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Prentices of Stisted, Essex, England

Prentices of Stisted, Essex, England
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 2005 and Revised 17 Aug 2012

In reviewing the IGI, we found the following Prentices connected with the town of Stisted, Essex, England which lies only about 2-3 miles east of Braintree.

We have used the spelling of the surname which appears in the IGI:

  1. Brazel/Brazei Prentic, b. c. 1754, of Stisted, Essex, m. Daniel Brown in 1775.
  2. Bridget Prentice, b. c. 1750-55, location unknown, m. Daniel Brown on 21 Feb 1775, Stisted.
  3. Stephen Prentice, b. c. 1745, of Stisted, Essex, m. Hannah Moss in 1770 in Stisted.

From the age grouping, one might infer that they are siblings and that their parents may have been b. c. 1720-25. In addition, Stisted lies within a few few miles of places where a great many other Prentice families were living.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

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Addenda of 17 Aug 2012

The following is correspondence relating to the Prentices of Stisted:

Michelle Walczak re Prentices of Stisted: m.walczak@sympatico.ca:

Hello Michelle:

I'm the Editor of the Prentice Newsletter and wrote the article about the Prentices of Stisted, Essex, in our Winter 2005 Prentice Newsletter. You asked if there is any more information about your 4x great grandmother, Bridget Prentice, b. c. 1750-1757, who married Daniel Brown in 1775.

A search of Ancestry.com discloses that a Francis Prentice, b. c. 1740, married Bridgette Langley, b. c. 1740. No birth, marriage or death places were given for them. However, they had a daughter, Sarah Prentice, b. 1760 in Stisted, Essex, and died there in 1819. Sarah married James Clark in 1773, presumably in Stisted since James was born 1757 also in Stisted.

Given the similarity of the names of your Bridget and of Bridgette Langley and of the time frames involved, I'm going to suggest that your Bridget's parents are likely Francis Prentice and Bridget Langley. That is only an educated guess for now, but it gives you something specific to work on to try to prove or disprove. Please let me know what you find.

Meanwhile, I would surely appreciate it if you could provide me with your information about the descendants of your Bridget Prentice and Daniel Brown, and any other Prentice information you may have about Stisted Prentices, so I can add that information to the article. Hopefully that additional information may be lead us to another person who can trace your Bridget's line further back.

One last thought: Stisted lies only about 11 miles ENE of Felsted where I have my own Prentice roots back in the late 1500s. One of my ancestor's siblings there was Francis Prentice, born May 1605 in Felsted. There seems a reasonably good chance that my 1605 Francis Prentice may be related to the 1740 Francis Prentice.

Best wishes,

Joe Dewald
Editor, Prentice Newsletter

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