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Unusual Prentice Names
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr.
Spring 1995 and Revised 16 Jul 2015

(This is a reprint of an article in our Spring '95 Issue.)

Have you tried looking through the Index of our VALENTINE PRENTICE book for interesting names? We did that the other day, and also checked our later-identified descendants, and came up with the following names which encompassed:


  • Magnolia Prentice
  • Iris Amanda Prentice


  • Bryant Hawk Prentice
  • Noah Sparhawk Prentice

    presidents, patriotism and loyalty:

  • Thomas Jefferson Prentiuce
  • Truman Prentice
  • John Tyler Prentice
  • Benjamin Franklin Prentice
  • George Washington Prentice
  • Andrew Jackson Prentice
  • Washington Prentice
  • William McKinley Prentice
  • James Buchanan Prentice
  • Liberty Prentice
  • Thomas Liberty Prentice
  • Fidelia Abby Prentice

  • Note: We didn't find any Abraham Lincoln Prentice, Thomas Jefferson Prentice, James Madison Prentice or James Monroe Prentice. There was a John Adam Prentice. Binney shows a Ulysses Grant Prentice as well as a John Quincy Adams Prentice.


  • Marie Antoinette Prentice

    other interesting names:

  • Ruby Darling Prentice
  • Clara Belle Prentice
  • Wealthy Prentice
  • Desire Prentice
  • Junius Cireno Prentice
  • Juvenelia Olivia Prentice
  • Leafy Prentice
  • Linus Prentice
  • Erastus Perkins Prentice

    possibly shortened names:

  • Ela Prentice, a man's name, perhaps short for Ellepir? See our article about Ela Prentice of Troy, IL .

    Wrapping up the list, obviously, was Zelma Zetta Prentice . Well, not really, it was Zora B. Prentice, but the other name has such a ring to it!

    We could also have included the scores of names from the 1600s and 1700s obviously having their origin in Biblical names such as ABRAHAM, EVE, ADAM, JONAH, ELEAZER, etc.

    Do you have any suggestions for additions to our list? If so, we will add them next time.

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