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Texas Birth Records

Texas Birth Records
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2000 and Revised: 4 May 2004

We found the following Texas birth records on the database coming from the Texas Department of Health for the period 1926-1995:


Parents:  Edmond Prentice and Hazel Moore.  Not in 1930 census.  Children:
		Doris Prentice, b. 17 Sep 1945, Smith 
		Edmond Prentice Jr., b. 20 Nov 1947, Smith
		L. V. Prentice, b. 18 Jan 1944, Smith (female)
		Sirlister Prentice, b. 5 Apr 1942, Smith (male)

Parents:  James Woodard Prentice and Lee LaVerne Martin.  Children:
		Gary Alan Prentice, b. 16 Jan 1944, Wichita
		James Henry Prentice. b. 26 May 1939, Neal

	Note:  A volunteer researcher in Wichita Falls, TX says 
	he appears in the 1942-1944 city directors living at 
	1311 9th St.  Not there before or after those years.

Parents:  Willie Curtis Prentice is the son of Reginald Delos Prentice and Emma Cole 
and was b. c. 1914 according to the 1920 Walker Co., TX census and is a descenant of 
Wiliiam Prentice of Williamsburg, VA.  Willie m. Rosalie Caroline Vern in Jul 1938 
in Walker Co., TX.  They had the following children:
	Wayne Curtis Prentice, b. 2 Dec 1942, Walker
	Gloria Gayle Prentice, b. 1 Oct 1946, Walker
	Ramsey Delos Prentice. b. 4 Jan 1948, Walker
	Robert Ashley Prentice b. 28 Feb 1950, Walker

Note:  This information was augmented by the email of Robert Archer 
of 24 Aug 2001.

Parents:  Henry Prentice and Jessie Lee Moore.  Not in 1930 census.
	Imogene Prentice, 9 Jan 1941, Smith.  Children:
		Marveline Prentice, 25 Jul 1939, Smith
		Shirley Mae Prentice, 22 Dec 1943, Smith

Name:	 Prentice, Billy Richard
Born:    18 Jan 1944 
Sex:     Male
County:  Grayson
Mother:  Georgia Gladys Bible
Father:	 Richard Lincoln Prentice
Update:  Richard Lincoln Prentice is a son of Daniel I. Prentice & Elizabeth 
Cranford, a descendant of William Prentis of Williamsburg, VA.

Name:  Prentice, Billy Warren
Born:  6 Jan 1927
Sex:   male
County:  Collin
Mother:  Cara Leella Cody
Father:  Alpheus Prentice

Name:  Damon Charles Prentice
Born 10 Jul 1938
Sex:  male
County:  Nolan
Mother:  Mamie Trib
Father:  Floyd Roger Damon

Name:  Elysus Lee Prentice
Born:  16 Apr 1946
Sex:  male
County:  Smith
Mother:  Lucy Mae Prentice
Father:  not given

Name:  Ethel Prentice
Born:  14 Apr 1946
Sex:  female
County:  Smith
Mother:  Lucy Mae Prentice
Father:  not given

Name:  Fred David Prentice
Born:  22 Sep 1949
County:  Young
Mother: June Eleanor Cowart
Father: Fred Tidmore Prentice

Name:  George Robbin Prentice
Born:  25 Aug 1949
Sex: Male
County:  Harris
Mother:  Marian LaVerne Moore
Father:  George Robbin Prentice

Name:  Glenn Prentice
Born:  18 Feb 1945
Sex:  Male
County:  Hockley
Mother:  Mae Evelyn Hale
Father:  Bonnie Glenn Prentice

Name:  Jimmie Andrew Prentice
Date:  15 Sep 1946
Sex:  male
County:  Dallas
Mother:  Frances Irene Rogers
Father:  Clemuel Porter Prentice
Update:  Clemuel Porter Prentice is a son of Andrew Wilson Prentice 
& Mary Jane Stricklin, a descendant of William Prentis of Williamsburg, VA.

Name:  John Allen Prentice
Date:  11 Jan 1947
Sex:  male
County:  Harris
Mother:  Ellen Marie Manning
Father:  Alvin Virgil Prentice
Update of 30 Jul 2000: Alvin Prentice is the son of Ivan Prentice, EDB 28144.

Name:  Oscar Prentice
Date:  7 Apr 1933
Sex:  Male
County:  Harrison
Mother:  Ella Mae Thomson
Father:  Alfred Prentice

Name:  Radell Prentice
Date:  19 Jul 1928
Sex:  Female
County:  Hill
Mother:  Corrie Estelle Overton
Father:  Buren McKenzie Prentice
Update of 30 Jul 2000: Buren Mckenzie Prentice is a son of Peter McKenzie Prentice 
& Cora Beatrice Shelton and a desc. of William Prentis of Williamsburg, VA

Name:  Ralph Wayne Prentice
Date:  20 Sep 1948
Sex:  male
County:  Taylor
Mother:  Leta Louise Fisher
Father:  Ralph Bradley Prentice

Name:  Rebekah Dearlene Prentice
Date:  22 Jan 1945
Sex:  female
County:  Dallas
Mother:  Derene Lois Burns
Father:  George Blondell Prentice

Name:  Richard Lewis Prentice
Date:  8 May 1937
Sex:  male
County:  Bell
Mother:  Frances Malosky
Father:  Lewis Looney

Name:  Robert Lee Prentice
Date:  25 Nov 1949
Sex:  Male
County:  Kaufman
Mother:  Zula May Stearns
Father:  Henry Prentice

Name:  Stanton F. B. Prentice
Date:  12 Jan 1932
Sex:  male
County:  Cameron
Mother:  Margaret Myrick
Father:  Stanton Prentice

Name:  Stanton Leo Prentice
Date:  26 Oct 1949
Sex:  male
County:  Harris
Mother:  Shirley Estelle Weaver
Father:  Stanton F. V. Prentice

Name:  Sylvia Carolyn Prentice
Date:  6 Feb 1949
Sex:  female
County:  Stephens
Mother:  Carolyn Sarah Hamilton
Father:  Alfred R. J. Prentice
	 Found: Son of Ralph Ernest Prentice in EDB.

Name:  Thomas Kent Prentice II
Date:  30 Oct 1949
Sex:  male
County:  Taylor
Mother:  Mary Maud Mark
Father:  Thomas Kent Prentice

Name:  Verna Jean Smith
Date:  21 Jul 1937
Sex:  female
County:  Lamb
Mother:  Lowella Jamirson
Father:  "do not issue"

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