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Dorothy Prentice of Plainfield, CT

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Dorothy Prentice of Plainfield, CT
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 1997 and Revised 15 Mar 2006

Update of 15 Mar 2006: By email of 15 Mar 2006, John Murlin has established that Dorothy Prentice of Plainfield, CT is the dau. of Samuel Prentice and Abigail Billings of Stonington, CT. The Will of Samuel Prentice of Stonington, dated 19 Feb 1771 and proved 3 Nov. 1773, named both wife, Abigail, and his daughter Dorothy Sheppard.

Original Article

The Barbour Index, citing Plainfield VR, v. 2, pg. 33, says DOROTHY PRENTICE married ISAAC SHEPHARD at Plainfield on 24 Nov 1742. (See Fn. 1, 2, 3 and 4 for some descendants.) What is the connection, if any, between Mary Prentice of Windham, CT and Dorothy Prentice?

Reference to our new 1997, 4th Ed. of our PRENTICE book , pg. 260, shows a 1747 Deed from Joseph Prentice of Preston, CT to his son, Nathaniel Prentice of Preston, CT, covering Preston land, which was recorded at Plainfield at pg. 65, v. II, 1723-1861. (Nathaniel is #7 on pg. 262 of our PRENTICE book.)

It is unclear why a Preston Deed would be recorded in Plainield, but one explanation might be that NATHANIEL was then living in Plainfield and wished, for some reason, to make a record of the Preston Deed.

DOROTHY, like MARY who married ASA PEABODY, was born about 1720 to 1725. That time frame for their respective births, and the fact that MARY was married only a little more than a year earlier on 13 Jul 1742, suggests the possibility that they could have been sisters.  Admittedly the possibility of a link between NATHANIEL and DOROTHY is speculative at this point, but is a possibility worth further exploration.

There is also the possibility that Dorothy, b. 13 Dec 1723 at Stonington, CT. She is the Daughter of Samuel Prentice and Esther Hammond and is 168/5x in our 1997 PRENTICE book. If so, that would be puzzling because brides are normally married in their parents' church and there is no indication that the parents ever lived in Plainfield.

If you have any information which can help us identify any of the folks mentioned above, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com..


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