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English BMD Certificates: Ordering

English Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates: Ordering
Winter 2000 and Revised 21 Aug 2000

From time to time, one would like to obtain copies of English Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for our kin who died in times past.

How do you do that? The answer is provided by Ian Prentice, our English expert on Prentice lines.

    1. Ascertain the year, quarter and district of the birth, marriage or death.

    2. Obtain the Reference Number of the document from the Genealogy Library of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Church most convenient for you. If they do not have the information immediately available, they can obtain for you a copy of the microfilm containing the information.

    3. Once you have the Reference Number, contact The Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, London EC1R 1UW; telephone 0151 471 4800; there is also a web site: National Statistics

    It's pretty well known that Wills before 1850 were proved in local courts (eg. Suffolk or Leicestershire), or especially if the person concerned had property in more than one county or lived in London then in the Preogative Court of Canterbury (PCC). The latter are available in the Family Records Centre too; the former only in county Record Offices.

    After 1850, copies of Wills can be obtained from the Probate Sub-Registry, Duncombe Place, York YO1 2EA, telephone 01904 624210; the cost of a photocopy of a Will is currently £5.

If you have any additional information, or would like to share your experience in obtaining such records, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com.

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