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J. George Prentice of Texas

J. George Prentiss of Texas
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 2011 and Revised 5 Apr 2011

Is he a son of Adam David Rivers?

J. George Prentiss was b. c. 1873 in TX, as were his parents, as shown in the 1910 census in Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, with his wife and family. He later appear in the 1920 census in Savannah, Chatham Co., GA, as b. in TX, an Auto Salesman, with his wife. The 1920 census equivocates as to the birth place of his parents, saying only that the were born in the "United States," and one would suspect that information came not from him, but from a 3rd party not familiar with his parents' places of birth.

He does not appear in the 1930 census, but his son, Arthur, does and that census record says that his father, J. George Prentice, was b. in SC, which is contrary to the 1910 and 1920 census records.

He m. Polly (or Pollie), c. 1873, SC. She is probably Polly Ann Cone, b. 30 Mar 1876, Fairfax, Allentown, SC, and d. 7 Aug 1957, Jacksonville, FL. An Ancestor Chart for her can be found at Ancestry.com .

According to the 1910 census, Polly was the mother of at least 3 children with 2 living in 1910:

  1. (child) Prentiss(?), b. before 1910 and deceased by 1910.
  2. (child) Prentiss(?) b. before 1910 and living elsewhere in 1910. His absence from the home in 1910 suggests that he was older than his sibling, Arthur, below, and that he was b. before 1892
  3. Arthur David Prentiss was b. 15 Oct 1892, Fairfax, Allendale Co. SC. . . . . . . [2]

    Note: Correspondence by email with John Adams, a descendant, contains his view that Arthur David Prentiss is really a son of Adam David Rivers who d. in 1897; that Polly later married, as her 2nd husband, J. G. Prentiss; and that before the 1910 cenus, Arthur took on the Prentiss surname. (See his web page at Ancestry.com .)

    However, the 1910 census shows that J. G. Prentiss and Polly were m. 18 years (c. 1892) which would preclude Arthur from being a son of Rivers. We have suggested that John Adams obtain a copy of Arthur's birth certificate which would clearly identify Arthur's father. As of this date he has not yet done so.

    We did locate another posting for the "Barnes Family Tree" at Ancestry.com which seem to support Arthur David Rivers as the father. It also shows 3 children for Polly, Arthur, William, and daughter, Ader, which is consistent with the 1910 census saying that Polly had 3 children However, no specific birth records are cited.

2. Arthur David Prentiss was b. 15 Oct 1892, Fairfax, Allendale Co. SC. He d. 20 Sep 1954, Charleston Co., SC (per Kevin Abernethy, email, 26 Oct 2005 and Ancestry.com ). Arthur appears at home in the 1910 census in Jacksonville Ward 8, Duval Co., FL as Arthur Brutus, b. c. 1893, SC, son of J. G. Brutus, b. c. 1873, TX (as were both of his parents) and his wife, Pallie, b. c. 1873, SC (as were both of her parents). A review of the original census film shows that "Brutus" is an erroneous indexing of "Prentiss".

Arthur is not in the 1920 census, but does appear in the 1930 census of St. Michael and St. Phillip, Charleston Co., SC, as a Clergyman, Baptist Church, with his wife and family.

He m. 1st Emma M., b. c. 1901, SC. Children:

  1. Angus Davidson Prentiss, b. 14 Apr 1912, SC. . . . . . . . . [3]
  2. William E. Prentiss, b. c. 1915, SC.
  3. James A. Prentiss, b. c. 1916, SC.

Arthur m. 2nd Emma Mae Strickland. She was b. c. 1900 and d. 1966. She was from Smoaks, SC. They had 2 children, including per John Adams, email, 9 May 2010:

  1. Mary Louise Prentiss, b. 5 May 1923 in New Orleans, LA while my Arthur was at a seminary. Mary d. 25 Nov 2006. She m. Mr. Adams is John Adams mother.
  2. Polly Prentiss. She m. Mr. Thompson and in 2010 resides in Columbia, SC.

3. Angus Davidson Prentiss, b. 14 Apr 1912, SC (per Luella Abernethy, email, 28 Sep 2005). He d. 8 May, 1989 (per SSDI and Kevin Abernethy email of 26 Oct 2005).

He m. Alice James, b. c. 1908, Greenville Co., SC, dau. of John and Lou Elia Whitten James. She d. 29 Nov 2000, her residence at death was on Prentiss Lane, Iron Station (per Gaston Gazette Obituary of 1 Nov 2003, Gastonia, NC). Children:

  1. Luella Prentice. She m. Joe Abernathy and lived in Iron Station. Children:
    1. Cheryl Abernethy.
    2. Lauren Abernethy.
    3. Kevin Abernethy.

Who is the father of J. George Prentiss?

Prentiss: If his father is a Prentiss, the only clue we have so far comes from the 1910 census in Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, telling us that both of L. George Prentiss' parents were b. in TX and still living there when he was b. there in 1873. J. George Prentiss' 1873 birth year suggests that his parents were likely born before 1850 in TX. J. George Prentiss does not appear in the 1880 census. A review of the 1870 TX census does not discloses any Prentiss men born before 1850 in TX, with a wife born in TX, who might be his father.

Rivers: A number of postings on Ancestry.com indicate that Arthur's father, Adam David Rivers, is the son of William Rivers and Jane Ann All.

Investigation is continuing.

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