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William George Prentice of Curchhill, Australia

William George Prentice of Churchill, Australia
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2005 and 20 May 2011

We found the following family at Ancestry.com and Ancestry.com: Church Family Tree . To that, we have added information provided by Judith Dickson email of 23 Jun 2005.

1. Christopher Prentice per Ancestry.com: Church Family Tree . No date or place of birth was given, but he may have been b. c. 1825-1835 and perhaps in Ireland. No wife is net known. They had 1 or more children, including:

  1. William George Prentice, b. 15 Oct 1855, Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]

2. William George Prentice, b. 15 Oct 1855, Ireland, and d. 21 Jul 1944, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

He m. Amelia Harriett Sawtell in the District of Sydney in 1893. She was b. c. 1871. An Ancestor Chart for her can be found at Ancestry.com. Presently known children per Ancestry.com :

  1. Louisa C. Prentice, b. 1893, Sydney, NSW, and d the following year, 1894, Randwick, NSW.

  2. Violet Estella Prentice, b. 1895, Randwick, NSW, and d. 12 Aug 1991, Lismore, NSW. Judith Dickson says that she m. 1st David Alexander Tims (also listed as Timbs) in 1928, Lismore. Hre was b. c. 1890, Moruva, NSW, and d. 1963, Parramatta, NSW. She m. 2nd Sydney George Churchill in Lismore.

  3. Edith May Prentice, b. 1896, St. Marys, NSW. She m. James T. Harris in 1915 in Byron Bay, NSW.

  4. Kathleen Jane Prentice, b. 28 Jul 1898. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]

  5. William Cecil Prentice, b. 1900, Rendwick, NSW, and d. 12 Jun 1988, Fairfield, NSW. Judith Dickson identifies in the WW2 Nominal Roll a William Cecil Prentice, b. 16 Sep 1900, Randwick. His residence at the time of his enlistment was given as Casino (which is in NSW in the general area of Lismore). She also relates that a William C. Prentice m. Vera Worboy/Warboy in 1928 in the District of Lismore. William Cecil Prence listed his next of kin as Vera Prentice, probably the same person as Vera May Worboy/Warboy, b. c. 1905, McLeans Ridges via Lismore, NSW, and d. 26 Jul 1965, Casino, NSW. She was the dau. of Henry Hamilton Worboys and Clara Ann Naomi Pascoe.

  6. Alma Annie Prentice, b. 1903, Randwick, NSW and d. 23 Feb 2001, Lismore, NSW. She m. Ernest Henry Timbs. He was b. 1897, Moruva, NSW, and d. 15 Sep 1991, Lismore, NSW. He was the son of David Henry Timbs and Mary Ann Murray.

  7. Frederick C Prentice, b. 25 Aug 1905, Bega, NSW, and d. 30 Jan 1985, Casino, NSW. He m. Beryl McDermid. She was b. 3 Nov 1919, Maclean, NSW, and d. Jun 2005, Grafton, NSW.

  8. Bertha Mary Prentice, b. 16 Jul 1908 Bega, NSW, and d. 7 Sep 2003, Lismore, NSW. She m. Clarence Herbert Harold Roy Rosewarne. He was b. 7 Oct 1898, Staffordshire Reef via Scarsdale, Victoria, and d. 25 Aug 1970, Lismore, NSW.

  9. Raymond Robert Prentice, b. 1911, Bega, NSW, and d. 1969, Parramatta, NSW. He m. Mavis O. West.

3. Kathleen Jane Prentice, b. 28 Jul 1898, Randwick, NSW, and d. 3 Jul 1992 in Coroona Nursing Home, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

She m. Sydney George Churchill on 25 Nov 1914 at Lismore, New South Wales. He was b. 8 Jun 1897 in Kialla; birth registerd at Yass, NSW, and d. 24 May 1954, Casino, NSW. Children per Ancestry.com :

