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Tollcross Burying Ground, Tollcross, Glasgow, Scotland

Tollcross Burying Ground, Tollcross, Glasgow, Scotland
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2007 and Revised 23 Feb 2007

By email of 19 Feb 2007, Christine Hadden has provided us with information she obtained at the Tollcross Burying Ground, Tollcross, Glasgow. Her information is as follows:

James Prentice, steel worker, widower of Elizabeth Lawson, died Aug 7, 1897 age 72 years at 23 Main Street, Tollcross of Acute Meningitis. His parents were William Prentice, engine keeper, deceased and Sarah Irvine, deceased. He is buried in lair 546.

Also buried there are:

  1. John Prentice, son, died November 12, 1855 age 10 months of dysentery - cost 1 shilling. (born 31 Jan 1855, Old Monkland)
  2. Mary Prentice on May 8 1859 age 2 yrs 2 months, cost 1 shilling (born 07 Oct 1856, Old Monkland)
  3. William Prentice on August 14, 1859 age 14 hours, cost 1 shilling (born 02 Aug 1859, Old Monkland)
  4. George Prentice on May 25 1871 age 18 years
  5. Robert Prentice on Sept 1878 age 17 years (born 30 May 1861)
  6. James Campbell Prentice on Aug 31 1876 age 7 weeks
  7. Mary Prentice on Jan 5 1884 age 51 (?) years
  8. Mrs James Prentice on Sept 8 1893 age 54 (?) years (54 years of age doesn't look right - might have been 64 - the writing wasn't very good) James Prentice and Elizabeth Lawson were married 29 Nov 1846 in Old Monkland, Lanarkshire. James worked at Clyde Iron Works (Clydebridge Steelworks in Cambuslang, at the East End of Glasgow opened in 1887. It was one of the giants of industrial Scotland, and its' steel plates were formed into many of the most famous ships built on the River Clyde (and elsewhere) including the Lusitania, Mauretania, Queen Mary, HMS Hood, Queen Elizabeth, QE2. The adjacent Clyde Iron Works, which operated from 1786 to 1978, was where the hot blast process was invented, in 1828, by James Beaumont Neilson. This one invention lead to a rapid increase in iron manufacture and the growth of industry in Scotland.) My g grandfather, James Goldie, who is also buried in this cemetery worked at the same place - it was a 3 mile walk each way to Tollcross, 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week.

These children have parents by the same names as above:

  • 6. WILLIAM PRENTICE - International Genealogical Index Gender: Male Birth: 22 AUG 1865 Cadder, Lanark, Scotland
  • 7. SARAH PRENTISE - International Genealogical Index Gender: Female Birth: 01 DEC 1863 Cadder, Lanark, Scotland
  • 8. JANET PRENTICE - International Genealogical Index Gender: Female Birth: 02 JAN 1872 Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland
  • 9. ELISABETH PRENTICE - International Genealogical Index Gender: Female Birth: 30 JUL 1868 Balfron, Stirling, Scotland William Prentice and Sarah Irvine were married 17 June 1822 in Glasgow.

One other child in the IGI - Isabella McColl Prentice b. 02 Oct 1833 in Glasgow.

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