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King Henry I Burial

King Henry I Burial
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 2016 and Revised 14 Jun 2016

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Looking for a dead medieval king? What, you say, "Why would I be looking for a dead medieval king?"

Well, maybe you should, but first read the following excerpt from the New York Times as published in the Sacramento Bee of 14 Jun 2016:

    "...You might want to check under a parking lot. That theory, at least, is on the minds of archeologists and historians in Reading, about 40 miles west of London, who this week will begin searching for the high alter of the abbey founded by King Henry I. They beleve that the alter - and, they hope, the kings remains - could be under the parking lot of a local prison, near the abbey ruins. The area around a nearby nursery school will also be searched. Technicians [will] use ground-penetrating at the site...looking for the outlines and foundation of the old abbey.

    "Henry I, who ruled from 1100 to 1135, reportedly died after eating lampreys, a kind of jawless fish. A son of William the Conqueror who ascended to the throne after the death of his elder brother, William II, Henry has been described as a usurper because he seized the crown while another elder brother [Robert “Curthose”, Duke of Normandy] was away on a Crusaade.

    "Henry also had a reputation for cruelty; he is said to have had the tips of the noses of two of his granddaughters cut off. But he is also credited with strengthening the monarchy and putting in place efficient - if sometimes oppressive - administrative policies.

    "John Mullaney, a historian who is part of the team undertaking the search, said that archeologists knew "within a few yards" where Henry was probably buried...We know from burial records that Henry was buried in front of the high alter in the old abbey...The aim is to find the footpriont of the old abbey. We don't know if his remains will still be there."

    "...The historian's wife, Lindsay Mullaney...said that Henry was a ladies' man who fathered 24 children outside of marriage. "He was addicted to lust," she said by telephone.

    "He died in Normandy, which at the time was part of his realm. His decaying body was brought back to Britain and he was buried in Reading Abbey, which, she said, he had hoped would become the mausoleum of future kings..."

Are you are a descendant of Joseph Prentice and Hannah Chesebrough and/or Nathaniel Prentice and Susannah Harris? Both wives are descendants of King Henry I of England, and so are you.

We will keep you posted on what that search for a dead medieval king finds.

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