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Isabelle Prentiss and Peter Veer

Isabelle Prentiss and Peter Veer
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 2007 and Revised 22 Apr 2012

Should Isabelle's first name really be "Mary Anne?"

We are helping Michelle Brule, Michele Renaud and others in tracing her Prentiss roots. Here is what we have so far:

1. Miss Prentiss (Prentice?). Her first name is unclear. It has variously been given as Isabel, Elizabeth and Mary Anne, the latter, Mary Anne, provided by Guy Veer from an unidentified source per Michelle Brule's email of 8 Nov 2007. Her birth years is provided, again from an unidentified source, by Guy Veer as c. 1796 and at a location not in Quebec. He also says that her Prentiss parents are both from Britain, but the factual basis for that statement is not known.

She m. Peter Vere on 20 Nov 1814 in Quebec City. Her age was said to be 18, but Guy Veer thinks she was more likely 16. Peter was a sailor. He was b. 1798 and d. 1890 (per Michele Renaud, email, 17 Oct 2010), son of Roger and Elizabeth Vere

Peter Vere was b. 5 Jul 1789 on the Isle of Man. His father, Roger Vere, had joined the 7th regiment of Foot Royal Fusiliers in 1785 and arrived in Quebec with this regiment in August 1791. They were Protestant, but their children all became catholics later. Roger himself switched to Catholicism 7 days before his death.

Their children included, per Ancestry.com and Patrice Hamel in Scott Prentice's email of 21 Apr 2012:

  1. Elizabeth Veer, b. c. 1801-1810. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]
  2. Isabelle Vere. She m.Patrick Allen on 7 Jan 1834, St. Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec.
  3. Richard Vere, b. 1817.
  4. Pierre/Peter Vere, b. 1818. He m. Francoise Roy on 4 Aug 1846, St. Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec. He is an ancestor of Guy Veer.
  5. Marguerite Vere, b. 1820. She m. Louis Hamann on 9 Feb 1847, St. Isodore, Dorchester, Quebec.
  6. Marie Louise Vere, b. 7 Nov 1824 in Quebec, and d. there. She m. Jean Maure Moore on 29 Nov 1848, St. Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec. He was b. 1824 in Quebec and d. there. Children per :
    1. Marie Maure F 1850 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    2. M Malvina Maure F 1853 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    3. Heuriette Maure F 1854 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    4. Jean Maure M 1859 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    5. David Maure M 1861 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    6. Celina Marie Maure Moore F 18 Sep 1863 in Dorchester, California, USA
    7. Joseph Maure M 1864 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    8. Luger Maure M 1867 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    9. Caroline Maure F 1868 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
    10. George Maure M 1873 in Dorchester, Quebec, Canada
  7. Norbert Vere, b. 1825 and d. 1898 per Michele Renaud, email, 17 Oct 2010. He m. Angele Roy on 29 Jul 1851, St. Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec. They had 1 or more children, including:
    1. Theophile Vere, b. 1853 and d. 1925 per Michele Renaud, email, 17 Oct 2010. He had 1 or more children, including:
      1. Odilon Vere, b. 1902 and d. 1977.
  8. Marie Anne Vere, b. 1827. She m. Jean Roy on 21 Apr 1845, St. Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec.
  9. David Vere, b. 21 Nov 1831. He m. Eleonore Gagne on 8 Jun 1852, St. Anselme,Dorchester, Quebec.
  10. Celina Vere, b. 12 Feb 1838. She m. Honore Laliberte on 14 Aug 1855, St. Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec.

2. Elizabeth Veer (or Elisabeth Veer), b, 1816 & bur. 29 Apr 1874 , St. Anselme cemetery. Quebec.

She m. Patrick Allen, (Michelle's ggg-grandfather) on 7 Jan 1834 in St. Anselme de Dorchester, Quebec, Canada. He was was b. c. b. c. 1810-1814, Ireland. He emigrated to Canada in 1819 and resided in St-Joseph-de-Lauzon with his parents, Arthur Allen and Marguerite Cavanaugh.

Guy Veer notes that there is another Patrick Allen (known as "Gros Pat" or "Big Pat", who married Elizabeth’s aunt Margaret Veer. He notes that it seems that this "big Pat" was not Arthur’s brother but may have been a cousin.

Patrick is probably the Patrick Allen, b. c. who appears in the 1881 census in Ste-Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec, as a widower, b. c. 1807, Iceland. He is shown as a Catholic of Irish Ethnic Origin. Shown in the household, unless otherwise noted, are:

  1. James Allen, b. c. 1848, age 33, Quebec, probably Patrick's son.
  2. Celestine Allen, b. c. 1842, Quebec, probably James' wife.
  3. Marie Allen, b. c. 1845, Quebec, perhaps Patrick's daughter.
  4. Catherine Allen, b. 1849 and d. 1871. She m. Louis Vallières on 6 Feb 1866 in St-Anselme, Quebec (per Guy Veer)
  5. Louise Allen, probably a child of James and Celestine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]
  6. Octave Allen. He m. Sophie Marceau on 7 Feb 1865 in St. Anselme de Dorchester. Extensive Ancestor Charts for her can be found at ` Ancestry.com .
  7. Jean-Baptiste Allen. He m. Maxime Cantin on 2 Feb1864, St-Lambert-de-Lauzon.
  8. Marguerite Allen. She m. François-Xavier Bolduc on 22 Jul 1872 St-Lambert-de-Lauzon.

The following children appearing in the 1881 censu are probably the children of James and Celestine:

  1. Celestine Allen, b. c. 1873, Quebec
  2. Charles Allen, b. c. 1874, Quebec
  3. Octave Allen, b. c. 1876, Quebec
  4. Joseph Allen, b. c. 1878, Quebec
  5. Catherine Allen, b. c. 1879, Quebec
  6. Theodore Allen, b. Dec 1880, Quebec
  7. Damase Allen, son, (per Michelle Brule, email, 2 and 8 Nov 2007). He m. Marie Denis on 14 Oct 1879, Beauceville.

Although unclear in the census record, it might be that James is Patrick's son, that Celestine is James' wife, and that Marie is Patrick's sister.

We note in Ancestry.com that a Margaret Veer m. a Patrick Allen on 10 Jan 1823 in Ste-Anselme, Dorchester, Quebec who might be Elizabeth's sister. They had 4 children: William, James, David and Pierre Allen.

3. Louise Allen, b. and bap. 28 Mar 1856, in St. Anselme (per Michelle Brule, email, 2 and 8 Nov 2007, a gg-granddaughter).

She m., as his 2nd wife, Louis Vallieres (son of Antoine and Marie Paradis) on 6 Feb 1866 in St. Anselme. They apparently moved to the U.S. before 1895 amd were back in St. Etienne, Quebec in 1903. They had 5 or more children, including (per Michelle Brule):

  1. Frederic Vallieres (Michelle's g-grandfather), b. May 25, 1871 in St. Anselme de Dorchester; d. Jan 27, 1970 in St. Etienne de Lauzon, Quebec. He m. Amanda Josephine Roy (d/o Simeon & Marie Clarisse Marceau) on Apr 24, 1895 in Fitchburg, MA, USA. She was born March 27, 1874 in St. Anselme and died Nov 23, 1956 in St. Etienne de Lauzon, Quebec.
  2. Joseph Vallieres, b. in St. Anselme, m. Olivine Roy (d/o Simeon & Clarisse Marceau) on May 27, 1901 in Fitchburg, MASS. USA. She was born Sep 29, 1879 in St. Anselme, Qc.
  3. Odilon Vallieres.
  4. Catherine Vallieres.
  5. Mathilde Vallieres.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

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