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James L. Prentiss, ME, MA & CT

James Lyon Prentiss of Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 1999 and Revised: 6 Jul 2006

Update of 11 Sep 1999: One of correspondents, on 10 Sep 1999, informed us that James L. Prentiss is James Lyon Prentiss and a son of James Henry Prentiss of Kennebunk, York Co., ME who appears in the 1850 census. The following material reflects the new material provided to us.

This article will not be further updated; all future updates will now appear in the article on his father, James Henry Prentiss.

1. James Lyon Prentiss was b. Sep 1857 in Maine. He appears in the 1880 and 1890 Boston, MA census. James later moved to Rockville, Tolland, CT where he appears in the 1920 census. James d. Apr 1940.

James m., 1st, Elizabeth Young. She was b. c. 1857 in Maine and she, too, appears in the 1880 Boston census. Children:

  1. Lucy Prentiss. Lucy Married William Ellis and had a daugher, Grace Ellis.
  2. James A. Prentiss b. Nov 1886, MA.
  3. Edwin K. Prentiss, b. Feb 1888, MA.
  4. Ernest F. Prentiss, b. Jan 1891, MA. Ernest appears in the 1920 Rockville, Tolland, CT census with his wife, Emma, b. c. 1897, MA and children:
    1. Ellen K. Prentiss, b. c. 1916, MA.
    2. Roy A. Prentiss, b. c. 1919, CT. He is probably the Roy Prentiss, a Military Policeman, who shot Lloyd Knapp on 6 Apr 1943 at Camp Hood, Texas. By E-mail of 13 Jul 1999, George Murphy relates that Prentiss' mother lived on 93 Elm Street, Winstead, Conn. Newspaper accounts of the shooting relate that Prentiss was a former Rockville boy found guilty of murder by an Army court martial and was sentenced to hang.

      On the night of the murder, Prentiss was in a truck with Lloyd and the truck driver when Prentiss shot Lloyd, threatened to shoot the driver, then turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the head. For several weeks he lay near death in a hospital, but recovered, and went to trial. His mother appealed to FDR for a reprieve, but the result is not known.

    3. Kenneth Prentiss, stationed at Camp Breckenridge in Kentucky during WW II (per George Murphy, referencing newspaper account).
  5. Melville Prentiss

James married, 2nd, Jenny Ellis who was b. 21 Jun 1878. Children:

  1. Hazel C. Prentiss, b. c. 1905, CT. She m. James Joseph Kelley on 30 Jun 1924. Childen:
    1. Cyril James Kelley, b. 3 Nov 1927.
    2. James Joseph Lelley,jr. b. 17 Oct 1929
    3. Lionel Basil Kelley b. 8 Mar 1933. Lionel married Edith Gingras and their childs name is Rosanna Kelley.
    4. Douglas Answorth Kelley b. 21 Sep (1934?). Douglas recieve a musical award at Ellington Center School.
    5. Elaine Lois Kelley b. 31 Oct 1936. Elaine married Norman Gaertner and their children are James and Christina
  2. Elmer W. C. Prentiss, b. c. 1913, CT.
  3. Milton L. Prentiss, b. c. 1915, CT. He Married Evelyn Georgianna Furness on 2 Sep 1936 at St. Edwards Rectory, Stafford Springs, CT. Evelyn was born on July 28,1916. Children:
    1. Georgianna Jane Prentiss, b. 29 May 1937. She m. John Queen Victory on 13 Jun 1956. Children:
      1. John Queen Victory b.3-14-1958. No children.
      2. Willian Henry Victory b. 1-20-1960. No children
      3. Kenneth Queen Victory b. 9-15-1961. He m. Suzanne Marie Volpe. Children:
        1. Joseph Scott Bockel (son of Suzanne).
        2. Kenneth Brian Victory b 9-13-1983,
        3. Anthony Frank Victory b. 8-18-1984,
        4. Christine Evelyn Victory b. 5-29-91
      4. Laura Jean Victory. She changed her name through adoption to Laurie Cathleen Cordano and her children are
        1. Whitney Marie Cordano
        2. Michael Thomas Cordano.
      5. Ronald Lee Victory. No children.
      Georgianna m., 2nd, Robert Frances Harmon of Sobego Lake, ME. Son:
      1. Robert Francis Harmon Jr., b. in Moodus, CT.
    2. Patricia Elizabeth Prentiss, b. 1 Sep 1939
    3. Virginia Nancy Prentiss, 9 Jul 1940
    4. James Joseph Prentiss, b. 24 Oct 1941.
    5. Milton Leroy Prentiss Jr., b. 26 Sep 1942
    6. Howard Lee Prentiss, 13 Jan 1944
    7. Charles Arthur Prentiss, b. 5 Mar 1945. Charles Arthur Prentiss b. 3/5/1945. He m. Nancy Sandra Gagnon. Children:
      1. Lisa Antoinette b. 6/22/1968. Lisa married John Gus Christensen 5/12/1993. Their children are: Joshua, Jessica, Joseph & Johnathon.
      2. Betsy Lynn b. 10/20/1970. Betsy married Frank Louis Kovacs 7/2/1994. Their children are: Hanna Jake b. 12/3/1997 & Jeremy Frank b. 11/18/2004
      3. Chuckie Phillip b. 12/18/1974
    8. Samuel Lawerence Prentiss, b. 22 Apr 1946
    9. William Forrest Prentiss, b. 18 Feb 1948
    10. Albert Frncis Prentiss, b. 13 Jun 1949
    11. Barry Eugene Prentiss, b. 15 Aug 1950
    12. Nona Fay Prentiss, b. 12 Dec 1951

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