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John Prentice of Carluke, Scotland

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John Prentice of Carluke, Scotland

Using the records available from Records Office in Glascow, Scotland we have compiled the following tentative family tree for John Prentice of Carluke, Scotland. A word of caution, however: the tree is based solely on the possibility of family relationships because of similarity of names and proximaty of dates and locations. If you know of any errors, please contact us so that we may correct them.

Glasgow, Scotland records contain extensive birth and christening records for various towns in Scotland beginning in the 1600s. The first entries for the town of Carluke begin with the entries for the children of John Prentice (wife's name not given) on 28 Jan 1700. He is likely the John Prentice named by Glasgow records, as the father of the following children christened at Carluke:

  1. Christen Prentice, chr. 28 Jan 1700.
  2. James Prentice, chr. 9 Mar 1701.
  3. Jean Prentice, chr. 26 Oct 1701.
  4. John Prentice, chr. 6 Jun 1703.
  5. Henry Prentice, chr. 7 Aug 1703.
  6. Jannet Prentice, chr. 29 Jul 1705.
  7. Thomas Prentice, chr. 9 Jan 1709.
  8. Jannet Prentice, chr. 20 Aug 1710.
  9. Thomas Prentice, chr. 12 Mar 1710.
  10. James Prentice, chr. 14 Jun 1713.
  11. Jannet Prentice, chr. 19 Jul 1713.
  12. Alexander Prentice, chr. 12 Feb 1716.
  13. John Prentice, chr. 8 Feb 1719.
  14. Jean Prentice, chr. 28 Aug 1720.
There was also a John Prentice who was born in Carluke; he was chr. 25 Jan 1702, son of James Prentice.

Either the 1703 John (son of John) or the 1702 John (son of James) was almost certainly the John Prentice (wife's name not given) who is shown by Glasgow records to be the father of:

  1. James Prentice, chr. 11 Mar 1722, Carluke. [2]
2. James Prentice, chr. 11 Mar 1722, Carluke, He is probably the James Prentice who m. Elizabeth Reid. Their children included:
  1. John Prentice, chr. 3 Oct 1741, Carluke.
  2. James Prentice, chr. 14 Mar 1744, Carluke.
  3. Thomas Prentice, b. 22 Mar 1747, Carluke. [3]
  4. Isobel Prentice, chr. 8 Apr 1750, Carluke.
  5. Margaret Prentice, chr. 13 Apr 1752, Carluke.
  6. Isobel Prentice, chr. 9 Apr 1754, Carluke.
3. Thomas Prentice, b. 22 Mar 1747, Carluke. He m. Marion Carmichael c. 1772. Their children include:
  1. Catherine Prentice, chr. 7 Feb 1773, Carluke
  2. James Prentice, chr. 4 Sep 1774, Carluke
  3. Elizabeth Prentice, chr. 17 Nov 1776, Carluke.
  4. Elizabeth Prentice, chr. 16 May 1779, Carluke.
  5. Janet Prentice, chr. 6 May 1787, Carluke.
  6. Isobel Prentice,chr. 5 Oct 1783, Carluke.

If you have any information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned
above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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