  1. Heather J. Churchill
  2. (son) Churchill
  3. Violet Churchill
  4. Edith M. Churchill, b. 1915. She m. Herbert W. Wraight.
  5. Florence A. Churchill, b. 30 Jul 1916 in Lismore, NSW. She m. Herbert G. Leadbeatter, b. 1906.
  6. Sydney George Churchill, b. 15 Apr 1917 in Lismore, NSW and d. 2 yrs. later in 1919.
  7. Hazel Kathleen Churchill, b. 12 Dec 1919
  8. Spencer Edward Churchill, b. 16 Mar 1922 and d. 14 Aug 1996, Casino, NSW. He m. Elizabeth Whitney. She d. 22 Nov 1982. They had 5 children.
  9. Marjorie Isabelle Churchill, b. 9 Aug 1923
  10. Clive Richard Churchill, b. 24 Jul 1925 in Casino, NSW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [4]
  11. Ivy Blanch Churchill, b. 27 Oct 1927

4. Clive Richard Churchill, b. 24 Jul 1925 in Casino, NSW, and d. 24 Apr 1990, Newcastle, NSW.

He m. 1st Alma Mary Rrankin. She was b. 6 Nov 1929 and d. 16 Jun 1996. Children:

  1. Living Churchill
  2. Living Churchill
  3. Living Churchill. She m. 1st Mr. Cassidey and had 2 children. She m. 2nd Mr. Jones
  4. Living Churchill. Married Horton.
  5. Living Churchill
  6. Living Churchill. She m. 1st Mr. Caple and had 2 children. She m. 2nd Mr. Polson and had a child.
  7. Living Churchill

Clive m. 2nd Miss Ashton. Children:

  1. Living Churchill. She m. Mr. Gorton and had 2 children.
  2. Living Churchill. She m. Mr. Craven and had 2 children.
  3. Living Churchill. She m. Mr. Eldridtge and had 4 children.
  4. Living Churchill. She m. 1st Mr. Bishop and had 2 children. She m. 2nd Mr. Hunter.
  5. Living Churchill
  6. Living Churchill. He m. Patricia MAREE, b. 7 Sep
  7. Living Churchill. He m. Miss Sherren and had a child.
  8. Living Churchill. She m. Mr. Poltram and had 4 children, the last of who was a dau. who m. Mr. Rogers and had 2 children.
  9. Living Churchill

Who is William G. Prentice's Father?

Judith Dickson's email of 23 Jun 2005 informs us that the death record of William George Prentice identifies his father as Christopher Prentice. No mother's name is listed. None of the listings for births of William Prentice in the 1800's in NSW have a father Christopher, so may be that William was b. elsewhere.

One interesting possibility for Christopher and his son, William, appears in our Summer 2000 article about Thomas Prentice of Kings Cliffe, England.

Christopher Prentice, #8 in the article, was chr. 29 Jun 1824, Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England. He m. Anne Bowland on 9 Apr 1847 in the parish of Eye, Northampton.

Christopher had a son, William Prentice, b. 5 Nov 1851, Thorney, Cambridge, England. William m. Martha Ann Templeman on 3 Jun 1878 at Market Deeping, Lincolm, England. For her ancestry, see #10 in our Summer 2000 article about Thomas Prentice of Kings Cliffe, England.

  1. Margaret Prentice, b. 25 Mar 1879
  2. Rebecca Prentice, b. 3 Sep 1880
  3. Agnes Emma Prentice, b. 24 Apr 1882

On 20 Jun 1883 William and his family sailed from Plymouth, England for Australia aboard the "Duke of Buckingham" which arrived in Cooktown, Queensland on 11 Aug 1883, as Brisbane was in flood, and then finally arrived in Brisbane on 20 Aug 1883.In 1885 they were all living at 3 Mulgrave Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, and they named the house "Towngate". On 31 Jan 1911 Willam Prentice died and is buried at Towong Cemetery. Martha died on 28 Sep 1943.

Although those dates would be consistent with William and Martha having a previously unknown son, William, b. in England and who accompanied them in their 1883 emigration to Australia, Trudie Kampe's email of 4 Jul 2005 relates that she has the ship records for the 1883 emigration passage of William and Martha and that they show they emigrated with the children named above, together with Martha's mother. She says that those records do not list a son named William as accompanying them.

Investigation is continuing.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

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