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Marie Luke, Mother of Valentine Prentice

Marie Luke, Mother of Valentine Prentice

By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 1997 and Revised 8 Oct 2008

Marie Luke is the mother of our immigrant Valentine Prentice. Except for her name, which appears in her 15 Jan 1585/6 marriage record at Felsted, Essex County, England we know little about her or her family.

So far, the only thing that we know is that her marriage to Valentine's father, also named Valentine, was not her first marriage; in the record of her 15 Jan 1585/6 marriage, she is called "Marie Luke, widdow." We do not know whether than means her maiden name was Luke, or whether her husband's surname was Luke.

We asked our English researcher, Mr. Stan Jarvis of Chelmsford, to check the Felsted church records for any marriage to a man named Luke in the 10-year period prior to her marriage to Valentine's father. We also asked that he look for births of a "Mary" or "Marie" Luke for the period between 1561-67.

His reply letter of 5 Oct 1993 said that he was unable to locate a Felsted record of the birth of a person by either such name. However, it was indirectly helpful. Although it did not tell us anything directly about when or where MARIE LUKE was born, it does do two things having some value:

First, it contains material of interest and potentially helpful to future researchers, and second, it can be used as text material in the book relating to the search for her parents.

Although he mentioned that he did not think he had been of further help and did not see how the 1561-67 "Marie" births at Felsted would help, he was too modest. He did find records for the births of females by the name of Mary or Marie to parents with the names of Mr. WRIGHT, THOMAS GIBBES, JOHN DRANE, EDWARD SPONNER, JOHN WOODE and GEORGE WISEMAN.

We then asked him to examine the published Wills for the men with those surnames with the thought that one of them may identify a daughter named MARY or MARIE PRENTICE.

By letter of 8 Nov 1993, Stan Jarvis replied that he had checked each of the published volumes for the Wills of Mr. WRIGHT, THOMAS GIBBES, JOHN DRANE, EDWARD SPONNER, JOHN WOODE and GEORGE WISEMAN to see if they mention a MARIE LUKE or MARIE PRENTICE. No MARY or MARIE PRENTICE was found.

In addition, we tried a different approach by simply checking the indexes for each of those books to see if either of those names appeared in the index. They did not.

There is one more possibility: there is just a chance she might be the widow of THOMAS LUCKE of Much Waltham for whom estate administration was granted on 7 Dec 1585.

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