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Newsletter 97.3

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Jonah Prentice of Uxbridge, MA

Is he Jonas?  Who are his parents?  Who are his descendants?

Jonah Prentice (also called Jonas Prentice) is identified in our new PRENTICE book (pg. 233) as an itinerant blacksmith in Uxbridge, MA, 1753 or 1759 and, for now, called the son of John Prentice and Elizabeth. Although documentation as to the identity of his parents has not been found, it seems likely he is related to Samuel and William who married in Uxbridge (see #12, pg. 235 & #13a, pg. 236).

He was probably born about 1725-35, perhaps at Preston or Canterbury where John and Elizabeth lived. Although not confirmed, he might be the Jonah Prentis mentioned in "Baldwin's Vital Records of Uxbridge MA" who registered on 8 Jul 1754 an intention to marry Elizabeth Smith. It is not yet known whether that marriage occurred or whether children resulted.

Jonah married Abigail Cummings on 25 Nov 1760 at Uxbridge (see Baldwin's Vital Records of Uxbridge, MA, pgs. 291-2) and had the following children, all born at Uxbridge:

  • William Prentice, b. 1762.
  • Hannah Prentice, b. 1763.
  • Ellepir Prentice, b. 1765.
  • Samuel Prentice, b. 1767.
  • Josiah Prentice, bapt 17 Mar 1771
  • Thaddeus Prentice, b. 1772 (see below)
  • Javan Prentice, b. 1775.
Thaddeus Prentice, above, was b. 1772 and d. 8 Dec 1850 in Towanda, Bradford Co., PA (per Call book). He m. 1st Keziah Southwick (b. c. 1726) on 27 Sep 1795. In 1800 and 1810 they lived in Brantrem, Luzerne Co., PA. Kaziah died after 1819 (per Call book). In 1820-40 his family lived in Windham, Luzerne Co., PA. At some date after 1819 and before 1850, Thaddeus married Charlotte Thompson, widow of Jacob Keithline (per Call book). Children by both marriages:
  • l male b. 1800..............Southwick Prentice, b. 25 Jan 1800),
  • 1 male b. 1804-1810 }
  • 1 male b. 1804-1810 }
  • 1 male b. 1804-1810 } Of these 5 sons, one would be Joseph Prentice
  • 1 male b. 1810-1820 } and one probably named Thaddeus Prentice Jr.
  • 1 male b. 1810-1820 }
  • 1 male b. 1825-1830.....William Prentice, b. c. 1730
  • 1 female b. 1796-1800 }
  • 1 female b. 1796-1800 }
  • 1 female b. 1810-1820 } Of these 5, 2 would be Maria and Eunice Prentice
  • 1 female b. 1810-1820 }
  • 1 female b. 1820-1825 }

The 1850 Towanda, Bradford Co., PA census shows two men named Thaddeus, so one is likely the son of the above Thaddeus.

If you have any additional information about any of the folks mentioned in the above article, we would like to hear from you. You may contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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