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Prentice Kentucky Marriage Index: 1973-1999

Prentice Jefferson Co., Kentucky Marriage Index: 1973-1999
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2006 and Revised 13 Mar 2006

We found a Jefferson Co., Kentucky Marriage Index at Jefferson Co., Kentucky Marriage Index listing Prentice marriages in KY for the period 1973 to 1999. Records for other counties can be found at that same website. The "View Record" link works only on the website.

View Record  	Name  			Age  	Race  	Spouse  		Marriage Date  	Marriage County 

Caucasian Prentices
View Record 	Brandi M Prentice 	24 	White 	Matthew D Pearson 	13 Mar 1999 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Chrstpr J Prentice 	25 	White 	Julia M Becker 		9 Jun 1984 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	George R Prentice 	19 	White 	Mary E Falvey 		25 Jun 1983 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Gregory A Prentice 	21 	White 	Michele L Miller 	19 Jul 1986 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Gregory A Prentice 	32 	White 	Linda M Tomkowiak 	14 Jun 1997 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Harry L Prentice 	27 	White 	Joan L Nordstrom 	20 May 1979 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Helen L Prentice 	53 	White 	Joseph P Ober 		5 Jul 1974 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	John T Prentice 	19 	White 	Melanie E Heckel 	24 May 1975 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Ronald L Prentice 	30 	White 	Emma I Moore 		3 Aug 1974 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Wilson E Prentice 	62 	White 	Doris M Badger 		18 Jul 1977 	Jefferson 

Negro Prentices
View Record 	Addie L Prentice 	20 	Negro 	Benjamn A Sealey 	4 Aug 1980 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Andre L Prentice 	29 	Negro 	Dalphne D Morton 	31 Mar 1995 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Augusts H Prentice 	19 	Negro 	Addie L Workman 	10 Apr 1976 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Augusts H Prentice 	21 	Negro 	Manetta J Crittenden 	5 Aug 1978 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Augusts H Prentice 	34 	Negro 	Kathy R Barnes 	6 Jul 1991 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Ericka Y Prentice 	22 	Negro 	Jose M Gonzalez 	2 Aug 1991 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Grace P Prentice 	48 	Negro 	Joseph A Brown 	5 Aug 1977 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Michael A Prentice 	19 	Negro 	Bonita G Crawford 	30 Jun 1984 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Nicole K Prentice 	27 	Negro 	Perry L Henry 	1 Jan 1997 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Robert L Prentice 	48 	Negro 	Virgnia H Murphy 	13 Aug 1977 	Jefferson 	
View Record 	Virgina H Prentice 	18 	Negro 	Dennis C Hayes 	21 Jul 1973 	Jefferson 	

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