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Newsletter 97.1.2

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Elizabeth Prentice of Uxbridge, MA
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 1997 and Revised 11 Dec 2008

Update of 11 Dec 2008: See now our Summer 1998 article on Sanford Prentice. That article replaces this article.

Are Sanford and Hannah Prentice her parents? And who are they?

We are helping Barbara Hamilton in tracing her Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:

1. Sanford Prentice was b. c. 1700 and d. c. 1720.

He m. Hannah, b. c. 1700 and d. c. 1723. They are referenced in the "George Aldrich Genealogy, 1605-1977--Descendants of George Aldrich of Mendon, Mass" by James Alvin, published in 5 volumes by the author in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 1722, Uxbridge, Worcester Co., MA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]

2. Elizabeth Prentice, b. 1722, Uxbridge, Worcester Co., MA.

She m. Joseph Aldrich in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA on 2 Jan 1740 in Uxbridge. He was b. 29 Sep 1718 in Uxbridge and d. there 30 Dec 1787. In Volume I, page 61, of the Aldrich book, above, is the statement that Joseph-4 Aldrich married Elizabeth Prentice on 02 January 1740, she being the daughter of Sanford and Hannah Prentice. That statement is partially confirmed in that the Uxbridge Vitals list Joseph Aldrich and Elizabeth Prentice being married on 02 January 1740-41, but no record has been found of her birth, nor any other record yet been found mentioning Sanford Prentice.

That author is now deceased, but his son, who helped publish the book, has offered his cooperation in trying to locate the source of the information about Sanford Prentice which appeared in the ALDRICH genealogy but has no idea in what town it would be listed. Elizabeth Prentice was b. c. 1722 in Uxbridge, Worcester Co., MA, and d. 1761.

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