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Prentices of Norwich, England

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The Prentices of Norwich, England
Winter 1998 and Revised 14 Nov 2000

By E-mail of 11 Dec 1998, we received the following information from Ian Prentice,
our English correspondent. He thought the information would be of interest to
readers of our Newsletter, and we thought so, too. His information is as follows:

This family group, the Prentices of Norwich, almost certainly links back to the 
Pulham St. Mary Magdalene Prentices via  John Prentice who died in East Dereham in 1681 
and naming two sons in his will: Caleb and Charles.  However, because of the 
loss of relevant parish registers it will be difficult to prove this connection.

1. 	John Prentice married Sarah Harrison on 1 Nov 1739 in Norwich St. Helen.  
He most probably had a brother Charles who married Ruth and had a son, Charles 
who was baptised in Norwich St. Helens on 14 Dec 1740. John and Sarah had sons:
	 i. 	Samuel Prentice who was baptised on 1 Sept 1742.		(2)
	ii.	John Prentice baptised on 3 Dec 1740 in Norwich St. Stephen.	(3)
2. 	Samuel Prentice  was baptised on 1 Sept 1742 in St. Stephens; he married 
Mary.  Children:
	i.	John Prentice baptised on 13 Jan 1771 at St. Martin at Oak and 
		died young
	ii. 	Charles, Prentice baptised on 23 Feb 1772 and died before 1738
	iii. 	Samuel Prentice born in 1773.  He was an Inn Keeper and Counsellor 
		of Norwich North Ward in 1808.  He was buried on 11 Jan 1841; 
		his wife, Elizabeth, was buried on 5 Dec 1842 also in 
		St. Peter Mancroft Churchyard.
	iv. 	Ann, Prentice baptised on 13 Nov 1774 in St. Augustin; she died 
		before 1841.
	v. 	John Prentice baptised on 24 Nov 1776 and died young
	vi. 	Elizabeth Prentice baptised on 1 Nov 1778 in St. Martin.  She 
		married James Clarke on 28.12.1797 in St. Peter Mancroft
	vii. 	John Prentice baptised on 25 Feb 1781 but had died by 1841
	viii.	Mary Prentice baptised on 18 Sept 1798 at St. Martin.  She may 
		have married John Henry Williams on 19 Jun 1821 in 
		St. Peter Hunsgate

3. 	John Prentice was baptised on 3 Dec 1740 in Norwich St. Stephen.  He was 
a Cooper and was living in Hardwick in 1790 and 1799.  He married Susanna Thompson 
on 14 Apr 1765 in Norwich St. Paul (she was born in 1744 in Hindolveston).  
	i. 	Robert, Prentice baptised on 27 Apr 1766 in St. Paul		(4)
	ii. 	John Prentice baptised on 19 Jun 1771, he was buried on 
		24. Apr 1772
	iii.	John Prentice baptised on 1 Oct 1772 but buried on 
		26 Aug 1773 in St. George  Tombland
	iv. 	John Prentice baptised on 8 Jan 1775.				(5)
	v.	Mary Prentice baptised on 15 Dec 1776 and married 
		William Le Strip on 8 Jun 1794.

4. 	Robert, Prentice, baptised on 27 Apr 1766 in St. Paul. He was a 
Winemerchant and Counsellor of Wymer Ward in Norwich in 1800.  He died in 1805 
having married Catherine Beazor of Thorpe on 4 Mar 1786 in St. George Tombland.  
She died in 1818.  Children:
	i. 	Robert Prentice who died before 1818
	ii. 	John Prentice baptised on 2 May 1788 in Norwich Independent 
		Meeting House and died unmarried in 1811
	iii.	Elizabeth Prentice baptised on 30 May 1790; she had 
		died by 1818.
	iv.	Mary Prentice baptised on 26 Dec 1792; she married 
		Peter Elwin Williams on 2 Mar 1813 in St. George Tombland
	iv.	Martha Prentice baptised on 16 Mar 1797; she died by 1818
	v. 	Susanna Prentice baptised on 28 Mar 1805; she died by 1818
	vi.	Louisa Prentice baptised on 28 Mar 1805; she died by 1818
	vii. 	Julia Prentice who was alive in 1818

