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James Prentice of Dalziel, Scotland

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James Prentice of Dalziel, Scotland
Winter 1998
Note: This article is revised in the Spring 2000 Issue

Using the records available from Records Office in Glascow, Scotland as well as material collected by Christine Hadden, we have compiled the following tentative family tree for James Prentice of Dalziel, Scotland.

A word of caution, however: portions of the tree are based solely on the possibility of family relationships because of similarity of names and proximaty of dates and locations. If you know of any errors, please contact us so that we may correct them.

Glasgow, Scotland records contain extensive birth and christening records for various towns in Scotland beginning in the 1600s. The earliest entries for Dalziel begin with the following marriage records:

  1. Janet Prentice to Andrew Gilkerson on 18 Jan 1786, Dalziel.
  2. Marion Prentice to Archibald Ferguson on 6 Jan 1788, Dalziel.
  3. Margaret Prentice to William Stark on 10 Jul 1791, Dalziel.
  4. Robert Prentice to Isobell Bruen on 3 Jan 1798, Dalziel.
  5. David Prentice to Janet Lightboy on 13 Jul 1800, Dalziel.
  6. James Prentice to Katherine Turner on 16 Aug 1801, Dalziel.
  7. Margaret Prentice to Ninian Struthers on 19 Nov 1809, Dalziel.

In addition, Glasgow records show the following children born to John Prentice and Grisal Hervy (also called Grisald Harvie). Glasgow records seem to carry two different marriage dates and places for them: 18 Jan 1784, Hamilton, and 5 Feb 1784, Lesmahagow. Their children included:

  1. Archibald Prentice, chr. 15 Mar 1789, Dalziel. He married Catherine Mackie on 8 Feb 1813 at Dalziel.
  2. Isabelle Prentice, chr. 24 Apr 1791, Dalziel.
  3. Agnes Prentice, chr. 3 Nov 1793, Dalziel.
  4. Isabella Pentice, chr. 25 Sep 1796, Dalziel.
  5. James Prentice, chr. 18 Feb 1798, Dalziel.

The clustering of birth dates, marriage dates and location suggest that some, and perhaps all, were closely related


The above James PRENTICE who was chr. 18 Feb 1798 at Dalziel, is probably the James Prentice of Dalziel who, in the 1851 census he was listed as an Engine Keeper/Agricultural Labourer in Dalziel. He married to Jane TORRENCE. Jane was born ca. 1801 in Camnethan. 50 in 1851 census. She probably had a sister Ann, born in 1795 in Camnethan.

Children of James and Jane:

  1. John PRENTICE was born on 12 Feb 1821 in Dalziel. He was a Mason in 1851 in Dalziel.
  2. Robert PRENTICE was born in 1826.
  3. Janet PRENTICE was born in 1831.
  4. Grace PRENTICE was born in 1833. Married to Thomas Torrance.
  5. William PRENTICE.
  6. Joseph PRENTICE was born in 1835 in Dalziel. Married to Harriet Pollock 6/27/1865. He was a Fireman in 1851.
  7. Ann PRENTICE was born on 30 May 1837 in Dalziel.
  8. Jane PRENTICE was born in 1842 in Dalziel, Lanarkshire.
  9. Isabella PRENTICE was born on 24 Sep 1846 in Dalziel.


William PRENTICE was born in 1833 in Dalziel, son of James and Jane. He was a Journeyman Blacksmith. He was a Carter. He was married to Janet Lambie (daughter of William Lambie and Margaret Oar) on 18 Dec 1857 in Cambusnethan, Wishaw. Janet was born on 30 Jun 1834 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire - Newhouse, Crossflat. She was christened on 30 Jul 1834 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire.

Children of William and Janet:

  1. James PRENTICE was born on 6 Oct 1858.
  2. Agnes Orr PRENTICE was born on 29 Jun 1860.
  3. William Lambie PRENTICE was born on 23 Feb 1863 in Bothwell Parish.
  4. Margaret (?) PRENTICE.
  5. John PRENTICE.
  6. Jane Torrence PRENTICE was born on 17 Apr 1867 in Bothwell (?).
  7. Agnes PRENTICE was born on 12 Jan 1869. Married to John Suttie.
  8. George PRENTICE was born on 12 Dec 1872 in Dalziel. He was christened 1/29/1872 (?).

William PRENTICE had the following children:

  1. Alexander PRENTICE.
  2. Robert PRENTICE.
  3. William PRENTICE.


John PRENTICE was born on 19 Feb 1865 in Jerviston, Nr Motherwell, son of William and Janet. He died on 25 Oct 1943 in 7 Kirkwood Street, Coatbridge of pneumonia - getting sick after watching a soccer match in Airdrie. He was married to Georgina Lindsay (daughter of George Lindsay and Helen Park) on 1 Aug 1890. Georgina died on 6 Apr 1955 at 7 Kirkwood Street, Coatbridge. She was born Approx. 1867 in Nova Scotia. Father in Scottish Military Regiment.

Children of John and Georgina:

  1. George PRENTICE.
  2. John PRENTICE.
  3. James PRENTICE.
  4. William PRENTICE.
  5. Ellen PRENTICE.


William PRENTICE was born on 13 Apr 1891 in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland, son of John and Georgina. He died on 24 Jul 1963 in 4 Mitchell Street, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was buried in Old Monkland Cemetery. He was married to Mary Whitelaw BLACK (daughter of James GOLDIE and Margaret BLACK) on 2 Jun 1916. Mary was born on 5 Aug 1893 in Tollcross, Glasgow. She was buried in Old Monkland Cemetery.

Children of William and Mary:

  1. James Goldie PRENTICE.
  2. John PRENTICE.

If you have any information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned
above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..

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