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West Virginia Prentice Deaths

West Virginia Prentice Deaths: 1922-1954
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2006 and Revised 17 Mar 2006

Our attention was directed to the West Vuirginia Division of Culture and History which contains official records of WV Deaths. Following are the listings for the surname Prentice for the period 1922 to 1954:

	Name	Born		Died		County		Father/born	Mother/Born	MSDW	Race	Birthplace

James Prentice	06 May 1877	25 Jun 1951	Fayette		Robert		unknown		Marr.	Black	Alabama

Laura Prentice	c. 1856		16 Feb 1924	Greenbrier	James L. / WV	Rhoda / WV	Single	White	WV

Edd Prentice	c. 1877		9 Mar 1932	Harrison		Unknown		Unknown		Single	White	Unknown	

Margaret Prentice	15 Mar 1887	25 Aug 1934	Kanawha		Major Pearry	D. K.		Marr.	Black	Alabama

Emma Prentiss	c. 1870		21 Feb 1936	Kanawha		Julius Kyle / VA	Georgiana / VA	Marr.	Black

Leroy Prentiss	c. 1880		22 Feb 1944	Kanawha		(illegible)	(not given)	Marr.	Black

Margaret Prentice	28 Mar 1877	24 Jan 1951	Kanawha		(Scotland)	(Scotland)	Single	White	See Fn. 7 

James Prentice	c. 1908		21 Jan 1934	Lewis		James / Scot.	Not given	Single	White	See Fn. 8 

Walter Prentice	c 1897		10 May 1935	Logan		(not given)	(not given)	Single	White	Europe

Thomas Prentice	5 Apr 1881	20 Aug 1954	McDowell		Thomas / Scot.	Phemia / Scot.	Wid.	White	See Fn. 1 

William Prentice	8 Jul 1884	19 Dec 1954	McDowell		James		Jamie		Marr.	Black	Alabama

Ruth Prentice	1 Apr 1908	07 Apr 1941	Mercer		C. M. Moore / WV	Lillie Frye / WV	Marr.	White	See Fn. 2 

Infant M Prentice	15 Jul 1922	15 Jul 1922	Monongalia	Geo. H. Prentice/WV  Opal Sines/WV	Single	White	WV

Clarence Prentice	1 Aug 1876	10 Mar 1941	Ohio		C. / Canada	Barbara Bean/Can.	Wid.	White	See Fn. 3 

James Johnson Prentice Mar 1872	25 Dec 1935	Raleigh		George / Scot.	Elizabeth Scot.	Marr.	White	See Fn. 4 

John Prentice	11 Mar 1884	24 Nov 1947	Raleigh		George/ Scot.	Eliz. Johnston	Marr.	White	See Fn. 5 

Jane Prentence	18 May 1913	16 Apr 1932	Wyoming		John / Scot	Emily L. Weil?	Single	White	See Fn. 6 

Footnote 1: Thomas' family is discussed in our Fall 2003 article about Thomas Prentice of Scotland and WV .

Footnote 2: Wife of Jim Prentice, probably James Prentice, above, b. c. 1908.

Footnote 3: Clarence was the husband of Nell Frederick. He was b. Ontario, Canada.

Footnote 4: James was the husband of Charlotte Weis(?). Born Scotland. Died Amigo, Raleigh Co., WV. Place of Residence was Bishop, Tazewell Co., WV. Occupation: Miner. Buried in Bishop, WV.

Footnote 5: John was the husband of Emily Prentice (Weir). Born Hamilton, Scotland. Mother b. Scotland. John is the son of Thomas; see Fn. 1, above.

Footnote 6: Jane's mother was b. in Scotland.

Footnote 7: Sister to Thomas; see Fn. 1, above.

Footnote : James is likely the James Prentice, b. George Prentice of Scotland as b. c. 1907 WV.

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