5.	 John Prentice, baptised on 8 Jan 1775.  He was a Farmer in 
St. Lawrence Ilketshall, Suffolk and was buried in the Bungay Independent 
Church Burial Ground on 13 Mar 1814.  He married Elizabeth Spratt on 
12 Sept 1797 when they were both living in Hardwick.  She was buried on 
27 Nov 1857 when she was livng in the parish of Bungay Holy Trinity.  
	i.	Elizabeth Prentice baptised on 18 May 1799 in Hardwick.  
		She married William Lark, a Wine and Spirit merchant on 
		18 Oct 1825 in Bungay Trinity.
	ii. 	John Prentice baptised on 28 Mar 1801 in Norwich Independant 
		Meeting House; he was buried on 26 Mar 1809 in Ilketshall 
		St. Lawrence.	
	iii. 	Mary Prentice baptised on 13 Oct 1803; she was buried on 
		6 Apr 1878 
	iv.	Susan(na) Prentice baptised on 13 Oct 1803 in Norwich 
		Independent Meeting House and married William Dutt, Coachmaker 
		of Ditchingham 	on 13 Sept 1841 in Bungay.
			By email of 14 Nov 2000, Edmund Gooch indicates that Susanna and 
		William Dutt (coachmaker of Ditchingham) are the parents of the East Anglian 
		author, William Alfred Dutt, who both worked for the Eastern Daily Press 
		and wrote a number of topographical books on the region including "Highways 
		and Byways in East Anglia" and "A Guide to the Norfolk Broads". These three 
		may be found on the 1881 Census Enumerators' Returns, living perhaps at 
		Bungay.  William Alfred Dutt later married one of the daughters of Edmund 
		Gooch, a police constable, originally from Hempnall in Norfolk - all three 
		later lived in retirement at Carlton Colville, near Lowestoft.

	v. 	William Prentice who was buried in 1809 in Ilketshall 
		St. Lawrence
	vi. 	Robert Prentice baptised on 15 Sept 1805.			 (6)
	vii.	William Prentice baptised on 28 July 1808 in Bungay.  
		He was a Builder and Venetian Blind Maker in Yarmouth in 1830 
		but a Chemist by 1847.  He died between 1872 and 1878 having 
		married Ella L. Howard in 1835 in Docking, north Norfolk.   
		a.	Isabella Prentice who died in Docking in 1842
		b.	Susan Prentice.
		c. 	Samuel Prentice born in 1840 in Docking; he was alive 
			in 1878
		d. 	William Prentice born in 1843 in Docking; he was alive 
			in 1872
		e. 	Robert John Prentice born in 1847 he died on 
			5 Aug 1847
	viii. 	John Prentice born on 21 Dec 1809 in Bungay.  He died on 
		12 July 1872, a Gentleman of Ipswich.  He married Mary in 1838.  
		Their only child was:
		a. 	Kate Prentice born in 1840 in Ipswich she was at 
			school in Bury St. Edmunds in 1851.  She married Edwin Sewell 
			of Butley Abbey, Suffolk in 1860 in Ipswich.   
			Kate died before 1872 and they had two daughters who lived 
			near Bristol.
	ix 	Stephen who had died by 1878; he married Elizabeth Gooch on 
		29 Dec 1835 in Woodbridge, near Ipswich

6. 	Robert Prentice, baptised on 15 Sept 1805; he died in 1863 in Norwich 
having married Pamela Andrews on 28 Dec 1823 in Ipswich St. Lawrence .  
	i. 	Elizabeth Mary who married Henry William Smith in 1856 in the 
		Strand, London
	ii. 	Charles Andrew, Prentice baptised on 23 Feb 1824 in Ipswich 
		St. Lawrence; he died a Gentleman and unmarried on 6 Jan 1878 
		in Ipswich.
	iii. 	John Robert Prentice baptised on 11 Sept 1825.			(7)

7. 	John Robert Prentice baptised on 11 Sept 1825 in Ipswich St. Nicholas 
he was a Draper in Old Brompton, London in 1878.  He died in Camberwell in 1891 
having married Catherine Peck in 1852 in Ipswich.  Children:
	i. 	Catherine Prentice born in 1852 in Ipswich
	ii.	Montague John born in 1853; he died in York in 1939
	iii.	Ellen Pamela Prentice born in 1855 she died in Epsom unmarried 
		in 1929
	iii. 	Bertha Seaman Prentice  born in 1857 she married in 1877
	iv. 	Horace Andrews Prentice born in 1863; he may have died in 
		Norwich in 1950

	Best wishes,

If you have any information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned
above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com

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