphan widow, 10 Dec. 1568. (307)
To Joan WOOD a 'wicked' [wicker?] chair and a cushion belonging thereto, a blue frock, a pillow, a holland pillowbere, my best white cape, a pair of canvas sheets. To my sister Ellen a pair of canvas sheets, a holland kercher, and a rail. To Thomasine LYNCOLL wife of Humphrey LINCOLL a holland kercher, a rail, and a fustian waistcoat. To Thomasine her daughter my best silver pin. To Agnes BUGBYE's four children 16s.8d. To Alice WODD that dwelleth with me my red petticoat upperbodied with worsted, my new russet petticoat, a hutch in the parlour on the south side, my best silver hooks, my second silver pin, 6s.8d., a pillow, and a holland pillowbere. To Joan HARRYSON 10s. and a silver tache [clasp]; to her mother my best hat; George SAUNDERS 6s.8d.; William SAUNDERS 6s.8d.; Elizabeth WOODE my sister's daughter my best apparel of worsted; Ellen PATCHE, William CARVELLE's wife, and GULLIS' wife each a lockram kercher; old Marget dwelling with goodman GULLIS a new canvas apron; mother LEWIN a russet petticoat that I wear every day and a flaxen apron; COXE's wife of Hacton in Hornchurch, BRAKKET's wife dwelling in Dagenham, John BRIGHT, and John BRYSE each a hive of bees, COXE's wife of Wennington a swarm of bees, and John LINCOLL the eldest brother's son a hive of bees standing at the board's end at the west end. To John BRIGHTE's wife an old red petticoat, and James BRIGHTE 3s.4d. of the 5s. that he oweth me. To John LINCOLL the eldest brother's son 20S., on condition that he do not disquiet my wife nor trouble my executors; if he do so, it shall be at the indisposition of my executors whether he have the 20s. or no. The rest of my goods shall be [ap]praised and sold, and the money given equally amongst the children, at 18, of William COX, John BAYLES, Humphrey LINCOLE, Leven PRENTIS, John WOOD, John LINCOLE, and Thomas PRENTIS, the whole number is 25; to be delivered by my executors, whom I ordain Humphrey LYNCOLE of Great Warley and Thomas PRENTICE of Buttsbury. I ordain the supervisors John BRYSSE and John WOOD, they to have 10s. apiece. Witnesses: William MORPHET parson [rector of Bulphan], John GILBARD curate, Humphrey LYNCOLL, Thomas PRENTIS. Proved 13 Dec. 1568. From the Archdeaconry of Essex.

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