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Prentice Records from Native Soil

The following records were gathered from the Native Soil Manuscript collection when it was available online in 1997. These records are no longer available online but we provide the indexes to those documents in case this information can provide some assistance to researchers.

If you are a member of ancestry.com, it does appear that they are making these documents available in some way. Ancestry.com does seem to have additional Prentice-related Native Soil records.

Native Soil recrods at ancestry.com

This page lists the Prentice-related records that were available through Native Soil in 1997. If you have any additional information on these people or records, be sure to add a comment to this page.

Native Soil is dedicated to reuniting lost historic manuscripts with the descendants of their authors, or with individuals interested in manuscripts for their historic significance. They have collected thousands of manuscripts from the 18th and 19th centuries from all over America, primarily property deeds, but also immigration certificates, personal letters, court documents, commercial correspondences, and many other paper vestiges of past lives. Since much that was written down about our ancestors has long since been lost or destroyed, these manuscripts are often the only traces of their lives.

Type of Document: Property Deed
State: Massachusetts
Year: 1812

Contains the following names: John Rice, Lydia Prentiss, Israel Munroe, John Ferrie, Benjamin Burts, and Doet? Hast.

Type of Document: Property Deed
State: Massachusetts
Year: 1836

Contains the following names: John Clarke, William Prentiss, Christopher Clarke, Augustus Graves, Frances Clark, Eli Edwards, and Charles Smith.

Type of Document: Property Deed
State: Massachusetts
Year: 1841

Contains the following names: Christopher Sanborn, William Mason, James Luke, Esther Prentiss, Sarah Sanborn, and Thomas Watson.

Comments: This is a property deed from the year 1841 which describes the sale of a piece of land in Boston , located by its relation to neighbors' properties, and Lowell and Billerica Streets. The property cost one thousand dollars, and was transferred between a housewright and lumber merchants!

Type of Document: Property Deed
State: Massachusetts
Year: 1850

Contains the following names: ? Hinckley, Willliam Prentiss, H.R. Hinkley, and Anne Hinckley.

Original Document: SOLD

Type of Document: Property Deed
State: Massachusetts
Year: 1839

Contains the following names: Thomas Edwards, William Prentice, Daniel Slebbens, Harriet Edwards, Allen Mathes, Christopher Clarke, and Silas Smith.

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