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American Traveller, 4 January 1828

American Traveller
Vol. III - Boston, Friday Morning, January 4, 1828


No. 23 Court Street, opposite the N. England




BASSOONS, with additional Keys; B, C and E Clarionets; Bass Viols and Violins; Hautboys, with additional keys; Patent German Flutes, with and without additional Keys; F Flutes; Octave do.; common Military and Bass Drums; small sized Drums; elegant ebony and boxwood Fifes, of every key; Bass Viol and Violin Strings; do. do. do. Bows; Instruction Books for all Instruments; Clarionet, Hautboy, and Bassoon Reeds; Tailboards, Bridges, and Pegs for Bass Viols and Violins; Drum Sticks; Ivory Billiard Balls; Backgammon Men; a large assortment of Canes, with and without swords.

   Clarionets manufactured as above, with from 5 to 13 keys, silver or brass--superior finish. Umbrellas and Musical Instruments repaired, Whalebone cut to any pattern; and all kinds of Turning in Ivory, Wood, &c.  ep3m-n16

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