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Grace Matilda Black Prentis

Grace Matilda Black Prentis
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 2015 and Revised 23 Mar 2015

A Black Prentice Family

1. Grace Matilda Prentice, Black, was b. c. 1852 in Nevis per Ancestry.com , possibly in an area known as Gingerland. Saint George Gingerland, also known as St. George's Gingerland, is a parish in the southeastern part of the island of Nevis, Leeward Islands, West Indies. It is one of five parishes on the island, and has a total population of about 2,500. Wikipedia.

As a young woman, Grace, she moved to St Kitts, then at a later time she and her daughters migrated to Bermuda per Brenda W. D.Lister, email, 23 Mar 2015. She d. c. 1940 in Pembroke, Bermuda per Ancerstry.com, above.

She m. Miles Wellington Lester. He was b. c. 1845-1852, perhaps Nevis, and d. 30 Aug 1880, St. Georges, St. Kitts. Children per Ancestry.com, above:

  1. Margaret Ann Prentis, b. 11 Mar 1877, Tabernacle, St. John Capisterre, Nevis and St. Kitts, and d. Feb 1950, Pembroke, Bermuda. She m. M. Jeffries.
  2. Mary Rebecca Prentis., b. 11 Mar 1877, Tabernacle, St. John Capisterre, Nevis and St. Kitts, and d. Englewood, NJ. She m. Norman Jemmot, b. c. 1863, Barbados. They emigrated to New York, NY , c. 1816 and in 1920 were living in Bronx, NY, in 1920 and Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ, in 1935 and 1940. Children:
    1. Dau. Jemmot. She m. Mr. Aitken. Son:
      1. John Aitken, b. c. 1931, Englewood, Bergan Co., NJ.
    2. Ursula Jemmot , b. c. 1903, St. Kitts, and d. New York, NY. She m. Mr. Webster and Mr. DaRamos.
    3. Norman Jemmott. b. c. 1911, NY. 1920 in Bronx, NY.

    Mary m. 2nd. Mr. Taylor. Son:

    1. Hertbert Taylor, b. c. 1908, Pembroke, Bermuda, and d. New York, NY
  3. Caroline Elizabeth Prentis , b. 22 Feb 1880, Tabernacle, St. John Capisterre, Nevis and St., Kitts, and d. 14 Oct 1918, Pembroke, Bermuda. She m. Alfred Lareston Bailey Mills, b. 12 Feb 1880, Dieppe Bay Town, St. John Capisterre, Nevis and St. Kitts, and d. 14 Oct 1918, New York City, NY. Children:
    1. Nellie Waterloo Mills 1907 – 1985
    2. Dorothy Adina (Mills) Ball 1910 – 1989
    3. Alfred Lareston Bailey Mills

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