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Plagues and Epidemics

Plagues and Epidemics
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 2000 and Revised 6 May 2004

Have you ever wondered what caused the premature death of all those ancestors of yours? Perhaps it was one of the plagues and epidemics that periodically ravaged the populations in generations past.

Tracy Dunne, at Lanark-L@Rootsweb.com on 30 Aug 2000, has compiled the following list which may be of interest to you. She indicates it has not been checked for accuracy, but it's worth a look if you find several family members all dying within a short period


* denotes more than one year in duration. 

1350*    Bubonic Plague		World wide

1499     Bubonic Plague    	London (UK)

1507*    "Fever"                UK  (lasted from 1507 - 1550)
1551     Influenza              UK
1555     Famine 		UK (rains bought famine and  weakness)
1556*    Bubonic Plague    	UK (this was an extreme event and lasted until 1563)
1578     Bubonic Plague    	UK
1586     Bubonic Plague    	Chesterfield UK (all Harvests failed)
1591     Acute Distress     	UK (as a result of above)
1593     Bubonic Plague    	UK
1596*    Famine     		UK (harvests failed and epidemics began)

1603     Bubonic Plague    	UK
1612     Bubonic Plague    	UK
1617*    Smallpox          	US (amongst the Native Indians)
1623     Bad Harvest         	UK (lasted 2 years)
1625*    Bubonic Plague    	UK
1630     Plague at worst    	UK (many thousands died)
1631     Bubonic Plague    	UK
1633     Smallpox             	US (Native Indians)
1636*    Bubonic Plague    	UK 
1647     Yellow Fever  		West Indies
1648     Smallpox       	US
1648     Whooping Cough   	US
1654     Bubonic Plague     	UK  
1657     Measles               	Boston, US
1662     Smallpox              	New York, US
1665*    Bubonic Plague     	UK (extreme)
1668     Yellow Fever          	New York, US
1677*    Smallpox              	Boston, US
1687      Measles  		Boston, US 
1690     Yellow Fever   	NY US
1699     Yellow Fever  		SC US

1702*    Yellow Fever    	NY US
1702     Scarlet Fever		Boston US
1706     Yellow Fever 		SC US
1713     Measles      		Boston US
1721     Smallpox       	US
1723     Influenza 		World wide
1723*   Famine          	UK (lasted 7 years - poor harvests and resultant epidemics)
1728    Yellow Fever   		SC US
1729    Measles     		Boston US
1732    Yellow Fever            SC US
1732    Influenza      		SC US
1735*   Diphtheria      	US
1735*   Scarlet Fever 		New England US (4 years)
1738    Smallpox       		Carolina US
1739*   Measles         	Boston US
1743*   Yellow Fever     	NY US
1747    Measles       		CT, NY, PA, SC,  US
1759    Measles       		North America
1761    Influenza    		US and West Indies
1763*   Smallpox     		Boston, US
1772    Measles         	US
1775*   Influenza     		World Wide  
1783   Bilious Disorder  	US (this was fatal and thought to be similar to Dysentery)
1788    Measles        		PA, NY,  US
1789    Influenza      		US
1792*  Yellow Fever           	US (lasted 7 years)
1793   Unknown Fever        	PA, US
1793    Influenza       	Vermont, Virginia,  US 

1802    Smallpox       		Nebraska, US
1803    Yellow Fever 		NY US
1820*   Fever             	US
1826*   Cholera                 World Wide (this lasted until 1837)
1826*   Dengue Fever        	US  and West Indies
1829*   Malaria                 US
1831*   Cholera                 UK ( began world wide in 1826)
1831*   Cholera                 US
1832    Influenza      		US
1833    Cholera                 Ohio US
1834    Cholera                 NY US
1837    Typhus        		PA  US
1837    Smallpox          	US (Native Indians)
1841    Yellow Fever   		NO US
1847    Measles          	US (Native Indians)
1847    Yellow Fever 		NO  US
1848*   Cholera       		World Wide
1850    Yellow Fever          	US
1850*   Dengue Fever        	US
1851    Cholera      		IL  US
1852    Yellow Fever 		NO  US
1853    Cholera       		UK (began in Birmingham)
1855    Yellow Fever         	US
1857*   Influenza        	World Wide
1860    Smallpox       		Pennsylvania  US
1861    Epidemics            	US (Civil War - numerous infectious diseases)
1865    Smallpox             	US
1865    Cholera            	US
1865    Typhus          	US
1868*   Smallpox         	US ( lasted 7 years)
1873    Cholera             	US
1878    Yellow Fever        	FL  US
1885    Typhoid            	PA  US
1886    Yellow Fever        	FL US
1889*   Influenza             	World Wide
1893    Polio                	US (first known outbreak)

1900*   Plague          	US
1901*   Smallpox        	US
1907*   Polio             	US (lasted 9 years)
1917    Spanish Influenza  	World Wide (worst ever outbreak)
1931    Polio              	US 
1942*   Polio           	US (lasted 11 years)
1947*   Smallpox         	UK (lasted 2 years) 
1950    Polio               	World Wide.

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