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Names: Life's Little Misfortunes

Names: Life's Little Misfortunes
Summer 2000 and Revised: 13 Apr 2000

Patty Frazer very kindly forwards to us any Internet postings she finds which mention the surnames PRENTICE, PRENTIS and PRENTISS.

The other day she sent us one from Prentis L. Ollis relating to the Ollis surname. Because of his first name, and since surname-type first names often are given children to honor someone in that person's family tree, we wrote to him asking if he could identify the Prentis in his family tree for us.

We won't even try to do a better job explaining the derivation of his "Prentis" name that he did. Here is his explanation which he generously allowed us to use:

    "All I can offer is that my Mom told me I was named after a gentlemen named Prentiss Fiendly, who happened to be a high official in the Bibb Mfg. Company in Porterdale, Georgia in the late 30's and early 40's.....

    I had always been taught to spell my name as: Prentiss Lyvon Ollis.... When the time came for me as an adult to obtain a copy of my birth certificate I found that it was spelled as: Prentis Lavaughan Ollis ..... I mentioned this to my Mom and her reply was that Dr. Love never could spell. Dr. Love was the Doctor that delivered me."

We thought that was a splendid example of the little misfortunes that plague us all as we travel down the road of life.

If you know of any other small misfortunes, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com.

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